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VXPulse Pricing

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VXPulse   ™ Communication Ecosystem Management VXPulse Pricing   VXPulse is a cloud-based software application that monitors all or any part of your UC system and   allows for top-notch Quality of Service and an optimum Quality of Experience for both your employees and customers. VXPulse • Remotely monitors PBXs, VoIP implementations, network devices and access points across a network • Continually tests and tracks the status of the network to detect changes and threats to the end-user experience • Monitors call quality and server performance • Supports all network devices, even from multiple suppliers • Gives support staff a complete view of the entire communication ecosystem and its status through a unified remote access solution • Allows for backup of server and network device configuration with verification and audit reporting • Supports small business voice and data networks as well as large enterprises with multiple locations 1. Begin with the VXPulse Starter Pack VXSuite   Product   VXPulse     Starter  Pack     Monthly  Fee   This  includes  one  (1)  VXPulse  Agent,  which  performs  the  Quality   of  Experience  Assessment,  and  fifteen  (15)  VXPulse  managed   elements  (i.e.  phone  system,  Wi-­‐Fi  router,  firewall,  PoE  switches,   etc.)  per  site.  Additional  managed  elements  are  available  at  $5   each  per  month.   $150   Monthly  Fee   Per  Agent   2. Add additional Agents, as needed VXSuite   Product   VXPulse  QoE   Monitoring   Agents     Additional  Agents,  as  needed.  Sold  in  single  quantities.       When  testing  call  quality  between  locations,  add  a  second  agent   for  comprehensive  QoS  reporting.   $10   Per  Appliance   Fee   3. Next, decide where to load the VXPulse Agent The  VXPulse  Agent  needs  to  run  inside  the  network  to  assess,   monitor  and  manage  the  elements  on  the  network.    The  agent  can   be  placed   onto  an  existing  Windows  Server  or  Linux  Server;     however,  the  best  practice  is  to  deploy  the  VXPulse  Micro   VXPulse   Scenario:  End  User  N eeds  One  (1)  End  User  Site  with  15  Managed  Elements   Appliance.    The  appliance  allows  the  full  software  to  operate,   Micro   would   be:   the  agent  without  the  appliance  can   whereas   downloading   Appliance  Partner’s  P.O.  to  VXSuite   prevent  a  few  key  reports.   VXSuite   Product   $265*   *Partner  Benefit:  Per  Appliance  Fee  is  $0  with  two  (2)  year  agreement  or  $130  with  one  (1)  year  agreement     VXSuite   Product   VXSuite  Product   VXPulse  Starter  Pack   Quantity   1   1   Monthly  Fee   $150     One  Time  Fee     $265   4. Finally, add in a per-site set-up fee VXPulse  Micro  Appliance   VXPulse  Set-­‐Up  Fee   1     $250   Per  Site  Fee   VXSuite  can  configure  and  ship  the  VXPulse  Micro  Appliance,   Partner  Discount  for     1     a  one-­‐time  fee  per   ($265)   One-­‐Time   deploy  remotely   and  train,  for   site.    Partner   2-­‐Year  Agreement   VXPulse       Set-­‐Up  Fee     $250   Totals   can  choose  to  participate  in  an  on-­‐site  training  certification,  which   allows  the  partner  to  self-­‐deploy  agents  and  appliances  and  avoid   Term  set-­‐up  fees..   Monthly   Fee   One  Time  Fee   the  VXSuite     24  Months   $150   $250   Sample   Pricing . . . . . Scenario:  End  User  Needs  One  (1)  End  User  Site  with  15  Managed  Elements   Suggested  List  Price:   3  |  Page     VXSuite  Product   VXPulse  Starter  Pack   VXPulse  Micro  Appliance   VXPulse  Set-­‐Up  Fee   Discount  for     2-­‐Year  Agreement     Totals       Quantity   1   1   1   1   Term   24  Months   Monthly  Fee   $150         Monthly  Fee   $150   One  Time  Fee     $265   $250   ($265)   One  Time  Fee   $250   VXSuite 45 W. Sego Lily Dr., Suite 211 Sandy, Utah 84070 (866) 489-8722 www.vxsuite.com ™



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