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How you can make a difference in lIves in India by sponsoring a leprosy colony

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More ways to help those with leprosy MEDICAL AND FOOD OUTREACH You can sponsor an all you can eat healthy dinner and medical outreach for up to 100 leprosy victims for only $125! __ I want to sponsor one medical and food outreach for $125. __ I want to sponsor two medical and food outreaches for $250. __ I want to sponsor three medical and food outreaches for 375. __ I want to sponsor four medical and food outreaches for $500. RICE OUTREACH - For a gift of only $4 you can give a gift of an eleven pound bag of rice to a needy and starving leprosy victim. Rice is the main source of food for people in India. Choose the amount of leprosy victims you would like to provide rice: __ 5 bags of rice for $20 __ 10 bags of rice for $40 __15 bags of rice for $60 __ 20 bags of rice for $80 __ 25 bags of rice for $100 __ 30 bags of rice for $120 __ I want to help by providing bags of rice for a gift of $______. INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA If you would like to give towards any of these leprosy projects, please fill out this card and send it with your check or money order along with this brochure. NAME________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________ CITY___________________________________ STATE______ ZIP______________ E-MAIL__________________________________PHONE ( INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA ) ______________ Please make checks or money orders payable to “Independent Church in India” “or ICII” and mail to: Independent Church in India, PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, Pa. 17026 Website: www.indchurch.org email: info@indchurch.org Phone (717) 865-7885 SPONSOR A LEPROSY COLONY All gifts are tax-deductible.


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PROMISED LAND LEPROSY COMMUNITY Independent Church In India has their own leprosy community which leprosy victims once forsaken and homeless can call home. Through sponsorships, ICII provides a home, healthy food and water, medical needs, clothing, and much more. ICII also has a church where leprosy victims attend for worship each week. Each week after the service a medical and food outreach is provided for the hungry and the hurting. At the Promised Land Leprosy Community lives are being transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. ADOPT A LEPROSY COLONY The purpose of Independent Church in India’s (ICII) "Moved With Compassion" Leprosy Outreach is to reach out and bring the homeless leprosy victims to our own community called the Promised You can help to change Land. We also want to reach out to the lives for eternity with hopeless, suffering, and neglected victims the love of Jesus by in the many leprosy colonies and hospitals adopting a leprosy throughout Tamil Nadu, India. colony! Giving personal love and attention to those who are untouchable by their own society. Your gifts will provide a poor and needy leprosy colony with their greatest needs: food, medical needs, clothing, sandals, personal needs, and more! [ ] I want to give a one time gift to help provide for the greatest needs of a leprosy colony of $________. Bringing joy to those who once had no hope. Pastor Britto and the Smiths with residents of the Promised Land Leprosy Community. [ ] Monthly Sponsor - I want to adopt a leprosy colony by giving a monthly gift of $_____. Healing broken hearts in the love of Jesus! Each week leprosy friends come to church to worship the Lord at ICII’s special service for those with leprosy. Feeding the leprosy friends each week who come to the Promised Land leprosy church services. When you pledge a monthly gift to ‘Adopt A Leprosy Colony’ you will receive the following each year: 1). Information and prayer needs telling about your adopted leprosy colony. 2). An annual updated newsletter on your adopted leprosy colony sharing how your support is making a difference in lives. 3). Personal letters from leprosy friends living at the colony.



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