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Independent Church in India has a home where leprosy victim can live and be loved.

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Volume 6 AUGUST 2013 Independent Church in India ANNUAL PROMISED LAND LEPROSY COMMUNITY UPDATE On behalf of the children and the leprosy friends who either live at one of the Promised Land homes or attend the leprosy church, our ICII team gives to you our deepest thanks for changing the lives of these desperate people in the love of Jesus! Independent Church in India’s ‘Promised Land Leprosy Community’ for elderly leprosy victims has been running now for over six years! The Promised Land Children’s Home has been running for over three years! The Smith family and Pastor Britto sitting with residents of the Promised Land Leprosy Community. The gift that look like a tennis racket is a mosquito zapper. Giving the hopeless new hope! Giving New Life at the Promised Land... Land... Bringing joy to orphans rescued from poor leprosy colonies. ICII’s Promised Land Leprosy Church worshipping the Lord! The Smith family standing with children who live at the Promised Land Children’s Home.


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promised land leprosy community - Annual Report 2013 2 The Promised Land Leprosy Church - Through the love and support of Promised Land Leprosy sponsors, each week up to 100 or more leprosy friends attend the Promised Land Leprosy Church to worship the Lord. Many leprosy friends who regularly attend the church services are bringing new people they meet with leprosy. At these services, Jesus is giving new life to those who are broken and rejected. These people are feeling love like they have never experienced before through the liberating power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of them are sharing amazing testimonies how the Lord is working in and through their lives. Here are just a few: One woman shared this; "Since I have been coming to church the Lord has been healing me of my wounds and covering me with his protection. Because I have leprosy, others are coming against me but the Lord is with me. The leprosy I am affected with has created many problems in my family. But since I have been praying with others here at the church, and they are also praying for me, the Lord is working things out in my family for good". One woman with leprosy named Esther who attends the Promised Land church shared this life-giving testimony: “I live at the Promised Land Leprosy Community. One morning, I woke up and my hand was totally swollen and in pain. I was so scared about this. Right away an ICII staff worker took me to the hospital. I was in the hospital all week and the doctor drained all the puss out of my hand until it returned to normal. The doctor told me if you had not come to the Esther with joy unspeakable at the Promised Land enjoying her hospital right away this infection Christmas gifts! woul d have spread to gonorrhea and we would have had to remove your hand, even the infection could have dangerously spread to your whole body. I am so thankful for those from ICII who have taken care of me and those who provided for my doctor fees. If I would still be alone in my village no one would have helped me and I would hav e surely suffered and died. I thank those who have helped me with millions and millions of thanks for saving my life!” ICII missionary Kowselya giving a bag of rice to a poor woman with leprosy. ICII provides a hot meal after each church service for the leprosy friends. Medical Camp at the Promised Land Leprosy Community Around three months ago, the government of India came to know that Independent Church in India is reaching out and helping people with leprosy. They told us that once a month we can invite all the people with leprosy and other poor and needy people that need medical attention can come for a free medical care. Each month they come for one day and set up a medical center at our Promised Land Community and give basic medical check ups. Each month around fifty people with leprosy and another fifty people who are poor and elderly, or homeless, are attending the medical camp. Many people who are sick, have open wounds due to leprosy, blood sugar problems and other diseases are having their needs provided due to this camp. These camps are very useful for the people since they are to poor to get this kind of medical attention. The cost for ICII to do this camp for a whole day once a month is only $110. This medical camp is a light of the love Jesus to the surrounding villages. This is really a miracle of God that the government wants to help us with this. One of the neighbors who lives near the Promised Land shared this with Pastor Britto one day: “Because you came here many new things are coming to our area. Normally it is very hard to get the medical attention here. We would have to travel many miles to get medical treatment and it is hard for us to go travel and get the help we need. Now because of you it is helping us so much. I am a very poor guy and I have suffered very much with my high blood pressure over the years, but now I can come and get the medicine I need. Now I am feel much better health”. Another elderly poor woman who comes each month to the medical camp shared this; “My whole family told me they can not take care of me any longer, so many times they will chase me out from my house. When I get rejected like this from my family, I will come here to the Promised Land Leprosy Community many times to talk with the leprosy friends who live here. The people with leprosy who live here have shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me and I also have become a believer in Christ. Every time I am sad or I have a problem in my family I feel like I have a place to come and to talk to all my friends here. They are encouraging me and praying for me and they are sharing meals with me. Without this medical camp, I would never had a place to come and learn about this place and hear about Jesus.


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promised land leprosy community - Annual Report 2013 3 Providing Needs and Giving New Life at the Promised Land... Land... ICII missionary Francis taking supplies to leprosy friend Tabitha. The Smith family sitting with leprosy friends who attend the church who received clothing. Bringing joy! Your support helps to provide vitamins, medicines and bandages for leprosy friends at the Promised Land home and church. Above photo: Preparing to give bags of rice to leprosy friends. Left photo: ICII feeds people with leprosy a hot meal each week after church. Each month, through your kind support, ICII is able to provide bags of rice for very poor leprosy friends. David, deep in prayer at the Promised Land Leprosy Community.


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promised land leprosy community - Annual Report 2013 4 Eye Glasses and Cataract Surgery for those with Leprosy: Since Independent Church in India began to provide cataract surgery and eye glasses, many elderly people who attend the Promised Land Leprosy Church services have been blessed with better eyesight. So far this year, nineteen more leprosy friends are in the process of soon getting cataract surgery. Eye-glasses have also been bought for others who did not need the surgery. One woman named Santhi who has leprosy made a four hour trip to come to ICII’s church service. She had heard from her city that ICII was helping people like her. She shared this with our gospel team; “In my whole life, I have been begging before the Hindu and the bus stands. I am homeless and I have to sleep in the bus stations. One day I was walking on the street and I got very dizzy and I fell down. My eyes became all blurry. From A woman with lep- that day on I could no longer beg anymore because of my weakness. Many days I sat in the Hindu temple and I rosy who received would get a small offering when they break the coconut open for the Hindu idol sacrifices. When the worshippers come they do this because they think that the curse off their life is gone. After the Hindu worshippers leave eye-glasses. the Hindu temple, I am picking up the coconut remains off of the dirt and I eat this just to survive. One day, another person with leprosy came to the temple and we were begging together. I was crying to the other man with leprosy that my wish was to have better eyesight so I could go more different place for begging. I have no one to help to fix my eye sight. This man replied to me that I am coming nine hours away from Chennai, and I am traveling to many different cities to beg. When I went to an ICII service four hours away I went to church there and the ministry prayed for me and afterwards I felt so much peace. I received Jesus Christ into my heart there because they shared about Jesus salvation plan. If you go to this ICII church they will help you with your eyesight”. The man’s testimony gave Santhi hope again so she began to save her money from a little bit of begging she got until she had enough to come to ICII's church by bus. When she came to ICII‘s church service, she began to share with the Gospel team about her bad eyesight. Through your love and support, ICII was able to provide Santhi’s cataract surgery. After the surgery, Santhi shared this; “I am now so happy because I can see again. I am so thankful for this help!” ICII told her about another woman who has leprosy that lives in a very small one room hut. Santhi has now moved in with her and ICII is providing rice, hot meals at the church, medical needs, and clothing. Letters from leprosy friends to their sponsors - Every one that is sponsoring a leprosy friend should have gotten a letter from their sponsored person this year. Here are a few letters: Dear Beloved in Christ, Greetings to you! In my whole life I am thankful to you. I will never forget whatever you helped me because you changed my life. You brought me happiness. You gave me courage to live in this world. I want to live for Jesus until I die. All I think of right now is about Jesus, because he gave me life through you. Thank you for the Christmas gifts you gave to me. Every morning at four o’clock I will pray for you. As long as I live I will pray for you. I pray that you and your family shall have a long life and that you will receive God's blessings. Many people told me that I am cursed because of my disease. Even though they rejected me, thank you for showing me how much Jesus loves me. Thanks again so much! Hallelujah! In Love, Savariyammal Savariyammal Greetings in the Name of Jesus! I am Pandi living at the Promised Land. I am living only because of you. You made my life happier. Because of your help I am taking care of my old mother also. I have sickness in my body but through your help God is providing all my needs. I received all your Christmas gifts with thanks. I liked the shirt and other things with thanks. Thank you so much for your help. May times I was left alone in my life. Many said I am not useful for this world. But through you, I felt Jesus in my heart. Please pray for my health. Also I want to thank you for helping me that way I won’t starve. I am eating good everyday at the Promised Land. We had a good time at the Promised Land Communityin the day of Christmas. I was joyfully singing songs about Jesus with other friends. Many times when I am sad other friends who live at the Promised Land always encourage me with their testimonies. Thank you so much for your help and support. I am praying for you eveICII missionary Francis ryday. I am praying for your good health and strength. Thank you so much! giving Pandi his With love and thanks, Christmas gifts! Pandi


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promised land leprosy community - Annual Report 2013 5 Testimonies of How God is Using the Promised Land Children I was so blessed and encouraged this year to sit down with the Promised Land children and listen as they shared with joy their amazing testimonies of how God is using them for His glory. God can surely use any person of any age that has a willing heart to serve Him. These children have realized now at their young age how much better their lives are since Jesus has filled them with His love. Many of the children shared their visions and hopes for the future with overwhelming amounts of energy—like a bubble that was ready to burst! The children shared with us that they had learned how to share the Gospel to other kids through ICII's VBS books. I believe the Lord will use each one of these precious children to reap a harvest of souls for the Lord’s kingdom in India! Here are a few testimonies and future goals from the children: "I want to build a big church and invite all of the lepers and poor people. I want to give them free rice. Also when we visit the leprosy colony where I used to live we will lead all of the children the way that we lead the church in our orphanage here". ... by Anthana Kumar Through your sponsorship for the Promised Land Leprosy Community, children’s lives are being changed! "I had four friends at school that did not study so I began to help them with their studies. They were so appreciative because I took the time to teach them so they could get better grades. I also shared the gospel with these friends and they also have become believers in Jesus! One day I want to start a big church. I want to raise funds through making a music CD. I want to donate this money I make from the music CD to buy motorbikes for pastors and also to help the handicapped people. Wherever I go I want to share the gospel to others" . .. by Prakashraj " I want to share the gospel to many other children at my school." Helen Mary "I want to be a doctor and then I want to build a hospital. Whoever comes to the hospital I want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. ...M. Satheeskumar Brother and Sister Prakashraj and Kowselya "One day when I was going to school, I seen some blind people and I began to cry. I asked the Lord to help me to share the gospel to all the blind people in this world. Also I want to build a home for homeless boys and share the gospel Helen Mary is studying in to them".... by Susairaj school to become a nurse. “Since we began living here we have received the Gospel. Before we came to this home we believed that the Hindu gods were the powerful gods, but now since we came here we learned the truth that Jesus is the only true God. Now we want to serve Jesus all of our lives and lead others to Him”. ...The children from the Promised Land Home Promised Land Children Lead 500 Children in Christians Songs! The Promised Land children's school supervisors are realizing that these children are very obedient and good natured towards all of their teachers and the other children in their classes. Because of their good example to others, the Lord has opened up a wonderful door of opportunity! Every Friday since last year, All of the children from the Promised Land home join together as a group and lead the other 500 children from their school in singing Christian and worship songs! The teachers have realized that the Promised Land children are very disciplined and capable of leading the other children during their music and singing time, so they are allowing them to sing Christian songs! This is an amazing accomplishment that we rejoice with and are so proud of the children who live at the Promised Land Children's Home. The boys praying for their sponsors.


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PROMISED LEPROSY COMMUNITY promised land leprosyLAND community - Annual Report 2013 6 6 Healing the Broken Hearted How you can get more involved! You can help us so much by telling someone else about how it brings you joy to sponsor a leprosy friend, or the leprosy community, and how the Lord is using your sponsorship to heal the broken hearted! If you would like to start a second sponsorship, or if you know anyone interested in sponsoring a leprosy friend, or the Promised Land Leprosy Community, please tell them about Independent Church in India’s different sponsorship programs. Each sponsor will receive Independent Church in India’s Leprosy Sponsorship Programs: 1). Sponsor a Leprosy Friend - Your sponsorship will provide for one person with leprosy a home at our leprosy community, nutritious food and snacks, healthy water, medicine and health care, clothes, personal needs, and will help to keep the “Promised Land” leprosy community running smoothly. 2). Sponsor the Promised Land - Your support will help to provide a home, food and clean water, medical, clothes, and other needs for the residents. It will also help provide for food and medical outreaches, rice, and other needs of those who are coming to the leprosy church. Your support will help to provide the needs for the upcoming needs of the orphanage for leprosy kids, and much more. a photo and testimony of their sponsored person, or photos and information on their sponsored leprosy colony. Each sponsor may send letters, photos, to their sponsored leprosy friend or colony. You will also have the opportunity to buy your sponsored person gifts, or people at your colony gifts. Give a gift that will change lives for all eternity... Please kindly cut out this box and send with check or money order. [ ] I want to sponsor a leprosy friend for $30 per month. [ ] I want to sponsor the Promised Land Leprosy Community for $____ (write amount) per month. [ ] I would like to give a one time gift to help provide the needs of the Promised Land Leprosy Community. Please enter amount $______. NAME__________________________________________________ ADDRESS _______________________________________________ CITY____________________ STATE________ ZIP______________ E-MAIL_______________________ PHONE ( ) _______________ All gifts are taxdeductible Please make checks or money orders out to “Independent Church in India” or ”ICII” Please send gifts to: Independent Church in India, PO Box 238, Fredericksburg, Pa. 17026 Any questions? Please call or visit our website - E-mail – PHONE (717) 865-7885



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