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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 233 | May 9 2014 The best Inner West book clubs Back off, it’s Spinal Awareness Week WIN! Child’s Pose Movie tix: theatre tix: Trainspotting The bitter taste of ‘blood chocolate’ le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda , town New e, mor Stan m, Petersha Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill is taking over the Inner West! You could be off to Fashion Weekend Sydney GIVEAWAY TEXt appeal Local authors grace literary love-in Photo: Amanda James leichhardt bowling & recreation club 28 May, 2014 Brisbane Suncorp Stadium 18 JunE, 2014 Sydney ANZ Stadium 09 JulY, 2014 Brisbane Suncorp Stadium 88-92 Piper St Leichhardt | Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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Real Hair Extensions Easy to blow dry & easy to style MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND BRING IN THIS AD & YOU’LL RECIEVE 20% OFF YOUR NEXT COLOUR OR HAIR EXTENSIONS SERVICE.* MONDAY - THURSDAY ONLY† *Offer expires 30th May 2014 † Also valid Thursday night until 9pm


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Leichhardt Council Showcase Market STEP TAKE A Celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight 2014 at our showcase market event, where a wonderful selection of Fair Trade goods will be available. FAIR TRADE Saturday 17 May 9am – 3pm Loyalty Square, Darling Street Balmain – outside Woolworths Leichhardt Council’s commitment to the promotion of Fair Trade and procurement of Fair Trade products led to its recognition as Fair Trade Council by the Fair Trade Association. For more info visit For more information, visit Leichhardt Council’s website


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Verity’s political comeback, a bright addition, DAs done right, vale Melinda l Verity Firth has won the ‘opportunity’ to win WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Righteous Rightie maintains his regal dignity in the face of outrageous provocation from layabout socialist students. Dear RR – I’d just like to register my absolute disgust with those commo, trainee pseudo intellectuals who had the unmitigated gall to break into the studio when you were taping your radio program ‘Night thoughts of a clear-eyed conservative’ and start chanting, “More student places not blowhard talkback nutcases!” and “No uni fees, can we have more free housing and Austudy please!” You are the right-wing Phillip Adams of community broadcasting and to have your thoughtful commentary on the urgent need for Australians to emulate our Ayn Rand-worshipping American cousins interrupted by a pack of erstwhile private schoolboys playing at revolution made me do a little vomit in my mouth. Rest assured, the silent majority would like to see these troublemaking bludgers receive a stiff dose of national service and for you to take over the Alan Jones morning show whenever the great man decides to retire from radio in order to devote more time to assisting troubled young footballers with lithe, muscular bodies. Roger, Lewisham. RR replies: Thank you for your kind words, Roger. I may have got up to some hijinks in my own Trotskyite youth but back in those days even wild-eyed young revolutionaries showed some respect for their elders, unlike today’s moronic and entitled, ‘I’m a special snowflake’ Gen Yers. If it weren’t for the ridiculous nanny state laws that outlaw physical assault, I would have dealt with the insolent rabble-rousers much like James Packer seeing to an insufficiently deferential bestie. Unfortunately, both you and I will just have take consolation in the thought today’s young people soon won’t be able to claim the dole until their forties, retire until their eighties or buy a house until, well, ever. So stick that in your fair-trade bong and smoke it, you ill-mannered, young buffoons! n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden back the seat of Balmain, which she lost to Jamie Parker in 2011. Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne humbly accepted defeat and has pledged his support to the determined Labor ex-Education Minister. Jamie Parker has welcomed the battle, but the real challenger (representing the Liberal Party) has yet to be outed. corner café called, wait for it, Brighton The Corner on, you guessed it, the corner of Brighton Street. The previous owners had been trying to sell the small corner shop for a few years. The overhaul has breathed new life into the popular boutique precinct (especially amongst mums and Fort Street High School students). studio apartments, perfect for “young executives who want to live close to the city” in an ugly l Petersham has been Brighton-ed up by a new shoebox next to a rundown pub and Sydney’s busiest street. If you’ve never heard of Maisonettes, you’ll have to wait like us for the display apartment. Shouldn’t take too long to build, it’s probably on 20 square metres. How did this get through the DA process? Maybe this is one of the reasons why Leichhardt Council have elected to have a one-year trial where councillors do not determine the outcomes of DAs. Instigated by Darcy Byrne, the trial to form an independent Leichhardt Planning Panel will consist of five members and a representative of the community. This is a monumental change. l A sad time for Leichhardt Council, as they JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong l McCarthy Maisonettes has begun selling its mourn the loss of remarkable councillor Melinda Manikas. Melinda leaves behind a legacy of great community work and goodwill. Our best to her family. WINE Winsor Dobbin history The Concord Golf Club formed in 1898 as an offshoot of the Sydney Golf Club with land purchased from Dame Eadith Walker and the estate of her father Thomas Walker. By 1921, both the course and clubhouse that make up the nucleus of today’s structures were completed. During World War II, anti-aircraft units, placed in protection of the nearby Mortlake Gas Works, occupied large areas of the course. A booster station built for the gas works was used for many years after the war by the Club as a machinery shed. ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo n Photo courtesy of Concord Golf Club. PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Di Stevens and Nigel Bowen Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Anita Heiss is one of many talented local authors making an appearance during the Sydney Writers’ Festival. Photo by Amanda James. The birds and the Honeybee Things we love: the weird and wonderful art works of Fintan Magee that have been popping up around the Inner West lately. This one was spotted on the wall outside The Wolf and the Honeybee – rather fitting for a cafe that multi-purposes itself as a gallery space too. Make time to check out this mural on the corner of Edgeware Rd and Alice St, Newtown. C!ao’s voice In • The friendly and helpful Norton Plaza security lady • New smoother footpaths on Parramatta Road between Norton St and Balmain Rd • The guys from R&R Workshop (BP Station), Haberfield • Quinoa and kale salad from Relish, Leichhardt • Roasted chestnuts • Fluffy knitwear • The baked ricotta and pear tart from Dolcetti, Wareemba Out • Vending machines that eat your coins and give nothing in return • Grocery shopping on a Sunday (it’s a nightmare!) • Overpriced salad • Excessive waiting times in some local medical centres • Wedge sneakers (they should never have been in) • Carpark road rage in Norton Plaza • The recurring pot hole at the Marion St and Ramsay St intersection – they keep filling it up but the solution never lasts long $25 BOOKINGS RECOMMENDED C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Nancy Merlo Where to get BOOKED Bookworms around the Inner West will be poking their noses out of their novels to enjoy an author talk or two as the Sydney Writers' Festival comes to town from May 19 – 25. In honour of all the fabulous writers in our midst, we've compiled a list of notable book clubs in the area (and discovered that the humble hardback is not as dead as some of you might think). The Inner West Book Club Bronwyn started organising book club 'meet-ups' back in 2009 and the book club now has a great variety of members that keep in touch via and gather at the Warren View, Stanmore, every month (usually on the last Thursday). It's a casual group, with some members coming along every month while others only attend to discuss certain books of interest – generally there's a gathering of 10 to 20 people at each meeting. Of course, like any good book club, conversation always starts off around the reading of the month but then drifts onto other topics as well. A friendly group where books are suggested by the people at the end of each meeting. Need some companions on your literary journey? RANT Despite the dilapidated beauty of Cockatoo Island, its edgy arts events and glamping options, the island still fails to find it’s place in the Inner West’s landscape... Pitched as being the focal point of the Biennale of Sydney, Cockatoo Island houses gigantic installations telling stories of disco dancers and big rocks. While these large signature works draw in families whose hyperactive kids need a ferry ride and infinite big screen images in a maze of warehouses to tire them out, the art world has remained largely unmoved by the pieces at Cockatoo Island. Since officially becoming a venue in 2008, Cockatoo Island’s wow factor has started to wear thin. After you’ve traipsed around the steel structures, admired the water views and been confused by an artist's interpretation of Google for a few years in a row you do start to question the validity and credibility of Cockatoo Island as an arts venue. Even if it is amazing. Quite frankly, the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust probably doesn’t know what else to do with it. After being inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list 2010, Cockatoo Island is officially untouchable. The grounds showcase the “best surviving examples of largescale convict transportation and the colonial expansion of European powers through convict labour” ( The Island is governed by a Trust whose charter is to care for the island so current and future generations can experience and interpret its remarkable history. Trouble is, convict history is not very ‘hot’ right now. There is no great marketing angle to have ferryloads of Asian tourists come and marvel at our not-so-unique and quite distasteful white history. There aren’t many domestic tourists wanting to visit industrial wastelands either (even if they can glamp there). So the Trust welcomes any opportunity to ferry over willing patrons to be stunned by art, listen to Nick Cave, or really any kind of event that can bring it some visitors. Even the Drummoyne Chamber of Commerce put on an event there to showcase local businesses. Like all islands, transportation is key. With limited ferry services (except during peak times like Biennale and New Years Eve), even the businesses that currently tenant the island would struggle with patronage. The Island Bar and restaurant, Societe Overboard, have spectacular views and a great offer, but without regular customers and with supplies being difficult to manage, one hopes the Trust has given them fair market rent (i.e. cheap). As a conservation and restoration project, the Island requires patience and money. Lots of it. And without that, the short term strategy is to showcase as many interesting events as possible so at least there is some visitation to this heritage site. There really needs to be a clearer vision of what the island is supposed to be – the Inner West's answer to Old Sydney Town, a refuge for neglected bird colonies like the ibis and seagull, or a significant cultural venue with more than just underwhelming installations every two years. Come on Cockatoo, we know you are potentially much greater than this. n Words: Naveen Gupta. members, with about 25-30 people attending each month,” she says. Register at The Balmain Institute The Newtown Book Club These guys describe themselves as 'open-minded' and 'eclectic' individuals who meet up for monthly drinks and chats. They are not your average book club though; they like to keep things interesting by including plays, novels and biographies on their reading list. They also attend readings and theatre productions occasionally and will be holding a special meet-up at the Sydney Writer's Festival. They are active online and very popular; they even had a waitlist for their March meeting! Organiser Rebecca Burdick says she started the club on a whim with a friend after going to another book club and finding no one actually talked about books! “We decided to start one of our own for bookish souls like ourselves. Two years later and we have more than 300 Ok so BI is not really a book club by definition but they do have book launches every year as well as the occasional live reading from local authors and are proud to be hosting the first International Historical Fiction Conference for Australasia next year (to be held March 19th-21st, in Balmain Town Hall Meeting Room, www.hnsa. Membership will cost you $20p.a, and you will receive a newsletter about events, invitations, free entry to lectures, Q&As, forums and the like – always with wine and snacks. For more info visit Tuesday Blue Book Group This group meet at the Balmain Library on the third Tuesday of each month at 2pm for a coffee, tea or a glass of wine, and a good in-depth chat about the month's book. They are a super-organised crew who have their schedule of monthly books already set for the year to come, featuring pieces like The Impossible Dead by Ian Rankin and The Turning by Tim Winton. For those who can't meet during the day, there is also an Evening Book Club at Balmain Library who get together on the second Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm. Cheap couture From the catwalk to the wine bar, Fashion Weekend Sydney has plenty to offer all you fun-loving trendy people out there… Fashion Weekend Sydney will be held at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th of May. Featuring over 100 designers, including Ginger and Smart, Kahlo and Christopher Esber, offering their collections at as much as 70 per cent off, this is the place for truly unbeatable shopping. If you feel like indulging in some serious pampering, make sure to check out the Beauty Hub for a great range of hair and make up. Plus tickets can be upgraded to take in the Canon Runway show with looks put together by Margaret Zhang, and if you see anything you love up there, you can shop those looks directly after! For more information visit ★ To WIN a double pass to the event, valid for either Friday 16th or Sunday 18th May, email with your details. WIN TIX! Strike a pose! What’s on n Compiled by Nancy Merlo & Max Kobras. Email Thu 8th to Sat 24st May FREE Community are events listings Thu 8th to Sun 18th May email info@ y nc Attn: Na Broken Stopwatch Trainspotting – WIN TIX One of literature and screen’s most shocking stories, Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, is making its stage debut at the King Street Theatre this month. Don't miss this adaptation by Harry Gibson featuring an all-Inner West cast. Telling the tale of Mark Renton and his friends in the Edinburgh heroin scene of the 1980s, this story is well known for both the praise and controversy it's generated. Argued by some to be a glorification of drug use, it nonetheless remains a truly powerful portrayal of the dark side of life. The play runs Thursday through Saturday at 7.30pm. Tickets are $32 (or $27 for concession) and bookings are available through Saturday 17th May Sex, drugs and rock n' roll theatre 6 Round She Goes is a pop-up market event dedicated to women’s pre-loved fashion. Featuring 60 different stalls selling quality secondhand clothing, accessories and jewellery from brands like Alannah Hill and Louis Vuitton, this the perfect event for fashionistas on a shoestring. The market is held at Marrickville Town Hall from 10am3pm with a $2 entry fee. There will also ★ To WIN a double pass to the show be coffee and cupcakes available, plus a email and nail art salon! tell us where you found your copy of n For more info, visit Ciao Magazine this issue. Round She Goes market Running until Sunday 8th May at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery is the newest exhibition by Rully Zakaria, ‘Broken Stopwatch’. Rully Zakaria has been working in the industry since 2000 as a designer, illustrator and tutor. This latest show of abstract expressionism is an exploration of time and what it means in a modern context n Chrissie Cotter Gallery: Pidcock St, Camperdown. Sunday 18th May It's pooch bonding time Million Paws Walk Pet lovers across the state are coming together again to fight animal cruelty with 21st annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk next month. Held at the Cathy Freeman Park, this event has plenty of great family activities, stalls and entertainment, as well as of course the main walk. All those who raise funds will go into the draw to win a fournight cruise curtesy of NRMA travel and with a goal of $300,000 to care for the 30,000+ animals in their care, any help will be greatly appreciated. So grab your runners, leash and your favourite four-legged friend and come help fight animal cruelty! n For more info or to register, visit See page 8 for more what's on...


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Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club presents Paddock to Plate by Canterbur y Hurlstone Park RSL Club promotes the responsible service of alcohol WEDNESDAY, 21 MAY DooRS oPEN 6.30PM $75pp members Bookings Essential Meet the Winemaker Daniel Shaw Local Produce from The Orange District Canapés on arrival Philip Shaw #19 Sauvignon Blanc Entree: Vine Smoked Duck Breast w Heirloom Carrots Cooked Three Ways Philip Shaw #11 Chardonnay 2013 Main: Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack w Goat Cheese Mash, Mushroom & Red Wine Jus Philip Shaw The Idiot Shiraz 2012 Dessert: Home-made Ricotta Dumplings w Rhubarb and Apple, served with Ice Cream Philip Shaw The Edinburgh NV For Bookings 9559 0000 Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club • T: 9559 0000 • 20-26 Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 •


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n Local Gigs Friday 16th May n Local movies Gang of Youths Sounds a bit like The Killers, at least their first album. The singer especially reminds me of them. Either way, it’s alright music, not too thrilling for a gig I’d expect but if you want a chill night this is a good choice. Supported by MT Warning. n Newtown Social Club, $12 FREE S TICKET ovie Win double m s d' passes to Chil Pose Smothering mother Child's Pose We don’t get to see many Romanian films and those that do get a local release are often pretty challenging. Calin Peter Netzer’s film is no exception. Winner of the highly prized Golden Bear at the 2013 Berlinale, Child's Pose is an intense and gripping psychological drama about a mother’s dysfunctional love for her only son. Luminita Gheorghiu plays Cornelia, a garishly over dressed and well-connected nouveau riche matron, who spots a chance to reassert control over her adult son Bardu (Bogdan Dumitrache) after he's involved in an accident that killed a poor family’s son. Drunk, probably… speeding definitely, Bardu is a surly, passive creep. No matter, Cornelia methodically sets about making sure he walks free. Subtle and devastating in equal measures, Netzer is mounting a damning critique of Romania’s post-Soviet corruption and its emerging class divide. Everything is for sale here, even justice. The last scene in the icy slush of the victim’s village will leave you chilled to the bone. M15+ from May 15. ★ Thanks to Palace Films we have 5 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. We love guys with guitars Friday 16th May Sometimes love is not enough Mustered Courage Old-school bluegrass fused with modern roots style music, pretty much makes the soft rock of Powderfinger. It isn’t really anything that special in my opinion, but I like it and in the end it sounds good so that’s what matters. Give them a listen. n The Vanguard, $15 Thursday 22nd May The Broken Circle Breakdown Sunshine On Leith Felix van Groeningen’s raw Belgian melodrama, which was in the official competition at last year's Sydney Film Festival, took its time finding a local release. I figured a year would be long enough to get over that viewing, that I would be able to see it clearly second time round, and not through a choking flood of tears. Wrong, I bawled my eyes out again at the first sight of Elise (Veerle Baetens) and Didier’s (Johan Heldenbergh) 7-year-old daughter Maybelle (Nell Cattrysse) – her hair melting away in a cancer hospital ward. No spoilers here, we’re told early on what happens, but the chronology of the couple’s story is all jumbled up. We flit all over the place as wild-haired bluegrass musician Didier and free-spirited tattoo artist Elsie meet, fall in love, break-up, have a daughter and face her illness, every episode in their tangled emotional lives signalled with a rapturous or a sad song from Didier’s troop of foot-stomping hipster hillbiillies (in Belgium!) and Elsie’s stunning, hauntingly beautiful vocals. Only rarely does the tragedy overwhelm the joy. Then it’s overwrought, sure, and you are hereby warned… pack some tissues. MA15+ from May 15. She Rex + Lepers and Crooks She Rex is weird. Sometimes they play really awesome rock tracks, then get a bit bluesy and sludgey, and then its all hardcore. No matter what, the singer is rapping with her Aussie accent on full show. Leper and Crooks is very mildly psychedelic rock, pretty generic though. n The Roller Den, $13.80 n Words: Max Kobras Now here's a Scotland we don’t often see! Our view of that country has so often been shaped by Irvine Welsh’s druggies, thugs with incomprehensible accents and bloated corpses fished out of the Clyde that a sunny, happy, Edinburgh that we might actually want to visit is a shock. Especially one where almost everyone bursts into song and dance at every opportunity. Yep, just like Bollywood, and Dexter Fletcher’s magical romantic melodrama featuring the songs of The Proclaimers proves to be a toe-tapping, heart-warming treat – from start to finish. Aye, it's bonnie! PG from May 22. TOP PICKS Wee bonnie lass Dangerous duo It's only FAIR Bad Neighbours Leichhardt Council is celebrating Fair Trade Fortnight and its fourth year as a Fair Trade Council with a fantastic Showcase Market that will be overflowing with quality, ethical products. To be held at Loyalty Square on Darling Street, Balmain, on Saturday 17th May from 9am to 3pm, this outdoor market will feature a range of great suppliers of Fair Trade products including Tali Gallery (pictured), Moonbird pyjamas, Kaleidoscope Global, Fair Coffee & Co., EPHAS – Every Product Has A Story, Ethica accessories, The Trading Circle, Women's Woven Art (East Timor Association (AETA)), SANAA AFRIKA, H.O.P.E. Collective and Fair Trade Down Under. Fair Trade means making better purchasing choices that will benefit the producers and their communities, and help build a better future for developing countries. Leading by example, Leichhardt Council chooses to use Fair Trade coffee and tea at all Council functions. And there will be a great selection of Fair Trade goods for sale at the market so you can support the cause too! Balmain gal Rose Byrne shows that she’s game enough for absolutely anything – even letting her breasts explode. Now before you go screaming from the room, that scene is pretty funny… While Nicholas Stoller’s Hollywood comedy has all the ingredients (lewd jokes, relentless crudity and Zac Efron) that normally make the genre a stinker, this one decidedly isn’t. Rose and Seth Rogen play new parents uneasily settling into suburban life – ridiculously pleased when they spot a gay couple inspecting the house next door. Hey, we live in a cool neighbourhood! Unfortunately the eventual tenants are a raucous college fraternity, and the couple are quickly drawn into an absurd and escalating tit-for tat neighbourhood stoush. It’s very silly, very sweary, but I defy anyone not to laugh out loud. Often – call it a guilty pleasure. MA15+ on now. n Reviews – Russell Edwards Fair Trade pieces from Tali Gallery: handprinted cushion cover and art work by Aboriginal artists n For more information contact council on 9367 9243 or visit workshops by The Make It Collective. Come and enjoy some live music, Marrickville Book Sale delicious bagels from Brooklyn Boy The popular Marrickville Library book Bagels and pizza made with ingredients sale returns again this year – this time from the school's sustainable from 9am to 5pm on Wednesday 21st garden. All funds raised on the day and Thursday 22nd of May. There will will go to Good Beginnings (www. be all manner of books, DVDs and so if you've CDs available for purchase at great got some quality fabric or sewing prices, but you should note that it is accessories clogging up your life, and cash sales only. want to give others the chance to use n Where: Marrickville Town Hall, it, then why not take out a stall. Email 303 Marrickville Road, Marrickville. for details.

 Wednesday 21st May Saturday 24th May Saturday 24th May Blues Harmonica workshop for more info and bookings. n Fabric-a-brac n Stanmore Public School: 100 Cambridge Street, Stanmore. Fabric-a-brac is a charitable fabric market hitting Stanmore Public School from 10am to 3pm. If you’re looking for great bargains, funky old fabrics and a great vibe come along! There will be over 40 stalls offering an array of fabrics and craft accessories, and 8 Knit and natter in Stanmore From the earliest seeds of its beginnings in ancient China 3000BC to its development in Germany back in 1857, the humble harmonica has become increasingly more popular, and if you'd like to jump on the bandwagon and learn to play yourself there's a workshop being held at The Record Crate, 34 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, from 1.15pm on May 24th. Attendees will receive a Why not give the harmonica a go? complimentary Harmonica Talk gift pack, which includes a harmonica and instructional CD, and will enjoy a class WIN DOUBLE with Capt Bluetongue, an experienced MOVIE PASSES harmonica educator and performer who also happens to be head tutor for To be in the running to win a double in-season pass to Child's Pose, email us The Bluetongue Harmonica School. at telling Call 0432 452 957 or email info@ us where you picked up your copy of Only at the movies May 15 Ciao. Include your name and address in your email, we can't mail to you unless we know!


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in the kitchen A lot of people still think a number of things are ‘off limits’ when it comes to healthy eating – chocolate, egg yolks, coconut cream, for example. Well, the things that should really be off limits are those weirdo processed low fat packets, that are essentially chemical cocktails doing way more harm than the odd, delicious and real ingredient treat could ever do. A real treat like grandma used to make is mostly nourishing! So, friends, this delicious recipe will see to it that you are not only satisfied by unctuous mouthfuls of silky smooth chocolate pudding. It will nourish you big time with healthy fats, omega 3, vitamin A, D, K2, lauric acid for immune building and, thanks to the gelatin, it will look after your hair, nails, joints and collagen production. Enjoy. Smokin’ pots! x xx Wine with Winsor n Italian accent Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine 2013 Pinot Grigio There are a number of Italian families in the high country of north-east Victoria growing grape varieties from their homeland and Brown Brothers have sourced some excellent fruit from them for this stylish pinot grigio, which has fresh pear and peach aromas and some bright fruit characters with breezy acidity on the finish. A delightful easy-drinking style best enjoyed chilled while still in the full blossom of youth. $18. Chocolate Custard Pots Ingredients: Method: 2 cups coconut cream 3 eggs and an egg yolk 3 tablespoons maple, honey or rice malt syrup 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and vanilla 1 flat tablespoon gelatin powder 100g dairy free dark chocolate (3/4 cup chopped roughly) Gluten free. Grain free. Dairy free. hour or two to set. 4. Serve as is or with fresh berries, whipped cream and little chunks of crushed, toasted hazelnuts. Thermomix instructions: Place all except chocolate and gelatin in TM on speed 4 at 80ºC for 7 minutes. Then add gelatin, blend on speed 8 for 3 seconds. Add chocolate and let it melt. Blend quickly on speed 6 for 3 seconds once melted to ensure it’s well combined and pour into pots and garnish once cool and set. 1. Blend all the ingredients, except the chocolate & gelatin), until smooth. 2. Place in a saucepan on low, stirring continuously until it thickens and coats the back of the spoon. Place back into blender with the gelatin and blend on high for 5 seconds to combine. 3. Add chopped dark chocolate and let it melt into the hot custard. Pulse a couple of times once melted to combine and pour into little pots or ramekins and refrigerate for an Seriously drinkable Byrne Vineyards 2012 Sangiovese This is a real boutique offering; made in tiny quantities (all bottles are individually numbered) from mature vineyards in the Clare Valley in South Australia. While so many reds are about power and concentrated oak, this little beauty is all about structure and savouriness. With dark fruit combined with stylish earthiness, this is a perfect companion for pasta with a game ragu, or maybe with some chicken or veal dishes. Hard to find, but worth tracking down at $38. n Recipe by Alexx Stuart - mum, blogger, speaker and author of ‘Real Treats’. See for more info. At the markets Sweet and juicy Queensland mandarins shouldn’t be missed either, costing anywhere from $2-$5/kg. Avocadoes are fully available now for around $3 each, or a bit more for the larger ones. n Vegies: All winter veggies are in stock now. Brussels sprouts are a good buy at $3-$4/kg, as are celery at $1.50-$3 a bunch. Carrots will be as cheap as $1.50/kg for the next while. Handpicked beans are a specialty and will cost around $10/kg. n Trim’s Fresh: Shop 21 MarketPlace Leichhardt, n Fruit: Granny Smith apples are the deal of the week at $2 per 2kg. Bargain buy Hoddles Creek 2013 Sauvignon Blanc There is no argument that the Hoddles Creek range of wines from the Upper Yarra Valley offer some of the best value to be found among Australian wine producers today. The 2013 whites are a case in point with the chardonnay and the pinot gris also outstanding. I liked this a lot, though, for its vibrancy and freshness. With high quality fruit this is unashamedly Australian in style; made for immediate enjoyment and a perfect after-work tipple. $20. Have you got the necessary cabbage? At home with... Charoen Sukantho Charoen is the talented Sous Chef at Club Five Dock RSL. He took a break from the kitchen to chat to Ciao recently about the upcoming Clubs NSW Chefs Table Awards... You will be assisting Club Five Dock’s executive chef Kamal Mudunkothge in the upcoming cook off to find the best chef in the NSW club industry. How do you feel to be part of the competition? It’s very exciting to be in the finals for the 2014 Clubs NSW Chefs Table Awards. I love working for Club Five Dock RSL and especially with Executive Chef Kamal; we have a fantastic team sharing our passion and work great as a team. Kamal and I were fortunate to pick up bronze in the 2013 Chefs Table Awards and I’m keen to go further this year with the new main ingredient: Spatchcock. Spatchcock is known as an old traditional meal and we have rejuvenated it for the public. In our competition menu, we are creating three different styles of dishes ranging from the wings, breasts and legs as well as making a master stock out of the carcass, all on a set budget. When creating the menu we thought about different textures, flavours and colours making sure they all complement each other and flow in the course tasting. What do you think is the secret to cooking the perfect spatchcock? The main secret is to cook and serve quickly so the spatchcock doesn’t come out dry. It’s best grilled, barbecued or poached but we can’t give away all our secrets before the final! What cuisines most inspire your style of cooking? My background is Thai so at home I cook a lot of Thai-style dishes for my family and friends. But I have been cooking all my life so all cuisines fascinate me as you can pick a bit of each style and develop from there. I personally love going to fusion restaurants as I love the idea of many tastes and varieties in one plate. How did you first get into the food industry? I learned how to cook in my home town in Thailand as my mother was a cook. I would help her out in busy times and developed from there. I have been a Sous Chef at Club Five Dock RSL for over seven years now and I love working with my team, guiding them to produce quality food. Working with chefs is always a great environment as we all learn from each other about new dishes and techniques in cooking. If you could invite anyone over for dinner, whom would you invite and why? I would invite anyone who has a passion about food to come for a relaxing dinner and taste my food. Jared Ingersoll It’s too cold! It’s way too cold for reading an article so make soup instead. This is one of my favourites. I’ve been making it around this time of the year for the last 20 years! There is a bit of chopping involved but it is really easy. Cook it, change it depending on what veg you have on hand. I not only hope you enjoy this recipe I hope you make it your own. Ribollita 2 stalks chopped celery, 1 chopped fennel bulb, 4 carrots, peeled and chopped, 1 red onion, peeled and chopped, 1 small head of celeriac, peeled and chopped, 2 cloves garlic, a few sprigs of thyme, a few stalks of rosemary, a pinch chilli flakes, a pinch coriander seeds (toasted and ground), 100ml extra virgin olive oil, 2 litres of chicken stock (or water), 500g chopped tomatoes, 200g kale, coarsely chopped, 200g sourdough bread with crusts removed, 100g rocket, coarsely chopped, 250g cooked white beans. Optional: parmesan rind, ham, bacon, prosciutto skin. 1. Place all your vegetables (except kale and rocket) into a food processor and coarsely chop, you will need to do this in batches if it does not all fit into your processor. 2. Rinse out your food processor and blend about a third of your cooked beans and set aside. 3. Heat a heavy based saucepan with the olive oil, when pan is hot add your vegetables and spices, season well. You will want to stir this mixture from time to time, what will happen is that as the vegetables cook their juices will start to come out. As you continue to cook the juices will cook off and the mixture will again start to fry. You want to keep cooking until the vegetables just start to colour and become delicious and sweet – they should smell amazing at this stage. Now add your stock and parmesan rinds. 4. Allow this soup to come to the boil and add your kale, torn bread, beans and bean puree and cook for another 20 minutes. 5. The end result should be a really rich and thick soup (I normally make mine thick enough to serve on a flat plate). 6. Just before serving stir in your chopped rocket, then portion into bowls, drizzle over additional extra virgin olive oil and grated parmesan if you wish. Serves 6-8 Pan-Seared King Prawns with Avocado and Chilli Lemongrass Dressing Ingredients 200g King Tiger Prawns, ½ red onion, finely sliced, ½ lemongrass, finely sliced, 2 kaffir lime leaves, finely sliced, 3 cloves garlic, finely sliced, 1-2 long red chillies, sliced, 1 tblsp, roasted chilli paste (found at any Asian grocery shop), 1 avocado, juice from 1-2 whole limes, 1-2 tblsp sugar, 1-2 tblsp fish sauce, half a cos lettuce, 6-8 coriander leaves, 6-8 mint leaves, 100ml olive oil 10 Method Dressing: Add lemon juice, red onion, garlic, chilli, roasted chilli paste, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, sugar, fish sauce, mint and coriander leaves together and mix well (flavour can be adjusted by adding more lime juice or chilli depending on how you like it). Prawns: 1. Peel and butterfly your prawns. 2. Heat frypan on medium heat, add olive oil and pan-fry prawns on both sides until cooked (may take 2-3 minutes), then set aside. 3. Place washed cos lettuce in a large bowl with sliced avocado and top with your cooked prawns. 4. Pour dressing all over and you have a healthy, easy salad to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Note: these ingredients can be used for any type of seafood e.g. fish fillet, mussels, scallops or squid.


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value Mortadella $9.99kg MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Bertocchi supressa hot and mild $19.99kg Assorted pasta 500g 3 for $2 $1.99kg Sweet mandarins Santa vittoria sparkling mineral water 6 x 750ml $4.99kg net Chestnuts $5.99 Sirena tuna 95gms Primo double smoked ham 3 for $5 $15.99kg $1.99kg Eggplant Cashiers and Deli operators wanted Enquire within, ask for Maria *Specials until Wednesday 14th of May


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n Your say People have been lining up a lot lately – waiting for a glimpse of the royals, free comics or even new release shoes. It got us wondering: what else would you line up for? n “I'd line up to meet Bon Jovi but if it was more than three hours, I wouldn't bother. I would line up for E3 tickets or tickets to the League of Legends World Championship but again wouldn't waste more than three hours on it.” Nick, Ashfield. n “I would wait no longer than 20 minutes to be seated at one of those wanker places that don't take bookings for food but I would need access to a bar to at least have a drink while I wait... the end.” Dana, Leichhardt. n “I'd line up for free taco day at Guzman Y Gomez. Don't judge me, I'm a student!” Lucy, Newtown. Who gives a buck? With Fair Trade Fortnight here (May 3rd-18th), we take a closer look at what buying Fair Trade really means... We’ve all heard about blood diamonds and there’s blood chocolate too; where orphaned children as young as 10, who have never eaten chocolate and don’t even know what it is, are put to work cracking cocoa beans with machetes, cutting themselves and bleeding into the beans which are then blended into delicious treats in factories across the world. Lost the taste for chocolate? Fortunately, you can still enjoy chocolate as this scenario doesn’t happen with certified Fair Trade products. Plantation workers have safe and fair working conditions and are properly paid. The growing and manufacturing conditions are organic, safe and carefully managed to benefit the worker, the product, the environment and the end consumer. Fair Trade products aren’t necessarily more expensive, but if we don’t give some consideration to how we personally buy beyond price, there may be other people involved who will pay dearly in terms of their wellbeing, safety, working conditions and happiness. And there are often environmental consequences as well. Are you complicit in the slave trade? It’s easy to get caught up in our own busy world, but do please spare a thought for where your purchase comes from; who made it, how they were treated, how well or poorly they were paid, what impact the production of your purchase had on the environment and how healthy it is for you as the consumer. Most of us consume coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, wine, flowers, fruit, bananas, honey, cotton, wine, diamonds, gold and/or handicrafts, so we are all responsible. What’s in it for you? Genuine Fair Trade means nobody is disadvantaged. You will be benefitting from n Sustainability n Local news Can you help get the boys to Brazil? xx x Balls of Glory calls for funding Baskets from the Tjanpi Desert Weavers xx x higher quality products that are safe and you can also be assured that you’re making a positive difference to the lives of others and the world at large. There’s light chocolate and dark chocolate, and then there’s very dark chocolate. Buying Fair Trade means there’ll be nothing that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. I’ve heard people say they don’t care where their Aboriginal art comes from and they just want to hang something on the wall. I’m sure those people would care if they understood the difference an ethical purchase can make. Artwork sourced from not-for-profit Aboriginalowned corporations and their agent galleries inhibits exploitation, can relieve poverty and also advance living conditions. The artist is fairly remunerated, and a portion of the money enables the art centre to provide art materials and wide-ranging resources for the wellbeing of the community, including training and employment opportunities. Again, we all need to spare a thought about where and how our purchases are created, take responsibility for what we purchase and be careful that we’re not unwittingly passing the buck. n Words: Di Stevens from Tali Gallery, 667 Darling St, Rozelle. T. 9555 6555. World cup radio show Balls of Glory, hosted by soccer lovers Pete 'The Black Swan' Tselepi and Robbie Keswick, is turning to crowd funding to help get them to Brazil! The offbeat show started out covering the 2010 World Cup and gained quite the following so this year they are hoping to broadcast live from the event itself. “We’ll be interviewing Brazilian soccer legends, local taxi drivers and fans from all around the world, streaming photos and videos. People will feel like they’re in Brazil with us,” says Pete. The pair don't have much time to raise the funds with the Cup starting very soon but have been astonished by the generosity of supporters so far. n For more information about this campaign and to help them reach their $20,000 target, visit at/balls-of-glory/x/6398339 anywhere. If it's delicious, I be a waiting. Free booze. Getting tipsy for free, man. That's living the life.” Jimmy, Petersham. n “I'd wait for hours to meet my idols. So far I've met Fabio Cannavaro and Alessandro Del Piero. Dreams do come true!” Paul, Haberfield. n “Free food. Any time, A passage to India xx x to avoid waiting in line for things.” Andrejs, Sydney. n “For a seminar on how Burwood Girls High School go to India Students from Burwood Girls High School recently had the exciting opportunity to visit the I-India charity located in Rajasthan, India, which they have been supporting through school fundraising for years. Rajasthan is a long way from Sydney and for a group of teenage girls from the Inner West, it must have seemed like the end of the world, but the trip offered the girls the opportunity to see firsthand who their donations were helping, get involved and get some perspective on their own lives. “It is one thing to hear about the street children and see on the website what I-India is doing to help them, but India is a place you have to see and experience for yourself and the girls really wanted to be part of it,” says Patrice Simpson, the School’s Head Teacher of Social Sciences. The group of mainly Year 11 students embarked on a 19-day journey which took in the sights of Delhi, Varanasi and Agra on the way to Rajasthan. They were able to visit Ladli Vocational Training Centres, Jhag Children’s Village, the Child Inn Boys Shelter and the Ganga Girls Shelter. “When I first saw the I-India street schools, I felt angry and upset for these children, but then I felt relieved that they had I-India to help them,” says 15-year-old Brooke. “It was incredible to see how fundraising for I-India makes such a difference in these children’s lives,” adds 16 year-old Georgia. Tread lightly There's plenty on offer as part of the Treading Lightly program this May, whether you're a beginner or a green-thumbed gardener... Ever considered worm farming in the workplace? Well, don't miss Leichhardt Council's worm farming for the office workshop on May 13th from 4pm to 5.30pm. To be held in the Council Administration Building (7-15 Wetherill St, Leichhardt), the workshop will be full of handy hints on how to start your own workplace worm farm and divert office waste – plus you'll take home some fertiliser for your garden and maybe even some extra worm castings or worm tea, so bring a container along. n For more information call 9367 9381. Meanwhile, on May 30th Strathfield Council will be holding a Veggie Gardens in Small Spaces seminar. Lack of space shouldn't stop you from growing your own fresh vegetables and this workshop will show you how to plant them in small spaces. The event will be held at Strathfield's new Community Gardens and be followed by a BBQ lunch! n Visit to make a booking. Get your hands dirty doing an alternative gardening workshop who will be a finalist? Local Business Award finalists will be announced on May 19th with thousands of nominations having been received from hundreds of supporters... Many businesses now anxiously await confirmation that their efforts have proved fruitful and resulted in elite finalist status. "The Awards allow small business owners to be recognised for their contribution to the local community, and the wider Australian economy, and to celebrate their successes,” said Lauren Hill of BizCover – the major sponsor of this year's awards. In order to qualify as a finalist, businesses must receive commendable levels of support during the nomination process, and this year proved a competitive affair so qualifying as 12 a finalist is quite the accomplishment. Lauren added that she looks forward to congratulating finalists and encouraging more local businesses to participate in future. The awards cover everywhere from Balmain to Ashfield where Ashfield Council is once again pleased to be a sponsor and consider the awards a great opportunity to acknowledge "the diversity of business in the Ashfield LGA." Another long-time sponsor, MarketPlace Leichhardt, partner with the awards every year to show their support for small business, and are excited about being involved in the awards this year following their win for Best Fashion Shop (Noni B) in 2013. “The Inner West Local Business Awards are an opportunity for MarketPlace Leichhardt’s retailers to be recognised for their tireless efforts building their retail business into a success story,” said Marketing Manager Cassandra Fitzgerald. Nearby, Norton Plaza, also prides itself on being home to leaders in their categories, particularly in fresh food and services, and hope to see a number of businesses from the centre named finalists. “Business owners at Norton Plaza have always been focused and dedicated to serving the local community, offering exceptional quality and great customer experience. We all know that being in business isn’t easy, and would like to see the community recognise and reward these efforts,” says Katie Smith from Norton Plaza Centre Manager. “Receiving such an award is very humbling and demonstrates how appreciative and supportive the community is. We wish all local businesses in the Inner West the best, and look forward to celebrating their success.” Last year Norton Plaza newcomer, Josephine Maniscalco from Nocturnal Designs, took home the award for Business Person of the Year, while Relish won for Best Deli/Gourmet Food Outlet. n For more information visit www. Josephine Maniscalco and Steve Loe


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n Promotion world spinal health week 2014 The Back Dr How long have you been in business in Leichhardt? The Back Dr Leichhardt has been changing lives in our current location for over 10 years. Between us we have many decades of experience. Chiropractor Dr Andrew has practiced for 20 years working in England, Peru, Brazil and Australia. He speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese and teaches at Macquarie University when he is not treating patients at the Back Dr. Our massage therapists Pete and Kathy also have decades of experience between them and have worked with the Sydney Swans, Balmain Tigers and Sydney Kings professional sporting teams. Maddy, our receptionist, has been coaching people to improve their health for over 5 years. What’s the best feedback you’ve received from a patient? Due to the painful effects of chronic spinal issues we often hear from our patients that we have “Saved their lives” and they now “Have their life back!” after treatment. Over a quarter of Australians are being forced into early retirement because of back and arthritic pain. Chronic back pain is one of the top three causes of disability in Australia. Forced early retirement can be devastating on both your finances and the quality of your retirement years, but it may be prevented by seeing a chiropractor and maintaining good postural fitness. Do you have any advice for how people can care for their spine and prevent back injury? Good spinal health is a lifestyle choice just like eating healthily and getting regular exercise. It is not a band aid treatment. In this modern age we spend up to 80% of our working day sitting, not to mention in our leisure time. Postural fitness can prevent problems that may occur in your muscles, joints and ligaments and it can also prevent potential injuries. By building up core muscle strength and improving our postural fitness we can protect and stabilize our spine. We can restore and maintain healthy spinal joints and mobility with chiropractic check-ups. What are the best ways to manage back pain?  It is vital that you do a checkup with your local chiropractor. Even the most prestigious medical journals (Spine) refer to chiropractic as the most effective, cost effective and safest evidence based health profession to address back pain. Improving posture with accompanying stretches and exercises is critical to long term positive outcomes. What sets The Back Dr apart from other similar businesses in the Inner West?  We are a team of internationally experienced and friendly professionals who focus not only on relieving symptoms but on fixing the root cause of the problem. We utilise high tech diagnostics and techniques backed up by research to get the best possible result. n The Back Dr: 138 Marion St, Leichhardt. T. 9560 1300. www.TheBackDrLeichhardt. In celebration of World Spinal Health Week 2014, which runs from May 19th to 25th, Ciao chats to local chiropractic experts from The Back Dr, Leichhardt, and The Chiropractic Clinic, Haberfield, to find out all you need to know about caring for your spine... The Chiropractic Clinic It’s Spinal Health Week and alignment and exercise are the keys to a healthier spine and healthier you according to the team at The Chiropractic Clinic, Haberfield! Our bodies are designed for movement, so good posture and exercise are essential if you want your body to function at its absolute best. A well supported, aligned and dynamic spine allows the nervous system to effectively control the body and all of its functions, maintaining overall health and well being. But how many of us can truly say we actually have good posture all of the time? Practically no one can! With the ever increasing time we now spend sitting slumped in front of the computer, watching TV, playing video games and using our phones and tablets poor posture has now become a major contributor to the physical health issues of the almost every one of us. Apart from the obvious physical stresses that we feel from this, the real problem lies in the pressure and irritation to the nervous system that can result from the spine being put out of alignment due to our poor physical habits. Some of the most common effects of poor posture include: back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, joint and muscle aches, rounded shoulders and pelvic imbalance. And that’s why a visit to the chiropractor could just be the answer to some of those long standing problems you’ve been looking for. Chiropractic is one the best ways to optimise the body’s full health potential. With specific manual techniques by hand or instrument, called adjustments, a chiropractor can help re-establish alignment in the body, reduce pain and discomfort and restore correct function to the nervous system. The overall health benefits from this type of care include improved posture, balanced and strengthened muscles, better joint mobility and a true sense of vitality and well being. At The Chiropractic Clinic at Haberfield, a truly holistic approach of chiropractic care is offered. Deep tissue massage and rehabilitation exercises are an integral part of every consultation together with a primary focus on assessing and treating the actual cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.So if you have been feeling the effects of poor posture lately or simply just not functioning at your best, there’s never been a better time than now, during Spinal Health Week, to take action – pop in and see us at the clinic. n The Chiropractic Clinic: 14 Marion St, Haberfield. T. 9799 5234. www. Lyons Road Family Chiro Your Sydney Chiro in Drummoyne Celebrate Spinal Health Week with our new patient comprehensive consultation and adjustment package. Why suffer with headaches, back pain, asthma or injuries when you can get help today! For more information visit, email or call 9819 6182. The team from The Back Dr Do you suffer from: • Back Pain • Neck Pain • Postural Problems Would you like answers? The Back Dr team is conducting complimentary Spinal Health assessments which include: •  Consultation and checkup with Chiropractor Dr Andrew Broughan •  Spinal and postural assessment •  Digital muscle scan •  Full spine X-rays •  Follow up report of findings • Headaches/Migraines • Fatigue • Arthritic Pain At the Chiropractic Clinic at Haberfield we understand that everybody has unique health issues that need to be treated individually. We provide chiropractic care that is wholistic and tailored to your individual needs. Come experience Chiropractic care that makes a real difference! Call us on 9799 5234 or email us at Contact us on 02 9560 1300 or email us at Mention this advertisement to take advantage of this exclusive offer. No time limit. No Obligations.


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MEET the local literati Anita Heiss Anita is one of Australia’s most popular authors with her most recent non-fiction book ‘Am I Black Enough For You?’ taking out the 2012 Victorian Premier’s Indigenous Literature Prize. Anita has also penned several novels and will be appearing at festival events: Anita Heiss: So You Want to Write a Chick Lit Novel, Fabulous Women’s Fiction, Turning the Tide and The Changing Face of Indigenaity: Now and Beyond. What role do you think literature plays in bringing about social change? I think literature holds a mirror up to society, reflecting upon us who we are as individuals and members of communities, and indeed as citizens in the global village. Sometimes these reflections show glory and glamour and at other times they highlight our flaws and failings as a society. Thanks to these reflections we have the opportunity to consider what kind of world we would like to live in, and what we are willing to do to make that world happen. My own writing is always about making social change, whether I’m writing a novel for school kids or stories targeting Australian women who like books about relationships. I believe my own literature can break down stereotypes about Aboriginal people in the 21st century, and unite us through messages of sameness. As an Advocate for the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence and an Indigenous Literacy Day Ambassador, what do you think needs to be done to raise literacy rates among Indigenous Australians? I think more resources, including appropriate books, literacy programs and teachers, need to be made available on the ground to our most disadvantaged. This would require money, human resources and logistics to make sure it happens. I think the Federal Government needs to prioritise the needs of Indigenous people – both young and old – as the first step in improving literacy rates. When you consider the appalling statics related to First Australians you’ll see a huge gap in what should be an equitable education system. What’s the secret to your success as a writer? I am highly motivated and find inspiration in everyday life. I marry this with hard work and the belief that what I do can make a difference in the world. If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing? I think I’d be a librarian. Most of the librarians I meet absolutely love their jobs. They work very hard and are passionate about their role in engaging their communities – whether at school or locally – in the joy of reading and storytelling. I’ve found librarians to be happy in their workplaces, innovative in the challenge to keep up with competing technologies and also LOADS of fun to hang out with. n feature Wordsmiths from all over the world and all walks of life will soon be uniting for the 2014 Sydney Writers’ Festival (May 19th-25th). This year the festival will explore writing that challenges our concepts of culture, history and identity. There are over 400 brilliant authors taking part – many of whom are from the Inner West. Ciao was lucky enough to catch up with two of these local writers in the lead up to the festival to ask for their take on how books can help change people’s thinking – and ultimately the world. Anita Heiss Fiona McFarlane Fiona McFarlane Fiona will be appearing at both the ‘Different Perspectives’ and ‘Fiona McFarlane: The Night Guest’ events at the festival on May 22nd. The Night Guest is Fiona’s debut novel. What role do you think literature plays in bringing about social change? Writing and reading literature is an exercise in expansion; not only do the best books open our eyes to experiences and worlds beyond our own, they can also explain our own worlds and experiences to us. The more we understand about the time and place we’re living – our particular neighbourhood, country, planet – and the strange, beautiful, brutal experience of being human, the more we can apply that understanding to our encounters with the world and other people. You will be discussing how seeing the world from different perspectives can be enlightening to both readers and writers at the festival. How do you go about accessing a character’s viewpoint? People often ask me how, as a young woman, I managed to write from the perspective of an elderly one. The answer is that I’m not sure – I wonder if writers are ever sure how they achieve the final alchemy of character – but I know I didn’t sit down and think, “Now I must write from the point of view of an elderly woman.” I thought, instead, about a woman called Ruth Field, who has seventy-five years of experience, memory, habit, opinion, prejudice and preference; she’s a very specific person, who is also a woman and elderly. The Night Guest opens on the night Ruth thinks she hears a tiger in her lounge room but a great deal of living has taken place – on Ruth’s part – before that first sentence. What do you think is the key to success? The key to success as a writer is perseverance. I wish it were something more glamorous, but it isn’t. If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing? I find it hard to imagine being anything else – everything I’ve chosen to do has been because I wanted to write. In a parallel universe, however, I might be a pastry chef. n For more information about these authors or to book tickets to their events visit The Sydney Writers’ Festival comes to Ashfield The Inner West is proud to be welcoming internationally renowned Irish crime novelist John Connolly to Ashfield Town Hall as part of the Writers’ Festival this month. John will be discussing his bestselling Charlie Parker thrillers and the latest novel in the series, The Wolf in Winter. This is the twelfth year Ashfield Council has been involved with the festival and fittingly, John’s new novel is book number 12 for everyone’s favourite former NYPD Detective, Charlie Parker. John launched the series about the guilt-ridden detective driven by revenge after the shocking murders of his wife and daughter back in 1999. Don’t miss your chance to come along to this special free event and hear John talk about the evolution of the character after all these years. Guests are welcome to buy a book and have it signed by the author himself on the night. n When: 6.30pm, Thursday 22nd May. Bookings can be made at 14


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FOOD EMPORIUM EST 1962 LITTLE ITALY LANDS IN MARRICKVILLE Paesanella Cheese have just opened an exciting new retail outlet in the heart of the inner west. The new deli offers a wide selection of the finest produce from Australia and around the world. Specialising in cheeses and an extensive deli range. The store offers a variety of organic & gluten free produce, a diverse lunch menu and catering for your event. 150-152 Marrickvile Road, Marrickville Monday-Saturday: 8am-5pm Sunday: 7am-2pm Ph (02) 9519 6181



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