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the magazine for families living and dreaming of fulltime rv adventures february 2011 issue 10


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page 2 fulltime families magazine in this issue letter from the editor 3 close to the counters 4 key lime pie recipe 5 what s in season 6 ftf family finder 6 led heart light 7 focus on the family 8 overnightrvparking giveaway 9 money saving tip 9 guns and weapons on the road 10 earn an award for your travel blog 11 national parks crater lake 13 factory tour school and carnival supply 15 great alaskan escape 17 ftf lending library 17 mardi gras in the usa 18 want to contribute there s always room just email info@fulltimefamilies.com with your ideas on the cover 2011 rally attendees photo credit margie lundy submit your photo for our march cover to info@fulltimefamilies.com your ad here fulltime families is seeking corporate sponsors get your brand seen from coast to coast email info@fulltimefam ilies.com for more information copyright © 2010 fulltime families magazine all rights reserved personal use of this material including one hard copy reproduction is permitted permission to reprint republish and/or distribute this material in whole or in part for any other purposes must be obtained from ff for information on obtaining permission send an e-mail message to info@fulltimefamilies.com by choosing to view this document you agree to all provisions of the copyright laws protecting it.


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january 2011 issue 9 page 3 letter from the editor have you ever dreamed of a world where people joyfully shared their gifts in the spirit of cooperation for the benefit of all when was the last time you were able to open the door in the morning ­ let the kids out ­ and call them back when it was time for bed have you ever extended your vacation `cause you didn t want the fun to end for one weekend in january 16 families enjoyed all of the above and more this year s rally was a weekend full of smiling faces hearty laughs noisy happy children long campfires and amazing families from the s mores at thursday night s meet and greet through gooey ooblick and pop bottles that really popped a piñata a safety seminar a first rate puppet show to the sunrise service and pancake breakfast ­ attendees all worked together to create a truly memorable event we marched through each other s homes ate each other s food and shared countless stories tall tales dreams and visions all weekend i thought to myself why can t the `real world be like this the real world that topic came up a lot because as fulltime travelers we are aware that while we have chosen to check out of the real world for a while we have actually discovered the real real world am i making any sense when you sell the house with the white picket fence trade your 9-5 for long haul truckers hours and pack up your family and head out into the unknown you actually find what you thought was real was just a fantasy and what truly is real are the people you tow around with you the experiences you share the folks you meet and the memories you make christopher ray and son presided over the sunrise service on the beach at the 2011 rally so during this month of love it seems perfectly fitting that with heartfelt thanks and appreciation we dedicate this issue to the families who made this year s rally such a phenomenal event we sincerely appreciate the gifts you shared and the time we spent with you and we can t wait to do it again maybe even in alaska to our new friends and to those we have yet to meet drive safely and we look forward to seeing you down the road sincerely kimberly and chris http www.mist-er-comfort.com 1888 mist­ 370


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january 2011 issue 9 page 4 close to the counters surviving cooking in a 20 sq ft rv kitchen by pam daley chocolate is health food a lot of times the people we meet or talk to think that our life is one big vacation and as i m sure most of you know it s really not there are still the normal everyday responsibilities ­ school chores grocery shopping cooking cleaning repairs etc things still go wrong family members get sick mom gets grumpy life goes on recently however we visited the florida keys and decided we would be `on vacation while there that meant that i didn t do laundry didn t do any major cleaning and i got out of as much cooking as i could although budget constraints can sometimes get in the way we try to sample the local cuisine as we visit various parts of the country we still talk about the rattlesnake we tried in sedona az and the `gator bites in tennessee both taste like chicken so what food do you think of when someone mentions the florida keys key lime pie of course since i had this vision in my head of a `limey lemon meringue pie which i have not had good luck making i usually ignored my husband s comments about how much he loved key lime pie after he made a solo trip to the keys a few years ago but after locating the place for key lime pie in key west recently i learned it s not a `green lemon meringue pie at all it s actually creamier and more like a fluffy pudding pie ­ who knew and simple to make my one purchase in the keys was a small cookbook with several versions of the pie ­ including one that has 4 ingredients that s definitely my kind of recipe don t worry ­ i m sharing you ll find the recipe at the end of this article in honor of valentine s day i decided to indulge my family s love for chocolate by making hot fudge sauce you might think that you can just melt a bunch of chocolate chips and pour that on ice cream which is what my husband thought but that s like saying cheesecake flavored yogurt is the same as a slice of the real thing sure it is plus research has shown that dark chocolate defined as 65 cacao or greater ­ milk or white chocolate doesn t qualify helps lower your blood pressure and can help reduce your bad cholesterol by up to 10 need another reason to add some dark chocolate to your day how about the fact that it is also noted for its anti-depressant and endorphin-producing properties like we didn t know that one all good things in moderation of course but a little chocolate can be just the thing to take a good day over the top and make it a great day when i decided i would learn to make this i figured it would be one of those recipes that need a candy thermometer lots of bowls and standing at the stove stirring and stirring i was so pleasantly surprised another recipe with just a few ingredients ­ only 6 and really one of them is water so i m not sure it s even fair to count that one we drizzled it okay poured it on key lime pie ice cream and it was amazing i now have a couple of little jars filled with the extra sauce just waiting for another day that would benefit from a bit of chocolate i m thinking that will probably be tomorrow happy valentine s day easy hot fudge sauce 6 oz unsweetened baking chocolate 3 oz unsalted butter 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 2 tsps vanilla extract or substitute your favorite flavor ­ mint rum almond 1/3 cup light corn syrup melt the butter and chocolate over very low heat stir to blend well heat 1 cup of water to boiling and add to the chocolate/butter mixture add sugar corn syrup and stir to blend well bring to a gentle boil ­ just a bit more than the simmer stage ­ and let it boil for 10 minutes stirring once or twice is all it should need sauce should be thick and smooth if not let it boil a bit longer ­ checking every minute or so remove from heat and stir in flavor extract this makes 2-3 cups of hot fudge let cool and store in small ½ pint containers in your refrigerator for up to 6 months i for one am not likely to test this part of the recipe when ready to use spoon into a microwavable cup or bowl and heat 30 seconds at a time until desired temperature.


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page 5 the recipe key lime pie key lime pie 4 eggs 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1/3 cup key lime juice or regular lime juice 1 baked pie shell or 1 premade graham cracker crust beat the yolks of 4 eggs and the white of 1 egg until thick add the condensed milk and beat again add the lime juice and beat until thick rinse off the beaters using a clean bowl beat the 3 remaining egg whites until dry and fold into the mixture pour into the baked pie shell and bake in a preheated 300 oven until set about 15-20 minutes allow to cool and then refrigerate until time to serve pam her husband mike and teenage daughter sarah are currently in new orleans volunteering as part of the rebuilding efforts there by the end of this month they will be in colorado as they continue on their journey to alaska 2011 you can contact her at rvkitchen@fulltimefamilies.com playing with fiber original crochet patterns custom crochet orders looking for more information about living on the road fulltime check out this great web resource and join the forum to meet other families and exchange great ideas www.familiesontheroad.com


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january 2011 issue 9 page 6 february produce eat fresh eat local eat in season stay healthy by eating what s in season each month we will include a list of in season produce here is what s fresh right now vegetables · broccoli · cauliflower availability varies from state to state so check field to plate s seasonal lookup guide to see what s freshest near you fruit · oranges · · · grapefruit lemons papayas make healthy eating an adventure by picking your own check out this great website for a pick your own farm by you http www.pickyourown.org/index.htm has your family been found yet in mid december we unveiled the fulltime families family finder application on our website www.fulltimefamilies.com since then a great number of families have moved onto our map quite simply the family finder allows you to connect with other families in a totally new way this password protected application is a great tool to help families stay in touch and make plans with other each other are you interested in visiting a particular part of the country but don t know where to look for a campground or things to do log onto the family finder and see if anyone s in that area right now to add yourself and see where the families are click on the family finder link at our website.


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page 7 turn on your heart light instructions things you ll need · mat board · hole punch · scissors · craft knife · light-emitting diodes · 22-gauge wire · 4 aa batteries and holder · wire cutters · soldering iron and solder · glue · pencil · paint 1 draw out the heart border of the sign on the mat board and cut it out draw the lettering and designs you want in leds map out small circles in your led design each circle should be slightly smaller than a single led fill in the entire area of each design giving a little space between each circle using a sharp hole punch cut each circle out hold the mat board to a light and take a look at the design if everything is to your liking apply a little ring of glue around an led hole and push one led through the face of the sign this will force the glue through making for a clean seal make sure the led leads are free and clear on the back of the sign repeat this step until all leds are placed connect the led leads in parallel all positives connected together all negatives connected together solder each positive lead together use a small wire to bridge gaps if needed now solder each of the negative leads together attach the battery holder to the back of the mat board solder a wire to the negative post and a wire to the positive post the wires should be long enough to reach one led solder the negative wire to the negative led lead and the positive to the positive led lead completing the circuit place the batteries into the battery holder this will light up the led sign remove one battery to turn the sign off 2 3 4 5 6 fulltime families magazine


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page 8 focus on the family hey dad by sam suva hey dad s full timing has given this dad a unique perspective about what his role in the life of my family from the tween s to weeks away from our oldest moving out this has been such a learning and growing time for my family and especially for me we as men in our household and especially now in a smaller hold our rv s have more face time with our families we see the more subtle nuances of personalities that we would not see normally and the identities of our children that we may have overlooked in a sticks and bricks children play in the back yard as in a norman rockwell picture the puppy is yipping about and the lawn needs to be mowed again the boss was unhappy about losing a big account and as the closest employee completely unrelated to the event you are the recipient of the anxiety and anger in a house we may retreat to the den the study the porch or the garage and tv on and slip away later we come out for supper pat the kids on the head and off to bed now we live in 240 square feet of den garage and porch the children do not like to play outside on the 66 x 40 foot back yard supper is made on top of your newspaper and the game is not on because my little princess power hour is on during pregame and part of the first quarter how can we continue to father this new-to-us family what changes do we face from youth to young person what is our success vector where can we go for information support and encouragement in this article we will discuss this as responsible caretakers with integrity continued on page 16 fulltime families magazine


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january 2011 issue 9 page 9 ftf february giveaway one year membership to overnightrvparking.com when you re in your rv where can you park overnight to sleep just for one night where will parking overnight to sleep result in eviction a ticket or being towed away in the middle of the night overnightrvparking.com s database contains 8476 rv parking and no parking locations in the usa and canada find free rv parking on your mobile device search by city state/province or zip/postal code fulltime families magazine and overnightrvparking.com have joined forces for the fabulous february giveaway to enter simply spread the word about fulltime families magazine the reader who generates in the most new fulltime families magazine subscribers from now until feb 28th 2011 will receive a free one year membership to overnightrvparking.com tell your friends to include your name in the comments section of the subscription form we re on facebook please take a moment to become a fulltime families fan a tremendous money stretching tip would you like to visit over 275 museums and science centers nationwide for just $35 for the entire year the evansville museum is offering a annual family membership to their museum and over 275 reciprocal museums a quick glance at the reciprocal list on the museums website at www.emuseum.org will reveal how amazing this deal is there are science centers museums and children s museums through out the 50 states that are sure to be on your itinerary to purchase your annual family membership contact the evansville museum at 812 425-2406 x233 ask for josh and be sure to tell them you saw it on fulltime families.


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page 10 guns and weapons on the road pa rt 3 o f a 4 pa rt series yo urca pa bilities concerning carrying a weapon your first thought should be why do i want to carry carrying a weapon is not an ego boost nor a call for vigilante justice the primary reason most people carry is for personal and family protection in dangerous situations believe it or not police have no legal responsibility to protect individuals and therefore judicial remedies are not available for their failure to protect any individual there are many court cases and supreme court decisions affirming this fact see http www.firearmsandliberty.com/kasler -protection.html the bottom line is that individual citizens are responsible for their own personal protection the gun owner s humor answers the question why carry a weapon with because carrying a whole policeman would be too heavy or remember when seconds count in an emergency the police are only minutes away the fact is that those are precisely the reasons why people carry a weapon personal protection from injury or death deterrence of felonies against you and your family detention of felons and denial of attempted crime are significant to personal survival and may answer your question as to why however the opposite question also needs to be answered why i should not carry there are some very good reasons to not carry a weapon if your temperament is such that your anger can get control of you don t carry if you cannot effectively use a weapon then you definitely should not carry a weapon if the law precludes you from owning or carrying a weapon usually because of a felony conviction dui domestic violence conviction or other legal problem then carrying a weapon would only further harm your record if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol you definitely should not carry the decision to carry a weapon is one to be taken seriously and to be done with much contemplation and self inspection once you have decided to carry there even more considerations such as what shall i carry shall i carry open or concealed is it possible for me to carry a weapon without it becoming visible even accidentally where am i travelling and what are the laws there how capable and proficient am i with my weapon when would it be wise to use my weapon when would it be wise to avoid use etc in order to be the safest most capable carrier of a weapon it is critical this four part series began in the december 2010 issue and continued in the january 2011 issue fulltime families magazine


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january 2011 issue 9 page 11 guns and weapons otr cont d that you train well and often you should find a qualified arms trainer nra certifies weapons instructors look for that in their qualifications the website http publicsafety.utah.gov/bci documents/tranguidelines_011.pdf is a list of training requirements for the utah permit it is a minimum of what i would want for firearms classroom training training often going to a firing range regularly for practice will keep your skills honed and give you more confidence finally you need to consider what situations would require you to use your weapon rule number one is that your weapon is never your primary means of defense avoidance escape reasoning all come before use of a weapon if you feel your life or the life of another is threatened or a felony is being committed on you or your property then use of a weapon may be proper even then it is better to use your weapon to avoid the conflict that to use it and kill or injure someone it is never legal to display a weapon called brandishing or threaten use of a weapon for the purpose of threatening someone or to resolve a non lethal argument in the final installment of this series we will try to answer the questions what should i carry how should i carry how do i stay safe and legal and what if i have to use my weapon kent butterfield attended eureka college 196667 and central christian college 19771980 he was an aviation electronics technician in the us navy for 9 years and worked in small arms for the us army for 22 years retiring in 2003 he and his wife dana have 6 daughters and 1 son 7 grand daughters and 4 grandsons the family has been camping and rving since 1992 and have made two trips to alaska across the alaska highway it s award season fulltime families is looking for the best family travel blogs for our first ever foba s ftf outstanding blog awards submit your blog to support@fulltimefamilies.com for consideration any blog currently listed in our blog role is automatically entered deadline for submission is march 31st 2011.


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fulltime families magazine


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january 2011 issue 9 page 13 our national parks crater lake oregon by margie lundy don t worry if you can t visit many national parks kids can earn badges online with the webrangers program too lizzy josh and matt lundy at crater lake np we ve been amazed at the scenery across america and one of the most breathtaking places is crater lake national park in oregon crater lake which is actually a caldera not a crater is a gorgeous lake with perfect reflections and a volcano in the middle it s definitely a must see in our book although you may want to visit in the summer as it averages over 40 feet of snow each winter and many park roads close it s incredibly blue because of its depth at almost 2000ft the deepest in the us and lack of inlets the lake is filled only by rain and snow no rivers run into it the park also carefully controls the lake traffic and currently there are only five boats which were lifted in by helicopter three are tour boats for visitors and two are research boats for scientists with very little boat traffic and with out muddy rivers polluting it the lake is absolutely pristine crater lake was a volcano called mount mazama before it erupted forming the caldera wizard island is a very interesting feature in the lake too a volcano inside a volcano phantom ship is another very small island in the lake for great views of the lake its beautiful sheer cliffs and both islands you can take rim drive all the way around you can also hike down cleetwood trail to touch the clear water swim if you can brave the cold or take a boat tour on rim drive we parked the rv at a few overlooks to take photos eat lunch and just stare we also found snow in august and stopped to play and slide down as always we looked for the junior ranger program at the visitor center and the kids were delighted to find out there were two options they earned badges with the junior ranger books and were also able to complete an


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january 2011 issue 9 page 14 crater lake national park continued from page 13 activity with a ranger for an additional patch so they made postcards for their grandparents with detailed drawings of crater lake we loved our visit to crater lake and hope you ll get there during your travels too by lizzy age 11 we saw tour boats around wizard island which is a volcano in the middle of the lake they call it wizard island because it s in the shape of a wizard hat we also stopped to slide down snow hills this was the first time we saw snow in oregon the junior ranger is so educational and fun to do for kids by josh age 10 crater lake is an inactive volcano filled with only rain water it has a volcano in the middle called wizard island it has snow even in the summer because we were there in august i liked the junior ranger program and earned another patch by making a postcard margie lundy is traveling the usa fulltime with her husband and three children follow their family adventures rving roadschooling scrapbooking and more on and scrap the map.com.


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page 15 factory tour school carnival building fulltime family magazine visits the famous school carnival building the road from the fulltime families rally in florida toward the future in the west passed through the mississippi gulf coast area kimberly and chris travaglino brought their self-labeled gaggle of children to tour one of america s largest educationcarnival stores located in gulfport the travaglinos were escorted by another fulltimer who happened to be there while sharing their excitement of being full-timers they were able to see how the company systematically processes more than 120,000 different educational and party items for students teachers and parents their tour began in the warehouse where bulk items are disassembled repackaged processed and displayed and finally sold or shipped to customers nationally they continued to the project room used for designing displays to be entered in science reading and other demonstration fairs the all seasons room was unique in that items for every holiday are always on display year-round this is popular with customers holding off-season parties the tour included five other rooms housing books displays educational and other categories including one where mardi gras items sold to customers are thrown to strangers each year the delightful travaglino children were excited and motivated to see and learn everything the main attraction of home-schooling on the road is the opportunity to broaden children s life experiences and in this case they certainly did although most first-time visitors and tourists exclaim unbelievable inside is bigger than outside amazing wish i had this back home the common love of living on the open road dominated the conversation the guide dr.lou was as excited in meeting fellow full-timers as were the travaglino family in touring the facility an open invitation is extended to all pioneering full-time families to visit one of the largest school carnival stores in the u.s whenever they travel through southern mississippi if you call ahead 228 896-1101 they will try to schedule the company s full-time rver to be your personal guide fulltime families magazine



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