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Condor January 2011 | Issue #02 Ascent STUFF THAT CAR, STUFF THOSE TUMMIES CAMPAIGN 2010 “Because we care” Condor Commitments 02 | Show Kids You Care 03 | Level 3 04 Training Watch 05 | Condor Evolution 06 | Employee Recognition 07 Condor Projects 08 | Condor Watch 09 | Condor Training Info 10 | Condor Book List 11


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CONDOR COMMITMENTS STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Condor Security strives to be a leading provider in specialized integrated security services; offering clients a combination of highly skilled security professionals and sophisticated security technologies. OUR CORE VALUES: Quality Service We provide effective, reliable and experienced security and protective services. Human Resource Focus We believe that our staff is an important facet of our work. We therefore recognize and hone their potentials as providers of quality service through training and other professional development initiatives. Client-Oriented We strive to be of continuous service to our growing client base, understanding the market place and our clients needs is primary, therefore we are able to cater to any specific and generic client needs. Training We develop specialized training for our employees to match clients’ expectations and exceed quality standards in the security market. Forward Thinking We nurture our expertise as the ever changing needs of our clients develop and we are responsive to the present and are always prepared for the future. Social Commitment We enthusiastically liaise with our local communities and partners and we are involved in different public events through local community affairs and fundraising ventures. Condor Security is a full service security firm. We dedicate our work towards the delivery of various efficient, discreet and reliable security solutions to meet the needs of our clients including protection of people and properties. Our service is aimed at bringing safety and peace of mind to our clients and their communities. Condor Security: Positioned to Serve and Protect. QUALITY POLICY Condor Security is a provider of professional security services. Our company is committed to maintain and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and customer satisfaction by focusing on continuous supervision of staff performance and upgrading our locally regulated and evolving training programs. 2


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SHOW KIDS YOU CARE Social Commitment Condor’s most recent social commitment project began in September 2010. We committed to donate as much as possible to the non-profit charitable organization Show Kids You Care. In only 3 months, we all have done a lot! Through your donations and the company’s Double Match Program where each dollar donated by an employee is matched by 2 dollars, we donated exactly $1044 to Show Kids You Care! This amount could buy: - 250 Kilograms (551 pounds) of Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, enough chicken for 1 child to eat 5000 chicken sandwiches! - 300 Kilograms (661 pounds) of large Navel Oranges, enough oranges for 1 child to eat 1 orange a day for just over 2 years! - 510 Kilograms (1125 Pounds) of White Rice, enough rice to make 20400 small bowls of vegetable stir-fry rice! On top of that, we’ve collected 36 full Show Kids You Care bags of nonperishable food items for local children’s breakfast clubs. Items you donated included canned tuna, Kraft Dinner, animal crackers, lentils, Nutri-grain Bars, canned beans, and lots more. A number of employees and even Condor President & C.E.O. Ben Tabesh attended the Show Kids You Care office to spend time stuffing envelopes and doing other administrative work. We received a number of creative and well planned ideas and suggestions on how Condor Security can do more for Show Kids You Care through One of the ideas we implemented was a great idea from Condor employee Kirsty Sabovitch: Stuff that Car, Stuff those Tummies 2010! Condor Employees at our Show Kids You Care Seminar We reached our goal of stuffing the Patrol Car due to all your efforts on Dec. 31st! We collected 21 bags of food from this initiative! Thanks to all Condor Security Employees for helping to make a difference to many children’s lives! The Executive Director of Show Kids You Care, Kristy Taylor, communicated this message to us: “You are all a tremendous blessing to us, especially at this busy time of year. I am so pleased by the initiatives and enthusiasm each person is contributing! Thank you once again for your support. I’m so grateful for people who share our passion, for those who choose to get involved, and make a tangible difference. It’s a great feeling to work alongside you all.” Condor Security President & C.E.O. Ben Tabesh with Show Kids You Care Executive Director Kristy Taylor 3


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LEVEL 3 The Evolution Are you ready for a challenge? Condor Security’s Level 3 course, the final stage in the Condor Evolution, is set for Apr. 30th and May 1st. The following pre-requisites will apply: 1. Open only to Level 2 and Level 3 Guards 2. Applicant must successfully complete an interview 3. Applicant must successfully complete a physical screening process 4. Doctor or physician’s written consent The course content will include Ontario Use of Force, the Canadian National Use of Force Framework, Arrest Regulations and Legalities, Physical Defensive Tactics, Tactical Handcuffing, and High Stress Emergency Drills. Condor will once again host Nir Maman, a recognized expert in Ontario Use of Force and international law enforcement training, to conduct the course. All current Level 3 Guards are encouraged to attend at no additional cost. More information will be announced in due time. We look forward to seeing you in training! “Great course, great knowledge. success!” -Vlad C., Level 3 Guard Great Ontario Use of Force Theoretical Component Refreshing the Mind by Learning Outside “I loved this training! The best training course I have ever participated in. I pushed myself to new levels.” -Jody P., Level 3 Guard “I’ve been to a lot of training courses, both classroom and practical ones, however Condor Security’s Level 3 training is the only one which brought forward my knowledge and skills under great and intense pressure. I greatly and honestly believe ‘this is what reality is’ in particular to a job which demands mental and physical presence.” - Victor V., Level 3 Guard Tactical Handcuffing Drills “Level 3 training was outstanding! It taught me to push past my boundaries and achieve more than I thought was possible. It was physically and mentally demanding but I would do it a thousand more times if possible. Thank you for helping me gain better knowledge and position for my future in security.” - Kirsty S., Level 3 Guard 4


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TRAINING WATCH We decided to let the pictures and your feedback speak for themselves. Verbal Judo “I have learned a lot about my communication skills, and how much work they need.” “Verbal Judo is the art of giving a bitter medicine to someone who then tastes it like strawberries.” “I believe that if every responsible citizen knew Verbal Judo, there would be less violence, crime, and conflict.” ASP “I learned a lot about self defence and feel more confident dealing with situations which escalate to physical contact.” “I wasn’t sure if I had the physical determination to get through the course, but I pushed myself beyond my own limits and was glad to complete it.” Level 2 “It’s unbelievable how just a few hours of training can change you as a person and as a professional.” “The class was great; the drills were very serious and very realistic.” “I feel that my job is now easier and I am now more of a professional.” 5


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CONDOR EVOLUTION DIAGRAM L3 VJ L2 + L1 Description of Each Wage Increases Course Content 6


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Employee Recognition In Recognition of Excellence in Quality of Work Theodore Roosevelt once said, “if you speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far.” Joseph is one who’s actions speak louder than his words. He is certified in Verbal Judo and is a certified Level 2 Guard. He has worked as both a security guard and as a concierge in a number of different sites during his time at our company. He has shown the ability to quickly adapt to new workplaces and learn standards, procedures, and new responsibilities. By virtue of his determination to be a professional, he has performed at a consistent basis throughout his employment with the company. Consistency is a quality which is of high importance in the security industry. Often in this line of work we get relaxed when day after day goes by without incident. If we relax too much, we create a gap through which an incident might arise. By being aware of this risk and continually working within the company’s standards, Joseph has proven himself to be a true security professional. Joseph was surprised when he was given the good news and began to laugh as a smile grew on his face. “This is something I didn’t expect! I always try to do my best, and I know I’m not perfect, but I always try to utilize the skills I get through training and experience in my job. I believe the training we’ve been given has helped myself and others to be more professional. I can tell you that Verbal Judo is very helpful when conducting random bag checks! I appreciate that I was chosen and I am motivated to work harder and strive to do more.” On behalf of everyone at Condor Security, Congratulations Joseph! We would like to remind Condor staff of the Employee of the Year Progam where once per year Condor management will recognize an employee who has met the criteria we have established, including initiative, work quality, work knowledge, self development actions, customer service, dependability, consistency, etc. The Employee of the Year is a hard earned designation as there is a lot of competition due to the high level of professionalism amongst our staff. Since the inception of the Newsletter, we have proudly recognized a number of employees for their efforts in meeting the above criteria, and we look forward to seeing more names in the list. 7


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Condor Training Calendar Level 2 Course Date: Sunday, November 28th Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm Cost: $12.00 Pre-requisites: Standard First Aid and Level “C” CPR, 3 months with Condor Toronto EMS Safe City Standard First Aid and Level “C” CPR Course Date: Thursday and Friday, October 28th and 29th Time: 8:00am - 16:00pm Cost: $60.00 Pre-requisities: None Verbal Judo We will be running 2 Verbal Judo courses in the next 3 months Course 1: Wednesday, October 27th Course 2: Thursday November 18th Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm Cost: $36.00 Pre-requisites: None ASP Course Date: Sunday, December 12th Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm Cost: $99.00 Pre-requisites: Only Level 2 Guards or higher may participate, applicants must have their own equipment (handcuffs, baton, duty belt). This equipment can be purchased through Condor at a below market value. To register for these courses, please complete and return the Training Registration Form which will be sent out via email in the upcoming weeks. 8


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Industry Article PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY The Internet caused colossal changes in the world, many of which we were not prepared for. One such change, the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, has created an environment whereby social connectivity is at a click of a mouse. The recent naming by Time Magazine of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, as “Person of the Year” is further evident of Facebook’s cultural embrace. Although there are many advantages, we would like to shed some light on the risks and privacy issues associated with those networks and the Internet in general and introduce the IT Security field combating internet security issues. Canada has two federal privacy laws: the Privacy Act protects personal information collected by government institutions; the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) addresses the collection, storage and use of personal information by private organizations. PIPEDA gives individuals the right to see and correct any personal information about them collected by companies in the course of their commercial activities. Businesses are required to inform consumers of who is collecting the information, why the information is being gathered, and for what purposes it will be used. When we go online, we leave an electronic record of our movements – and we can unknowingly provide personal information to people and organizations that track such data. This information can be sold or traded to third parties such as government departments, lawenforcement agencies, or businesses which build personal profiles of our behaviour, habits and buying patterns. Electronic tracking devices such as cookies, Web bugs and “spyware” are common means of tracking our online behaviour. These devices collect information such as ISP addresses, Web sites visited, purchases made, and emails sent. 8 General Tips on How to Protect Yourself Online: 1. Do not publicly post personal or family photos. You can privately post photos, but share them with close friends and family whom you trust. Use a nickname or pen name instead of your real name. Don’t use or publish your real birthday. Birth date becomes verification information for many companies, such as phone providers, bank, etc Don’t expose your address. It’s dangerous if someone with a criminal agenda knows your real address. Address is also verification information used by many companies. Store passwords, SIN, Passports, and driver’s licences offline. Be alert for identity theft. Check your credit report often or at least once per year to check for suspect activities or signs of identity theft, and report it right away if found. If you must post your email address online, use an image or write in uncommon text format, for example: youremail at gmail dot com instead of This makes it harder to send spam and viruses to your email. Use Firefox, Chrome, IE 7 (or later), or any browser with antispyware tools to alert you if you enter a malicious website. Install anti-spyware to protect your computer from being compromised. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The Information Security field includes anti-virus and other protective software, protection of personal information, business network security, and others. As more personal information, business transactions, and confidential records become exposed to the possible risks of an “Internet World,” the demand for certified and trained professionals in this field will grow. A number of internationally recognized organizations offer training courses and certification programs in Information Security. For more information on how you could branch out into this field, contact 9


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Condor Watch Reminders Updated Availability Remember to request and send in an Availability Form to the head office if your availability will change in the new year. Absence Requests Absence requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the first day requested off. All requests are subject to approval by Condor management. Dress Warmly It’s cold outside! Remember to dress for the weather, meaning extra socks, long underwear, undershirts, sweaters, warm shoes/boots, and most importantly, a hat as we lose most of our heat through our heads. Licences, Courses, and Certifications Please update the office if you have recently renewed your Security Licence or if you would like help preparing for the test. Also, send us a copy of any security related certifications you’ve obtained if we don’t have a copy. Birthdays On behalf of Condor Security and its entire staff: December: Joseph C., Clifford D., Moshe G., Eric G., Mike Os., Kirsty S., Joel T January: Nadhia A., Daniel Bok., Alaura D., Joel G., Benjamin M., Jey R., Wilson T February: Okjan D., Steven F., Abdullahi G., Pooran M., Ife O., Joel P., Goran T., Victor V., Richardson W., Stanley Z. Inspiration Maybe it will inspire you, maybe it won’t, but if it will, it served it’s purpose! “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured hard for. ” - Socrates 10


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