Dabbled Duck and the Two Criminals


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Grade 5 Project

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Dabbled Duck and the Two Criminals By Owen and Jacob


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Once there was a village called Yunkaballey. One day in the village Mama Mongoose got sick and had to go to the Witch Toad's house of healing.


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But when she walked in there were two people kidnapping The Witch Toad and her magic ball of healing. Then they also kidnapped Mama Mongoose so there would be no witnesses. They were the two wanted criminals, Snapping Turtle and his boss, Banded Armadillo. Then left and went to naughty hut.


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A few hours later New Mama Mongoose came by Witch Toad's house of healing with Mama Mongoose's two kids, Tom and Eric, because their mom had been gone for a long time and found that Witch Toad and her magic ball were missing. Then Tom found foot prints leading too naughty hut.


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Then they went to the Sheriff, who was Dabble Duck, and New Mama Mongoose said "Mama Mongoose, Witch Toad and her magic ball are missing" and the kids said "There are footprints leading to the entrance of naughty hut.


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Then the next day in the morning a letter appeared on Dabbled Duck's door and it said to bring 10,000 seashells, the currency, to naughty hut or the no one will never see Witch Toad or Mama Mongoose again.


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That afternoon Dabbled Duck brought a big empty bag to naughty hut. When he got to the entrance of naughty hut he knocked on the door and quickly jumped into the bag. Then Snapping Turtle opened the door and said "These must be the seashells." Then he dragged the bag inside and opened it and when he did, Dabbled Duck jumped out and spanked Snapping Turtle and Snapping Turtle fell to the ground and Dabbled Duck quickly put him in the bag.


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Then Banded Armadillo entered the room with Witch Toad and Mama Mongoose and before he saw Dabble Duck, Dabbled Duck through the bag at him and Witch Toad and Mama Mongoose quickly over to Dabbled Duck and he shoved Banded Armadillo in the bag with Snapping Turtle while he was still hurt. Then they all went back to the village and Dabbled Duck through Snapping Turtle and Banded Armadillo in jail. Then they all lived happily every after, except for Snapping Turtle and Banded Armadillo.


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