Max and His Amazing Adventures


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Grade 5 Project

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In the beginning, there was mongoose named Max. Max was always being naughty. One day, he was so naughty that his Mama gave him a spanking.


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Max got so angry that he decided to run away. When he was running away, he found a witch toad. Max asked the magic toad to give him a new Mama, using his magic ball.


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The witch toad started screaming different spells! Max closed his eyes, and hoped that the spells would work. When he finally opened his eyes, he was in a new house, with a new family.


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Old mama, old father, old brother, and old sister, were no where to be found. When, he looked around, he realized that he was standing in a hut!


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Max started to look around the hut, and found a banded armadillo. He found out that the armadillo's name was Ava. Ava, was his new sister.


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Ava said that he would now have a brother, named dabble duck! They got so friendly, that Ava even showed him her impressive collection of seashells.


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Later that day, Max's new mama and new father got home from work, once he got to know them, he thought they would be a perfect family for him, but as time went on, he realized that he missed his old family dearly.


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He decided that he would go find the witch toad, and ask for his old family back. He went back to the exact spot where he met the toad, but all he saw, was an old snapping turtle.


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Max asked the turtle if he had seen a witch toad lately. He said that he didn't know where the witch toad was, but that he is a magic animal too! Max explained to the turtle that he wanted to go back to his old family. In the end, the snapping turtle transported Max back to his own family.


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The end!



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