The Adventures of Mama Mongoo


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Grade 5 Project

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The Adventure Mongoose of Mama By Nihar, Sid, and T ony


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The Beginning One windy day at the zoo, the mongoose was around her habitat. Mama mongoose did not know what was coming later that day. An hour later a group of robbers made up of came. The leader of the group, snapping turtle, kicked down the door. Then, snapping turtle took Mama mongoose's vicious animals called the banded armadillos priceless seashells away. Then, the Dabble Duck kicked open the door with his super powers and proudly exclaimed, " Dabble Duck to the rescue".


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The Middle When Dabble Duck arrived, Mama Mongoose went to the city to tell Police Mongoose. After that, Mama Mongoose went into the city and rode an elevator. On the way upstairs, the elevator door pulled and pulled and finally got her leg out with closed on her leg. Then, she met a witch toad who the help of the mechanic. After that, she went to the hospital to get a band-aid. In her opinion, the hospital was the size of a small hut and she thought that germs could spread easily and secretly had to run away and went back home to the zoo. T o her astonishment, her big habitat was fully trashed with rocks and leaves all over the place. Sadly, wherever she looked, she could not find a trace of the seashells everywhere. Except, what was that glimmer of red over in the corner under the rock?


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The End spotted a hidden member of the banded armadillo. leader hadn't spotted her so it was time to devise a tied Snapping T urtle's claws behind his back and then to her heavy magic eight ball boulder toy. astonishment that he couldn't move a muscle. Suddenly, Snapping T urtle jerked around in plan. With some quick actions, Mama Mongoose It was the leader of the group. Thankfully, the She then peeked around the corner and secretly showcases and closed up for the night. Another mysterious day at the zoo gone past, now it was time to sleep. came and started taking the animals out of their Next thing they knew, T ony the habitat cleaner


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