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VXSuite Managed Services

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VXSuite ™ Understand • Optimize • Deliver A Fresh Approach to Managed Services We understand you are busy. We understand how crucial your technology usage has become. We also believe that technology has the greatest impact when it works so well that it fades into the background. That’s why VXSuite software enables technology by delivering the right information to the right individual so they can make the right choice. Understand Understand your communications ecosystem using VXSuite, our webbased reporting cloud application. VXSuite allows you to gain insight into the performance of your phone system, your trunks and bandwidth as well as your people. VXSuite provides insight into the . . . Deliver Results! Once the phone system and network are optimized, you can finally deliver on the promise of unified communication. These results allow the user to simply use the technology to make them more efficient. With the cloud-based VXSuite, we take care of the system so you don’t have to. We will store data – as long as you’d like – so you can look back over the past few months or compare last month to a year ago for trunk occupancy, call patterns and forensic searches. And VXSuite doesn’t discriminate – we’ll connect to legacy TDM phone systems or the latest IP systems. Plus, we can connect to multiple disparate systems and normalize all the data for easy viewing. • Security/Compliance of both the phone system and the network. VXTracker looks at phone system usage. VXPulse provides analytics for the network. Receive real-time email and text messages when a security or toll-fraud event occurs. Add VXMobile and we will help with cellphone compliance. Performance of the phone system and the network. Whether you have T1s that you need to monitor or a data network that calls are traversing, VXSuite delivers the information to optimize the communication ecosystem. Current usage so you can plan for the next big thing. Thinking of making the leap to VoIP but don’t know where to start? You know how many employees you have and (maybe) how many calls you make in a given period, but how does that translate to bandwidth utilization? VXTracker provides you with detailed reporting on your actual usage, allowing for accurate calculation of the bandwidth necessary to delivery your desired Quality of Service at peak usage. • VXSuite ™ • VXSuite modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that make up your communications ecosystem. VXPulse can monitor and remotely control all or part of your unified communications ecosystem. It assists you in providing the quality of service and quality of experience both your employees and customers expect. VXTracker call accounting collects and processes call detail records (CDR) to produce powerful historical and real-time, drill-down reports to help manage costs and isolate important network trends. VXTracker’s Workgroup Reporting Module provides managers of ShoreTel Workgroup and Nortel C2 call centers historical and near real-time information. cellular voice and text usage. Add cell phone records to your VXTracker for complete reporting on users’ activity. View data in a graphical interface for easier interpretation. Optimize Optimize your communications ecosystem with the right information and the right technology. “Right-size” trunk groups for optimal performance once you have received the data from VXTracker about your current usage. Use the bandwidth utilization report in VXPulse to understand what applications are taking up bandwidth and make the appropriate adjustments to optimize the performance. VXMobile provides web-based reporting on your employees’ VXSuite VXRecord is extension-level VoIP call recording for the small and mid-sized business market. You can search, play back, score, annotate and email voice files from a user-friendly webbased interface. Currently available for the ShoreTel; we are working on Avaya IP Office, Cisco and Lync. ™ 45 W. Sego Lily Dr., Suite 211 Sandy, Utah 84070 (866) 489-8722 • www.vxsuite.com



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