Mongoose and His New Mama


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Grade 5 Project

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Mongoose and his New Mama


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Mongoose ran out of his hut, yelling at the top of his lungs, "I'm running away from home!" He ran up to his tree house and said to himself, "that's the third spanking this week! I want a new mama"! Su ap wi wa te Sn him Ik sa m na gr ne


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op I Suddenly, out of nowhere, a tiny little toad appears. "I am the witch toad! My magic ball will grant you any wish you want." Mongoose was overjoyed. " Anything I want! I have to tell Dabble Duck, Banded Armadillo, and Snapping Turtle!" But witch toad didn't let him. "I am only granting you a wish because I know you want something." So Mongoose said, "I want a new mama, because my mama is mean and always thinks I am being naughty even when I am not." So witch toad granted him his wish and mongoose got a new mama.


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Three days later, witch toad comes back. "How is your new mama?" He asks Mongoose. "She is great, she doesn't spank me, she hugs me, and she can even juggle seashells." But, two days later, he starts to think about how great his old mama was because his new mama never taught him what is right and what is wrong but his old mama did. And then he wanted his old mama back and he wished for his old mama.When he saw his old mama, they hugged each other and reunited. Later that day they invited Dabble Duck, Banded Armadillo, and Snapping Turtle for a party to celebrate his happiness with his old mama.


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