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kia ora i hope you all had a restful holiday and are looking forward to the busy year ahead my name is amanda signal i have come from elm park primary in pakuranga where i taught a range of levels from year 1 through to year 6 i m really looking forward to getting to know all the room 12 students and families this year room 12 is part of the karekare pod along with 3 other rooms room 10 are yr 5&6 with mr hall room 11 are yr 5&6 with mrs pulman room 12 are yr 2 with mrs anglesey like every year there will be a pod t-shirt but there will be more information on this early in the first term this term our topic is we re all in this together as a pod we will first be focussing on getting to know each other building positive self-image and having a strong and supportive class environment we will also be doing a lot of learning around the summerland values and will be looking at ways the children can contribute to our school and wider community for homework this year our pod will be using a new format which is working successfully in over 50 new zealand schools while students will still be expected to read each evening and to learn weekly spelling lists research done by the ministry of education has proved that traditional weekly homework sheets have little academic benefit as many families know ensuring that the homework sheet is completed each week can cause unneccessary stress and can eat into valuable family time for this reason we have set home learning challenges for each year level students will choose whether or not they want to take part in the programme and will need to take responsibility for ensuring they complete the allocated number of challenges by the end of the year the challenges have been carefully selected to fit the key competencies of the new zealand curriculum they are designed to be fun to teach children to be responsible citizens and to promote academic sporting and artistic excellence keep an eye out for the home learning sheet which will be coming home with your child in week 5 once you ve had a chance to read it please feel free to contact me with any queries you might have this year we also have a class blog where students will post work events and information for people around the world to view and comment on you can visit this at http twelve2010.blogspot.com to view our work and leave us comments later in the term and throughout the year we will be looking at giving the children opportunities to try new and different activities if you would be interested in helping out in the classroom or if you have a hobby or area of interest or expertise eg flax weaving model-building sport/dance coaching cooking or craft that you might be interested in sharing please fill in the form below and return it to school please complete the following form so we can send through class newsletters and information if you have any queries or would like to discuss anything please feel free to email or pop in to see me term 1 tuesday 2 february 2010 kind regards amanda signal email amandas@summerland.school.nz name name of child areas of interest email



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