Every Business Needs a Call Accounting System


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Every Business Needs a Call Accounting System

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Every Business Needs a Call Accounting System Cost Control • Compliance • Security • PBX & Network Performance Telecommunications costs make up one of the largest monthly expenses for any organization and typically have the least amount of control. A call accounting system provides critical information about how your telephone system is being used, misused and abused. Reports provide managers across the enterprise with information that allows them to manage their budgets and personnel more effectively. Allocate Telecom Costs to Departments, Tenants, and Projects Summary reports, sorted by cost center, allow phone charges to be allocated to departments, tenants or projects. Charges can include equipment as well as usage costs. Track Sales Activity Summary and detail reports by extension show the number of calls and minutes for incoming, outgoing and total calls to show which salespeople are the most and least effective. Managers can use reports to manage, motivate, evaluate, train and compensate employees based on call activity. Report on All Calls - Cell Phones and Desk Phones Along with a complete call detail analysis, VXTracker’s Cell Phone Analysis & Reporting service provides an audit trail on all call activity, a searchable database of cell phone calls, and a professional assessment of how to measure and improve usage and pooled-minute plans. Lower Usage Costs When reports are distributed, the visibility and accountability of phone activity means that employees make fewer and shorter personal and unnecessary calls, thus lowering costs, in some cases as much as 30%. Optimize Phone System Configuration By capturing live data from your phone system, you can: • • • • • Verify the correct routing of calls. Monitor and report on VoIP bandwidth usage. Confirm if all trunks are operating properly. Show if you have too many trunks. Identify unused extensions. Learn How Toll-Free Numbers Are Being Used Sales and marketing departments can use reports to show: • Where calls are coming from (city/state). • Who is calling you on those numbers. • Who is answering those calls. Many employees think these calls are free and give this number to family and friends. Reports show who is receiving calls on these lines so you can reduce this misuse of company resources and lower costs. Document Security and Compliance Issues Security and Human Resources departments use call accounting because it: • Provides an audit trail of incoming/outgoing calls. • Allows investigation of harassment calls, liability claims, employee grievances, etc. • Sends immediate alerts on completed 911 calls to confirm if it was a real emergency or misdialed call. Reduce Directory Assistance Costs Directory assistance calls can be as much as $2.50 per call and are often hidden in the phone bill. Call accounting reports show a summary of these costs and who is misusing this service. Trend Call Activity Graphed reports show call activity over a period of time to: • Justify request for additional staffing. • Help prepare more accurate budget forecasts. ™ Improve Employee Productivity Labor costs associated with a phone call are generally ten times more expensive than the actual cost of the call. By reducing unnecessary calls, employees will be more productive. VXSuite ™ 45 W. Sego Lily Dr., Suite 201 Sandy, Utah 84070 (866) 489-8722 • www.vxsuite.com www.vxsuite.com/vxtracker © 2010 VXTracker - Rev.6



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