Finding Monkey


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Grade 5 Project

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Finding Monkey By Adam & Daniel


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Once in a Indian hut, there lived a naughty mongoose. He stole seashells from all sorts of people. One of the people he stole from was named Mama. Mama always gave him a good spanking when he stole. Once he stole a magic ball.


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Before Mama could spank him, he sold it to a witch toad for 20 seashells.


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Then, he found a wanted sign for a runaway duck named Dabble Duck. The reward for finding him was gold and jewels.


p. 5

Dabble Duck was wanted for kidnapping Red Monkey.


p. 6

He was walking by when he saw Banded Armadillo and Snapping Turtle unconscious on the side of the road. He saw Dabble Duck smiling next to them.


p. 7

Then Mongoose lunged and attacked Dabble Duck. He wrapped him up in chains and then sent him to jail.


p. 8

When he went home with his reward, he partied and went to steal from Mama. He stole a gold, shiny, and sparkly object from her. It was a golden seashell!


p. 9

He felt guilty for stealing the shell, so he left a diamond in its place. Mama thanked Mongoose for his trade over tea and warm bread. She said she felt like a "New Mama". Then one day, they found out he has run away.


p. 10

Red Monkey still hasn't been found...


p. 11

Breaking News!!!!! A strange red monkey was found in the woods by some wilderness rangers! The monkey is now in the zoo, safe and comfy.



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