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STORY 2. GREEK GREEN GROUP. BEGINNING In the middle of 2013 there is Jason, who lives in England with his family. He has three children and his wife has just died in a car accident. After this terrible situation Jason moved to Greece in order to live together with his parents too. The things were great but the financial crisis hit his family too. He couldn’t do many things about his three children to make them happy. He had many difficulties. He was always late to his work because he had to do a lot of housework. In addition he didn’t have enough money for bills, tuitions even food. Well, he decided that some different things were about to happen. His 17-year old son, John, has to work. John didn’t say no, he understood the difficulties, so he started searching. They figured out that if they stick together and work, they will survive. John worked as a waiter. His job required long hours of hard work. At the end of the day he was exhausted but he managed to find out time to study. He tried very hard to help his family, to encourage his father , so as his family can live decently. He was the hope in his father’s life. But..


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STORY 2. 1º A GREEN GROUP. PART 2 One day, despite his hard work at the restaurant, his boss told him he had to employ a nephew who was having financial problems and had to let him go. John was devastated because his dad would be very sad. John didn’t tell Jason about losing his job and left everyday as he was going to work and spent all day looking for a new job. John knew of a position as a waiter in a Bingo place through one of his friends and he applied for the job. Luckily his experience at the restaurant and his good references got him the job. John was happy he got the job but he wasn’t satisfied because although a lot of people went through the Bingo place every day his boss didn’t pay him well. They were having many problems at home to pay for all the expenses. Sometimes they didn’t have enough money to buy food and his younger brother and sister couldn’t eat all the things they needed to grow up healthy like milk, fish and meat. He felt really bad that there was so much money in the cash register everyday and that he was paid so little. In order to pay fewer taxes on the money he earned everyday John’s boss didn’t take all the money to the bank. Instead he kept some of the money he made in a special box. John knew about the box because his boss told him to keep part of the money there. One day, as he opened the box to put away some money, he decided to put a 50€ bill in his own pocket. He thought his boss wouldn’t notice it because it wasn’t very much. After his shift ended he ran to the supermarket to buy some food for his family. That night they would eat a proper dinner. He did this at least once a week for a while thinking all the time that his boss hadn’t noticed that some of his money was being stolen. John was wrong. His boss knew that someone was taking his money but he didn’t know who was doing it so he set up a surveillance camera to find out. A few days later as John was putting some money away in his pocket his boss caught him. PART 3 GREEK GROUP


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Now John had to pay for his irresponsibility and lack of thoughtfulness. His boss didn’t go to the police because he didn’t wish to destroy John by discrediting him. He mostly thought about his family and how on earth they would survive if John had to go to prison. Naturally he decided to fire him as he didn’t trust him any more. In the next few months John had not only to live in poverty but to live a remorseful life as well. He could realize that what happened was his own fault and that he should have been more patient instead of having taken the money. If his boss hadn’t been so kind –and this was something that John didn’t expect from his boss- he himself would have been to prison. But what stroke him mostly was the understanding that a wrong decision can ruin your life and that you should take your life seriously and not put it in risk. In a moment of wisdom John decided to give the stolen money back to his boss no mater what. He started from the beginning washing dishes in a small restaurant and a few months later he had the money needed to pay a visit to his ex-boss. ‘Hello Mr Dimitriou’ he said, ‘I know that you are not glad to see me but I want to thank you for your discretion once more and in this way giving me a second chance in life. Here is your money. Please take it. This will make me feel much better.’ His boss was astonished. He never expected that and now he was quite moved. He realized that John wasn’t a thief in his heart. The two men stood there for a few minutes without talking. ‘OK’ said Mr Dimitriou finally. ‘I will keep half of this money and you can spend the rest for your family… Oh..and something can have your job back…if


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you still want it. I can try to be a better employer this time. What do you think?’ John started crying but these were tears of gratitude and joy. He will feel an honest man again. ‘Yes..Yes.. Mr Dimitriou’ said John. John worked for Mr Dimitriou again and this time the business became very profitable because of the industriousness of the two men. A few years later they became partners. Very good partners indeed because their partnership was based on kindness, compassion and the mutual interest on the welfare of their business and what we think is that all partnerships should be like theirs. THE END



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