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How you can reach souls by sponsor a native missionary in India for only $30 per month.

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SEND A MISSIONARY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL Do you have a burden in your heart to share the Gospel with the lost as Jesus commanded us, but you haven’t had as many opportunities as you would like? Now, here is your chance to help fulfill the Lord’s last command! Your support, along with others, will provide the physical needs of a native missionary and help equip them with Gospel supplies to allow him or her to go into the ministry full time to have an impact upon thousands of lost souls who are desperately waiting to hear the Gospel in India. INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA 100% of your monthly gift will go to sponsor a missionary: (All gifts are tax-deductible) 1). For only $30 a month will help to provide the needs of a missionary (and his family) to allow him or her to preach the Gospel to the lost and minister to believers full time. 2). Your sponsorship will help to equip your missionary and other ICII missionaries with Gospel tracts, Bibles, transportation, and other physical and ministry supplies. When you sponsor a missionary you will receive a photo and testimony of the missionary and an annual update report each year. OUR MISSION IS TO FIND THE LOST SOULS AND LEAD THEM TO JESUS, AND TO REACH OUT TO THOSE IN DESPERATE NEED IN INDIA... Give a gift that will last for all of eternity! [ ] I will sponsor a missionary for $30 per month. [ ] I will sponsor two missionaries for $60 per month. [ ] I would like to give a one time gift to help provide for ministry supplies to equip missionaries. Please enter amount $______. NAME_____________________________PHONE _____________ ADDRESS______________________________________________ CITY_________________________STATE_____ZIP____________ Please make checks or money orders out to: Independent Church In India or ICII Please send love gifts to: Independent Church In India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, Pa 17026 Or to give an online donation please visit our website: www.indchurch.org Contact us at email: info@indchurch.org Phone (717) 865-7885 SPONSOR A MISSIONARY


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Reaching the Unreached in India In Tamil Nadu India, the Lord has raised up the ministry of Independent Church in India (ICII) to be a beacon of light and hope in the midst of a nation in extreme darkness and idol worship. Independent Church in India’s goal is to train up and support native missionaries to go out into the remote villages to preach the Gospel, reach leprosy colonies, do children’s ministry, start Bible studies and home churches, pray for the sick and needy, and to reach out to the poorest of the poor with food, clothing, medical, and other helps. They are fulfilling this goal through holding bible schools, leading teams in the field, and establishing a monthly sponsorship program to help support native missionaries fulltime. The ICII Gospel teams have reached thousands of villages in India and have given out hundreds of thousands of Gospel tracts and tens of thousands of Bibles. The village people are instructed how to use their Bibles and they are encouraged to read them daily. The Lord’s is transforming many souls through his life-changing Word, and tens of thousands are accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Over the past few years, ICII’s churches have experienced tremendous growth. Double services or home churches have been started at some of their churches to help accommodate the numbers of people who have been coming to the Sunday church services. ICII’s native missionaries go into the villages of people who cannot come to church and are conducting Bible studies in hundreds of villages every week to teach new believers the Word of God. ICII helps to support and send over 160 native missionaries in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan and Orrisa. Sponsor a Native Missionary – ICII invites you to make an eternal difference in lives in the nation of India by sponsoring a native missionary for only $30 a month. You can team up with and support a native missionary dedicated to sharing the Gospel, planting churches, and starting Bible study groups among the unreached villages in India. One hundred percent of your gift will help to provide the physical needs of a missionary and to help equip the ICII Gospel teams with ministry tools. When you sponsor a missionary, you will help to fulfill the Lord’s last command. “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. Mark 16:15



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