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We do not rise to the level of our expectations Rather we fall to the level of our training Distribution List KESHIK OATHMASTER Confidential Information of Clan Widowmaker Classified Secret – Program Documents Contain Doctrinal Secret Information Pursuant to 5 W.M.C.C. 522(b)(4)


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Bloodname Trial Overview Historical Context of Blood Name Trials Originally, The Clans had approximately 760 Bloodnames. The name of each of the 800 warriors who joined Nicholas Kerensky and refused to take part in the Exodus Civil War was considered a Bloodname. 40 of the original 800 names were removed when the "NotNamed Clan" was annihilated. Clan tradition dictated that only 25 living Clan warriors could hold the same Bloodname, and each warrior must have had a direct matrilineal link to the original progenitor. Clan Widowmaker allows 3 active Bloodnames per Linage, with 4 trials held per year until such time that the House names are all held by active pilots. TRIAL OF BLOODRIGHT RULES FORMAT LAYOUT TOPICS    Blood Name Events Per Year Participant Pilot Eligibility Requirements Event Format o o  Scheduling Server Setup These events will run by Clan Leadership and Blood Named warriors. Events per Year The Keshik leadership shall schedule and host a Blood trial roughly every 45 days. Combat is single elimination for all battles. Participant Pilot Eligibility Requirements All pilots must hold a warrior rank cadets are not eligible Pilots must have at least 60 days of Clan membership Event Format Schedule and posting of event o o o o o o o o o o When a trial is called a formal notice will be made on the Clan Website. An event will be posted on the Clan Activity Calendar A primary host will be named At least one observer must be present for each fight Fights will be conducted as a private match Two premium account holders are needed Game mode will be set to Skirmish Match time will be set to 20 minutes Map will be set to Random in the interest of fairness View Mode will be 1 person only st Codification of Rules and Requirements o o o o o Trial Phases Clarification of Mech Choice Clarification of Weapon Loadouts Ladder Seeding Drop Scheduling    Blood Houses Trial Awards Code of Conduct Server Setup FM-WM-141


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REAVINGS A Bloodname can be cut short one member through a process called a Reaving. A Reaving, if successful, cancels a Trial of Bloodright, which in turn ensures that there is no replacement for the old member. A reaving is called if there is a perceived taint or weakness of a Bloodname, however usually their reasons are political. Trial Phases It is initiated by an accusation by a third party (usually another Bloodname). The Clan Council then investigates and discusses the merits of the accusation and holds an internal vote over whether to proceed with the Reaving or not. If the vote is in favor of the Reaving, the Reaving can then be canceled by a Trial of Refusal, where the members of the Bloodline fight the accusers for the right to hold the Trial of Bloodright.  A Trial shall consist of 5 phases o Every weight class must be fought across the first 4 initial phases  Weight class will be randomized for each trial for each phase  Two phases in each trial will be fought in trial mechs o The final phase will be the Blood name round *Note if not enough pilots are competing to complete 5 phases then the trial will consist of as many phases as feasible to complete the trial and advance to a final round. Ladder Seeding, Mech’s For Trials and Scheduling To test the adaptability of each warrior and add some variability, mech class order will be chosen at random for the 4 elimination phases with 2 of the 4 elimination phases requiring trial mechs to be used by the participants. BLOOD HERITAGE The history of the Bloodnamed warrior of a particular Bloodright is called the Bloodheritage. A Battle signup will be posted and a participant wishing to fight in the trial MUST sign up. No shows will be disqualified automatically as the event will be completed in one night. The event leader will seed the ladder at random from the participants that are online and in channel upon the formal commencement of the event. Late arrivals will be disqualified from the event if they arrive after the formal announcement of the trial commencing. In the event of an odd number of participants a bye system will be in place, as the seeding will be at random each player will have an opportunity at the bye slot. This is to prevent a blooded warrior from progressing through an event and preventing an eventual winner from claiming a blood name and keeps the focus on the participants rather than a placeholder warrior. FM-WM141 FM-WM-141


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BLOODCOUNT The Bloodcount is the number of active Bloodrights associated with a particular Bloodname, and thus is the number of individuals that may hold that name at any given time. BLOOD HOUSES BARNHART BEDE CONNERS DUBCZECK Clan Widowmaker allows for 3 active named pilots per Blood House. With 12 Active Blood House’s that is a total of 36 Named Warriors. ESMIE GOURDAIN GUENOT HALKIA BLOOD HOUSES BLOODNAMES The Clan Widowmaker Blood House Master is determined by the pilot with the oldest time in name of the 3 active pilots. The Blood Heritage of each pilot must be chronicled by the pilot upon winning their Bloodname and submitted to the Keshik for verification. Upon approval the pilot Blood Heritage will be entered into the Clan knowledge repository to ensure the pilots legacy. HERLING HUNTER HUTTON ISAAC JORGENSSON JUERGENS KARRIGE KIPCHOGE LEROUX MEREDITH MUTOLA NEVSKI OTA PINE PLETZ POUJADE FM-WM141 FM-WM-141


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RHYDE RUBY SAID SANDERS THE REMEMBERANCE A Passage 154 “About the fallen hero they gathered, None able to give voice to his shock. Khan Jerome Winson knelt, tears streaming, SENDER SOON-YOUNG SUSANU TOMAS To cradle Nicholas Kerensky's head. To wipe the blood from the cold brow, To close the lightless eyes. Peace great Hero. Choked with sadness and anger Khan Jerome Winson spoke. "Khan Cal Jorgensson, I cry, not for myself, nor for others. I weep for your Clan Widowmaker. There is a price for such a crime As you have committed. A price you And your Clan will pay." ” -- The Remembrance, Passage 154, Verse 34, Lines 16-28 TYUMENBAEV URZICA VADJA VICKERS VORDERMARK WELLS WERTH YUN BLOOD TRIAL AWARDS Grand Melee Champion Ribbon Blood Trial Participant Ribbon FM-WM-141


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Blood Name Standards and Conduct Bloodnamed warriors are expected to be the pinnacle of our warriors and as such are required to be above reproach. Named warriors are required to set the standard from conduct and participation in Clan activities. Warriors found not following generally an accepted warrior ethos and conduct and exhibiting a respectful manner within the Clan and the MechWarrior community will be warned. After 2 such warnings the Keshik may revoke the warriors Bloodname rights. Revocation of a Bloodname can occur for the following reasons    Conduct unbecoming a Widowmaker Leaving the Clan on less that Honorable terms Being removed from the Clan Benefits of Having a Bloodname     May fight in any league battle they choose 1 time per week. Eligible for more complex training Will be actively sought out to evaluate and provide appraisal of Keshik in areas of goals and Leadership Once per year a Bloodnamed warrior may sponsor Trial Candidate who has less than 60 days membership but is no longer a Cadet Warrior eligible for a email address  FM-WM-141 CLAN WIDOWMAKER Version 1.5 TRAINING AND DOCTRINE COMMAND DOCUMENTS Approving Authority KHAN Cyberwolf *Hunter* saKhan Jeri *Sender* GCom Mangonel *Jorgensson* Prepared By: saKhan Jeri *Sender* Clan Widowmaker



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