The New Mother


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Grade 5 Project

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The New Mother By: Joseph and Max


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Once upon a time, there were magical animals living in the forest. They all didn't like each other but they would still cooperate.The mongoose animal was really naughty. His name was Freddy the mongoose. His mama was Susan the snapping turtle.


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One day Freddy's mom went to the witch toads hut and asked " Can you make my son not naughty". The witch toad said" I'll try with my magic ball". He tried and he turned the snapping turtle into a green,stink,gross,and dirty monster. When he started to walk he saw the seashells running away.


p. 4

She got home and Freddy said" I can't be your son any more" so the mongoose went to the Banded Armadillo and asked" can you be mom and take care of me because me first mom became a monster" "yes" said the banded armadillo but the Dabble Duck said"I want to be your mother".


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The Banded Armadillo started to spank the Dabble Duck and they got into a fight. They were not happy with each other and had consequences. They were so mad but the mongosse separated both of them and told them you don't have to fight if you are mad at each other. Next, they were all back together and the witch toad turned things back to normal. Finally, they made up and became friends. Everybody was happy and the pond reunited. In the town they lived happily ever after. The End



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