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MAY - AUG 2014 , VOL 2. NO. 2 God's Battle Axe Ministries Online Magazine Features Inspiring you to a higher level    About Inspiration Marriage Corner Children’s Corner Praise and Worship Corner Special Features:   “Take Heed To Fulfill Your Ministry” “Prophetic Word”       Leadership Corner Women ‘s Corner Youth Corner Prayer Corner Odette’s Corner


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INSPIRATION Welcome to INSPIRATION magazine, an online publication of God’s Battle Axe Ministries. Inspiration has within the riches of its pages a wealth of information in different sections called corners that is set to minister to your body, soul and spirit. It has the marriage, leadership, praise and worship, youth, children, and women’s corners. Each corner focuses on the subject matter, except Odette’s corner which is not focused on a particular subject. Although the goal of Inspiration is to minister to your body, soul and spirit, we want to emphasize that of these three, the ministration to the spirit man is more important, because when the spirit man is ministered to from God’s word; it enables the soul and body to function right and thus prosper In Inspiration, various interesting and useful information will be featured as the Lord leads us to write. It is important to note that whatever subject matter featured in Inspiration is not given to replace, criticize or condemn any medical, financial or any other advice received from your professional personnel. The purpose of Inspiration is to provide a different avenue of perspectives to the information already received, or will be received from a professional in that subject matter in order to inspire you to try another method of approach to that situation if applicable. We encourage you to follow us on Inspiration and broaden your perspective on different issues as we bring them to you within the comforts of your home, office or even in the field. We are just a click away online. We pray that as you read this magazine, every part of your life will be impacted and you will never remain the same again in Jesus name. Amen Inspiration is part of the media outreach ministries of God’s Battle Axe Ministries, a 501c (3) Corporation. Visit us on for information about our other ministries. Prophetess Choice Nwachuku Ph.D Executive Director/Editor in Chief Prophetess Choice Nwachuku is an anointed teacher of the word of God. She holds a Masters and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in microbiology and biology from Howard University Washington D.C. She is an author, an entrepreneur, an ordained and licensed minister and the Steward of God’s Battle Axe Ministries. She is married to George Nwachuku, the President and C.E.O of Chuks Insurance Inc.


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TEAM INSPIRATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Choice Nwachuku, M.Sc., Ph.D. George Nwachuku, M.B.A Odette Alvarez, B.S. Belinda Abrianna Brown-Darko Kevin Emah, M.HSc., M.B.A Oluchi Nwanajuobi, Pharm.D. Scholastica Wilson Olagunju, M.Sc., ChMc Anita Erhabor, B.Sc. Kathleen Chinenye Ibeh , B.A. Executive Director/Editor in Chief Director/Coordinator: Marriage Corner Coordinator: Odette’s Corner Editor/Coordinator: Children’s Corner Coordinator: Praise and Worship Corner Coordinator: Prayer Corner Coordinator: Leadership Corner Coordinator: Women’s Corner Coordinator: Youth Corner


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A WORD FROM THE LORD April 6, 2014 (5 am ministers and leaders only prayer meeting) Prophecy given through Prophetess Choice Nwachuku Ph.D. “You are My weapons of war. You are My weapons of war. It is with you saith the Spirit of the Lord that I do what I do on the earth. Yea, the Spirit of God works through you, but it is in you that I do what I do on the earth saith the Lord God. Do you not know that you are a tool in My hand to accomplish purpose? Do you not know that you are a tool in My hand to accomplish purpose? to accomplish purpose? to accomplish purpose? My purpose, My purpose, My purpose on earth, My purpose on earth saith the Lord God. Therefore see yourself as I see you. See yourself as I see you saith God. See yourself as I see you. See yourself as I see you. For I use you to accomplish My purpose. So yield, yield, yield, yield yourself unto Me saith God like you have never done before. And see and understand that I work through you, I work through you and I work in you saith the Spirit of the Lord God. For we are getting into the season saith the Lord, where I want to begin to destroy yokes and break things that ought to not to have been even in My people, even in the Church, even in the Body of Christ, even in the world saith the Lord God. But who is that person that is ready to be the one that I will use to accomplish that which I have preordained, that which I have set in place even before the foundations of the world saith the Lord God. Yea, it ought to have been working, it ought to have been this way, but it has not been because My people have not yielded themselves completely unto Me, that I might work in them, that I might work through them, that I might show forth My power and My glory through them saith Lord God. Therefore, I ask, who is that soldier? Who is that person that is ready again in this time, in this era, in this dispensation saith the Lord God that we are in now: that I want to begin to show Myself to the world. I want to show Myself to the world, for too many people are asking the question, “Where is the Lord God Almighty?” Where is the God that I have heard of my forefathers? Where is the God that I have heard the stories in bibles, in places? Where is that God? Does He


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really exist? Is He true? Yea, saith the Lord God, I exist and I am true! And I want to begin to show Myself even to the people who do know Me, who are asking questions “where is the Lord God?” Because I am He and I changeth not. I am the same that I have been before the foundations of the world and I am the same that have been all the time coming, and I am the same that is right now and I am the same that will be forevermore. For have you not heard? Has it not been told you, have you not heard it said that I am the Alpha, I am the Omega. I am the beginning and I am the end. Besides Me, there is no other God! Yea, many, many have pretended to be god. Yes many other little gods have raised their heads and they have tried to say, “I am the God I am the one, I am the creator but yea, they are not” and yea saith the Lord, we are going into the era, into the dispensation of time, in My season saith Lord God, where I want to begin to expose and begin to show that there is no power in any other god except in the Great I AM. I am going to begin to show that there is no other power, but except in the Great I Am. And they say, “Who is the Great I AM?” I Am The Great I Am! I Am The Great I Am! Even as I said in the Word, in the scriptures that I Am the I Am. To many people, that has meant different things, to many people, it has been taught in different ways, to many people, it has been perceived in different ways, to many people, it has been understood in different ways, to many people, it has been seen in different ways, but yea, saith the Lord God I am coming in the season where everyone will know what I say, when I say, I am that I Am. For I will begin to show to the world that I Am, I Am, I Am, I Am. I Am the One who is, I Am the One who was, and I Am the One who is to come. The Great I AM. So I say, you are My Weapons of War, you are Weapons of Mass Destruction to destroy the powers of the enemy. With you, with you, with you, My children, with the Church, I want to break and dash in pieces the hands of the enemy that has tried and has held My people in bondages and held even those that do not know Me, and has not made them to not know Me, I want to destroy it. But with you saith God, I destroy, I destroy, I destroy. But you must know that you are a weapon and a tool in My hand that I will use however way that I see fit. Be malleable My people, be malleable in My hand, be malleable in My hand. Allow Me to bend you however way I wish. Allow Me to bend you however way I wish. Not what you want but what I your Father want. So submit yourselves unto Me. Yea, some say, “but I have submitted, I have submitted myself to you God”. Aha, you say you have, in your own understanding you have, but no, you have not yet submitted to Me totally in every area like I want. And you ask, “But how again can I submit unto You? I do Your work, I say what You do, I do what You say to Me. Yea saith the Lord God, no you have not yet completely submitted. Where you still have a place where you say, “Ah, this one I cannot do it, that one, hmm hmm, the other, not so. Yeah”, saith the Lord, I want that spirit, I want that body, I want that person that totally, completely says, “God, it is all about You. Wherever You send Me, I will go, whatever You say to speak as long as You say, I will speak it. I will serve You without restrain; I will serve You without restrain.”


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It is such a one that I look for in this era, in this dispensation of times of My season, that I will use totally, totally. Be that weapon of power in My hands that I will use for mass destruction saith the Spirit of the Lord. For too long, for too long, for too long, evil has prevailed, for too long again I say My children evil has prevailed in the land, and so evil has run rampant among the people, even in My Church. What is this? What is going on saith the Lord? All manner of evil, all manner of evil even in My house. And I say, I give a long rope and I say to My people, change, change, change. And yes, many do change, but some say, ““Who is this God who says to us change? The One that I do not see His hand, the One that I do not see, the One that I have asked and asked for this, and that, and it is not yet made manifest.” “Ah! I don’t even know any more if there is God, I don’t know any more if I want to serve Him, I go to church because it is what I have done from my youth. I go to Church because this is what I am used to.”” Yes their body is in Church, and their body is in Church but their heart is somewhere else. Yea said the Lord God, you question if I am He and you question if I am alive? Do you not see that I Am? For again I ask you, “Who woke you up this morning? Who put breath in you?” For in a twinkle of an eye, I can cease the breath and that’s it and who will ask Me? Who will ask Me? No one saith God. This is why I Am the Almighty and this is why I Am the creator of all things, but yet, I am a merciful God, and a loving Father. And so today, I say to My people, the Church. Do not worship Me with your body alone, and your heart is far. Let your heart be, let your heart be in Me saith the Spirit of the Lord God. For yea again I say, we are coming into a season where I want to show My power because too many people have asked, “Where is the God, where is the God that they speak about? Why does this happen? Why is there evil in the land? Why this, why that, why this, why that?” Yea saith the Lord God, I answer the questions of the people, I will begin to show Myself, I will begin to show My powers like it has never seen before. Again I say, we are going back to the days of the Acts of the Apostles. The acts of my people of this dispensation, to show forth My power, to show forth My glory because I am God. I live forever. I am the same, the author of salvation. I deliver, I deliver I deliver, I deliver, I rise up to deliver saith the Spirit of the Lord God. We are coming into a season, a time of a show down of power, a show down of power, saith the Lord. Yea even as it was in the time of the Old Testament, where is the Ashtoreth’s, where is the Ashtoreth’s before God? They are nothing, they are nothing, they are nothing. Even as it was shown, in the showdown of God’s power, I want to show My power saith the Lord. I want to show it amongst other gods that I am the great I am. That I am the Great I Am. So I say that in many religions, that the god which they believe in, will fail them so miserably – will begin to fail them so miserably that their eyes will begin to open and see that this god that they think is God cannot save, that this god that they think is God cannot hook them up, that this god that they think is God, cannot perform anything. That this god that they think is God is nothing, is nothing but things made by man, made by man. Yea saith God so, so, so so I want to begin I want to begin to bring those people as it were who are spiritual leaders, spiritual leaders of different religions saith the Lord God, who are known as voices in whatever


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they say, in the Hindu religion, in the Muslim religion, in different religions saith the Lord. Those people that are known that are known, that have been advocates of these other gods, that have been in the forefront, proclaiming that these other gods are gods those people saith God, I want to begin, I am going to begin to take them into the place where they see that god which they serve fails them miserably, where it totally, totally, totally, totally again I say, fails them miserably. That they will say, ““this cannot be God” for I trusted it with this other or that and it did not come through, I trusted it with this other, and it didn’t happen, and I have trusted it all my life and I have given everything to it and it still didn’t come through.”” Then they will say, “hmmm hm, this cannot be God” and then they will begin to want to search and they will be begin to look for you, you My people, people of God who will begin to talk to them about who I am. Then saith God, when they find Me, when they come to see Me for I will open their eyes and they will know who I Am and then they will go forth back and say, “Ehhh that god which they were serving is not a god, is not a god.” Even the people that follow them saith God will want to fight them, will want to even try to kill them. Why? Because they say, “you have misled us all these years and you allowed us to serve all these years and now you say it is not God?” Yea, said God, that is what I will do, and then these people then will say, “I am sorry, I thought it was God but nay these other things are not God”. So now I am to proclaiming to you My followers, they will say, “Come with me, let’s serve the One and True Living God!” And so said God, many people will follow because that person has been their spiritual leader. So in one instance, said God, I will bring many souls to My Kingdom. That is what I am going to do, but I say to you My people, you begin to speak it forth, you begin to pray it forth, that it becomes so, that it become so. Everyone today, I give you an assignment to begin to declare it so, to begin to pray it so and it will become so. For I Am the Great I Am, I Am the Great I Am and besides Me there is none other saith the Spirit of the Lord. I show My strength, I want to show Myself to the world saith God. Yea, time for so many many, many, many people to see and know I live, I live, I rule, I reign I rule forever more. Science, science, science, science science will fail, science will fail said God. I want to draw those in science field saith the Lord, those that have established so many things in the science field and now say, “Now I am God, now I am God, now I am God because I built this, I built that, I did this, I did that – now I am God!” It is because of My mercy saith the Spirit of God, and so I want to draw many, not just, not just spiritual leaders in many places going after other gods but those that have gone after the gods of science as well. So that they will say saith the Lord, ““Aaaah, it is Jehovah alone. I may have done this, I may have done that, but this experiment that I have been trying to do, that I thought would be the breakthrough to prove once and for all that there is no creation, no creator.” “Yea but this experiment instead has said to me, that I am wrong, and that there


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is creation and that there is a creator”” saith the Spirit of God. I set them up, I set them up, I set them up, set them up, set them up. I set them up by Myself I set them up. I set them up – scientists, I set them up saith God. Again saith the Lord, I will bring the point people that are in the fore front of saying that, “there is no God” because of their knowledge in science; and them said God, I will work over, I will work over I will work over, I will work over, I will work over and turn them around, and open their eyes to see. That they will begin to proclaim that I am the Lord God Almighty, that they will begin to proclaim that I am the Lord God Almighty. Because I am a merciful God said God and I want to save, I want to deliver, I want to bring many into My Kingdom because I Am a loving God, I am a faithful God, I Am a merciful God saith the Spirit of God. So many people have been confused, so many people have been thrown away by knowledge and by different religions and they really really think it is the truth. But nay saith the Lord God Almighty, “I Am Way, the Truth and the Life” and I want to show them that I Am who I Am, that I Am. Because the end draweth near saith the Lord and so many people that have to be in the Kingdom are not yet, so I draw them by Myself. Again I say, you are a weapon in My hands My people, let Me use you, let Me use you in this assignment saith the Lord. I speak to the Body of Christ, I speak to the world today. I Am the Lord God Almighty, I changeth not, I Am the same yesterday, today and forever more, I changeth not. I am the same saith the Lord and I show Myself strong. My hand come forth to deliver, My hand comes forth to deliver, My hands comes forth to deliver My people. My hands comes to deliver saith the Lord. There are many that have trusted in the occult that have trusted in the power of the occult that have trusted in the power of the occult. And as they take charms upon themselves and they think that that is what will protect them, yea, saith the Lord God, even those will begin to fail. It had not failed them, but now they will see it begins to fail. I want to deliver My people saith the Lord God and it will fail them in the time that they so desperately need it and they will understand there is a greater God, there is a greater God, there is a greater God: The Lord God Almighty, The I Am that I Am, The Alpha and Omega, The beginning and The End. I am doing the work and cutting it short in righteousness. I am bringing people to My Kingdom saith God. These are My Words to you, for I have spoken unto you long, and I have spoken unto you in details. Why saith the Lord God. Because you are weapons in My hands, you are weapons in My hands. And I have fashioned you to use, I have fashioned you to use for My glory. Yea saith the Lord, You have an assignment to all that these Words have come forth in your hearing saith God. I hold you responsible to pray, I hold you responsible to decree what you - what you heard. For I am doing a work and I use you saith the Lord. That the world may see God, that the world may see God, that the world may see Me saith the Lord God. I answer many questions, I answer many questions of the world through you saith the Lord God. For it is a season for the Church to arise and shine, for


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it is a season for the church to arise and shine, for it a season for the church to arise and shine. For do you not know that you are the church and you are a city set upon the hilltop? For when you are set upon a hilltop, you cannot be hid, you cannot be hid. Yea said the Lord God, for people of the world will begin to run to the church and run to My people to say, I need answers. That is why I show My power, I will show forth My power through as many as are available saith the Lord, and have yielded themselves and have submitted totally unto Me. I will work miracles through them; I will work signs through them. I will work miracles through them, I will work signs through them saith the Lord. He that sits in the pew, he that sits in the back, he that sits in the front. All I require saith the Lord is yield to Me, total submission to Me. I want to work through every vessel, every vessel in My house, every vessel saith God. I want to work through every vessel in My house saith the Lord God. Yield yourself saith the Lord God. It is a new day, it is a new day, it is a season of acts, it is a season of My power. We are coming forth into the great manifestation of who I am. Yea saith the Lord, for many things are happening, for the things you see are happening why do My people wonder and say, “why is this happening?” Why is that happening?” Have I not warned in My Word? Have I not warned that many things will happen and if it were possible, even the elect, the elect will be deceived. But nay saith God, I say if it were possible but it is not possible because those that are truly the elect, they will know and know signs of the times and the signs of the season. And so they will not be afraid, nay, but they will look up and say, “I know my redeemer liveth, I know my redeemer liveth and my redeemer cometh soon.” Certain things prayer can stop certain things prayer will not stop. Why? Because certain things in this dispensation of the earth you are in will have to happen. Because I shake things, I do things saith the Lord. Yea saith the Lord that many will begin to be afraid, those that do not know Me will be afraid. And so they will begin to run to say, “I need, I need a place of refuge, I need a place where there is peace. I need assurance” and they will look at you the believer and say, “why are you so strong? Why are you not afraid? Why are you so assured?” and yea saith God, that is an opportunity for you to say, “I know the Lord God My redeemer liveth, He liveth forevermore.” So I say more will happen, certain things that will make the hearts of people shake will happen, because it just has to. It’s the end time, it is the dispensation of time, it is events scheduled to happen and so certain things will happen. But know saith the Lord God, when those things are unexplained, or those thing crazy or those things begins to happen, it is not for you My church to be afraid. It is for you to say, “I know my redeemer liveth! He draweth near, He draweth near, He draweth near.” But yea saith the Lord, in as much as many are afraid, many will run to Me, many will come to Me, many will come to know Me. Yea saith the Lord God, we are in the seasons, in the seasons of My great power, and when My great power is seen, things happen” saith the Spirit of the Lord. THE END


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THE CONCEPTION (IDEA) OF MARRIAGE (Conclusion) We ended the last publication by looking at God’s truth, and that all He created is good. We the natural eyes, His universal laws which are self-evidential Truth are made known to men and seen in nature; and has been made obvious by His revelation in His Word, the Scriptures. The primary issue about laws is not whether the laws on the books are good laws per se, since its practicability may be hindered by government officials, but whether we have informed electorate that is godly to elect. For we see some godly government officials refuse to enforce the laws, such as in California, even after the people revolted against the dictates of those who supposedly represents them to enact or amend the Law. These officials no longer hear their people who put them in power. The people then used the initiative process to impose their will, by amending the constitution. Irrespective of having a wife, the people are still shut out of their victory, because the Supreme Court says that the Petitioners lack standing, for they are not government officials who hold office. This in itself is a complication because the Supreme Court is saying we only recognize officials. concluded that God created all things (including male and female), and made them physically and biologically different in some aspects, one of which is very specific to purpose. And this purpose is good, for God does not do anything bad because nothing bad is in Him. Hence He created man in His image to be always good which means he should” only” do good things including passing good laws (although we know this is not how man has lived). God is good because he is True and the Father of Truth. And man and all that God created are good because they are created in truth and of truth and must demonstrate Truth. The bible says that God created all things good and looked and saw “everything that he had made, and behold it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). Though God cannot be seen with good law that prescribes marriage to be between man and Now what should the people of California do who have


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George Nwachuku M.BA. MARRIAGE CORNER President Lincoln sounded a warning, a prophetic insight, that we must perpetuate our institutions. The United States of America was founded on a belief system anchored in truth that we are God’s people – “In God we Trust.” If we are God’s The problem is not only whether the court judge is in accordance with Truth, but whether the office holders represent the belief of the electorate. A “God’s-truth believing electorate” must elect “God’s-truth believing government officials” who will represent their interest. This is the quagmire that the people of California are faced with – a God’s truth believing people who elected “non God’s-wholetruth believing government people, then we must live according to His Laws as specified in His Word, the Bible, witnessed in nature and confirmed by the universal laws – including the physical laws – gravitational, electromagnetic, and the two nuclear laws. The people of California must elect new officials that bear witness to their beliefs. Proposition 8 is a good law and should stay in the books, therefore, there is a need of its enforcement by the new believing (Truth) officials of the State. God bless! officials”. What solution could then be tenable? chosen what rule of behavior they should abide by. They did their best in securing a good law, but now they cannot defend it because they are neither the governor, heads of the legislative arm, or the attorney general. To that end, they must live with a law imposed upon them by their elected or appointed judges branch. and their executive SOLUTION: A Practicing Christian Culture The solution to these problems as encountered is the re-establishment of a Christian culture that is practicing the truth of God seen in nature but that is known by man to be self -evident. George Nwachuku who has an apostolic calling is an author, the President and C.E.O of Chuks Insurance Inc. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (M.BA.) and is currently a Doctoral Candidate for Biblical studies from one of the major universities in the USA. He is the husband of Dr. Choice Nwachuku.


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A STUDY OF MARRIAGE By George Nwachuku MBA This book defines marriage as oneness as ordained by God and also studies if oneness exists in other religions .99 0 1 $ .99 :$2 s Plu S& H PRODUCT # ABL0001 To place an order, please call 301.899.6999 or e -mail us at


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TAKE HEED TO FULFILL YOUR MINISTRY 2 Timothy 4:1-5 “I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” IMPORTANT POINTS TO HELP US FULFILL OUR MINISTRIES. 1. Be sure you are called by God to the ministry (do not become a pastor when you are called to be an evangelist, not be a Sunday school leader when you are called to administrative work, where you are called to, therein lies the grace to fulfill that call). 2. Be careful not to build on another’s foundation (this applies most to those in frontline ministry). There is only one foundation which is Christ Jesus (1 Cor. 3:9-15), but we all must be careful how we build on it. To every work/ house there is a pattern (Ex 25:8-30). Do not build on another’s instruction. Don’t be a copycat if God has called you to be unique. 3. Be careful not to take an assignment that is another’s (this applies to both frontline and nonfrontline ministry). For example in nonfrontline: do not be a prayer leader if you do not have the passion for intercession, nor work in the children’s ministry if you can’t stand children crying. 4. Do not be pressured into doing things to please men instead of God (when you please God, you will please any true person of God). 5. Know when a new assignment begins and an old one ends, or know how to manage many Colossians 4:15-17 “Salute the brethren which are in Laodicea, and Nymphas, and the church which is in his house. And when this epistle is read among you, cause that it be read also in the church of the Laodiceans; and that ye likewise read the epistle from Laodicea. And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.” Definition of ministry (religious): The office, duties or work of a religious leader.


p. 15

assignments together. Ask God for instructions when you are in doubt, and for help when you can’t handle it. It is wisdom to know this. 6. Be bold (Eph. 6:19-20) with the instructions God gives you for ministry (if not in frontline, always submit it to the authority that you are under). But be convinced beyond any doubt of your assignment. 7. Dare to depart from “church tradition” (it has not been preached, said, taught nor done like this before). Follow the Spirit of God (follow the cloud not the crowd). 8. Be prayerful to have a Holy Ghost picked team if you are a ministry, a Holy Ghost picked eldership if you are a church and a Holy Ghost picked group if you are a group leader (there is a saying that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link). 9. Always be prayerful for the vision that God has entrusted to you, to be caught by those that God has given to you in the work. 10. Do not “Lord over” those that God has given to you in the work, but love them (remember, respect is earned, and whom anyone respects and love, they will go all the way for). That does not mean you cannot correct or chastise (scold, admonish). 11. God’s will is His bill (it is better to go into a thing blessed, than go into it and start praying for God to bless it). Remember also that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1) 12. We have to take 2 Cor. 6:3 seriously as ministers of the gospel. We do all we have to do within our power for the ministry/our work not to be blamed. Integrity is an important key in fulfilling our call. L FEA TUR E 13. Always guard the anointing (do not allow a fly in the oil). The only way to do this is to always be in sync with the Holy Spirit. Therefore, being in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit and being in the word cannot be over emphasized in other to fulfill our ministries. 14. God Rewards good work; purpose to finish the work strong. “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister. And we desire that every one of you do shew the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end: That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” (Heb. 6:10-12). 15 Take care of your temple (body). Eat, sleep, rest, and exercise. God needs your physical body. SPE CIA Written by: Prophetess Choice Nwachuku Ph.D A full teaching on this subject matter with more scriptures can be gotten by placing your order today. PRODUCT #:GBAM00015 To place an order, please call 301.899.6999 or e-mail us at 00 . 7 $ 99 $2. sS Plu &H :



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