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VXMobile ™ Mobility is becoming a dominant technology and users’ expectations are growing with respect to how they will utilize mobility to help them do their jobs. Have you defined your company strategy for mobility? Do you issue corporate owned devices or let users BYOD (bring your own device)? VXSuite can help whatever your mobility strategy. Because, over 50% of business calls are now made from cell phones, VXMobile provides historical reporting on cell phone activity alongside desk phone calls. VXMobile allows you to add the call detail records from your cellular provider(s) for corporate owned devices to your VXTracker for complete usage reporting for each user. See what percentage of calls users make on their cell phones versus desk phones and see who they’re calling – and if their calls are being retuned. Integration with the Blackberry Server allows for daily call record download. Otherwise, mobile data is gathered from the carrier’s web site at the end of the billing cycle. VXMobile Allows Companies to: • Lower total cell phone costs by gaining visibility into usage. Report on an employee’s total telephone calling activity—inbound, outbound, day, night. Provide information on harassment, liability and employee grievance calls. Identify commonly called numbers from both desk and cell phones. Identify under-utilized phones. Combined Reporting Shows the Whole Picture VXTracker customers know the value of having an audit trail of all incoming and outgoing call activity for desk phones. Adding the cell phone data for an employee provides a complete picture to department managers to help them measure productivity and provides the organization protection regarding liability, corporate security, harassment issues, employee grievances, calls to competitors, etc. By combining desk and cell phone expenses, organizations now have a more accurate picture of their true telecom costs. Extension s Extension 3564 (Trent Smith) Extension 8015554751 (Trent Smith) Totals (2 items) Total Calls 197 281 478 % of Total Calls 41.21 58.79 Total Duration 567:57 738:00 1305:57 Avg. Duration 2:52 2:37 2:43 Total Call Cost 36.15 71.69 $107.84 % of Total Cost 33.52 66.48 Avg. Cost per Call 0.18 0.26 $0.23 Avg. Cost per Minute 0.06 0.10 0.08 • • • Call us to schedule a demo of VXMobile • VXSuite ™ 45 W. Sego Lily Dr., Suite 211 Sandy, Utah 84070 (866) 489-8722 • www.vxsuite.com



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