Mike Davis solved his Financial Crisis problems


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STORY 2. GREEK ORANGE GROUP ''Mike Davis solved his Financial Crisis problems'' It was a day like all the other days in New Work, when suddenly Mike Davis, a twenty seven year old man lost his job. Well, he tried hard to find another one but it was really difficult. Mike was very lucky cause he finally found a new job but the payment was very low. So he quit. After a month, the crisis has started to become so oppressive that lots of people lost their jobs, just like Mike. Two weeks later Mike decided to sell his car (it was too old anyway) so he could get some money, but no one wanted to buy it either because they didn't have money or because they didn't need it. Mike then decided to give it to the junk yard. In this way he got some money but still it wasn't enough. It was a month's rent. Mike Davis knew that he only had one month to do his best... STORY 2. 1º A ORANGE GROUP. PART 2


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It was Christmas time and Mike Davis decided to spend some of the money he got from selling his car to the junk yard on a lottery ticket. He didn’t tell anyone in the family about it because he was a bit ashamed. He could have bought some small presents for his children and his wife but instead he bought the ticket. He didn’t want his family to think he was a fool for t hinking that he might win the lottery. He could buy good presents for them when he got the money from the lottery, he thought. Things had been so bad for all of them lately that they needed a break and he had a good feeling about that ticket. On the other hand, he was very afraid because he had never won anything in his life, not even at the ruffles they used to have at school when he was little. But this year it had to be different, he knew it. Mike was at home with his family watching TV when he switched on to the lottery program. The children complained because they were watching their favourite cartoons. Mike told them it would be just a minute. “And the wining number of the lottery tonight is 52283” said the TV presenter. Mike jumped up from the couch giving everyone a big scare. “That’s my number! That’s my number!” he screamed. “I’m the winner! I’m the winner! He shouted jumping up and down. “All our problems are over!” he shouted. His wife and children were looking at him not knowing what was going on. Mike tried to calm down and explained to his family as best as he could that they had won the lottery. Everyone was happy and they cried for happiness. In the morning he wore his best clothes and went to the lottery shop to claim his prize. He couldn’t hide how happy he was and smiled at everyone he found on his way there. When he arrived at the shop he put his hand in his pocket to take out the ticket but he couldn’t find it. He got really nervous. “I must have left it at home” he thought and ran back to his house as fast as he could. He looked all over the place but he couldn’t find it, he didn't remember where he had put the ticket.


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PART 3 GREEK GROUP : Suddenly he burst out, ‘Thanks for bringing me back into my initial miserable position. I am just a poor character in short story. Don’t you want to help me a little bit? Can’t you be more compassionate with your own creature? What did I do to deserve this? If you wanted me poor and miserable why did you make me win that lottery? Why did you make me have hopes for the future? What am I to you? There is nothing left for me to do now. Oh my God, or better say, oh my Writer! You’d better answer back to me right now or I’ll think that you are the most heartless creator in the world.’ - One of the writers: Your luck depends on many writers and would you be satisfied to know that your ticket has been eaten by your neighbour’s dog or that it fell off your pocket while crossing the park on your way to the lottery store and that it was found by the keeper of the garden whose only son died in an accident last night and he doesn’t really need it. Or may be an angel-if you believe in their existence- took it away from you so that you won’t be spoiled. - Mike: The neighbour’s dog! A gardener! An angel! I’ll take them all to the European Court! I cannot understand... I am helpless...Help! - One of the writers (the same as before): There is no need to be so desperate. You are a healthy man, you have a healthy family, you have your brains, your hands. Sit down and relax. This is your life. Try to organize everything from the beginning, think. Don’t rely on your good luck. This may never come. Walk around, ask people, try to offer something. Help others. Offer yourself and the opportunities will come. Be useful and you will discover a new world. Stop complaining and do something. - Mike: You are making it hard for me but you are right. I forgot how important it is to be alive and healthy and make a fresh start. Until I find a job I will volunteer to help whoever in need I know. - You will be fortunate if you can help others. Mike stood up. He wanted to talk with his family and he had so many other things to do... THE END


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