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VXTracker Report List

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Reports Activity Reports Site Division Department User Extension Authorization Code Account Code All Records Area Code Exchange Country - Outbound City State DNIS - Inbound Caller ID - Inbound Mapped Number Cost Distribution Call Type Warning Reports Longest Calls Most Expensive Most Frequently Dialed Off Hours 411Calls - Outbound 911Calls - Outbound Undefined Extensions Top Users by Call Top Users by Duration Top Users by Cost Trunk Reports Load Capacity by T-1 Trunk Group Trunk Member Time-of-Day Load Day of Week Day of Month Monthly Duration Distribution Other Reports Allocation by Division Allocation by Department Allocation by User Call Search Call Accounting Reports The Information You Need Verify Accuracy of Phone Bills Call accounting reports help you audit your local and long distance bills for accuracy. You Allocate Usage Charges to Departments, Projects, Tenants Summary reports, sorted by Cost Center, allow phone charges to be allocated based on actual usage. Use Trending Reports for Budgeting Any item, including number of calls, cost, duration, etc. can be selected to show trends over a specified time period to explain budget overages. Track Sales Activity Reports show called number, caller identification, which cities are being called and which salespeople are the most and least effective. Calls can be “mapped” to customer data, providing even more valuable information regarding call activity. The Way You Want It Sort, Group, Filter VXTracker is designed to allow sorting, filtering and trending from any report. You can customize any report by changing the columns on a given screen. Every column on every report can be sorted. All detail screen records can be grouped by clicking on the sort/group column header. Available filters: Date / Time, Call direction (inbound, outbound etc), Division, Department, Site, User, Extension, Auth Code, Call Type (tarriffed zone), Trunk Group, Trunk Member, Account Code, CallerID, Cost, DNIS, Duration, Area Code, Exchange, Number, Country, State, Labor Rate. Trending / Forecasting The trending feature allows you to take any report and trend changes over time. You can trend from all standard reports. Saving Reports as Templates From any screen, click Save As and VXTracker will save the report definition as a template and will can save it as a favorite. In the future you can access this saved report to save time. When You Want It VXSuite © 2010 VXTracker - Rev.6 ™ From any screen, simply click on the Schedule link and register this report to be sent to any e-mail address on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Scheduling will remember all current filters, sorting, grouping, etc. 45 W. Sego Lily Dr., Suite 211 Sandy, Utah 84070 (866) 489-8722 • www.vxsuite.com



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