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1º A. BLUE GROUP. PART 2. I phoned her. She answered with her beautiful voice. “Yes? This is Arianna’s residence.” My heart started to beat quickly. “Can you meet me at the park? I have to tell you something” I s aid. I left my house and I started to run. Tears were rolling down my face when I saw her sitting on a park bench. She immediately stood up from the bench and walked towards me. “What happened? Are you OK?” she asked me sadly. A thief broke into my house and robbed everything. My house is empty. “Oh! Seriously? That´s horrible! You poor thing!” She came towards me and she hugged me. “My dad is a good detective. He will give you a cheap price if you want and he can help you find the thief.” Arianna told me. I cleaned the tears off my face and I smiled. I went to my house and I told my parents about Arianna’s offer. They really liked it and thought it was a good idea. They didn’t really know what to do so a little help from Arianna’s father was more than welcomed. They arranged to meet the detective at seven o’clock in the afternoon the following day. For the first time since I had heard about the horrible news of the robbery I felt good. I had the feeling that everything was going to be fine because we would find the thief and things would go back to normal. In the mean time we had to go to my grandma’s house to stay because we didn’t have anywhere else to go. The next day at seven o’clock my parents met the detective at the café next to my granny’s house. He made them an offer: “For 3,000€ I can find the thief and if I can’t find him you’ll only have to pay for half of the fee.” The expression on my father’s face changed completely. He said sadly: “That’s too much money. We can’t afford to pay that much money. We’ve lost everything we had, including our money. We spent all of our savings in the trip we took to Italy and now we have nothing left. The rest of the money was taken by the thief.” My mom was also looking quite desperate. My parents’ wages had been lowered right before we had gone on holiday and now it would take a few months before we could save enough money to pay the detective for his work. Arianna’s father said he was very sorry bad that in order to find the thief he would have many expenses and he also had other people in the office that had to get paid for their work. “I’m sorry, but I can’t give you a lower rate” he told them. After this they agreed on meeting again if my parents could gather the money and said goodbye. Both my parents and the detective went their own way. Arianna and I had been seating at a table not far from them and had overheard their conversation although they had not seen us. Arianna looked at me and said: “It looks like the only way to find that thief is for us to get that money”. “But how can we do that, we are only kids” I told her. She smiled at me and said: “I have an idea’ ‘We will make some small figures out of clay and sell them in the market. Last year I took classes on ceramic and in the Sunday market you can sell anything.’ I was not excited with the idea but I said OK. After all what else was there to do? ‘One of my uncles sells pottery and he can help us.’ She said. ‘The only problem is that he moved recently and I don’t know his new address.’ We decided to ask her parents about the address and try to tell them about our plans. We were lucky because they found our idea great. The next day we paid a visit to her uncle’s. I didn’t know I was stepping towards my destiny. He was uncle Antony and he had a cute store selling and making pottery. He was very glad to see Arianna and when we asked him if we could use his wheel and some of his stuff he offered to tell us some of the secrets of his art. ‘If you get into it you’re hooked’ he said. And I had to


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experience that later. In the beginning we were two good students who learnt to make beads, decorative boxes and small animals. We learnt how to use the potter’s wheel or to pinch by hand and fire the objects. We started selling our objects in Antony’s shop and in the market and we soon collected the money for the detective my parents needed. After some time they had some of their fortune back and the thief was caught. We got hooked indeed and we kept on moulding and pinching and firing small objects. Since the sky is the limit we are dreaming of opening our own pottery store. Will you visit us? THE END Arianna’s first bowl!



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