CSWP 2011 General Information Catalog


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Coastal Savannah Writing Project (CSWP) 2011 General Information Catalog

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a site of the the national writing project is an authorized provider for no child left behind included in the catalog of reform models for comprehensive school reform 2011


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invitational summer institute the coastal savannah writing project invitational summer institute isi is a four-week intensive writing institute for k-12 teachers and administrators in all content areas the institute provides a place and time for teachers to demonstrate and learn diverse effective classroom practices teach and learn writing processes examine writing theory and research become comfortable writing in divergent modes and genres and share their writings with colleagues the summer institute brings together local teachers in all grade levels and all disciplines for four weeks of reading writing research and practice participants invited to join the isi meet each day to write discuss their writing read about and discuss effective ways to teach writing and use writing as a learning tool research writing topics and improve their teaching practices by designing and presenting demonstrations of effective teaching practices as a result of these activities teachers are better prepared for their own classrooms and for teaching other teachers as nwp teacher-consultants coastal savannah writing project 2


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invitational summer institute 2011


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invitational summer institute dates times orientation credits cost june 21 july 15 2011 no class july 4 8:45 a.m 3:15 p.m mon thurs 8:45 a.m 1:15 p.m fridays may 7 at 9:00 a.m 6 aasu graduate credits $30 aasu application fee $1619 aasu tuition and fees 869 tuition and fees supported by aasu and nwp grants scholarships are available for the balance of $750 books are provided by cswp coastal savannah writing project 4


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four weeks ago you would never have heard me say that i was a writer through this course i have found a voice through my words jessica 2010 cswp tc 2011


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application coastal savannah writing project at armstrong atlantic state university 2011 invitational summer institute in writing pre-institute orientation day saturday may 7 9:00am-1:00pm institute june 21 through july 15 mondays-thursdays 8:45am-3:15pm fridays 8:45am-1:15pm no class june 20 and july 4 please return this application and your personal statement no later than january 12 2011 to lesley roessing director coastal savannah writing project college of education university hall 250 armstrong atlantic state university 11935 abercorn street savannah georgia 31419-1997 912.344.2702 f 912.344.3436 writingproject@armstrong.edu admission will be on a rolling basis therefore applications can be submitted at any time personal information [please print clearly or type name first m.i last home address street city state zip code school grade levels subjects preferred email phone personal statement please submit a 1 to 2 page typed statement describing 1 2 3 4 your students and writing experiences in the classes you teach your most successful strategy for teaching writing or using writing to help students learn what you hope to contribute to the other participants and what you hope to gain for yourself your students and possibly your school or district by participating in the summer institute each applicant will be notified about acceptance by email no later than february 22 2011 an interview will be requested prior to that date the institute begins with two mandatory pre-institute experiences may 26 2011 8:30 ­ 1:30 p.m spring conference may 07 2011 9:00 ­ 2:00 p.m isi orientation if accepted to the 2011 invitational summer institute i agree to attend all sessions applicant s signature coastal savannah writing project date 6


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i ve stretched myself beyond what i thought i was capable of i am thinking like a writer now seeing things differently excited about the possibilities with the students i will teach barbara 2010 cswp tc this has been much more than a `professional development opportunity ­ this experience has awakened a hibernating passion that will continued to be `weeded and nourished for growth angella 2010 cswp tc 2011


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nwp sites focus on the core mission of improving the teaching of writing and improving the use of writing across the disciplines by offering high-quality professional development programs for educators in their service areas at all grade levels k­16 and across the curriculum nwp sites share a national program model that includes developing a leadership cadre of local teachers who have participated in summer institutes in writing delivering customized in-service programs and workshops for local schools and institutions providing continuing education and research opportunities and support for teachers the coastal savannah writing project s professional development programs are tailored to suit the needs and interests of individual schools and districts cswp can provide interactive in-services during the school day or summer months on-site coaching assistance with curriculum and planning and saturday workshops on the armstrong savannah campus cswp also offers gadoe approved and registered professional learning unit courses for certification renewal credit coastal savannah writing project 8


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a site of the professional development included in offerings for professional development in-services workshops and consultations are establishing and managing a writing/reading workshop teaching research writing writing for content area teachers writing to learn/using response journals to increase comprehension teaching assessing writing through the five domains vocabulary and grammar narrative expository and persuasive writing using mentor touchstone texts teaching reading and writing strategies teaching fiction nonfiction reading strategies strategies to improve content area writing revision strategies teaching procedures strategies and content through daily focus lessons mapping as a thinking strategy poetry reading and writing teachers teaching teachers to improve the teaching of literacy the national writing project is an authorized provider for no child left behind included in the catalog of reform models for comprehensive school reform 2011


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the national writing project is an authorized provider for no child left behind included in the catalog of reform models for comprehensive school reform coastal savannah writing project 10


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leap into literacy learn about the coastal savannah writing project the local site of the national writing project saturday october 16 2010 8:30 am 12:30pm $10/attendee or $100/12 attendees from one school registered together the armstrong center meet the professional development offered by cswp teacherconsultants the cswp invitational summer institute in writing for teachers cswp leadership team 2010 teacher-consultants break-out session a don t let spelling stop writing using place holders as a drafting strategy grades 1-3 session b self-assessment including student input in creating rubrics grades 1-4 from artist to author using art to teach content area language grades 1-5 make science come alive using personification in content area writing grades 3-6 touchstone texts to teach multiple writing strategies grades 2-8 more than adding adjectives using mentor texts for descriptive writing grades 5-8 poetry slams getting kids involved in poetry grades 5-10 not just jargon mentor texts to teach content area terminology grades 5-8 the ad-vantage using advertising techniques to strengthen persuasive writing grades 5-12 the power of reflection journal writing to make positive behavior choices grades 6-8 releasing the muse prewriting strategies grades 6-12 the write to read using response journals to increase comprehension grades 5-12 cswp idea-conference for the new year 2011


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coastal savannah writing project 12


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take your students up up and away digital storytelling strategies january 29 2011 9:00 ­ 12:00 noon facilitator julie warner cswp technology liaison memoir writing reading strategies february 26 2011 9:00 ­ 12:00 noon facilitator lesley roessing cswp director spring strategies conference march 26 2011 8:30 a.m ­ 1:00 p.m guest speaker kyle puttkammer creator of galaxy man comics break-out sessions featuring k-12 writing reading strategy workshops super strategy saturdays registration form available at cswp.armstrong.edu cost $25/session or $60/3 sessions a site of the cswp tc aasu student cost $20/session or $50/3 sessions all sessions held on armstrong atlantic state university campus 2011


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spring strategies conference march 26 2011 8:30 a.m ­ 1:00 p.m guest speaker kyle puttkammer creator of galaxy man comics march 26 2011 coastal savannah writing project spring strategies conference 8:30 a.m.­ 1:00 p.m cost $25 includes 2 k-12 strategy sessions registration required by march 18 2011 form available at cswp.armstrong.edu dynamic stories and captivating artwork drew kyle to comic books at a very young age in 1991 he established galactic quest a successful comic book store and later made the jump to comic book creator with his own original character galaxy man the father-daughter duo of galaxy man and cosmic girl is a fresh twist on classic comics galaxy man searches the night skies for his wife who went missing while on a mission to mars blinded by grief galaxy man doesn t realize that cosmic girl who accompanies him on search missions is his daughter suzie during the spring strategies conference attendees will discover the value of using comics and graphic novels in the class room join us to find out what makes sequential storytelling such a unique and effective teaching tool as a retailer art instructor and comic creator kyle puttkammer will share his insight into this fun and often underestimated industry coastal savannah writing project 14


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take your students up up and away cswp super strategy saturdays cost $25/session $60 for all three sessions cost for cswp tcs $20/session $50 for all sessions january 29 9:00 am-noon february 26 9:00 am-noon march 26 8:30 am-1:00 pm digital storytelling strategies julie warner cswp technology liaison memoir writing reading strategies lesley roessing cswp director register by january 24 register by february 22 spring strategies conference register by march 18 featured speaker kyle puttkammer creator of galaxy man comic book series 2 breakout sessions with 10-12 k-12 writing reading strategy workshops see www.cswp.armstrong.edu website for more details registration form cswp super strategy saturdays cost $25/session $60 for all three sessions cost for cswp tcs $20/session $50 for all sessions [please print name e-mail school telephone grade levels content area reading/writing areas of interest a check made payable to cswp in the amount of is enclosed mail to coastal savannah writing project lesley roessing cswp site director armstrong atlantic state university college of education 11935 abercorn street university hall #250 savannah georgia 31419 writingproject@armstrong.edu cswp.armstrong.edu 2011



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