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Green&Silver Magazine Eastern New Mexico University MAY 2014 Alumna Gives Back to Her Community Through Medicine Page 4-5 ENMU Success Stories Pages 6-9 Campus Updates Pages 10-15 Photo by Valonia Hardy Alumni and Friends Updates Pages 16-19


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Success Stories Features 04 06 07 07 08 08 09 Cover Story— Alumna Gives Back to Her Community Through Medicine 21 Patents and Counting Alumna Promotes Family Yoghurt Products Kaiwen Xu Calls New Mexico Home Student Body President Followed Friends An ENMU Athletics Love Story Ping Liu’s Story ENMU Campus Updates 10 12 13 13 14-15 Big Stadium News Students and Community Support Stadium MBA 100% Online Teacher Education Program Recognized Sports News Alumni and Friends Updates 16 20 Class Notes Upcoming Events Green & Silver Magazine May 2014 Managing Editor Noelle Bartl Editor/Graphic Designer Amy Archuleta Writers and Contributors Dr. Janet Buzzard, Toni Carrasco, Brenda Gonzales, Robert Graham, Sara Hill, Dr. Joseph Kline, Ping Liu, Adam Pitterman, Dr. Janet Roehl, Peggy Woodward. New address, questions, comments, or story ideas? Contact us at 1.888.291.5524, or


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From the President Dear ENMU Family, As May begins, the winds on the high plains have started to subside, and the spring semester is beginning to wind down too. We are always so impressed by the dedication and commitment of our students who stay on target with their degree plans and walk at commencement. There are over 442 students registered to graduate as of this print deadline. All of us at ENMU wish them great success as they move forward with their careers and follow their dreams. We were blessed to have had them be a part of the Eastern experience. The New Mexico Legislators proved again to be committed to higher education and to helping ENMU advance as a university. ENMU received $606,000 in capital outlay for building the new Stadium on campus. This funding along with other funding sources, bring our total to over $7.3 million toward the $12 million goal (as of March 31, 2014). The stadium will complete the campus and have a positive economic impact for the community. If you haven’t already done so, please do join in the Stadium Campaign that will transform the University and its athletic program. All students will benefit from this multi-purpose facility. As an alumnus and friend, I hope you agree to make a significant donation. In regards to construction on campus, the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building is currently undergoing renovations and will reopen in late fall. The project will move this highly utilized facility from the dark ages into the 21st century in regards to technology and heating and cooling. It is all a part of our commitment to improve the learning experience for our students; the students are the center of all our decisions to better the campus. On an exciting note, ENMU will celebrate its 80th anniversary this coming school year. Eastern New Mexico Junior College opened in 1934 to 145 students. In the spring of 1935, Eastern celebrated its first graduating class of 14 women and three men. We have grown since that groundbreaking time, but we are still just as committed to providing the best academic experience for our students. As we’ve said before, student success … that’s what it’s all about. Sincerely, Steven Gamble ENMU President Green & Silver | May 2014 3


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Above: In August 2012, Shannon had the opportunity to go on a medical mission trip to Kenya. With a team of 30 healthcare professionals, they “camped out” in rural areas and helped build clinics for the residents who otherwise would not have access to medicine. F or Shannon Saltclah (BS 08), giving back to her community has always been the driving force and motivation to pursue a career in health care. Shannon is currently a pharmacist at Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Fort Defiance, Arizona. “I’ve always wanted to come back to the Navajo Reservation and give back to my people. I enjoy going to work every day knowing I’m going to educate someone about their medication and how it will benefit their health.” Shannon grew up in northwest New Mexico. She is a member of the Navajo tribe, originally from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, which is located on the Navajo reservation. Shannon’s mother and grandmother were major influences in her life. Her mother, a nurse practitioner, showed Shannon the passion and joy that health care can bring to one’s life. Her grandmother grew up on the reservation and never had the opportunity to attend school or learn English. Shannon remembers her grandmother telling her, “You are very lucky to have been given the opportunity to get an education. I wish I was given the same opportunity as you. Give back to your people, use your education to the fullest and make us proud.” She chose to attend ENMU because it was close to home, has a strong science program, offered Lieutenant Shannon Saltclah in uniform. She became a Commissioned Corps officer with the United States Public Health Services in January. 4 Green & Silver | May 2014 Photo by Kun Shen


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Photo by Valonia Hardy Shannon Saltclah Gives Back to Her Community Through Medicine By Amy Archuleta After graduating from ENMU, she went on to earn her Doctor of Pharmacy. While at UNM College of Pharmacy, she acquired additional prescriptive authority in Smoking Cessation, Emergency Contraception, and Vaccination. Working for a medical center that is part of the Indian Health Services, she knows she has opportunities to transfer to other facilities, but she feels like this is where she belongs. She enjoys the that the Land of Enchantment habits diversity has to offer. diversity, and gave her the opportunity to play college softball. Following in her mother’s medical footsteps and taking her grandmother’s advice to use her education to help others, Shannon chose to pursue a career as a pharmacist. At ENMU, Shannon appreciated the campus atmosphere and small class sizes. She enjoyed playing softball for the Zias, working as a math tutor, and being “The study crowned Miss Native American ENMU 2005-2006. She was able to and work ethic build relationships with instructors and her classmates. “We became I developed at one big family. We studied for ENMU contributed exams together, motivated, and encouraged each other to do our to my success in best,” Shannon recalls. Of her teachers she said Dr. Manuel Varela was one of the notable professors who positively influenced her at Eastern. “I feel that his teaching style and assignments fully prepared me for pharmacy school. His upper level science courses challenged me to become a better student and gave me the confidence that I could handle coursework beyond an undergrad level. The study habits and work ethic I developed contributed to my success in pharmacy school.” pharmacy Recently, Shannon went on a medical mission with 30 health care professionals to help Kenyans in need. They established clinics in rural Kenya to provide health care. The rural areas reminded her of home and brought to school.” her attention how fortunate we are to have access to medicine in the United States. She would like to volunteer in South America soon, doing similar medical work with rural clinics. In January, Shannon became a Commissioned Corps officer with the United States Public Health Services. She is now Lieutenant Saltclah. Green & Silver | May 2014 5


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21 Patents and Counting erry Walker (BS 67) grew up on a farm four miles southwest of Rogers, NM. After graduating from Dora High School in 1962, he enrolled at ENMU with no idea what career to pursue. After taking a couple of courses in the Technology Department, which was then headed by Dr. Al Bettina, Jerry knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. While pursuing his degree in Industrial Technology with a minor in Industrial Management, he worked various part-time jobs and farmed to help pay for his education. Jerry quickly realized how valuable his degree was to become in a rapidly advancing world of technology. He accepted a position with J Submitted by Peggy Woodward Shell Oil Company and worked there for a summer before joining the U.S. Marine Corps. After returning from active duty, Jerry accepted a position with Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX where he spent the next several years designing automated equipment for production lines and working in their new consumer products division. Before he left Texas Instruments in the mid 1970s, he had the opportunity to work on the first eight-digit calculator Texas Instruments ever produced. He then worked for Teccor Electronics, Crown Molding, and Kay Industries as a mechanical engineer and an engineering manager. In 1980, Jerry returned to the petroleum industry, accepting a position as engineering manager for Jet Research Center, a subsidiary and later a division of Halliburton Oil, in Arlington, TX. At Jet Research Center Jerry was able to utilize some of the explosives training he received in the Marine Corps. With his success as a research and development engineer at Jet Research Jerry received 21 US patents and several European patents on various inventions mostly relating to explosive perforating technology and equipment designed for use in deep water. One perforating system designed for use in horizontal wells in the North Sea area won runner up for the Innovation Award at the SPE/ ICoTA European Well Intervention Round Table in 2007. Jerry spent many years as a member of the American Petroleum Institute’s committee on perforating where he represented Halliburton and helped to develop standardized testing methods for the industry. His 33 year career at Halliburton afforded him the opportunity to travel to many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He still enjoys the challenge of his job but looks forward to retiring and spending more time traveling with his wife and enjoying their children and grandchildren. Jerry Walker List of US Patents Jerry Walker has been issued (condensed). Teccor Electronics 4,090,167 Push Switch and Potentiometer Assembly Halliburton 4,609,057 Shaped Charge Carrier 4,621,396 Manufacturing of Shaped Charge Carrier 4,739,839 Capsule Charge Perforating System 4,817,531 Capsule Charge Retaining Device 5,070,943 Apparatus and Method for Perforating a Well 5,117,911 Shock Attenuating Apparatus and Method 5,590,723 Perforating Charge Carrier Assembly H1,675 Hybrid Capsule Charge 5,701,964 Perforating Charge Carrier Assembly and Method 6,371,219 Oil well Perforator Having Metal Loaded Polymer Matrix Liner & Case 6,497,285 Low Debris Shaped Charge Perforating Apparatus and Method for Use 6,748,843 Unique Phasing and Firing Sequences for Perforating Guns 6,758,124 Unique Phasing and Firing Sequences for Perforating Guns 7,360,587 Debris Reduction Perforating Apparatus 7,360,599 Debris Reduction Perforating Apparatus and Method for Use 7,430,965 Debris Retention Perforating Apparatus and Method for Use 7,621,342 Method For Retaining Debris in a Perforating Apparatus 7,828,051 Perforating Gun Several International patents as well 6 Green & Silver | May 2014


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ENMU Alumna Promotes Family Yoghurt Products arla van der Ploeg (BBA 10) immigrated to the United States in the early 21st century. Her family dairy farmed in the Friesland province of the Netherlands and extended that practice to Clovis, NM. The van der Ploeg family introduced a “yoghurt like no other” to not only New Mexico, but also West Texas: Freanna Original Yoghurt. A preWorld War II (1938) cow named Anna, along with her progeny, were major influences on the van der Ploeg recipe. Karla put a business model to that recipe. She says, “I am helping to get the business off the ground. I’m in charge of the marketing, sales, and promotions. A big part of my job is building networks too.” Accounting, shipping, tracking, searching K By Robert Graham for new stores, production forecasts, helping with the production of the yoghurt, and container design, Karla says, are a part of her diverse daily workload. In addition to Business Administration, Karla has training in photography and interior design. “My diverse background helps in my field; it also helps me in my follow through,” a message Karla hopes will resonate with those walking a few steps behind her. Karla is one of the many presenters ENMU tapped to speak during Women’s History Month. A little over a decade into a new century, Karla says, “My goal is to help people lead healthier lives with our yoghurt. I think this is the direction that society is headed.” Karla van der Ploeg K Kaiwen Xu Calls New Mexico Home China province of Sichuan. Kaiwen says, “the WACE program provided me with a bridge into American society.” Kaiwen extended this bridge by also earning his MBA from ENMU. After graduation, Cannon Federal Credit Union hired Kaiwen as an accounting manager. Kaiwen says, “I am excited for the opportunity to practice my craft by proving my value and by getting results. You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” By Robert Graham aiwen Xu (MBA 13, BBA 11) vividly remembers his first day as an undergraduate student, “I arrived on campus with two big suitcases and two handbags. Back then, I was a stranger to the campus.” Kaiwen earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from ENMU through the World American Cultural Exchanges (WACE) program. WACE, established in 1997, coordinates multiple-year undergraduate study programs where students from China study at American universities. ENMU has been partnering with WACE since 2004. Kaiwen’s home university was Sichuan University in Chengdu, the capital city in the Southwest “You can’t build. a reputation on what you’re going to do.” Kaiwen Xu His time at ENMU not only contributed to his success, but also made New Mexico his new home and ENMU became a part of him as he was a part of ENMU. Unlike his first day, Kaiwen says, “today, I am now a part of the Eastern New Mexico community.” Learn more about ENMU’s MBA program on page 13 and visit Green & Silver | May 2014 7


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U M N E o t s d n e t n e Followed Fri d i s e r P y d o B t n e d u t S e m and Beca E By Noelle Bartl NMU senior Justin Aguilar, from Farmington, NM, chose to attend ENMU because his two best friends had enrolled. The friends transferred out, but Justin stayed and maximized every opportunity to get involved. When asked about his biggest challenge, Justin replied, “Stepping into the spotlight and representing the entire student body was quite an experience. You get the good with the bad including praise, compliments and hate mail. I’ve learned a lot.” Before becoming president, Justin also demonstrated his leadership skills in the Theta Zeta Chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity as the chair of the 50th homecoming reunion weekend in 2012. When he was only a sophomore, Justin organized the fraternity’s first annual Run for the Heroes event raising $4,000 for the Fisher House Foundation. “Presenting the check to a Fisher House Representative made a real impact on my fraternity brothers and me,” said the mathematics major. Because of his leadership abilities, Justin was asked to direct the annual Mud Volleyball Tournament not just once but again this spring during his last semester of college. “It should be easy since I’d been through it once before. Students love this event that raises money for ENMU Foundation scholarships.” Justin’s career plans are to become an analyst and work on an MBA. He has his sights set on Sandia Labs in Albuquerque. Justin was elected as ASENMU President for his last year of college. Under his leadership this past Fall, the students overwhelmingly supported a student fee increase toward Justin Aguilar $4 million investment in a new stadium. Justin is most proud of this achievement knowing the students took ownership of transforming the future of ENMU and Portales. “The current students will return to campus for future homecoming weekends and will tell their children they helped build the stadium.” An ENMU Athletics Love Story quality education. However, they left ENMU with far more than a degree … they left with one another! Jeff and Laci were high school sweethearts with aspirations of continuing to play sports after graduating. “ENMU was the place we both received scholarships to play and by accepting those scholarships we were able to stay together during college,” Laci explained. Laci was a star Zia basketball player. She was Lone Star Conference South Division AllAcademic twice, made the commissioner’s honor roll, was all conference, and still ranks 17th on the Zia career-scoring list. Jeff’s Greyhound football jersey was retired after a senior year, which concluded his college career with three All-America honors, two All-Lone Star Conference South selections, and Academic All-District selection. This athletic power couple was inducted into the Athletics Hall of Honors in 2011. But ENMU wasn’t just about athletics. Jeff and Laci both valued their education and majored in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-med. While neither of the two chose to pursue a career in the medical field, both learned to be dedicated and work hard through their educational experience. “We learned a lot about dedication,” Laci explained, “We learned that to be successful there must be sacrifice and hard work. Success is not something that is instant but must be earned over time with consistent effort.” The couple’s hard work and dedication has paid off. After graduation, Jeff began his coaching career in football at the high S 8 Laci, Natassja and Jeff Howard tudents have many reasons for choosing ENMU. Jeff Howard (BS 06) and Laci (Lee) Howard (BS 05) chose to attend ENMU in order to keep playing the sports they love while obtaining a Green & Silver | May 2014


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My Story I by Alumna Ping Liu ‘99 ENMU. On July 3, 1997, I acquired a student visa from the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai. I was nervous because Portales was listed as a desert on the map. I remember my dad trying to comfort me, telling me that Portales must have a population if there was a university. My family helped me to pack everything you could imagine into just two pieces of luggage. With my father’s blessing and my family’s support, I started my new adventure, away from my family for the first time. After flying into Lubbock, Richard drove me to Portales. I did not know there were fellow Chinese students on campus until I arrived. A couple of days later, I had a new roommate named Liting. I was an MBA major and with the small class sizes and rigorous academic expectations, there were a lot of homework assignments. My favorite places on campus were my little cubicle in the library and the computer lab in the College of Business. Finally, I learned that my husband got his visa in Guangzhou when Former President Clinton visited China. After I reunited with my husband Fred in October of 1998, we decided to learn how to drive. Richard and Gilley let me borrow their old VW Beetle. After I graduated in 1999, we moved to Dallas, and I decided to pursue another master’s degree. Working full-time during the day and going to school in the evenings, sometimes I felt the numbers floating in front of my eyes. In August of 2001, I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a master’s degree in accounting. A few months later, I passed all four parts of was born and raised in Hangzhou, which is the capital of the Zhejiang Province and a famous tourist attraction. I was an academic librarian in China. During the semester break, I found a part-time job as an English-speaking tour guide. I never imagined my life would totally change after getting assigned to show Richard (MBA 67) and Gilley Griffith around in 1996. Before they left Hangzhou, Richard and Gilley asked to visit a local family and learn about their daily life. They had a chance to meet my parents and grandmother. Before they departed, Richard and Gilley asked me if I was interested in studying in America. As a young girl, I was very curious about the outside world so, of course, I said yes. Richard recommended Ping Liu and daughter Annie Li CPA exam on the first try. Due to several layoffs from accounting firms, my only option was to go back to school to maintain legal status. Therefore, I started my third master’s degree, this time in management and information science. Education is a top priority in Asian family. In July 2007 we welcomed our baby girl. In June 2011, we received green card approval notice. Finally, I had a feeling of home. Now my husband Fred is a senior software developer for Alliance Data Systems, and I work for Worth Ross Management Co. Inc. Even though we moved out of Portales 15 years ago, those who once gave us a helping hand and helped us achieve our dreams will always be in our heart. They are Richard and Gilley Griffith, Pat and Howard Overby, Charlie and Martha Crane, Rodger Rehder, and many Portales residents kind enough to give us rides. They were all role models for me and inspired me to be a better person. Someday, I want to be a miracle maker for someone in need. By Toni Carrasco and Amy Archuleta school level and has already worked his way up to the professional level as an assistant coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Laci teaches science and coaches basketball at Mound Westonka High School in Minnesota. While this couple has many accomplishments to celebrate, they have found their greatest accomplishment to be the adoption of their 16-year-old daughter Natassja. “We took Natassja into our home September 2012,” Laci stated, “Being able to see God work in her life has been one of the greatest things we have ever seen. She is turning out to be a wonderful young lady and making great strides in her life. She is graduating high school this May and we are very excited about her decision to attend ENMU in the fall.” Green & Silver | May 2014 9


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Stadium Campaign Over $7.3 Million T he Stadium Campaign has surpassed $7.3 million as of April 1st when this magazine went to print. The ENMU alumni/donors, citizens of Portales/Roosevelt County and students are all getting behind this multi-purpose facility that will transform Portales and ENMU. The campaign goal is $12 million and Stephen Doerr, the ENMU Foundation Board President/Campaign Chair can see this being achieved in the near future. “I’m thankful for everyone who has championed this campaign in the early stages,” acknowledges Mr. Doerr. “It will take all of us getting behind this campaign with our own contributions to reach our goal. As alumni and friends of ENMU, you need to take ownership in this exciting project.” We are proud to announce several lead contributions that have made this $7.3 million possible. Income as of April 1, 2014 is as follows: ENMU Students ENMU Funds Portales Schools NM Capital Outlay Donations & Pledges TOTAL $4,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $ 606,000 $ 705,000 $7,311,000 For example, a pledge of $5,000 could be paid over five years at $1,000 each year. That is less than $85 per month. Or a $10,000 pledge over five years is $2,000 a year or less than $170 per month. This is the first campaign where we are raising private funds to build a new addition to the Portales Campus. This is the ONLY addition that allows donors the opportunity to have their names as a permanent part of the new state of the art facility. Join in and make it happen. Call the ENMU Foundation office at 888.291.5524 to learn more. Watch for exciting announcements in the near future regarding additional contributions and donor commitments. Donors have already locked in their pledges for naming rights of the team entrance to the field, home side ticket booth, flagpoles and much more. Have you considered participating in the campaign and sponsoring one of the naming opportunities listed on the opposite page? There are opportunities available, and we will be more than happy to discuss these with you. You can even make a pledge that will be fulfilled over several years (maximum of five). 10 Green & Silver | May 2014


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Go online to donate at Gift Opportunities Upon completion of the project, ENMU will recognize all who have contributed to the stadium campaign’s success. Major gift donors will also have the special opportunity to memorialize or pay tribute to honorees through the acquisition of naming rights for specific features of the new stadium. $2,000,000 $500,000 $500,000 $400,000 $200,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $75,000 $75,000 $50,000 $25,000 $10,000 $5,000 $5,000 $1,000 $500 $350 $250 $150 Multi-Purpose Stadium Football Field New Street Between Baseball Stadium and New Stadium Video Scoreboard (major donor plus additional advertisers) Hospitality Level (or 5 donors at $50,000 each) Locker Room 1 Locker Room 2 Locker Room 3 Greyhound Statue Concession Area Visitor SideTicket Booth Elevator Each Flagpole Park Benches and Lamp Posts Individual Press Boxes and Radio Booths Individual Lockers Seat Back Area Plaques on Seats Brick 12”x12” Brick 8”x8” Brick 4”x8” Please note all benefits are based upon availability and are not guaranteed. Multi-year pledge fulfillment available. Green & Silver | May 2014 11


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Community, Students and Alumni Support the New Stadium “Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this exciting endeavor? The new stadium will be an incredible asset to Portales and ENMU. It is a win-win for everyone in this community. ENMU continues to impact our family and business. We love the Greyhounds and Zias.” Mike Stratton (BBA 71) owner of C & S Inc. in Portales $50,000 Stadium Contributor (photographed above with his daughters: April Rutter, Alyssa Idsinga, Adrianna Stevens (BS 09), Andrea Hunton (BBA 05) and Abigail Pritchett) “As a student I am proud to be part of a class that will be leaving their mark at ENMU for decades to come. As a student-athlete I could not be more excited for this great opportunity to play in a new stadium and what it means for the future of our Athletic Department and University. It is a privilege to have the support from all the ENMU students and I hope our alumni take advantage of this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Jeremy Buurma Greyhound Football Quarterback “As a former athlete and proud alumni who dedicated countless hours to the school and the athletic department I can’t think of a better step to take that will have a greater positive impact on the entire University. The ability to upgrade facilities for Eastern’s athletic department will help give a platform to build on not only from a recruiting aspect, but also from a player/coaching standpoint. The addition of this new stadium and artificial turf will help ensure that each sport will play on a surface that will handle any type of weather and also will not suffer from the wear and tear of a long and strenuous season. The facility’s new atmosphere will create an electric game day experience and bring together the school, students, athletes, fans and community.” Samantha (Lawrence) Ward (BS 10) Zia Soccer Buy a Brick Build a Stadium An easy way to be a part of the new stadium is by purchasing a brick for you or a loved one. Bricks make great gift ideas too. The bricks will be placed near the entrance of the new stadium and will be engraved in ALL CAPS with the text you choose. Three sizes to choose from: 4x8 Three lines of text, 18 characters $150 for first brick, $50 for duplicate brick memento 8x8 12x12 Six lines of text, 18 characters $250 for first brick, $75 for duplicate brick memento Six lines of text, 23 characters $350 for first brick, $100 for duplicate brick memento Order your brick(s) online now at 12 Green & Silver | May 2014


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MBA 100% Online College of Business E By Janet Buzzard In addition to the low cost, the program is flexible and provides a schedule of courses with evening, online, and interactive distance learning to accommodate busy lives. Courses are offered every semester, so students can start when it is convenient for them. A qualified students can complete the program in one or two years depending on their scheduling needs. The ENMU MBA provides a quality, student-focused business education and is a nationally recognized and respected program. Actively engaged in business collaboration throughout the region, the ENMU College of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and brings a strong team of doctorally qualified faculty with experience and knowledge from the private sector that enriches each student’s learning experience. For more information, contact ENMU MBA Coordinator Dr. Veena Parboteeah at 575.562.2442 or Veena.Parboteeah@enmu. edu or the College of Business Dean, Dr. Janet Buzzard at 575.562.2343 or NMU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a low-cost, convenient option for anyone looking to broaden their career opportunities or earn a master’s degree to use as a bridge to pursue an advanced degree. Now 100 percent online, an ENMU MBA is accessible to any student around the world who has the ability to take online courses. ENMU’s MBA boasts one of the most affordable tuition rates in the state of New Mexico and the country. Out-of-state students enrolling in six or fewer hours per fall or spring semester pay tuition and fees at the low, in-state rate. ( Visit ENMU MBA online Teacher Education Program Recognized for Excellence he College of Education and Technology’s commitment to student success, quality programs, and teaching excellence has lead to national accreditation of its teacher education preparation program. This program of undergraduate and graduate degrees has earned full accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The teacher education program is accredited through 2018, when it will be eligible for reaccreditation. College of Education and Technology T By Janet Roehl “The continual focus on quality at ENMU has been recognized at both the state and national levels,” says Dr. Penny A. Garcia, dean of the College of Education and Technology. “The NCATE accreditation endorses our longstanding reputation for preparing teachers who excel in the classroom.” The NCATE accreditation process takes approximately one to two years. In NCATE’s standards-based accreditation system, institutions must provide evidence that teacher education candidates possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions to effectively teach diverse learners and to impact student learning. Teacher candidates must know and understand the subject matter they plan to teach and be able to teach effectively, so that all students learn. The NCATE accreditation covers all ENMU’s teacher education programs, including elementary education, early childhood education, secondary education, special education, education administration, counseling, physical education, agriculture education, and all other emphases in teacher education at the graduate and undergraduate levels. “Eastern’s teacher education program joins a select group of programs across the country in having both our graduate and undergraduate programs accredited by a national association,” explains Dr. Janet E. Roehl, professor and NCATE coordinator. “Our students and potential students can be assured that our teacher education program meets the highest state and national standards for academic excellence.” “This national recognition speaks well for our college, the University, and educational partners. It reflects our ongoing efforts toward excellence in preparing teachers and working together to improve PreK-12 student achievement,” Garcia concludes. Green & Silver | May 2014 13


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Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football ENMU Athletics News Big Success and More on the Way for Gridiron Hounds Awards continue to roll in for Head Coach Josh Lynn (BS 03) and the Lone Star Conference Co-Champion Greyhound football team, after their meteoric rise during the 2013 season. After being selected as the Lone Star Conference Coach of the Year, Lynn was also chosen as the Super Region Four Coach of the Year by both the Don Hansen Football Gazette and the American Football Coaches Association. In addition to the honors received by Coach Lynn, Christian Long was selected as an All-American at the fullback position by Beyond Sports Network. Long and Kevin Reaves also were chosen as All-Super Region Four performers by the Don Hansen Football Gazette with the possibility of receiving All-America honors. All of the awards come after the Hounds rebounded from a 1-3 start and rallied from a 28-point deficit at Angelo State. Eastern won the final six games of the season, posting their fifth-ever win over Texas A&M-Kingsville, the first Wagon Wheel win since 2004, and the first home victory over Midwestern State since 1998. In the win over MSU, Eastern snapped the Mustang’s string of 29 consecutive quarters with at least three points. 14 Green & Silver | May 2014 Earning their first conference championship since 1991, the Greyhounds hope to build on their success for the upcoming 2014 season. National Signing Day in February gave that success a jumpstart as Coach Lynn and staff received 25 National Letters of Intent. However, Coach Lynn isn’t satisfied just yet. “It’s an exciting time for Greyhound Football. We have 17 starters coming back for the 2014 season. Our focus is not to get complacent and continue to work and build on the momentum from last season.” The Greyhounds are set to open their season on the road at New Mexico Highlands on September 6th. Rebuilding Zia Basketball After qualifying for the Lone Star Conference (LSC) tournament in each of the past two seasons, the Zia basketball team has a new head coach, in Josh Prock. Prock and his assistant, Jeff Caha, bring a new and exciting culture to the program. With their combined previous successes and experience at the Division I, II and III levels, they bring a discipline and playing style that the team of young returners, and a few new faces, have bought into. On November 30, his squad made their home debut and earned their first victory, in a 73-66 win over Oklahoma Panhandle. Throughout the season Prock’s team has continued to improve. That fact was on clear display when Tori Tucker led a come-from-behind effort over Cameron, in which she scored 15 points in the final 3:57 of the season’s LSC opener to lift ENMU to a 70-61 win. New Letterman’s Club After years of numerous alumni requesting that the athletic department organize an alumni letterman’s club, it is with great anticipation that we launch “E” Club. “E” Club will be a place for fellowship among the elite group of former student-athletes who were awarded a letter during their time at Eastern. Please look for more information on the website as this group evolves. Spring Sports The Spring 2014 season started with two returning coaches and a pair of new faces in the dugouts. Track and Field Mike Barbee returns for his second season with the track & field teams and looks to build on the successes of his first season. The team features All-LSC returnees from last year in Kaspars Briska, Joseph Metcalf, and Isaiah Samoei.


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Soccer Softball Track & Field Volleyball Page 14 left: Head Football Coach Josh Lynn and members of Greyhound Football receiving their Conference Championship. Page 14 right: Greyhound Baseball 2nd Baseman, Colton Sims. Above Left: Zia Basketball forward, Tori Tucker (Freshman) leads the Zias to a win over Cameron. Above Middle: Isaiah Samoei has been on a record-setting pace . Above Right: The Diamond Zias are rapidly improving this season. By Sara Hill and Adam Pitterman In the very first meet of the 2013-14 indoor season the Greyhounds and Zias shattered six of their NCAA-era records. Michael Moore (high jump, 6’6”), Dominique Zamora (60m dash, 8.56), Sabrina Huelga (3,000m, 10:49.95), Kris-Ann Walters (triple jump, 37’-1”), Jenae Wolfram (shot put, 38’), and Breanna Pendleton (weight throw, 48’-2.75”) all took a pen to the record book as the season opened. In early March, Isaiah Samoei also brought in a 3rd place finish in the 5000m and 11th in the 3000m at the National Indoor Track and Field Championships. Rodeo Rodeo coach Albert Flinn (MBA 70, BBA 68) is extremely optimistic this spring season as the women’s team ranks first in the region after a very strong showing in the fall. In goat tying Hayden Segelke, Keely Weger, and Gina Flewelling all rank in the top ten while the team has four topten competitors in the breakaway roping. The men’s team ranks seventh with Logan Medlin and Rodney Garcia both coming in the top-ten in team roping. Clay Boner is fourth in the region in calf roping. Flinn and the team look forward to their next trip to the College National Finals Rodeo in June. Baseball and Softball Both the Greyhound baseball and Zia softball teams will have new coaches this season, as David Gomez and Kristen Soukup have been chosen to lead those respective programs. Kristen Soukup has been named the eighth head coach of the softball program after a year as Eastern’s Director of NCAA Compliance. Gomez becomes the third head coach in the history of the Greyhounds after a four-year stint at NCAA Division I Alcorn State. During his time with the Alcorn Braves, they played in the Rice Regional during the 2011 Division I Baseball Tournament, after ASU won the program’s first ever Southwest Athletic Conference Championship. In his three seasons the team produced 11 All-Conference selections, compiled a 57-26 conference record, had their first Cape Cod League Participant in school history and was ranked fifth in the nation in stolen bases last season with 125. Gomez inherits 2014 Preseason All-American Colton Sims. Follow Your Greyhounds and Zias from Anywhere For alumni and fans Eastern New Mexico University Athletics is offering live, in-game coverage of home games on the website. Almost without exception, all home games in football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball will feature live in-game statistics with a running play-by-play. Links for this feature are available both on the calendar on the main page of the website, and on the team schedules next to each game. In addition, many home games in those sports will have streaming video at goeasternathletics. com/showcase. Visit the official ENMU Athletics website at Green & Silver | May 2014 15



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