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Condor April 2011 | Issue #03 Ascent “pushing for a higher standard” Condor Commitments - 02 | ISO9001:2008 - 03 | Condor Social Commitment - 04 & 05 Level 3 - 06 | Employee Recognition - 07 | Condor Training Calendar - 08 Industry Article - 09 | Condor Watch - 10 | Condor Book List - 11


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CONDOR COMMITMENTS STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Condor Security strives to be a leading provider in specialized integrated security services; offering clients a combination of highly skilled security professionals and sophisticated security technologies. OUR CORE VALUES: Quality Service We provide effective, reliable and experienced security and protective services. Human Resource Focus We believe that our staff is an important facet of our work. We therefore recognize and hone their potentials as providers of quality service through training and other professional development initiatives. Client-Oriented We strive to be of continuous service to our growing client base, understanding the market place and our clients needs is primary, therefore we are able to cater to any specific and generic client needs. Training We develop specialized training for our employees to match clients’ expectations and exceed quality standards in the security market. Forward Thinking We nurture our expertise as the ever changing needs of our clients develop and we are responsive to the present and are always prepared for the future. Social Commitment We enthusiastically liaise with our local communities and partners and we are involved in different public events through local community affairs and fundraising ventures. Condor Security is a full service security firm. We dedicate our work towards the delivery of various efficient, discreet and reliable security solutions to meet the needs of our clients including protection of people and properties. Our service is aimed at bringing safety and peace of mind to our clients and their communities. Condor Security: Positioned to Serve and Protect. QUALITY POLICY Condor Security is a provider of professional security services. Our company is committed to maintain and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and customer satisfaction by focusing on continuous supervision of staff performance and upgrading our locally regulated and evolving training programs. 2 ISO9001:2008


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ISO9001:2008 CONDOR’S QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Condor Security is proud to announce that the implementation of the new quality management system (QMS) was recently completed with the successful certification with the international quality standard ISO9001:2008. What is the benefit of Condor Security’s QMS? When a company is certified by the International Standards Organization for standard ISO9001:2008, it means that the company is committed to maintain a management system which is focused on quality and consistently meets this ISO standard. The goal of this system is to find errors in key company processes, correct them, and as a result improve the performance of the processes. The end result is a continous increase in quality and therefore customer satisfaction. What is ISO9001? The International Organization for Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland publishes thousands of international standards to help companies throughout the world more efficiently do business with one another. The 27 page ISO 9001 standard is focused on defining minimum business practices for the production and delivery of a company’s products and services through the implementation of a formal “quality management system”, or QMS. An ISO QMS is made up of certain processes, documentation and other formal practices that control internal company operations to ensure customer requirements are consistently met. What is the role of the Security Guard or Concierge in maintaining the QMS? Each employee at Condor has an important role in maintaining the QMS. This role includes: 1. Having knowledge of the company’s Quality Policy 2. Staying in compliance with company policies and procedures 3. By providing continuous suggestions for improvement of existing processes A good example for maintaining the QMS at Condor is to work in accordance with the procedures stated in the site’s Standing Orders. Security Guards and Concierge staff are always encouraged to suggest new ideas for improving on site procedures in order to deliver the service in more a efficient and professional manner. This will eventually lead to increase in customer satisfaction. We believe there is always room to improve, and for field staff the improvement often comes through motivation and training. 3 ISO9001:2008


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SOCIAL COMMITMENT Blood Donation Condor Security Inc. has partnered with the Canadian Blood Services for our next Social Commitment initiative. This April 18th, all Condor Security employees and their friends, family, and acquaintances are invited to register for and attend the Condor Office to take part in a valuable service to the community: the donation of blood. All persons who wish to attend MUST REGISTER!!! Contact the office to confirm your space at 416-665-1500! Presentation Len Rosen, the Canadian Blood Services Community Services Director, will be hosted at the Condor office as a guest to provide a presentation on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at 19:00. All Condor employees are encouraged to participate to gain more knowledge on the importance of blood donation and Canadian Blood Services. Please contact the office to RSVP your attendance. Light snacks & refreshments will be served. Attendance to the seminar will count as 4 Hours towards your volunteer time as part of the Condor Evolution Program! Did You Know? • Every 1 minute, someone in Canada needs blood • Hundreds of thousands of people in Canada each year receive blood • Blood is most often used to treat people in emergency or trauma situations, e.g. accidents, surgery, burn therapy, blood diseases, etc. • Average amount of blood in one person: • 5 Litres (10.5 Pints) • Each blood donation unit contains 450 ml of blood • On average, 4.6 units of blood are required per patient • In 2004/2005 Canadian Blood Services collected 850,000 units of whole blood • In Dec. 2010, there was a shortage of 22, 000 units More Info The Universal Donor! People with O Rh negative blood are considered universal blood donors. Patients of all blood types can receive O Rh Negative blood, however, all blood types are needed to meet the needs of patients. Medication? You can still give blood when you are taking some types of medications. In many cases, what counts is why the medication is being taken instead of what medication is being taken. Contact your local blood clinic if you have concerns about your eligibility to donate blood. Personalities! Some research suggests that our personalities are affected by our blood types. What do you think? You are reliable, a team player and may benefit from a vegetarian diet. Type A blood originated in Asia or the middle east between 25,000 and 15,000 BC. You are independent, a self-starter, and may benefit from a wholesome well-balanced diet. Type B blood appeared between 15,000 and 10,000 BC in the Himalayas. Type A Type B You are organized, friendly, and may enjoy a vegetarian or wholesome well-balanced diet. Type AB blood appeared 900-1000 years ago when eastern Mongolian invaders overran the last of European civilization. You are competitive, goal oriented, and a real meat eater. Type O is the oldest and most common blood type, originating in Southern Africa. Type AB Type O 5 ISO9001:2008


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LEVEL 3 Register Now! Less than a month away, Condor is proud to once again initiate the Level 3 course. This course is restricted to Condor Level 2 Employees and above. As part of the Condor Evolution, Level 3 is an optional training course providing the opportunity for Condor Employees to immerse themselves in a learning environment centred around Ontario Use of Force theory and practice. Condor will once again be hosting an external recognized expert use of force instructor, Nir Maman, to provide the core course curriculum. Nir Maman is a certified Use of Force and Police Tactics Instructor through the Atlantic Police Academy and PPCT Management Systems. A current Provincial Police Constable, he is actively involved in training Police Tactical Units and Government Security Forces across Canada and around the world. Among his specializations are Close-QuartersCombat and Hand-to-Hand Combat. The course expands on and requires a solid foundation in both Level 1 and Level 2 content and drills. Level 3 guards are expected to be highly trained in emergency first response in accordance with local laws and regulations. This highly interactive course will demand a certain level of mental focus and physical fitness in order to provide a realitybased experience of true use of force and emergency scenarios. Those who pass the course will receive 2 certifications. One through Nir Maman’s International Defense Force organization and the second through Condor Security . In order to participate, applicants must: 1. Be a certified Condor Level 2 Guard 2. Register for the course by completing and sending a Training Registration Form to the office 3. Successfully complete the physical screening process and personal interview, to be scheduled on one of the following dates: April 12, 13, 14, or 15th. Tactical Handcuffing Practice Helping to Demonstrate a Technique The full per-person cost of this course is $180.00, however employees will only be required to contribute $72.00 as Condor will subsidize the rest of the cost. The Condor Evolution Program: 1. Employees who pass Level 2 recieve a raise of $0.25. 2. Employees who pass Level 3 receive a raise of either $0.75 or $1.00 based on their performance in the course. 3. Employees completing all courses in the Condor Evolution within 18 months of employment with Condor Security and also completing 18 hours of volunteer service will receive a full refund for all courses taken in the Condor Evolution program plus an extra one-time bonus of $360.00. If you would like further information about the Level 3 course, please contact the office, or contact We look forward to seeing you in training! Good luck! 6 ISO9001:2008


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Employee Recognition In Recognition of Excellence in Quality of Work This quarter we are pleased to recognize Nadhia A. for Excellence in Quality of Work. In her position as a concierge at a luxury high rise condominium in downtown Toronto, Nadhia has demonstrated long term consistent performance which has remained up to the required standards. In addition to being a certified Level 2 Guard and being certified in Verbal Judo, Nadhia has the proven ability to take command over stressful situations and resolve emergencies in a professional manner, due to her ability to accept and adapt to new situations. Recognized by her co-workers as a person with “high standards,” she is always concerned with the performance of her team members, and often takes the initiative to guide and assist other Condor staff and upgrade her work environment. We were happy to inform Nadhia of this recognition just after providing her with her Level 2 and Verbal Judo certifications. When Nadhia was presented with the good news, she smiled humbly and had the following words to say: On behalf of everyone at Condor Security, Nadhia A., Level 2 Guard and Training Supervisor Rob Bayley “I’m both excited and humbled. It feels great to see how the company has grown over the years. I’m impressed with the quality of the training courses, and I feel glad to have my work acknowledged.” “The level of professionalism in the company keeps getting higher.” Nadhia has established herself as a hard working, dedicated team member with an assertive, quality driven approach. Her efforts have had a long term positive impact on the performance standards and professional image of the company. Congratulations Nadhia! We would like to remind Condor staff of the Employee of the Year Program where once per year Condor management will recognize an employee who has met the criteria we have established, including initiative, work quality, work knowledge, self development actions, customer service, dependability, consistency, etc. The Employee of the Year is a hard earned designation as there is a lot of competition due to the high level of professionalism amongst our staff. Since the inception of the Newsletter, we have proudly recognized a number of employees for their efforts in meeting the above criteria, and we look forward to seeing more names added to the list. 7 ISO9001:2008


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Condor Training Calendar CONDOR SECURITY CONDOR SECURITY Level 3 Date: Apr. 30/11 - May 1/11 Time and Cost: 7:00am - 6:00pm | $72.00 The Condor Evolution’s 3rd stage, Level 3, is a physically challenging course based on Ontario Use of Force. Pre-requisites are Level 2, successful completion of an interview, and successful completion of a standard physical screening process. Nir Maman, an expert in use of force, will conduct the course. Date: Jul. 29/11 | Level 2 Date & Time 1: May 19/11 - 8:00am – 5:00pm Date & Time 2: Jul. 7/11 - 8:00am – 5:00pm Cost: $12.00 The 2nd stage in the Condor Evolution, Level 2 will train participants on local laws, acts, and regulations, emergency first response, and effective communications. Certification in Standard First Aid and Level “C” CPR is a pre-requisite. Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm | Cost: $99.00 Condor Security ASP Expandable Baton Basic Course For Level 2 or Level 3 guards only. ASP is an internationally recognized use of force training system which is recognized by the law enforcement community in Ontario. Condor Security Verbal Judo Basic Course Date & Time: May 26/11 - 8:00am – 5:00pm Cost: $36.00 Verbal Judo is an Effective Communications System. This course builds on communication theory and provides a number of practical and engaging drills to gain tactical communication skills used in the law enforcement field. Open to all employees. 8 Toronto EMS Safe City Standard First Aid & Level “C” CPR Date: Jun. 11 &12/11 Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Cost: $60.00 (employee rate) $99.00 (public rate) A highly valuable and Ontario WSIB recognized certification, this is a 2 day course covering medical emergency first response. Content includes adult, child, infant, and 2 person CPR, and a variety of illnesses, diseases, and their treatments. ISO9001:2008


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Industry Article SECURITY PROFESSIONAL “Cut the path, don’t follow it.” Words of wisdom from John Baillargeon, currently a property manager of a high security facility in downtown Toronto. Mr. Baillargeon has been involved in the local security field for over 3 decades. He has borne witness to many changes in private security, including the creation and evolution of various associations, the results of new laws and regulations, and more. Mr. Baillargeon attended the office and was interviewed for the Condor Ascent. The Training Supervisor Rob Bayley, the Project Director Ofer Dayan, and the President and CEO Ben Tabesh all enjoyed the opportunity to “talk shop” with a true security professional. Condor Ascent: What are your thoughts on training for security guards? John Baillargeon: Training should be based on the environment requiring protection. For example, what type of information does a guard need to work at a construction site, or an office environment, a medical facility, or a high security facility. These things need to be defined by the security professional remembering of course, that application dictates countermeasures. Once these environments have been defined then guards should receive training that coincides with the level of responsibility for that environment. Security companies have a variety of environments to consider, including condominiums, schools, factories, facilities, etc. Training for each should all be different and as close to real life as possible. People who learn to shoot by shooting at still targets get really good at shooting still targets, but aren’t that great at firing while chasing a moving target, firing while under stress, or at someone firing back. John Baillargeon, R.P.A., and Condor Security President & C.E.O. Ben Tabesh Condor Ascent: How could the ASIS Physical Security Professional program help persons looking to upgrade their opportunites in the private security field? John Baillargeon: If you really want to pursue a deeper career in physical security, you really need to understand physical security! The PSP program has great information, and if you really set yourself to learning and understanding the material, determining how to use it, finding the practical applications of the theoretical components, and focus on how to apply it as best as possible, you can achieve a knowledge base that is virtually a requirement in the field. To be a security consultant or a systems integration specialist, even to be in security sales, all these positions can benefit from a good foundation in physical security. In Closing Mr. Baillargeon has worked to develop a very strong security program at his facility using his wealth of experience and skills in security, and with the help of a highly motivated security manager, Mahbub Choudhury, P.S.P. and C.P.P. It was great to have a conversation with a professional who truly understands the industry, recognizes it’s strengths and weaknesses, and is very honest about his opinions. Thank you, John. 9 ISO9001:2008


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Condor Watch Reminders Updated Availability Remember to request and send in an Availability Form to the head office if your availability will change in the upcoming months (students - good luck on final exams). Absence Requests Absence requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the first day requested off. All requests are subject to approval by Condor management. Timesheets Reminder to send your timesheets into the office by email, fax, or personal drop off every other Monday by 12:00pm. Late timesheets may result in pay not being processed until the next paycycle. Certifications All employees who have completed Condor Training Courses and have not yet received your hard earned certificates, please schedule a time to attend the office to meet with Condor management. Birthdays On behalf of Condor Security and its entire staff: March: Dmitry L., Hanan M., Yulia P., Graham T., Artur Y., Arkadii Z April: Orlando A., Joseph B., Nicole C., Eric G., Euron J., Jimoh O., Pooley O., Jody P. May: Kevin L., Paul B. Inspiration Maybe it will inspire you, maybe it won’t, but if it will, it served it’s purpose! “Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to.”. ” - Greg Anderson 10 ISO9001:2008


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Condor Book List Employees may order the books below by contacting the office through email. Please inquire for prices. These books are great reading material for anyone wishing to learn more about the security field and personal development. 11 ISO9001:2008


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