The Banded Armadillo


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Grade 5 Project

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The Banded Armadillo By: Bradley C .and Chad C.


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One day there was a banded armadillo that chose to run away from his mama. When he ran away he found a snapping turtle. They played together day after day. Then he asked the turtle if she wanted to be his new mama. I will be your new mama said the turtle. When the armadillo said Yeah he looked off in the distance and saw a magic ball. They both ran over to the magic ball and touched it. A magical hut appeared. The hut was filled with witch toads who sent the armadillo and turtle to a magical land. When they entered the land food was in front of them. They chose not to eat it since they thought it could be poisonous. So they went to seek out food.


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While they were looking they saw a naughty mongoose. He was spanking his child. "That is mean" said the turtle. The armadillo agreed. Then they found an apple tree. They both picked an apple sat down and ate it. They both were full so they went on a walk. During that time they found a lake. There was a magic island in it. They swam over to it. They found a dabble duck and said can you help us. He side yes how I may help you. "We want to get back to our home". The turtle said. The dabble duck said "I can cast a spell on you to send you back home". They both wanted to go back home so they agreed. They were sent home and lived happily ever after.


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The End



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