The Runaway Mongoose


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Grade 5 Project

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Mongoose and his Mama lived in a mongoose hut. Mongoose was a naughty kid, but he liked to collect seashells. He got these seashells from the little beach they lived next to. Since Mongoose was naughty, his mom sometimes gave him a spanking for his misbehavior. He once even stole the beautiful cake that mama made for Christmas. The guests had no desert to enjoy. One day Mongoose was thinking about how boring it was were he lived. Everyday he had to go to school, and then come back home to help mama or play by himself. He did not even have any siblings or friends. And he wasn't the best at school either. So he decided that the next night he would sneak out of the hut, and run away! That night when his mama said good night and kissed him on the cheek, the second she walked out of his room, he sprang out of bed and put on his jacket. He sat on his chair till he heard that mama had closed the door to her room. As Mongoose tiptoed to the door he creaked it open as silently as he could. Down at the kitchen he put on his shoes and opened the front door to the mongoose hut. He felt the cold night air as it made him shiver.


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He walked down the road along the beach. The light from the moon almost guided him, giving plenty of light to see where he was going. As Mongoose walked on he saw some purple light in the distance


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Getting closer to the light he saw it was the famous Witch Toad! The Witch Toad saw Mongoose and said, "What are you up to at this time of night, Mr. Mongoose?" Mongoose had no idea what to reply. He just stood there. As the silence passed, Mongoose gained his courage and said, "I am running away from home and mama." "Well" said the Witch Toad, "I might as well give you a hand in that. Here is a magic ball. It will guide you to your new Mama". Mongoose held the bright magic ball in his hands as the purple light shined on his face. "Thanks" he said, and ran off. Mongoose decided to take a nap on the soft sand. He yawned and went of to sleep.


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The next morning Mongoose woke up with the magic ball next to him on the sand. He noticed that it had a map on it now. A red line showed the roads to where Mongoose's new mama was. He stretched and yawned and started heading for his new mama. As Mongoose was casually walking down the side road, he saw Mr. Snapping Turtle fishing. Mr. Snapping Turtle turned around at Mongooses's foot steps. "What brings you here?" asked Mr.Snapping Turtle. Mongoose knew that Mr. Snapping Turtle was very strict and questioning. So Mongoose replied, "I was just picking berries for my Mama." Lied Mongoose. Where are your berries?" Asked Mr. Snapping Turtle. "I did not find any bushes to pick from yet." Mongoose lied again. "Ok, be off then." Mr. Snapping Turtle ended the conversation.


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Just an hour later Mongoose came across two old friends, Banded Armadillo and Dabble Duck. "What are you doing here!" Asked Dabble Duck. "Please don't tell anyone, but I am running away from home and finding a new mama." Banded Armadillo glanced at Mongoose's magic ball. "Well" said Banded Armadillo "Hope you accomplish that, have a nice day." Mongoose walked on for the rest of the day.


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Finally when it was almost midnight Mongoose stumbled across a little cottage. There was a light inside. He looked at the magic ball and saw that the red road had indeed ended. He had reached his New Mama! He nocked on the door of the cottage. This house looked much like his hut only a little bigger. The door opened and a female mongoose emerged. "Are you my New Mama?" Asked Mongoose. "Well I don't know, but I sure will take you in." Said the female mongoose. She gave him some hot chocolate and put him to bed. So, Mongoose had found his New Mama. The New Mama Mongoose and Mongoose lived happily ever after.



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