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ADVERTISING AGENCY We are a full service agency that understands the value of effective advertising, and the necessity of growing with our industry; to articulate, engage and remain relevent with people, not simply solicit them. We’re in the attention capturing business. It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to compete for the attention of an audience. The way that people are engaging with each other has changed, and obviously the way that we do business must as well. Over the past year our focus has been shifting to look towards and include more innovative, and creative methods to advertise our clients companies. As a result we’ve really pushed the learning curve forward, and increased the span of services that we can offer.


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ELITE SERVICES Graphic Design Branding, logos, websites, stationery, business cards, basically everything you need, we can do. Print We have two commercial printing locations with equipment to produce just about any deliverable. Web & Digital Digital services at our agency surround the creative, strategic and technical development of screen based products. Social Media We offer everything from full management packages to the occasional blog post. You receive well-written content and excellent strategy. Advertising Our directions are realistic, simple and engage people through the mediums that work. We help guide clients and grow their brands in a market that is constantly competing for consumer’s attention. Brand Blox© Use our proprietary software to turn yesterday’s campaign into tomorrow’s and never pay a designer for revisions again! Create, edit and print your branded marketing materials online - web-2-print.


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GRAPHIC DESIGN We consistently keep the word, “effective” in mind during the entire process. Individual tastes are different, and the only mark for good design, is its effectiveness. At the end of it all, we ask, “Does this communicate what we want, to the audience that we need?” • Brand Development • Logo Design • Business Card Design • Brochure Design • Website Design • Custom Graphic Design • and much more!


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PRINT PRODUCTION INEXPENSIVE, TOP QUALITY PRINT Take advantage of our state of the art facility and extensive connections in the print world to get the best rates on print with the highest quality! Whether you need business cards, rack cards or brochures, we have a print solution for your budget. • Business Cards • Rack Cards • Brochures • High-end Business Cards • Flyers • Postcards • and much more! Call today 1-855-354-8355


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WEB & DIGITAL An online presence is a necessity for most companies today. It is one of the first considerations consumers take during their purchase process. We have all looked to the web, and we’ve all been to a poorly designed website that led us to venture somewhere else. Your web presence is the same as the clothes you wear to a meeting or out to dinner on a date; it’s a reflection of your personality. We work with clients to come up with strategies to engage with an audience. Our directions are realistic, simple and engage people through the mediums that work. We help guide clients and grow their brands in a market that is constantly competing for consumer’s attention.


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Nanaimo: 250 591 0175 Vancouver: 604 559 5929 Toll-Free: 1 855 354 8355 info@eliteimage.ca | eliteimage.ca 2030 Boxwood Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 5W7 1734 West 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1K4



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