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JCC Rockland Newsletter Spring|Summer 2014

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J C C R o c k l a n d N e w s l e t t e r  S p r i n g / S u m m e r 2 0 14 Making Happy Campers CONTENTS: Camp......................................1-3 Triathlon....................................4 Jr. Maccabi.................................5 Photo Gallery.........................6-8 Girl Power.................................9 School Age Care......................10 Magic of Music........................ 11 Because kids come in all types, no one camp fits everyone’s needs. JCC Rockland understands that and has a variety of summertime fun to meet the needs starting with the littlest campers and going through elementary school. Whether you’re looking for warm and nurturing or something a bit more adventurous or creative, the JCC has a camp to fit the bill. With summer just around the corner, check out what camps at the J offer and look like on pages 2-3.


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Get the Scoop! JCC camps provide both value and values. Whether you were learning a sport you never played before or getting your hands dirty in ceramics; out-singing the other groups at lunchtime or swimming in the hot sun, camp is where some of your best memories were made, the ones that last a lifetime. Because what camp is really all about – and those things are all a part of it – is sharing experiences and making new friends, the ones you can’t wait to see again each summer. It’s about feeling a little bolder, and more independent. It’s about not being the same kid you are in school and experiencing something new. These are the kinds of memories we want to create at JCC Rockland. We have focused on building our camp program, and have a variety of camps to meet the needs of most children. Whether you are looking for the warmth of an early childhood program, Jewish values-based offerings, or short-term camps specializing in interest-areas, the JCC has something to meet your needs. Camp J-Land, which takes place at the JCC, serves our littlest campers, from 18-months through pre-kindergarten. When they graduate, they can attend Camp Yomi and eventually Camp Yomi Sr., run in conjunction with Manhattan’s prestigious 92Y for children in kindergarten through sixth grade at the Henry Kaufmann campgrounds in Pearl River. All-Star Sports, for children in grades 1-7 can attend as little as one week or as much as the entire summer. And Camp Discover, our newest offering for kids in kindergarten through third grades, provides eight weeks of special-interest camp experiences. With a different specialty each week, such as “The Mystery of Magic,” “Iron Chefs,” “Animal Adventures,” “Take the Stage,” “Science Wizards,” “Games Galore,” “Amazing Arts,” and “Picture This,” an exploration of film and photography. Sign up for as many as you like, because each one is going to offer something unique. JCC camps provide both value and values. No matter the camp, we stress warmth and caring. We aim to create a welcoming environment, informed by Jewish values, but inclusive in every way. We have created programs that give each child a place to grow and learn, whether it’s a toddler at J-Land making her first social connections, or a child in Camp Discover looking to be the next Iron Chef. We want our kids to have fun, experience competition, learn how to collaborate and be mensches, too. Just like our sports programs and early childhood offerings throughout the year, we focus on creating an environment filled with warmth and compassion, where each child feels included and values kindness. So check out our camps and enroll your children this summer. Let them start building the kinds of memories that last a lifetime. CONTACT US: JCC Rockland 450 West Nyack Road West Nyack, New York 10994 Phone: 845.362.4400 Visit: Dana Lichtenberg, Director of Marketing and Outreach Marla Cohen, Marketing Chair Steve RosenzSteve Rosenzweig President David Kirschtel Eliza Millman David Kirschtel CEO Eliza Millman COO The Juice Newsletter  2


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JCC Rockland – WE ARE CAMP! C A M P R E G I S T R AT IO N For additional information about camp, contact Susan Wasser, Camp Registrar at, 845.362.4400 ext. 110 or visit All Star Sports Camp 3  The Juice Newsletter


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The Tri’s the Limit I N D OO R T R IAT H LO N T O T E S T M E M B E R ’ S M E T T L E Run JCC fitness instructor Cara Bristol, leads a popular RowFit class. Whether you run, row or ride, you’ll get a chance to see just what you’re made of when JCC Rockland combines those activities into one supercharged triathlon on Sunday, June 8. little rejiggering of JCC space, and while the treadmills will remain in the Russin Fitness and Wellness Center, the other machines will be placed prominently in the FitCafe. Some members have gotten a jump on things by participating in small group fitness training with Ed Gonera. Those who signed up received a complimentary assessment of their cardiovascular condition and their upper and lower body strength. The event is heavy on a lower body workout, he noted and what he’d like to see is people prepare for the event and see how much they improve from starting training. “We want them to do the self-challenge,” he said. Steven Pilavin, a regular in the fitness center, is seeing it as more than that. “Some of my friends signed up. I want to beat them. I want to say that I can go further, faster, longer.” Row This new feat of fitness is meant to test endurance and measure distance as participants move from one 25-minute timed activity to the next. Registration opens at 9am, with the event beginning at 9:30am. Participants will compete in two age brackets: 54 and under, and 55 and up. The cost is $20. There will be five-minute breaks between each of the three “disciplines” and the goal is to see how much distance you cover within the set time, according to Jackie Guenego, the JCC’s membership marketing administrator. Ride “The more distance you cover, the greater your score,” says Guenego. “We want members to be excited about coming in, working out and working toward a goal.” Participants will start on the treadmill, proceed to the rowers and wind up on the bikes. There will be a To register visit or call 845.362.4400, ext. 104. The Juice Newsletter 4


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Getting an early taste for Maccabi W H AT ’ S B E T T E R T H A N COM P E T I N G I N YO U R FAVO R I T E S P O R T I N A N E N O R M OU S S P O R T S COM P E T I T IO N? COM P E T I N G A N D TA KI N G H OM E G O L D. That’s just what JCC Rockland’s baseball team did playing at Jr. Maccabi in early May. Hosted by the JCC of Greater Baltimore, the games was a microversion of the JCC Maccabi Games, an annual week-long Olympic-style athletic competition that is the largest Jewish teen event of its kind. The Jr. Maccabi Games lasted only a day, but they held just as much ruach – spirit – as the grander version. JCC Rockland sent athletes – two boy’s basketball teams, one boy’s baseball team and two tennis players to the Jr. Maccabi Games in Baltimore. The Jr. version of the teen event is for kids age 10-12. The idea is to build momentum and enthusiasm for participating in the JCC Maccabi Games, while having fun competing against their peers, according to JCC Sports and Recreation Director Carrie Sakin. “The kids had the best time, and of course it’s exciting that we won,” said Sakin. “And they can’t wait to come back to participate next year.” Yoni Stewart, who attends ASHAR, was on the winning team, coached by Brian Smith, Glenn Meyers and Bob Karcher. Yoni, who is Shabbat observant, has not been able to participate in competitive “The kids had the best time, and of course it’s exciting that we won...” leagues because they play on Saturday, according to his father, Jeffrey. Participating in Jr. Maccabi allowed him to play baseball at a higher level, under the guidance of kind and considerate coaches who, “Gave my son a day he will remember forever.” “This was a very special group of boys who handled themselves at all time in a beautiful manner,” he said. “And this was an experience he not only enjoyed but will make him a better ball player going forward. Thank you for your kindness and consideration. And as a Father, Thank you for giving my son a day he will remember forever.” For more info about Maccabi, contact Carrie Sakin, Director of Sports & Recreation, 845.362.4400 ext. 107 or email JCC Rockland’s Jr. Maccabi winning baseball team. 5  The Juice Newsletter


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Juice Gallery M A RC H M A D N E S S Purimpalooza brought some brightness to the long, cold winter when families came to the JCC for the annual carnival. Whether getting their faces painting, or cascading down a giant slide, children spent the day celebrating in style. Supergirl escorts Percy around the J. Green with envy? Or just Jamie’s Faces creating another spectacular disguise. When Beth, Scott & Friends are in charge at the Purim concert, everyone follows instructions. M OV I N G I M AG E S Neale Kuperman of Rockland Toyota, the lead sponsor of JCC Rockland’s Annual International Jewish Film Festival was recognized for a decade of support. Sponsors Micki and Jim Leader and Leader & Berkon, LLP were also recognized for support of the festival, which completed its 11th year, selling 5,000 seats to 22 films from the United States, Israel, Poland, JCC Rockland CEO David Kirschtel, left, and Neale Kuperman of Rockland Toyota France and others countries. Micki Leader, who co-chaired the festival along with Jenn Chaitin, was recognized with her husband, Jim. Film sponsors Marilyn and Abe Kleinman FOUNDERS DINNER This year the JCC honored, from left, Fred and Pam Greenspan, Rich Levin, Danny Ayalon, Melinda Levin, Joe Allen and Diane Serratore Judge Alfred Weiner, left, Helene and Barry Lewis and Renee Weiner The Juice Newsletter  6 Photos Jeff Karg


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D OI N G G OO D T O G E T H E R More than 180 teens in grades six through 12, along with relatives and friends, participated in JCC Rockland’s Mitzvah Day on April 6 in activities at the JCC and offsite. Activities ranged from hearing survivors of the Holocaust tell their stories, to baking cookies for kids with cancer (kosher edition), to playing bingo with seniors at the Esther Gitlow Towers. Doing good never tasted so sweet: Teens make treats for kids with cancer. Julianna Lindell provided more than a helping hand as she expertly offers a manicure. Holocaust survivor Bernhard Storch tells his story during Mitzvah Day. ONE RED HOT MAMA Local filmmakers Susan and Lloyd Ecker premiered their film, “The Outrageous Sophie Tucker,” as a fundraiser for JCC Rockland, the Jewish Federation of Rockland County and their synagogue, Montebello Jewish Center. The “black-tie optional” event raised $25,000 for the JCC and attracted more than 500 people to the Lafayette Theater in Suffern and then to dinner afterward at the nearby Crowne Plaza Hotel. Lloyd and Susan Ecker take questions from the crowd following Filmgoers enjoying themselves. the film. Allan Eisenkraft, a JCC past president, surrounded by his red hot mamas, JCC staffers Susan Wasser, Donna Bergstol and Elena Heydt. Andrea and Steve Caloras have a photo op with Sophie. 7  The Juice Newsletter


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C E L E B R AT I N G J CC S In late March, JCC Rockland leadership headed to San Diego for the JCC Association’s Biennial, a gathering of lay and professional leadership from the 350 JCCs and camps the organization serves. The event offered a variety of plenaries, workshops and sessions on topical issues facing JCCs and Jewish communities throughout North America. JCC Rockland received a Zahav award for its Minute of Silence campaign and petition on behalf of the Munich 11 in 2012. During the conference, a local, New City resident Linda Russin, who serves on the board of directors of the JCC Association, was named vice-chair of the organization and will be steering the 2016 Biennial in Baltimore, Md., where JCC Rockland should have a stellar presence. M E E T DA N A LIC H T E NB ERG Dir e c to r o f M arke tin g & Outr e ac h Dana Lichtenberg never set out to become a “professional Jew,” but a trip to Israel during college changed the course of her life. “I don’t even think I really knew this was a profession, but I was so inspired. It really connected the dots for me, from the foundation that my parents had laid and everything I knew,” says Lichtenberg, JCC Rockland’s new director of marketing and outreach. Lichtenberg isn’t the only thing new about the job. The title has changed to reflect a sharp focus on community outreach and finding ways for the J to extend itself in the community. Lichtenberg says she gets a high when she’s able to connect people to a meaningful Jewish experience. She tells of the time in a previous job when she met a young mother at a street fair. Distraught and crying, the woman had recently lost her mother, who was Jewish, but her father was not. “She had no connection to the Jewish community. She was literally crying on my shoulder, but our interactions set her on a path to connect, and feel part of something.” Lichtenberg’s been at the job since February, and is getting to know Rockland County bit by bit. What she’s seen so far, she likes: “It’s a very tightknit, caring community.” She comes to the J by way of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey and JCC MetroWest in West Orange, N.J. She’s excited to start building a higher profile in the broader community for the JCC that includes things like a billboard at the Provident Bank Stadium where the Rockland Boulders play and ads in the new Regal Theater in Nanuet. “I want to increase our brand awareness in the broader community, but I also want the community to understand that there is a place for them right here at the J.” Dana Lichtenberg, Director of Marketing & Outreach, 845.362.4400 ext. 178 or Front row from left: JCC COO Eliza Millman, executive committee member Micki Leader, Gwen Rosenzweig, Vice President Donna Riley, and Linda Russin, past president. Back row: Jim Leader, JCC CEO David Kirschtel, Secretary Marla Cohen, President Steve Rosenzweig and Barry Russin B O N DI N G W I T H I S R A E L In an annual rite of spring, 27 teens from the Mosenson School in Hod Hasharon, Israel, stayed with 11 Rockland host families for a little home hospitality and friendly competition. Whether going headto-head on the basketball court or the soccer field, or helping side-by-side at a senior center for Mitzvah Day, they showed that we are all am echad – one people. How do you say “delicious” in Hebrew? Rockland teens At home on the field… find out at 16 Handles. …and off. The entire group on the final night. The Juice Newsletter  8


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Giving Girls the Tools to Rule ‘G I R L P OW E R’ O P E N S E N R O L L M E N T F O R FA L L Teen years are often ones of doubt and insecurity, especially for girls. And JCC Rockland has just the antidote: Girl Power. “We understand this can be a challenging age for girls and want to give them something just for them,” said the creator of Girl Power and JCC’s Teen Director Jane Sherwood. The JCC will offer the program in the fall and next spring with two groups, one for fifth and sixth graders; and another for seventh and eighth graders. Filled with fitness, health, wellness, crafts, cooking and friendship, the program is meant to address some of the thornier issues of adolescence regarding body image and health. “The JCC has a beautiful, state-of-theart fitness center, for ages 13 and up. Girl Power introduces teens to the center in a non-intimidating way, so they feel comfortable learning fitness basics from very qualified fitness professionals,” said Sherwood. “It's such an excellent resource that we are very fortunate to have right on site.” To kick off activities in the fall, Girl Power will feature Sheira Brayer's “Motiv8: 8 Ways To ROCK Your Own World” program, which helps transform relationships between tween and teen girls and their moms through a unique, music-based interactive empowerment presentation. That program will take place at 2pm, on October 26. Sherwood, who has been at the JCC since August 2013, ran a pilot program with five teens over a six-week period that started in February and hopes to build on its success this fall. “It was really fun,” said Sammy Sherman, a Clarkstown High School South freshman who attended the pilot. The only problem, according to Sammy and her mother, Susan, was that it was too short. “The girls were really getting to know each other when the program ended,” said Susan. The fall classes begin on Nov. 18 and will run 90 minutes, once a week for eight weeks. Teens are welcome to continue the program in the spring, and enjoy new content. Fitness, health and wellness education are extremely important, especially during puberty. Sherwood brought in specialists to share information about hygiene, proper nutrition, yoga, self-defense and self-image. Other sessions included baking challah, making protein smoothies and hummus. In another session, Sherwood discussed the impact magazines and advertisements have on young women. She also held a “compliment session" with the girls. The members enjoyed their “compliment” souvenirs, giving them a tangible reminder of what Girl Power is all about. Another emphasis of the group is tweens and teens from different schools and backgrounds mingling and meeting. On the first day of the program, as part of the icebreaker, the girls decorated water bottles and T-shirts that they then used for the physical activities. “In the beginning we didn’t talk much, but by the end we all knew each other,” said Sammy, who especially appreciated the talks about self-image. “Jane’s so good with everyone and I liked it best when she was there talking to us and got us all talking to each other.” For Sherwood, a social worker with a focus in women’s studies and early adolescence, Girl Power can help transform a difficult time into a supportive one. “Adolescence can be such a struggle; girls are dealing with so many changes. Girl Power offers them a safe, comfortable space where they can discuss and learn without being judged.” For more information or to register for Girl Power, please contact Jane Sherwood, Teen Coordinator at 845.362.4400 ext. 179 or tli Participants in the Girl Power pilot program have a relaxing moment during yoga. TLI an elite​ ,​two-year program focusing on teaching teens the importance of philanthropy and social action in our community, while exposing them to leadership opportunities and meaningful Jewish experiences. Teens review grant proposals and allocate funds. Applications for Fall 2014 are due by June 23. Visit ​ to apply. 9  The Juice Newsletter


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School Age Care “We know our kids love it, because they never want to leave.” What happens when you combine a desire to foster childhood’s wonderment with superior childcare? You get Beyond the Bell, JCC Rockland's School Age Care program, which combines those two goals in a safe, structured environment. Beyond the Bell provides quality after-school childcare for children in kindergarten through seventh grade at New City and Link elementary schools in Clarkstown, Valley Cottage Elementary School in the Nyack and at the Franklin Avenue School in Pearl River. The new name reflects the growth of the program; once a simple after care program, Beyond the Bell offers participants the full scope of JCC Rockland programming. “We've changed our name to give the kids a better sense of what we do,” Monica Rosenbaum, director of children and youth services, explains, “Parents can be assured and feel comfortable knowing their kids are in the same quality program they've come to expect from JCC Rockland.” Some of what’s new is in the nuts-and-bolts of operations. Hours have been extended to 6:30pm. Half days are now included. This means that Beyond the Bell participants have the opportunity to participate in such programming as cooking, arts and crafts, gym, and the game room at the JCC. And they have the opportunity to socialize with students from other Beyond the Bell schools. Parents, like Gayle Lander rave that the “programs offered allow my children opportunities to be creative, inquisitive, increase their sportsmanship and feel like part of a community.” Beyond the Bell is committed to enhancing the overall wellbeing of children who attend the program. Energetic, caring, and trained staff is carefully screened, according to Rosenbaum and provide the children in their care with a variety of opportunities for play, homework, informal education and fun. Children can participate in a variety of activities. Homework rooms have staff who offer assistance, direction and help support the school's curriculum. “It’s my children’s home away from home!,” says Brigit Downes, of New City. “The Site leader and the counselors are nurturing, fun and in tune with the needs of my children. I am at ease knowing they are in a safe, supporting environment.” For more information, please contact Monica Rosenbaum, Director of Children & Youth Services at 845.362.4400 ext. 111 or Hours: After school-6:30pm Sites: Clarkstown - New City and Link Elementary Schools Nyack - Valley Cottage Elementary School Pearl River - Franklin Avenue School MACCABI KEEPSAKE JOURNAL Contact Carrie Sakin for additional information or 845.362.4400 ext. 107 2014 Support our athletes JUNE 11, 7PM TO BE A PART OF THE WALL OF GIVING Contact Elena Heydt 845.362.4400, ext. 106 T h e J u i c e N e w s l e t t e r  10


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Swing, Swing, Swing M U SIC S E R IE S T O H IG H LIG H T J E W I S H M U S IC A L AC H I E V E M E N T You’re bound to find the musical idiom that makes your heart sing. To steal a bit from Cole Porter, JCC Rockland will do that voodoo it does so well when it presents the Magic of Music, a three-day summer music festival featuring performances, lectures, musical games and even exercise. Running from Sunday, July 13 through Tuesday, July 15, the event highlights presenters and performers who will tackle the topic of how Jews have contributed to the American songbook and the popular performing arts. Registration opens on the Sunday at 2pm with the first musical tribute beginning at 3:30pm. That session will focus on the Yiddish stage phenomena, Molly Picon. Diane Cypkin a professor at Pace University and a singer, will perform Picon's signature works accompanied by pianist Lena Paniflova. There is free time followed by dinner at the Comfort Inn and at 7:30pm Cantor David and Shira Presler will perform at a Gala Concert with David Levy. Shira Presler has held leading roles on Broadway and Levy is a frequent performer at Elderhostel, synagogues and JCCs. Day two begins with armchair aerobics followed by a choice of morning lectures. Whether you take in “When Cantors Were Stars,” “How Jewish Invented the American Musical Theater,” “Fanny & Barbara,” or “Jews & Jazz,” you’re bound to find the musical idiom that makes your heart sing. There’s an afternoon session of “Name that Tune,” to test your musical memory, followed by dinner on your own. The evening concert features international singer Phyllis Lynd on guitar, singing in languages ranging from Italian to Yiddish to Zulu. Accommodations for the Magic of Music are available at the Comfort Inn, 425 Rt. 59. Room rates begin at $119 per room/ per night if you reference the series. Call 845-623-6000. The Walter Block Memorial Endowment Fund supports the Magic of Music. Block, a longtime JCC member who died in 2006. The Magic of Music Sunday-Tuesday, July 13-15 “Walter was a very active member of JCC Rockland for many years,” says Bonnie Wind, JCC Rockland’s director of adult services. “We were his family. Walter had a love for music and each year we honor his memory with a musical event.” The Magic of Music winds up on Tuesday with armchair aerobics followed by “Shtetl to Swing,” at 10am. The program features David Aaron, a clarinet playing big bandleader whose gigs have included a QEII dock party. According to Wind this is just the sort of event Block would have loved to attend at the JCC. “Walter loved music and the JCC. The Magic of Music won’t disappoint.” For more information or to register, please contact Donna Bergstol, at 845.362.4400 ext. 100 or 11  T h e J u i c e N e w s l e t t e r


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ONE DAY ONLY SUNDA Y JUNE 22 10am-1pm Offer valid only on June 22, 2014. Annual Fitness Membership plans only. Non-members only. May not be combined with any other offer. FITNESS SPECIAL! DURING OUR BACKYARD BASH JOIN & PAY NO DUES UNTIL SEPT ! For full event schedule and registration visit You belong here. JCC Rockland JCCs of North America ® 450 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, New York 10994 845.362.4400 | Visit us at



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