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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 235 | June 6, 2014 Local councils prepare for climate change Can local shops beat online outlets? How to become an export business WIN! Movie tix: Good Vibrations 12 Years a Slave DVD: the Inner W Distribute est! d in Leichh ardt, Annan Petersham d ale, , Stanmore , Newtown Balmain, D , rummoyn e, Haberfiel Rozelle, Fiv d, e Dock, Co ncord, & Summer Hill is taking o ve r The Business Awards turns 30! Check out who’ll be celebrating!


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Sky Level 6 Westfield Sydney 188 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Rhodes Level 5 Rhodes Shopping Centre 1 Rider Blvde Rhodes NSW 2138 Parramatta Level 4 Westfield Parramatta 159 - 175 Church St Parramatta NSW 2150 Hilltop Shop U7 Castle Towers Castle Hill NSW 2154 Manly Hotel Steyne Upstairs Steyne 75 The Corso Manly NSW 2095 Call 1300 883 892 or visit


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Mad Marissa is now on Facebook, where should local businesses seek help? l A Facebook page has been created for Five WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie bemoans the culture of complaint Australian turkeys indulge in after enthusiastically voting for Christmas. Dear LL – Is it just me or are you left shaking your head at those Howard Battlers, or Abbott’s Army members, or whatever ridiculous moniker the Right’s useful idiots go by nowadays, whining like spied-upon Indonesians when the right-wing government they elected behaves like a right-wing government? We haven’t experienced so much disingenuous outrage from the masses since they arced up over John Howard deregulating the industrial relations system after a lifetime of expressing his burning desire to deregulate the industrial relations system. Alan, Newtown. LL replies: Yep, that’s what used to be the ALP heartland for you, Alan. Vote in the Conservatives in a fit of childish pique and then wail like babies about not being able to afford to go to the doctor/attend university/ get the dole/retire. No doubt we’ll have to endure further bleating when their wages are slashed to the $2 a day level Gina Rinehart advocates, taxation is formally abolished for large corporations and anyone earning a six-figure salary, and mandatory drug testing implemented for anyone who wants to avail themselves of any form of government assistance. I don’t usually mix my poetry with politics but, with apologies to Pastor Niemöller, I’d like to leave you with the following poem expressing my boundless disgust with the bottomless stupidity of the Australian people. First they came for the ratbag uni student/economic migrant boatperson/feminazi Peppa Pig/coddled auto worker/marriage-minded lesbian/povo public school student/corrupt unionist and I did not speak out for I was a mainstream, McMansion-owning Australian. Then they came for the hard-working, God-fearing, Alan Jones-listening, Daily Terror-reading Western Sydney resident – and there was no one left to speak for me. ADVERTISING Sonya Madden Dock icon and local known as ‘Mad Marissa.’ She has been walking around Haberfield and Five Dock for over 20 years, flashing her private parts to bus drivers, talking to anyone who will listen and giving leopard print garments a whole new look. Her Facebook page received over 400 likes in under 24 hours after being created, with locals trying to get a selfie with Marissa in the background. Not sure what this says about social media or the plight of the mentally ill but rest assured Marissa will always be one of Haberfield’s most beloved local celebrities. about joining the Marrickville Chamber of Commerce, which again, is not funded but is otherwise supported by Council. If your business is Enmore or South Newtown but still in the Marrickville part of the LGA you might also want to join Newtown Precinct, which is supported by both Marrickville and City of Sydney Councils. While it is great to have so many business representative organisations to choose from, the organisations themselves do have different priorities, such as lobbying Council, networking or business development. There could be some unnecessary duplication. While some of the organisations are known to favour landlords over businesses, and others to tick Council boxes, the primary focus of all of these business groups should be to develop business in the area. Period. JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong l If you are a business in the Marrickville local government area you could be forgiven for not knowing where to go for help. Your first port of call might the Marrickville Business Association, which is not run by, but supported by Marrickville Council. You might also be thinking WINE Winsor Dobbin history If this doesn’t show the value of local business, nothing will! Francis C McHugh, first-class bootmaker, is pictured here with his wife outside their Darling St store in the early 1900s. Bootmaking and cobbling were essential services in the days before mass-produced footwear and the McHughs became an institution in the Inner West by caring for the ‘soles’ of their clients. Spanning four generations, a move to Leichhardt and more than 100 years, McHugh’s Shoes are still very much alive, with a new CBD location specialising in bespoke shoe design and repairs. ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo n Photo courtesy of Leichhardt Council n Email your dilemma to Things we love: George the barber – and we’re sad to see him go! Old School Barber in Russell Lea has closed its doors after 47 years in business. The barber was the secondoldest business in the Drummoyne area, famed for the fantastic autographed photos and posters that littered the walls. George has decided to enjoy retirement under the Greek sun and will be sorely missed by his customers, many of who have been coming to him for generations. PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Louise Jaques and Nigel Bowen Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Photographer Marie Ramos, celebrates the Local Business Awards’ 30th Anniversary with founder Steve Loe. Photo by Ben Cregan. Yia sou, George! C!ao’s voice In • The lovely staff at T2 Newtown • Treasure hunting during council clean-ups (pickers were having a ball in Haberfield last week) • The lamb shoulder dinner at Georgia’s Kitchen, Marrickville • The Crystal St Salad from Oxford Tavern Out • The rude sales woman at Eternity jewellery shop, Burwood • People crying on reality TV shows (MasterChef we’re looking at you) • The lack of music in the courtyard at The Workers pub, Balmain • Winking at radio hosts • Pipeworks on Curtis Road, Balmain, taking up valuable parking spaces • Leichhardt baristas trying to pass off skim as soy milk (we can tell the difference people!) $25 BOOKINGS RECOMMENDED • Sunday arvo drinks on the Newtown Hotel balcony – it’s got the perfect view of King Street’s hustle and bustle • World Cup screenings returning to Leichhardt C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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leichhardt bowling & recreation club 2014 STATE OF ORIGIN Feel Part of the Action when the Blues take on the Maroons at Brisbane Suncorp Stadium 28 May. WATCH IT ON THE BIG SCREEN AT LEICHHARDT BOWLING CLUB Match Dates: 28 May, 2014 18 JunE, 2014 09 JulY, 2014 Brisbane Suncorp Stadium Sydney ANZ Stadium Brisbane Suncorp Stadium WEEKLY EVENTS @ LBC Mondays Happy Hour 4 - 6pm Tuesdays Ladies bowls at 10.00am Line Dancing with Julie 10.30am Happy Hour 4 - 6pm WednesdayS Mens Triples starting 1pm Happy Hour 4 - 6pm Open Mic Night starting from 7.30pm Thirsty Thursdays Monster Meat Raffles 7pm Major Badge Draw 8pm Fabulous Fridays Twilight Bowls 5pm Monster Meat Raffles 7pm Major Badge Draw 8pm Friday night Football Savvy Saturdays Punters Paradise Mens social Bowls 1:00pm Barefoot Bowls Fun Day Sunday Barefoot Bowls bring the family Fabulous Seafood Raffles 5pm Treasure Chest Drawn 6pm, plus regular entertainment Lions Den Bistro & Restaurant Where you’ll find a large variety of Bistro Style and Thai – Malaysian Food at very Reasonable Prices. Enquiries regarding Special Functions, Christmas parties and Birthdays etc. are welcome. A variety of set menus are available on request… Opening Hours Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm, Wed – Fri. Dinner: 5.00pm – late, Wed – Fri. Sat & Sunday open 12pm till 9pm. 88-92 Piper St Leichhardt Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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Community Life EV E N T S PEC I A L n Nancy Merlo Laura Pausini comes to sydney Laura Pausini first performed in 1993 at the 43rd Sanremo Music Festival at the age of 18 and soon became one of the most popular performers in Europe. Now 20 years, 10 albums and countless awards later, Laura will be coming to Australia for the very first time as part of her latest world tour. Although she has yet to really break into the English language market, many Italians throughout the Inner West will know her music well and this tour just might see her influence spread a little further. Here Ciao chats with Laura to discuss her life, her career and her inspiration… You have performed all over the world, which has been your favourite country to perform in and why? For me as a singer, it’s not really a question of the country but rather the people you meet there, especially those that have changed your life. I have to say that I really loved the audience for my shows in Finland and Argentina, I think how grateful I am to them every single day. How does it feel to finally be coming to perform in Australia for the first time? It is literally a dream come true. Australia is one of the countries I have wanted to visit most for so many years. When I come, I feel I am going to be far more of a tourist than a performer. I cannot wait. What can Australian audiences expect from your concert? This is almost a two-hour show and I am going to be performing all of my greatest hits, from the single that launched my career ‘La solitudine’ to my duet with Kylie Minogue ‘Limpido' from my latest album 20 The Greatest Hits. How has your musical style developed and changed over the years? My music really follows my steps, how I’ve grown and developed as a person. I started when I was 18 and Check out Italian music's best kept secret RANT The problem with showrooming? You, the retailer. Inner West retailers, like their peers throughout Australia and the rest of the world, are struggling to work out what to do about this burgeoning online thing. Frankly, online retail offers better range, lower prices, and in many cases better service and delivery options. Increasingly, customers come to your store and look at products, try them on, ask questions, then go online and buy it for half the price. Or worse, they don’t even come to your store at all. It’s not their fault, it’s yours. If you’re a retailer and you’re not scared you should get scared now! The good news is customers want to buy local. You may have heard of the term SoLoMo, it’s a hot term that’s been thrown around a bit in recent years and refers to the intersection of Social Local Mobile. SoLoMo is an articulation of the problem of customers wanting to find local businesses, when and where they are, via the most meaningful tool they have at their disposal (mobile phone + Google search). The result is search engines cataloguing and aligning results with geographic information about the retailer and the customer. SoLoMo currently falls a bit short of anything meaningful to either party. The silver lining is that you turn this into a huge opportunity by understanding what your customers are really looking for. Don’t think about products to range, think about the customer’s experience online, and borrow the features that can deliver real value in store and add those features. Consider the following to replicate the online experience: • Offer different payment options, including Paypal by mobile. • Consider selling items that are not kept in your store (have them warehoused and shipped from elsewhere). • Offer more flexible delivery options. Not everyone wants to take the items with them then and there. • If you have a website, allow customers to explore products before they come to the store, then extend that experience when they arrive. Address them by name. • Use social media to create a more meaningful experience. Interact with them, and even use it to understand them in order to make more useful product suggestions. The key to retail success is not by competing with online; it’s not an either/or question but by the combination of offline and online in order to deliver value to the customer. So what is value? Value is about helping the customer find that special item they’ve been looking for, by understanding them better than other retailers. Value is about removing the friction of paying, the limitations of delivery and making the decision-making process easier. Value is making the transition between offline and online invisible. Remember, customers are going online because you don’t offer them anything of sufficient value. now I’m 40 so I feel it has changed as much as I have in that time. Where do you get the inspiration for your song lyrics? From my life: my family, my boyfriend and now from my little daughter Paola. I try to celebrate my life through music so I write about my personal experiences and that has grown with my age. After 20 years in the business and working with so many talented people, what do you feel has been one of the biggest highlights of your career? There have been too many amazing things to choose just one. If I had to narrow it down then I’d say when I won Sanremo at 18 or being the first Italian female artist to win a Grammy; those were both pretty incredible. But there are so many more fantastic moments such as performing for the Pope or singing with some of my idols like Pavarotti and Bocelli. I feel I have been blessed with so many amazing memories, it’s hard to single any out. n Laura Pausini plays for one night only on 14 June. For more information Troubadour time Kick it old school at the 36th Runnymede Pop Festival this month and enjoy some mediaeval entertainment from local performers... The Runnymede Pop Festival is Australia's oldest and most famous festival of mediaeval European music, poetry and mime. This year it will be held on Saturday 28th June at 7pm, as well as Sunday 29th June at 3pm in the magnificent Great Hall of The University of Sydney, and is set to feature performances by singer Jessica O'Donoghue (Balmain), multi-instrumentalists Jane Duncan (Stanmore), Cyrus Meurant (Marrickville) and Jessica Lim (Burwood). Plus Erasmus, the much-loved miming fool, and Geoff Sirmai with cheeky poetry readings. Performed in brightly coloured costumes in the neo-Gothic splendour of the banner-decorated Great Hall, you'll feel like you've travelled back in time and be blown away by the authentic music played on exotic instruments from harps to handbells and shawms. Don't miss it, tickets are $36 at the door, or you can pre-book at n For more information call 4751 4910. What’s on n Compiled by Nancy Merlo. Email Sat 8th to Mon 9th June FREE Community are events listings n Words: Mike Biggs, MetaMikeBiggs, Digital Innovation Consultant at ThoughtWork Until Sunday 15th June email info@ y nc Attn: Na Elements at Chrissie Cotter Sunday 11am to 4pm. n Chrissie Cotter Gallery: Pidcock St, Camperdown. Thursday 19th June Rugby Festival Drummoyne Oval will host the U/15 State Rugby Union Championships, the Inaugural Ken Williams Cup, and a Shute Shield match all over one long weekend – and everyone is invited to join the fun! Kicking off on Saturday at 9am with the State U/15 championship round games, followed by the State U/15 championship round games and preliminary finals on Sunday, and finally the State U/15, U16 and U/17 finals on Monday. Entry is free so come along and soak up the sporty atmosphere on 6 the long weekend. n For more information visit Wed 11th & Thur 12th June Miracle Babies Fundraiser To celebrate the launch of Love, Mum – a book celebrating mothers published by Marie Ramos Photography in Leichhardt – celebrity mum, Mary Coustas (who features in the book) will be sharing her inspirational story with an intimate audience over two nights to help raise funds for the Miracle Babies Foundation. The book profiles 25 outstanding local mums and highlights their contributions to the community. “As a mother to a premature baby myself, raising funds for Miracle Babies Foundation is my way of saying thank you,” says Marie Ramos. Miracle Babies Foundation is Australia’s leading organisation supporting premature newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them. So far Marie has raised $6500 for the wonderful charity and hopes to raise more, with your help. Don't miss this special event. Call 9572 7033 for more information. n For more info visit www. Emerging artist Adam Galea's 5th solo exhibition titled 'Elements' is now showing at the Chrissie Cotter gallery. Adam's sculpture The exhibition focuses on small sculptures created mostly from found objects that have been reinterpreted and recycled into quaint manifestations with figurative counterparts. The 'Elements' concept reflects upon how we put ideas, as well as physical objects, together to create a whole, says Adam. The exhibition will run until June 15th, and the gallery is open Thursday to The Balmain Rozelle Chamber of Commerce is hosting a breakfast event with Liz Ellis, small-business owner and former netball champion. Liz will be discussing the importance of resilience in business. The event will be held at the Cat and Fiddle Hotel, 456 Darling Street Balmain, 7am-9am on June 19th. Tickets are $45 for Chamber members and $55 for nonmembers. Hot breakfast included! n To purchase tickets go to www. the ball's in your court See page 8 for more what's on...


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n Local Gigs Thursday 12th June n Local movies Mojo Juju Super sexy sound here. It has a solid blues bass track and vocals, throw in some jazzy trumpets and some rocking guitar tracks and you have a great musician. I definitely recommend checking this out and the Vanguard is the perfect venue for this sound. FREE S TICKET e Win movi passes and DVDs n The Vanguard, $28.80 The evil that men do 12 Years A Slave A muso with classic style Irish punks rule! Friday 13th June Good Vibrations New Empire New Empire's frontman can sing, though I don’t like his voice, but none of the other members do anything really. The bassist seems afraid of touching anything other than his E string and a onehanded child could play those drum beats. I am not impressed. n The Factory Theatre, $23 Friday 13th June Paul Woseen Former bassist for Aussie pub rock band the Screaming Jets has released a solo acoustic album. It doesn’t sound like his old stuff, yet it's not that innovative either. It isn’t bad but you know that I know better. Music, that is. n The Bridge Hotel, $17.85 n Words: Max Kobras Terri Hooley was known as the “Godfather of Irish Punk” and his story is remarkably similar to that of Manchester’s Tony Wilson (24 Hour Party People). Both men were energetic, entrepreneurial and passionate about music – and both reckless, infuriating and crap at business. As played by Richard Dormer Hooley seems genial enough at first, growing up in the '70s with a socialist dad amidst radicals and anarchists. But with The Troubles came violent extremism – “rebellion” no longer meant smoking dope and raving to music – but bombs and violent beatings. Belfast was a horrendously nasty city to live in, yet that did fuel a distinctively edgy punk scene. The unstoppable Hooley pumps all his savings and his foolishly supportive wife’s (Jodie Whittaker) into a record shop and then a dowdy strip club cum rock venue. Later a record label too – convinced that the punks would save the world! Errr... Yes, we now know they didn’t. But it is fun watching one true believer try. MA15+ from June 12. ★ Thanks to Curious Films we have 10 double inseason passes to give away. Details below. The Face Of Love Nikki (Annette Bening) and Garret (Ed Harris) are celebrating a happy 30 years anniversary in Mexico – he’s so happy (actually off his nut on pot and tequila) that he drowns in the surf within the first 10 minutes. Five years on, Nikki, a prosperous LA real estate stylist is still in love and grieving when she spots “Tom” (Harris again), the absolute clone of her dead husband. And then? Does this get creepy? Not really, though the two love-birds do look absolutely fabulous. Are all 60-year olds this well-preserved? Sexy, actually… Hang on, that is creepy! CTC from June 12. Brad Pitt turns up late in Steve McQueen’s wildly acclaimed, Oscar-winning drama, just in time to “do good”. Well, he’s one of the producers, so we can’t blame him picking a heroic role. Of far more note are Chiwetel Ejiofor as the falsely enslaved Solomon Northup, who endured twelve years of torture and enslavement (and this is a true story) in Southern plantations after being drugged and tricked. Also hot rising star Michael Fassbender as one of the cotton farmers – his performance alone makes the smirking jokiness of Django Unchained look shamefully misjudged. This, we instinctively feel, was the brutal reality of the slave system in all its complexity and horror – people on both sides were dammed. It's an amazingly powerful film – don’t be put off by the harsh subject matter or think its “worthiness” might be all too much. For once the admirable intentions of everyone involved have produced a beautifully controlled and truly inspiring film. MA15+available now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital. ★ Thanks to Icon Home Entertinment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below. Film Festival TOP PICKS Do the dead return? hair we go The biggest event of its kind, Hair Expo Australia will be bringing the Southern Hemisphere’s hairdressing community together this long weekend! Showcasing the best that the industry has to offer, from street trends to hair couture, this event offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience big brands, big talent and big hair. For anyone working in the hairdressing industry, this is an event you cannot miss for the chance to network with those at the top of their field and help your personal career growth. For those who just love to stay ahead of the latest trends, Hair Expo Australia promises to be a fantastic weekend of show-stopping live performances, culminating with the Scwarzkopf Professional Gala awards event, where hair fashion takes to the runway. This year the event will be held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre on Glebe Island. There will be complimentary buses and ferries running every day to and from the venue. Flower power Watch out for Frank on general release - June 19th Hidden Film Festival gems ★ Frank – Michael Fassbender fans won’t see much of him behind that bizarre mask, but everyone will love this dark and painfully honest parody of indie progressive rock. ★ Boyhood – Filmed over 12 years, Richard Linklater follows the fortunes of a 7 year-old boy as he grows into a young man. Fantastic, and he turns out ok... Who wouldn’t with Ethan Hawke as dad? ★ Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter – A dose of real SFF weirdness... Based on a true story, a disturbed Japanese girl (Rinko Kikuchi) searches for the stolen money buried in the snow at the end of Fargo. ★ Eastern Boys – There are more questions than answers in this tough, deeply disturbing film about gay sex and illegal immigration in well-heeled Paris. n Sydney Film Festival – June 4-15. Reviews – Russell Edwards n For more information or to book your tickets, visit The Month of June RSL fun There's plenty happening at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL this month, starting with World Cup celebrations on Friday 13th June. Be at the main bar from 7pm for a special launch event with free live entertainment from Mesa Groove at 10pm. Later in the month on Saturday 21st June, one Australia's most successful 80s bands, the Eurogliders, will be performing – featuring Grace Knight on vocals and Bernie Lynch on guitar/vocals. Tickets are $32 and available by calling 95590000. June and July n For more information visit creative types that call the Inner West home, Marrickville Council has decided to host free workshops for artists focusing on legal and practical advice. “It’s hard enough for many artists to earn a living from their work without also grappling with the sometimes esoteric and complicated legalities,” said Mayor Jo Haylen. “This is one way Council can show its commitment to supporting local arts and culture...” The program covers the following topics: artist contracts (June 10, 6pm), art as business (June 17, 6pm), setting up an artist-run initiative (July 1, 6pm), creating and commissioning street art (July 8, 6pm) and musicians and the law (July 15, 6pm). Bookings are essential at Ground Floor, 2-14 Fisher St, Petersham. n Where: Marrickville Council, film festival is part of the annual Footprints Eco Fest in Whites Creek Valley Park. Finalists of the film festival will have their films screened in a bicycle-powered cinema on the day of the event, and winners will receive a share in the $5000 worth of fantastic prizes!Films can be up to seven minutes in length and must be submitted by Friday 1 August. n For more information and submission details visit www. Get your camcorder ready! Until Friday 1st August Call for entries Artist rights talks Considering the huge number of 8 Local budding filmmakers are being called to create their own short film to submit in this year's Footprints Film Festival, which will be held on Sunday 24th August. All films must have an environmental focus as the WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDs To be in the running to win a double in-season pass to Good Vibrations or a DVD of 12 Years A Slave email us at telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter both in one email, but give us a preference – and (this is important!) your postal address. We can't mail if you don't tell us.


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*Terms & Conditions: Any Scheduled Manufacturers Service spend of $350+ or minimum spend for all other services (excluding parts) of $500+ in our service department will entitle the customer to one (1) voucher for $50 RRP worth of any in-stock genuine apparel of their choice. Service appointments must be booked between start of business 1st June, 2014 and close of business 30th June, 2014. Any bookings made before or after this period are not eligible. All services are to be completed by 7th July, 2014 unless otherwise arranged by the service location.


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n Your say Do you prefer to do your shopping online or locally? for convenience and because I don't often get to the shop after work.” Bruno, Leichhardt. n “I like to support my local IGA, but when it comes to clothes or books online usually has the best deals.” Aaron, Wareemba. n “I like shopping online Risky Business The climate may or may not change. It might change tomorrow or it might change in millions of years. It might change a little or a lot. The change (if any) can be measured and is known as climate risk. n Sustainability n Local news The Marrickville area is as diverse as it is colourful xx x have an online site too – it's the way of the future I think!” Stef, Haberfield. food, which I like to see before I buy, and clothing, which I want to try on. I can't get into online shopping.” Bernie, Ashfield. n “Depends what I'm buying. I love markets shopping, they usually have great organic fruit and veg. Of course, the range is less but at least it's fresh and seasonal.” Holly, Newtown. n “As someone who owns a small business, I try to support the other ones around me too. We need to keep the high streets alive.” Marisa, Haberfield. n “I always buy locally – both n “It's great when local shops Once political bias is taken out of climate change and statisticians crunch the numbers on climate risk, businesses and governments can build climate risk into their organisation's modelling. Speak out Canada Bay's Mayor takes action against climate change xx x The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), founded by the United Nations Environment Program and the World Meteorological Organisation, measures and observes changes in temperature and extreme weather phenomena. The IPCC found that Australian councils are being challenged by the absence of a consistent information base and guidelines that “clarify governing principles and liabilities.” They also found that there is a “weakness” in translating goals into specific policies. The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) is encouraging councils to adopt its recently released 'Climate Adaption Manual for Local Government: Embedding resilience to climate change,' to overcome the challenges associated with climate risk at a local government level. Leading the charge is Canada Bay Council and its environmental pioneer Mayor Angelo Tsirekas. The council played an important part in developing the manual and provided a full case study for “Embedding Climate Change Resilience into Asset Management.” Their Climate Resilience Assessment Tool is being used as an example for other councils to copy. Critical assets across the LGA were identified and their design, structure, landscape and maintenance was assessed against the potential impact of climate risks such as mean temperature change, extreme heat, wind, hail and bush fires. There are currently eight days in summer that exceed 35 degrees and this is projected to be closer to 19 days in 2030 and 26 days in 2070. Council’s own administration building was calculated to have a resilience rating of 11.4, which means it has a low level of resilience to climate change impacts. If anyone has been into the administration building on Marlborough St Drummoyne, they’ll know it is an iconic modern building, but come 2070, may be starting to show its age. What is significant is that Canada Bay Council has started to look into the future and regardless of the carbon tax debate, has accepted there is climate risk and is starting to build it into their asset management. They are doing it so well that they are being used as an exemplary council, for the rest of Australia to follow. All this from a council that has one sitting Greens councillor. It just goes to show that climate change has moved on from being a political issue and is clearly now an organisational and business issue. n Words: Naveen Gupta Marrickville’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning communities have been invited to share their stories at the third annual LGBTIQ Forum on Wednesday 11th June. Long time gay activist Julie McCrossin will be leading the interactive panel discussion, which is set to cover topics such as LGBTIQ inclusive children’s literature and building safe, inclusive, creative spaces for the LGBTIQ community. The Mayor of Marrickville, Jo Haylen, encouraged residents to come along and “take a hands-on approach to making our society a better, stronger and more inclusive place to live and work.” The forum will run from 5pm to 8pm at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (1 Bedford St, Newtown). n RSVP essential by calling 9335 2143. Can xx xyou keep up with the Inner West's fittest runners? On your marks, get set, register! Registrations for the Inner West’s favourite fun run are now open. The annual Bay Run will be held on Sunday 3rd August and the day's events will include the men and women’s 7km run or walk, as well as the Fastest Dog in the Inner West and the 2km Primary School Challenge. Each year the day attracts almost 3000 runners and walkers, and once again CanTeen is The Bay Run’s fundraising partner this year, with proceeds from the day going to young people affected by cancer. n If you'd like to join The Bay Run 2014 go to: Where xx x do you buy apples? Don't frack with our water Want to join the movement to protect our land, water and future against coal seam gas fracking? Then don't miss this documentary screening and forum discussion in Leichhardt... It's been reported that 90 percent of Sydney's drinking water catchment is currently under coal seam gas exploration licences, and 3 billion litres are lost each year from damage by longwall coal mines – it's hard to believe and the numbers are concerning, but what's more worrying is the plans to expand. People are starting to wondering whether their water supply is safe and Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle are asking who will help stop this reckless destruction of our city’s water supply? Joining forces with Our Land Our Water Our Future, CCBR are presenting a free screening of the 'Fractured Country' documentary for those who want to learn more about the issue, to be followed by a public forum featuring local MCs Rachel Ward and Jonathan Biggins, and special guests from the Bentley Blockade, Jarmbi (Githabul Ngarakwal) and Simon Clough. Sleepout With over 105,000 people experiencing homelessness every night across Australia, cold winter nights make their struggle that much harder. To show his dedication to eradicating homelessness in Australia, Gallop Solutions CEO Daniel Davis is one of hundreds of CEOS participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleep Out. Frack that for a game of soldiers Come along and hear how people power defeated the mining in the Northern Rivers while sampling some of the CCBR's lowcarbon winter recipes from 6pm at Leichhardt Town Hall on Thursday 12th June. Entry by donation. n For more information visit “I feel eternally fortunate to have a stable and loving family and a comfortable home,” Daniel said. “Unfortunately, too many Australians aren’t so lucky.” Daniel will be sleeping rough on June 19th to show his passion for the cause. n You can support Daniel at ceos/nsw-ceos/daniel-davis 5 minutes with Marie Ramos Talented Leichhardt baby photographer, Marie Ramos, is nominated yet again for a Local Business Award. After winning the award for Best Specialised Business in 2010, she hopes 2014 will be another lucky year... “I feel so proud and honoured to be a finalist, as a small business it’s great to be recognised in this special way,” Marie said of her nomination, adding that she would like to thank the wonderfully loyal customers that have supported her over the past 7 years as well as her staff. “To Alexis, Vivian, Ella and Marilena, thank you for all your hard work and dedication, you are the heart of the business and I am truly blessed to work with you all everyday. I would like especially to thank Alexis Simon our studio manager who will be going on maternity leave in August, we will miss you so very much!” she said. Aside from the friendly staff and exceptional service offered to each and every customer however, it’s the studio’s Baby Imprint products that sets it apart from its competitors. The studio is the only business that create these unique keepsakes, which combine stunning newborn photography and handmade ceramic tiles of baby hands and feet. n For more information visit or call 9572 7033. 10


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FOOD EMPORIUM EST 1962 LITTLE ITALY LANDS IN MARRICKVILLE Paesanella Cheese have just opened an exciting new retail outlet in the heart of the inner west. The new deli offers a wide selection of the finest produce from Australia and around the world. Specialising in cheeses and an extensive deli range. The store offers a variety of organic & gluten free produce, a diverse lunch menu and catering for your event. 150-152 Marrickvile Road, Marrickville Monday-Saturday: 8am-5pm Sunday: 7am-2pm Ph (02) 9519 6181


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in the kitchen Breakfast dhal Ingredients: 1 ½ cups of dried lentils 2 tbs vegetable oil or ghee 1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed 1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, microplaned 1 brown onion, peeled and diced 1/2 tsp ground tumeric After all of my feasting while travelling through the USA, it became abundantly clear that my body needed a break when I simply couldn’t look at another piece of Canadian bacon or plate of creamy scrambled eggs. A savoury breakfast needn’t consist of eggs or meat for it to be nourishing and warming in the cooler months, we just need to look elsewhere for inspiration. By way of my good friend, food writer and journalist Helen Greenwood, this breakfast dhal is inspired by the one and only Charmaine Solomon – a woman whose recipes are a gift to any household who loves Asian food and best of all, it highlights how enjoyable simple food can be. Prepare the night before for a foolproof on-the-go breaky. Wine with Winsor n French treat Grand Sud 2012 Merlot A French wine in a one-litre bottle for a bargain basement price rang alarm bells for me but this merlot from the Pay d’Oc region is a nice surprise; a fleshy and very drinkable red, supple and uncomplicated with dark cherry flavours. It is streets ahead of many Australian wines made from the same variety. Grand Sud wines are available at Chambers Cellars and Porters Liquor outlets and are perfect for pouring into a carafe, pairing with rustic dishes and enjoying with friends. $12. To serve: ½ tin of crushed tomatoes 1 tsp garam masala Salt and white pepper to taste Cooked brown rice Unsweetened Greek yoghurt Fresh coriander, finely chopped cups of hot water, bringing the mixture to the boil and then turning the temperature down to a low simmer. 4. Check the lentils for moisture and add a little more water if the mixture becomes dry. 5. Season with salt and pepper as the lentils become soft. 6. Serve with brown rice, a dollop of unsweetened Greek yoghurt and some finely chopped fresh coriander. Hunter winner McWilliam’s Mount Pleasant 2007 Elizabeth Semillon Hunter Valley semillon is a wine style with a split personality; unoaked, fresh, crisp and refreshing in its youth and soft, honeyed and slightly toasty as it gets older. This is an aged release from one of the best semillon producers, re-launched at seven years of age. From a very good vintage, it has gorgeous green aromas leading to a citrusy palate with some fleshiness, still with bright acid, and a certain richness. A delightful companion for richer poultry dishes. $22-24. Method: 1. Wash lentils in plenty of water and soak them for 10-15 minutes, drain. 2. In a hot pan, add the vegetable oil or ghee and then the onions, garlic, ginger and stir fry until golden. Add the tumeric and garam masala to combine and then the lentils, stirring for a minute or two until everything is coated. 3. Add the half tin of crushed tomatoes along with one to two xx x Beans for breakfast n Recipe: Melissa Leong,  Barossa beauty Teusner 2013 The Riebke Shiraz Balanced Barossa reds that let the fruit do the talking and weigh in at under $20 are not always easy to find, but this new release is a ripper. Made from fruit grown by the Riebke brothers at Ebenezer, this is unmistakeably Barossan – full of serious dark fruit flavours and spicy notes with oak taking a back seat. Soft and mouth filling with real generosity on the palate, this is a terrific winter warmer and would be great with casseroles and pot pies. $20. n Fruit: sweet Queensland strawberries are still a great buy for as low as $3 a punnet and Pink Lady apples too for $2-6/kg. However, the big special at Trim’s Fresh this week is Imperial Mandarins for $1.99/kg. n Vegetables: Great buys at the moment include eggplants at $2-4/kg and beans for $3-6/kg. n Trim’s Fresh: Shop 21b Leichhardt Marketplace, Cnr Marion &, Flood St. T. 9572 6886. Eat your greens! At the markets At home with... Liz and Tim The Cook’s Grocer is the latest foodie hot spot to open in Rozelle. Here we chat to founders Liz Master and Tim Ryder about the concept behind the store… Tell us a bit about The Cook’s Grocer concept? We are a new retail and online dinner service with a difference; our customers shop by recipe for ready-to-cook 30-minute meals. We source the finest possible ingredients and pre-portion them into the exact quantities needed. This both saves time and ensures there is no waste. Our aim is to inspire people to cook great food at home more often by taking care of the shopping, meal planning and ingredients for them. Each month we work with chefs, foodies and our suppliers to develop seasonally inspired recipes that are simple, healthy and delicious. What inspired you to start the business? I’ve always been into food and it’s always been something I have wanted to do. After working late nights for the last 14 years I saw there was a need to help busy/ time poor people to cook at home. There are a million fast food and pre-made dinner options but nothing for people who still wanted to cook. What are you trying to achieve by saving people time in the kitchen? We want to make it easier to cook and get people excited about their ingredients. Our focus is on quality ingredients and a convenient product that gives people a fun and inspiring experience that teaches them a few new tips and tricks along the way. Since we portion everything, we can give people the best possible ingredients because they are only paying for what they need. What’s the food philosophy behind your menus? Seasonal, healthy and delicious. We don’t have a cuisine style. In fact, we want to be quite the opposite and get people to cook cuisine from all around the world. We want to work with chefs and home cooks to tell the story of their food and make it convenient for people to cook themselves. That’s our philosophy. If anyone who reads this has such a story then please email me: If you could invite anyone over for dinner at your place, who would you invite? I’ll be good and start by saying my parents, but being from New Zealand I’d also have to invite Richie McCaw (All Black captain) too just to hear some stories and talk about the World Cup next year. From a food point of view I’d have to be a bit obvious and say Jamie Oliver. Considering what we do and his experience, it would be like talking to Steve Jobs about computers. Jared Ingersoll on GM foods A few months ago I wrote about Steve Marsh, a WA farmer who was suing his neighbor for GM contamination of his organic canola. The case was important for raising the question: ‘Shouldn’t every farmer be able to work their land to supply the markets that they believe to be in the best interest of their own livelihood?’ No laws were broken, both farmers were within their rights to grow whatever they wanted to grow, including in the neighbour’s case, GM canola. GM food brings up loads of highly emotive arguments and there are valid points on both sides, but in this case the High Court ruled in favor of the neighbour, even though there was arguably little done to stop contamination. xx xGet a home-cooked meal from Liz Pancetta, zucchini and ricotta rigatoni Ingredients: Pancetta, zucchini, garlic, ricotta (we use Paesanella), rigatoni, mint, lemon zest, grated parmesan, salt and pepper. Method: 1. Put your pasta on to boil with a pinch of salt. 2. Sauté pancetta until crispy then remove from pan. 3. Sauté zucchini and garlic until soft, then set aside with your pancetta. 4. Once cooked to al dente, drain your pasta and put in serving bowl. Stir through the pancetta and zucchini mix. 5. Crumble ricotta over the dish and sprinkle with mint, lemon zest, parmesan and pepper to taste. n An article on the ACLA website proved very insightful in relation to the finding, saying: “If you are operating or looking to invest in an operation that farms GM crops, or is proposing to undertake an activity that might adversely affect a neighbour, it is worth ensuring that the operation has measures in place to ensure that any risks to neighbours are appropriately identified, managed and addressed.” I asked a friend if I’m unreasonable to think that it’s annoying to constantly have to safeguard against these technologies. She responded: “GM dumbs the complexity of the world down. It says it’s OK to have corn as long as it suits a particular notion of the ‘perfect’ corn – resilient against disease, changing climactic conditions, attractive to look at in a standardised way. It is the first step towards mechanising nature and has no soul to it. Without soul, the world becomes a place where people don’t make choices about what they eat because they don’t think about it, they become more remote from their food system. And when that happens you become remote from your environment and forget about the impact our footprint makes on the world. How many people care about where the plastic thingy you put your food into at the supermarket? It’s taken for granted. Food is going the same way and then the environment is going to go the same way, and because they forget how to think for themselves and question their surroundings, people will go the same way too.” Could not have said it better myself! xx x Rozelle’s latest foodie haunt 12


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value LO L BUSIN CA S ES 2014 AW ARDS INNER WEST 30th ANNIVERSARY MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Navel oranges Avocados $9.99kg Soccer Ball ham 99cents a kilo 99cents each Gnocchi 500gm Prosciutto Serrano 3 for $5 English spinach $28.99kg 99cents a bunch Santa Vittoria Sparkling water 6 PACK 750ml $5.99 $10.99 Masadam Cheese kg 500gm $5.99 *Specials until Wednesday 11th of June Yummy almonds


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n The inner west local business awards 2014 Let the battle begin! LO L BUSIN CA S ES 2014 The Inner West Local Business Awards finalists have been shining during the judging process, but only time will tell who comes out on top. This issue Ciao takes a closer look at some of the nominees. The judging process itself is undertaken anonymously, which ensures that the judges receive an experience true to what the average customer would come to expect from the business. So far the quality of the teams behind the well-known businesses has shone through wonderfully and the service experiences provided during the judging period has shown that the principles of good old-fashioned service is still alive and well in the community. Of course, the area’s colourful characters have come to the fore too, with plenty of business people proving that Inner Westies are willing to go the extra mile for their customer’s satisfaction. Finalist businesses are encouraged to take the opportunity over the next week to submit additional information detailing background information of the business; information which might not be gleaned from a physical visit. This includes business history, philosophy, staff training and efforts toward sustainability. Customer testimonials and feedback is also valued highly by the judges. This year’s presentation evening will be a night to remember, with the anticipation building for the announcement of the category winners. Channel Nine’s Paul Hancock will MC the event, which is set to include live entertainment by legendary female performers the ‘Damn Good Divas.’ n Tickets to the presentation evening are strictly limited and usually sell out quickly so call 8577 5060 to book your table or visit AW ARDS Clem’s chicken Family owned and operated since 1982, we thank our customers for all your support. 210 King Street Newtown. T: 9519 6000 W: INNER WEST 30th ANNIVERSARY Clem’s Chicken Newtown’s favourite chicken Clem’s Chicken have been family operated for 33 years and are over the moon to be nominated by their customers yet again for an Inner West Local Business Award. Located amidst the hustle and bustle of King Street, Newtown, one of Sydney’s most fashionable and energetic precincts, is Clem’s Chicken, which has been a treasure of the local community for decades. Popular for their mouth-watering fried chicken, as well as a scrumptious roast chicken and veg dinner, Peter of Clem’s Chicken says she adores the fast-paced nature of King Street. “We’ve seen many restaurants come and go over the past 33 years,” he said. “It makes Newtown such an interesting place!” Clem’s Chicken have been nominated in this category multiple times, and are proud to be nominated again. Peter thanked his customers for this recognition. “We feel very much a part of the community here in Newtown, and we love the interaction we have with our customers.” n Clem’s: 201 King St, Newtown. T. 9519 6000 And the finalists are... Automotive Services Leichhardt Automotive Specialists, Eurohaus Prestige, Albion Automotive Repairs, Balmain Mechanical Repairs, Jay Lee Motors, John Novak Automotive Repairs and Servicing Bakery/Cake Shop Mezzapica Cakes, Italfornaio, Bakersville, Babycakes By Renee - Norton Plaza, Pasticceria Cavallaro - Norton Plaza, Pasticceria Tamborrino, Breadtop Burwood, Pasticceria Papa, Hello Happy Cafe LO L BUSIN CA S ES 2014 AW 14 ARDS INNER WEST 30th ANNIVERSARY


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balmain mechanical repairs LO L BUSIN CA 2014 AW ARDS INNER WEST 30th ANNIVERSARY Balmain’s best mechanic Your friendly neighbourhood motor mechanics. Balmain Mechanical Repairs is proud to be part of the local culture in Balmain. At the risk of sounding corny, we consider that many of our customers are more like friends. That’s important to us – they know we’re always ready to offer a smile as well as helpful advice, reliable service and absolutely fair prices. S ES Thankyou for your support. Balmain Mechanical Repairs, famous within the community for being one of the last “true, local garages” in this area, has been an Inner West favourite since opening its doors back in 2007. After winning the local business award in their category last year, owners Ian and John are excited for another shot at the title. Here Ciao chats with Ian about how to best care for your car. A proud moment: John, Jody and Ian from Balmain Mechanical Repairs after winning the trophy last year What was the best thing about winning this award last year? The best thing about winning the award last year was the confirmation of what we quietly thought, that through hard work and experience, myself and John run a business that is so well received by our customers and the community that we deserved, in their eyes at least, the local business award. It truly was, and still is, a humbling experience for our whole team. What is your favourite part of the job? Both John and myself enjoy our work every day. We have been lucky enough to be able to design a workshop that creates a light, bright and friendly work environment that is a pleasurable place for our team, our customers and ourselves. We also both take great pleasure in the trust our customers give to us, which can only be gained over time. After 32 Years on the Balmain peninsula it’s a unique feeling to be fixing our original customers children’s cars and being introduced to their grandchildren. I don’t think there are too many business owners that can enjoy these kinds of achievements. What is the best advice you can give a car owner about keeping good care of their vehicle? The weekly checks of ‘Oil, Water and Tyres’ are probably the key golden rules for good car maintenance. When I started in the trade 38 years ago this was a practice only provided by service stations with driveway service supervised by attendants. Through time the service stations have evolved into what they are today; one person manning the console with no knowledge of cars or the maintenance of them. We at Balmain Mechanical Repairs understand this and offer the so-called “driveway service” to our customers, which is well sought after within our local community, and that is definitely the first step to ensuring the working quality of your vehicle. n Balmain Mechanical Repairs: 29 Crescent Street, Rozelle. T. 9810 2611. 29 Crescent St. Rozelle, NSW 2039 L BUSIN CA 9810 2611 2014 AW ARDS EXPERT PLUMBING Expert Plumbing Services S ES LO INNER WEST 30th ANNIVERSARY Expert Plumbing Services would like to thank all of our customers for voting for us this year and making us a finalist in the local business awards. We are so excited to be in the running and we hope that we can be the winners three years in a row! For all your plumbing needs, leave it to the experts! Expert Plumbing Services are thrilled to be nominated again in the Inner West Business Awards. Operated by the Brock family since 1969, we chat to manager James Brock about the company’s hopes to bring home another business award trophy... After five nominations in the category, Expert Services Plumbing took home a win in last year’s Inner West Business Award Service & Trade Category. They are hopeful that in 2014 they can ‘take the plunge’ and add another trophy to the cabinet! With 45 years of experience underneath their utility belts, the family-run business is proud to provide quality service to their customers in the Inner West, year after year. James Brock, grandson of the founders Ernest and Ingrid Brock, says that it is a great privilege to be nominated again. “We know at Expert Plumbing Services that if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will,” he said. “We love providing quality and affordable services to all of our fantastic customers in the Inner West. It really is a terrific place to live and work.” Founded in 1969, the Concord West business is committed to upholding the highest standards in workmanship and service, a testament to their longevity and loyal customer base. A provider of superior maintenance plumbing in residential, strata, commercial and industrial sectors, Expert Plumbing Services has grown to a large business that does work all over Sydney. James is very proud of the reputation that Expert Plumbing Services enjoy in the local community. He attributes services such as their guarantee no-call out fee and pledge to fix the job “first time, every time” to the trustworthy relationship they have built with customers. It is these additional features, often not offered by competitors, that make Expert Plumbing Services unique amongst trade businesses in the Inner West. The team at Expert Plumbing Services wishes to sincerely thank their customers for their support and the votes that secured their latest nomination. When asked for a final word in our interview, James only added, “remember, leave plumbing to the Experts!” 15 EXPERT PLUMBING 325 Concord Road, Concord West T: 9743 2712. W:



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