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Industrial Park Posadas city to enjoy and grow  Posadas The city of Posadas is the capital of the Province of Misiones Capital and head of the department. It is located on the left bank of the Paraná River, southwest of the province and in northeastern department that integrates. It is located at 27 ° 23 'South Latitude and 55 º 53' West Latitude. Its limits to the north Parana River which separates it from the Republic of Paraguay, the South and the Zaimán Lapacho streams east Paraná River, the creek Laguna, National Route 12 and west of the creek Itaembé. With a high rate of both population growth and road infrastructure, and nancial services, is an important administrative and cultural center of reference in the regional context. A city with a lifestyle that you are looking for! You and your family will be comfortable in Posadas It is a city that presents a variety of cultural activities both on what is art, music, literature, and popular demonstrations and religious beliefs. In addition, hundreds of tourist sites allow you to enjoy the region.  It is a strategic region of the Mercosur Located in the bi-oceanic axis, with access to the Paraná-Paraguay waterway and next to the most productive regions of Brazil and Paraguay. Ciudad del Este Asunción Foz do Iguazú Paraguay Encarnación Resistencia Corrientes Posadas Santa Rosa Argentina Paso de los Libres Uruguaiana Ijuí Brasil Santa Maria A city that knows where it goes... The Municipality of Posadas, with broadly representative of city institutions, developed an ambitious process that generated the Posadas 2022 Strategic Plan, the product of reection and joint work between institutions, citizens and municipal technical teams. In this framework, the Programme “Competitiveness and industrial production “promotes a holistic approach to supporting industries, which promotes the growth and competitiveness. Distances to major cities of the region:       Puerto Iguazú: 310 km Oberá: 98 km Buenos Aires: 1.050 km Cordoba: 1.210 km Corrientes: 310 km Mendoza: 1.846 km       Santa Fe: 866 km Asunción: 340 km Porto Alegre: 750 km San Pablo: 1.380 km Montevideo: 1.200 km Santiago de Chile: 2,246 km


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Posadas - Misiones  And what to offer for production and innovation: Education for the production Three Universities Misioneras, others from across the country. Technical Schools middle and upper level. Trades training centers Research and Development Centers Universities. Units Bonding Technology, National Institute of Industrial Technology in the Park itself, IRAM headquarters, Executive Development and Innovation Committee of the Province. Misiones Technological Park. Undersecretary for Science and Technology. Business Support Cameras and business federations. Development Agencies. Municipal Ofce Guidance to the employer. Missions Ofce Genia credit support and innovation. Biofábrica


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Industrial Park Why an Industrial Park in Posadas Mayor Orlando Ramón Franco  Posadas We conceive the project Industrial Park as a transformative element of the local and provincial economy. As an engine of development: To strengthen the productive prole Posadas: While the city currently has a prominent prole management and services, and tourism is bound to have an increasing role in the local economy , it is necessary to develop a production prole , setting the stage for development innovative , that addresses the opportunities the region and the world. To expand and diversify production : Generating job , adding value to the products of the city and province , invigorating the economy , addressing social needs and contributing to the development with strategic vision. To order the City: Relocating industries are scattered with difculties in their operation and limitations on their growth , causing noise pollution , waste, transport problems and interference with other city services or causing inconvenience to citizens . To attract new industries : Both Posadas entrepreneurs, including other parts of the province , the country or abroad, nd incentives to encourage new enterprises taking advantage offered by the Posadas Industrial Park , contributing to regional growth. Productive development, competitiveness and job creation, are central to our management, to help transform Posadas at the Regional Centre in the heart of Mercosur.  Misiones


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Industrial Park 1. Access. 2. Administration. Training. INTI Area (Stage 1). 3. Commercial Services. Exhibitors Hall. 4. Ships for micro enterprises. 1 completed ship. 5. Industries Area. First stage. 6. Puerto Nuevo.  Infrastructure and Services Will be available: Perimeter fence. Monitoring and security. Power supply to wholesale costs. Water and sewage collection network and industrial Access, internal roads, parking and maneuvering playones, and lighting. Forestry and landscaped. Eaters. Meeting and training in common use, with video conferencing. Medical Services.


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Industrial Park Portal login Zoning The park is zoned to reduce environmental risks and optimize the productive complementarity. Mains        Food Construction Metallurgical or Furniture and wood or Plastics Chemical Shipyards Industrial Area First NaveMiPyMEs Incentives for filing  Initial infrastructure at no cost to the employer. Public investment for productive development. Power available, abundant and secure. Credit Management at subsidized rate. Innovation - support environment. INTI. UVTs, Laboratories, etc. Training: Center > Municipal training for competitiveness. Spaces on loan, sale or rent, according to the project's impact on the local economy. Interior ship Projected image of the entire park. Desired future.     The new Port of Posadas Productive Posadas Logistics platform is located about 10 km from the provincial capital, at the conuence of Arroyo Apepú and the Parana River, downstream from Posadas. His land access is via Route 12 to the heavy trafc and River access through the Paraná de las Palmas, crossing the locks Yaciretá.   Production Logistics Platform Posadas composed Port and Industrial Park will integrate communication networks, information systems and support services, to improve industrial competitiveness and services in the region.


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Contacto Secretaría de Promoción del Desarrollo Address: Rivadavia y San Martín- 5ºPiso Municipalidad de Posadas Phone: +54 376 4449083 E-Mail: Industrial Park POSADAS MISIONES ARGENTINA



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