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n ewsmagazine crusader ado -a pt fam ily 21st c add entury iction s the · adopt-a-family · winter sports salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · december 2009 · vol 59 issue 3 y arsitetball v sk ba merry christmas college re cultu pop men s womenand soccer s s in christma nt differe cultures illustration by brandon garcia


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2 · table of contents the crusader 18 christmas in different countries how other countries celebrate christmas photo from xicabahia com men s soccer the lancers begin their season by winning the brandon bean kickoff classic photo by sean logan 30


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december 2009 table of contents · 3 crusader the newsmagazine 28 men s basketball news 10 12 13 20 23 24 27 29 31 college what colleges are looking for when considering student s applications adopt-a-family homerooms collect gifts for salpointe families in need this holiday season the young varsity men s basketball team surprises everyone taking third place in the salpointe tip off and maintaining a winning record the team has high hopes for finishing strong in state play offs photo by sean logan tips for finals a guide to the most successful ways to pass winter finals pop culture spotlight on new celebrities along with what s to come in the movie and music industries that affect teenagers features and entertainment 21st century addictions technology addictions reviews tv s v the film the princess and the frog the cd rated r and the restaurant bumsted s sports wrestling strong schedule prepares lancers for state championship women s basketball rebuilding year for lady lancers after top scorers graduate women s soccer graduation leaves soccer team with new group of underclassmen columns la vie en rose 07 christmas 1.0 time of streiff 09 a guide to passing finals the dignoti deal 15 spice baby jesus would love it claire s conundrum 25 holiday food disasters


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4 · advertisements az builders maintenance co inc roc 175268 roc 175269 the crusader ruben a borrego office 520 318-1701 fax 520 318-1737 p.o box 57691 tucson az 85732 thomas m blase d.d.s m.s.d ltd specialist in orthodontist 6373 e t anque verde suite 110 t ucson arizona 85715 520/296-1700 member american association of orthodontist 293-6740


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december 2009 news · 5 crusader newsmagazine the editorial ways for all grade levels to get ready for college volume 59 2009-2010 december 11 2009 arizona interscholastic press association first place general excellence 2006 07 2007 08 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 college bound w the crusader is published by the salpointe newspaper class circulation is 2,000 and it is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail http the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or its administration editor-in-chief editorial board jada streiff `10 assistant editor natalee dawson `11 opinions editor news editor k aila schubert `10 natalee dawson `11 features entertainment editor kyle dignoti `11 sports editors art editor isamar molina `10 sean logan `12 elizabeth horner `11 staff members news justin jenkins `10 kaila schubert `10 elizabeth horner `11 kyle dignoti `11 rebecca hildreth `11 claire danielson `12 features entertainment catalina contreras `10 jada streiff `10 k aila schubert `10 mck enna ronquillo `10 monika brady `10 wilson troxel `12 emi omnik `13 amanda m artinex `13 sports mckenna ronqillo `10 adviser ms michelle mathews interim head of school ms kay sullivan elcome to salpointe catholic high school sometimes we as salpointe students forget the fact that we attend a college prep school somewhere between the academics and extracurricular activities the thoughts of college slip away until junior and senior year roll around but the fact is that since we are enrolled at a college prep school college is something we should be thinking about earlier than eleventh or twelfth grade from the time we are freshmen we start to prepare for our college experiences we take the plan test on all school test day so we can figure out some careers for which we might be suited some students decide to take ap classes to further their chances of getting into college and we all make a chart of all of the classes that we need to take in order to graduate there are some specific things that freshmen can do to start preparing for college besides making sure that we pass all of our classes it is best to start volunteering within the tucson area now go clean a park with some friends volunteer at the zoo or animal shelter offer to sit and talk with the elderly it is never too early to start building up college résumés and volunteer experience is an essential component freshmen should go to college fairs and start looking sophomore year is when we begin to think about our psat s we are still looking at colleges but in reality we are still on the sidelines it is this year that we are told to start looking at what careers we would like to pursue in more depth some ways that sophomores can keep going on their road to college is to stay involved in the community as well as sign up for a more challenging academic year taking honors and ap courses is a great way to show colleges that we are well-rounded students we also neeed to maintain a good gpa that way when our junior year rolls around there will be a little more help in making the cut for the more competitive classes junior year otherwise known as the hardest year is when you take the biggest tests of your life the sat and act some students choose to take classes to prepare while others feel like it is more beneficial to study on their own regardless we all have to take these tests in order to get accepted into a college so preparing is key to getting great scores this is the year when it finally hits most students we are going to have to go to college most of our parents sent us here for this exact reason to get the best preparation regarding the transition from high school to college juniors are strongly urged to attend college information sessions get out of town workshops and college fairs the best things to do when preparing for college as a junior is to stay on top of homework study and sign up for sats and acts and start working on the questions in the college planning guide which will be handed out in january senior year is when we have to start filling out applications the best advice for this step is to become best friends with the college counselor senior year is when counseling takes time to teach each of us how to fill out a common application order our transcripts and write our brag sheets we are encouraged to actually visit the college campuses to which we are planning to apply finish applications early and pass all of our classes really the only things that we as seniors can do to make sure we get into the best possible colleges is to keep up with class work retake sats or acts if needed and get in our applications on time we are students of salpointe catholic high school a college prep school we need to seize every opportunity that comes our way with hopes of achieving the best high school and college education possible so start getting involved now lancers it is never too early to start thinking about college.


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6 · opinions the crusader letters to the editor applauding adopt-a-family c hristmas is coming and everyone is getting in the mood for the season since we were babies we have asked for and received many things without any consideration for the people who cannot afford gifts the greatest thing about christmas when we are kids is santa claus and the presents he gives unfortunately not all kids grow up with the same enthusiasm this is because one year they did not see presents under their tree they had to f ind out the hard way that their parents were santa claus who could not afford any gifts that year it s discerning to think that so many kids get whatever they ask for and take it for granted while other children don t get anything the great thing is that we have the power to change that every salpointe homeroom is adopting a family and helping kids to have a betterchristmas talk to your homeroom teacher and/or class senator and organize something special for the family your homeroom adopted let us make a difference in the lives of others show consideration and give a little carolina martinez o day `12 have much less potential to injure anyone or to be used as a weapon many times last year i saw people using lanyards as weapons and shook my head in disappointment i believe that with the clips there will be fewer battles ensuing in the middle of hallways and during class also the clips are much less likely to get in the way of work as the lanyards did especially in classes such as ceramics where you are constantly bending and leaning over delicate work i gladly commend the person who thought of this amazing idea and those who allowed it to happen illistrated by chris winters shelby flores `10 homeroom hassle beyond our word ecently i began to notice some problems with the students in our school there have been some highly offensive and homophobic slams being casually thrown around in classroom settings and i am starting to feel a bit uncomfortable that there hasn t been any sort of retaliation from the administration personally i haven t heard anything offensive about my own race/sexuality but i know for a fact that there are people that are taking insult to these words and have not spoken out about it i have decided to take a stance against this hurtful trend and let the word out it is never okay for a person to insult another individual based on race gender or sexuality salpointe should uphold all of its values and enforce them just like it promises in the lancer values rhiannon lane `11 w frustrating freshmen think that there needs to be a place for freshmen to get picked up besides the middle of the campus parking lot even though they are not supposed to be picked up there a lot of parents don t pick their kids up on copper or cherry at the end of the day when i am tired and just want to go home nothing is more frustrating than having to wait 15 minutes to get off campus because of all the students getting picked up in the parking lot if the school would be more specif ic about where students should be picked up and f ix this problem i believe it would stop a lot of accidents matt decker `11 i e all go to homeroom twice a week during block schedule while i understand that we go to get information from announcements receive handouts and do things like adopt-a-family i still don t think homeroom is really necessary i don t see why it s not possible for students to receive handouts in our classes we also get announcements in our second period every other day during school why can t we get it during fifth period during block the two periods add up to more than the 85-minute period that all other classes have during this schedule i think giving students a break during this time would be much more helpful if we had a break rather than sitting through homeroom we would have time to move around and get the blood flowing through our brains students also would get time to snack and relax so they could pay more attention in class all-in-all a 15-minute break in place of 30 minutes of homeroom on a block day would be beneficial and refreshing to students and teachers alike yi lian klimecki `11 r props for pop culture i clapping for clips i think that this year s complimentary id clips instead of lanyards is a great idea the clips are strong and sturdy and are just generally much easier to deal with also they m really happy that the crusader added a pop culture page to the newspaper the page keeps me up with the latest gossip and what the newest movies tv shows cds and dvds are when i f irst saw it my f irst thought was that it s about time there was a page i could read to get away from the stresses of school i also think that the questions of the month are very interesting you get the chance to see what our peers


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december 2009 opinions · 7 la vie en rose are thinking and what they say about specif ic questions another thing that i enjoyed were the pictures they add so much to the page and make the pop culture section fun and colorful i really think that this page adds a lot to the paper and i really do believe that the paper should keep up with the good work and allow this page to continue arlene pierce `11 t downsizing america s favorite holiday i m su r e it does n t have to be said t hat nobod y need s an espr es so maker in indulging t his s t r ange com promise we mis s t he ent ir e point chris t mas as numerous mad e for-t v mov i es r e mi ndus i s not a bou ttheb ell sandw hi s t l es th e w hol e holi d ay bega ninadusty ma nge r so c el ebrati ng itin bu rli ngton coa t fac tor y does n t r e a ll y make t h eologic alsense the holidays should remind us of what we should be doing anyway helping those who need it i p ropose t hat t his year we should go back to t r adit ion wit h t he newfound wisdom of ado lesc ent s we should s t rive to make t he world what we always t hought it was to begin wit h this chr is t mas shouldbeouroppo rt unitytoma ke theholidaywhatit wa s a ndis t o us ins tead of sy ndicat ing chris t mas like old episodes of friends we should work to imp rove t he way we inter ac t wit h it two t hou sand and ten year s a f ter t he f ir s t chris t mas let s work to get it right the goal is n t to r einvent t he holid ay it s to r etu r n to t he r ealiz at ion of why we have it in t he f ir s t plac e for almos t t wo d ecad es of ou r lives we ve made chris t mas a monument to innoc enc e now as we matur e it s t ime to change t he focus to r esponsibilit y hold t he espr es so give me r e alit y ins tead christmas 1.0 deepnine s disadvantage e at salpointe are very fortunate to have awesome technological facilities along with the ability to print off 15 pages of text and graphics per day however most students at salpointe would agree that deepnines web-f iltering systems could seem at times to be more trouble than it is worth have you ever been unable to access an image of a snowf lake or perhaps would have liked to change the default search engine on internet explorer from live search to google all such fantasies by the standards of deep nines are just that fantasies although the f iltering system gives you the opportunity to e-mail a request to make your desired web pages visible i think we can all agree that when you are trying to put together an assignment with an upcoming deadline waiting for a response may be an unrealistic way of obtaining the much needed information is this the price we pay to have safe computers chances are most lancers will continue to use this same f iltering system during their time at salpointe we can all appreciate the advantage of having well maintained computers but unfortunately we can also feel the disadvantages emilio rodgriguez `11 w editor s note have an opinion about an issue at school write a letter to the crusader it must be 150-200 words typed we do not accept anonymous letters the preceding letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the crusader or its staff a special thanks to all who submitted letters that were not able to be included in this issue he carols have been playing endles sl y sinc e be for e thanksgiving i ve been br ushing pas t plast ic chris t mas t r e es in dillar d s for t wo mont hs now i ve be en sent numerous e -mails wit h t hat video of t he hou se ensconc ed in snow t he tr ans s iberian o rches trat hr umming ou t pat ter ns in brilliant light s wit h all my war m child hood memories of chris t mas t he car dboar d-and-aluminum s t ar at t he top of t he tree my mom s spicy hot chocolate my d ad s bor scht t he smell of chris t mas-y t hings in t he air i m par t ial to chr is t mas even now when t he onl y gi f t i m hoping for is to sur vive f inals i s t ill look forwar d to it though we grow up t he holiday season will always be t her e to r emind us of t he childr en we onc e wer e we baked cook ies so caked in sp r ink les t hey wer e almos t inedible we end ed u p br eak ing or nament s t hat had onc e be en famil y heirlooms we watched t he animated rudolp h movie six teen t imes and shook pr esent s to divine what was conc ealed behind t he lumpy s hap es of t he wr ap ping it was nic e it was t r adit ion a nd natur all y i have to r uin it by ad ding an endor sement for r ealit y a long wit h all t hose warm child hood memories ar e t he ot her ones t he k ind we see ever y day our visions of pover t y they ve even mad e t heir way into some of our own homes during t he chris t mas season we r e cons t ant l y r emind ed t hat we should help by giving what we don t need to t hose who do s t ill it s astr ange dual promise the s alvat ion a r my bells ring out sid e t he macy s as les s t roubled shopper s enter to purchase espr es so maker s for t heir famil y member s natalee rose dawson `11 assistant editor


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8 · opinions the crusader etting groovy in the 60 s famous bands in the 60 s included the beatles rolling stones led zeppelin the hollies rascals simon and garfunkel and the who popular movies include psycho dr strangelove bonnie and clyde the graduate big time actors julie andrews warren beatty richard burton sean connery tv shows bewitched i dream of jeannie the brady bunch gilligan s island and the beverly hillbillies g best of the 60 s n 92 one of the hot test hobbies was rol ler blading most k ids of the 90s remember the bir thday pa r ties at sk ate countr y and the pride they felt when someone graduated from rol ler sk ates to rol ler blades yet this milestone came w ith a hef t y price tag the combined prices of blades helmet w rist g uards elbow and k nee pads added up to around $20 0 rol ler blading was indeed an expensive endeavor sa lpointe st udents among other sk aters exercised their sk il ls at places like sk ate countr y the u of a or the tucson ma l l basica l ly any where there was a smooth surface groups even formed rol ler hockey teams and played against each other on basketba l l cour ts and abandoned park ing lots the evolution of sk ating has gone from sk ates tied on to shoes to wheels built into the soles a lthough sk ating has become somewhat of a lost hobby it is a memor y that stil l lives on for the k ids of `92 i time capsule


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december 2009 opinions · 9 time of streiff from a senior s perspective very year around this time i find myself looking at the underclassmen frantically running amok during finals week anticipation starts to build there is a craziness surrounding the tests that could possibly make or break our grades as well as the anticipation of a very long and extremely deserved vacation students begin to pour over books that have been gathering dust for the past 17 weeks and start asking the question when did we learn this but little do most students know that there is a secret guide to passing finals a guide that is never taken seriously until senior year 1 sl eep i s you r best friend no matter how helpful you think staying up until one in the mor ning is no matter how unsure you are of the material there is no re asonnottosleep everyone needs 6-10 hours of sleep every day to fully function and retain information if you really need to study for that long obviously you should be reevaluating your study envi ro nment sometipstoget better sleep are to get to bed at a reasonable hour cut down on caffeine consumption and exercise in the mornings or afternoons so that your body is relaxed 2 eat healthy start your day by eating breakfast you may not be hungry but it keeps your mind going throughout the day most importantly have a protein with all your meals eat an egg a piece of cheese or even some bacon in the mor ning don t eat a lot of sugary foods such as lucky charms and frosted flakes these items only fill you up for a short period of time and cause you to crash halfway though consider visiting e tips for passing your finals the cafeteria before first period if you didn t eat at thome 3 actually study get out your highlighters and index cards and mark down all the things your teachers have been hinting will be on the test don t put it off until the last minute and take a couple notes in t he ma rg i ns to make sure y ou are remembering the right stuff you can even make a study plan to make it easier to manage all ofyourclasses ta kehalfan hour for each class you have and only focus on that subject go to a place that is quiet enough for you to be able to concentrate but feel free to play music quietly in the background before you begin studying get a couple bottles of water and a snack for when you get hungry take small breaks in between your subjects to ensure that you don t get your information mixed up quiz yourself constantly to make sure that you are actually retaining the things you are reading most importantly don t start texting your friends while you are trying to study you will be concentrating more on what you are texting about than what you need to study thesetipsa re someofthe most effective ways to pass not only your finals but your classes so keep up the good work lancers good luck with your finals and have a wonderful winter break say cheese a british man on the run from the police sent a picture of himself to his local paper because he disliked the mug shot they had printed of him as part of a public appeal to track him down the picture he sent in was of him being handcuffed by police meep at a high school in danvers mass the word meep has been banned by the principal the word meep comes from the popular television show the muppets principal thomas murray claims he banned the word because students were interrupting class with it gingerbread monster in oslo norway the tallest man in the world released the biggest gingerbread man in the world the cookie weighs 1,435 pounds the guinness book of records gave awards to both the man and ikea where the cookie was given its premier bless you 12 year-old laura johnson can t stop sneezing she started her long-term sneezing fit nov 1 and sneezes as many as 12 times a minute and 12,000 times a day so far no one has been able to stop it overdue a school library in phoenix az said that it received two books which had been overdue for 51 years the former student enclosed the books a $1,000 check and a letter explaining that the two books had been mistakenly packed up when the student moved jada streiff `10 editor-in-chief


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10 · news the crusader transcripts essays recommendation harvard yale princeton notre da pressure anxiety nervousness press deadline waiting period early decis cross the united states high school seniors prepare to submit their college applications in a climate more competitive than ever before allison brice `10 has spent a large portion of the time since school began preparing her college applications about a month ago she completed the various elements of the common application and then she waited in the weeks that passed she avoided reviewing her work preferring to look again when she could see her progress with a little more distance according to brice it has been worth the wait she s applying to highly selective colleges and she only has one chance to get it right it s really important to put enough time into it said brice this is one of the most significant decisions i ve ever made brice isn t alone in her desire to attend a top-tier school admissions experts say that the pressure has come to its zenith during the last decade the combination a of a larger population and an increasingly competitive mindset has turned the college admissions game into an exhausting race for many students students who apply to the same handful of competitive colleges are under the most stress because the acceptance rates are so low said salpointe college counselor ms lynn ossowski stress comes from seeing the excellent students who are denied admission students sometimes believe that their entire future and happiness depends on getting into one particular college getting into one particular college is getting harder and harder last year harvard university admitted only 7 percent of applicants duke university whose acceptance rate was 22.8 percent in 2008 admits that it turns away many qualified applicants these are facts the admissions offices at competitive colleges aren t particularly proud of but in some cases they enhance their appeal for underclassmen there is still good news starting with the graduating class of 2011 the population bubble from the last few years will diminish resulting in higher acceptance rates for future applicants it definitely makes me a little less worried to know it s going to get easier said chanel lambert `11 so far it s generated a lot of stress according to ossowski students can minimize stress by keeping their expectations realistic and applying to schools with different levels of selectivity in doing so they increase their chances of being accepted to a school they ll enjoy and relieve some of the pressure inherent in the admissions process ossowski stresses that the most important time in respect to a student s application are the years before they apply colleges show most interest in students who ve followed their passions from the beginning not those who join several clubs senior year to pad their resumes it is preferable to focus on just one or two activities and take the time to really get involved with them said ossowski 7 the percentage of applicants accepted by harvard university last year by the numbers 10 15 to 99 the percentage of lancers who go on to attend college the number of applicants for every spot at some competitive colleges 5 758 18,248,128 the number of college students in the united states the number of institutions of higher education in the country


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december 2009 news · 11 ns supplements resumes bragsheets ame cornell upenn columbia duke sure confusion insomnia impatience sion regular decision notification as salpointe s seniors prepare and submit their college applications this fall they face the end of the most competitive era in u s admissions history by natalee dawson colleges and universities have shifted or talent said toor in an interview with be authentic to your own personality and character the most impressive col their focus in past years from resume newsweek in 2001 still students aren t working in their lege applications show that you have pur fillers to more unique candidates who sued your own intellectual and personal show interest in the things they love own best interests when they fixate on a interests that you are an enthusiastic and follow through with those interests particular school by widening their horizons they can become learner and that you have open to the opportunilived your life according ties that are available to to the values you profess them and that may end ossowski has advised a up being a more valuable decade of graduates and experience says that tensions have remember that colnever been so high for lege admissions parprospective students ticularly at selective pri college admissions vate institutions is about has become much more what that college needs competitive said osand wants in its freshsowski students who man class said ossowski were admitted to a college regardless of where you even just a few years ago start out there is a place may not actually get in tofor absolutely everyone day who wants to go to colit s a lesson that thoulege plenty of great colsands of students learn leges would love to have each year some ivy you and have a great eduleague universities have cation to offer acceptance rates in the brice knows that the single digits even though numbers seem threatentoday s students are more ing but she says she can t qualified than ever a help but hope she s spent high gpa and solid test so long invested in the scores are prerequisites at application senior allison brice sits down at salpointe s new writing cenprocess because it matters the most competitive institer to edit her personal statement before submitting it photo natalee dawson to her but she admits that tutions but they re far from in the long run she has to a guarantee of admission students need strong extra-curricular when it comes to extra curriculars ad remind herself that she s going to enjoy activities that demonstrate what they missions officers would rather see quality college wherever she ends up it s difficult because now i ve done can bring to a school s community ac over quantity according to rachel toor cording to ossowski admissions officers an admissions officer at duke universi all the work said brice it s hard to acaren t looking for well-rounded students ty colleges like duke are finding them cept that it s out of my hands now now with her applications complete what they hope for is a well-rounded selves more interested in angular kids those with a much more focused interest comes the real challenge waiting freshman class.


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12 · news students support needy families in the salpointe community by giving them a christmas to remember by liz horner d uring this busy season people can easily forget that there are some who are not able to have joyous christmas feasts or open up tons of presents however thanks to salpointe s annual adopt-a-family students are able to help those who would otherwise be unable to have what most of us consider a normal christmas for the 25th year in a row salpointe continues to adopt needy families and give them presents and money to enable them to celebrate christmas during these hard economic times programs such as adopta-family take on a bigger importance donating items from giving back to families sons about giving and experience personal growth by helping others many are making sacrifices in their own families to insure that their families will receive a good christmas i think the program offers the chance for each of the parties the giver and the recipient to receive something they desire said james dolan `12 for the family it s a warm christmas dinner on the table and the feeling that they are loved while givers receive a sense of accomplishment knowing that they made the season a little brighter for their family this year though salpointe is taking on the crusader faces of the receivers along with salpointe s adopt-a-family tradition homerooms also joined in the door decorating contest in this contest each homeroom is asked to decorate their door and the most creative door receives a $50 gift card for their family so with the spirit of christmas in their hearts students decorated their homeroom doors in order to try to add to their bundle of gifts which will soon be delivered to the families giving may seem hard for students but the rewards are much greater than the losses so while you may have to sacrifice your dream gift it is more important to help those people before we think of ourselves 1 2 fewer families than it ever has in its 25 years of operation this is because the administrators are sensitive to the bad economic times and don t want to burden its own families however homerooms were given larger families and an emphasis was placed on giving with a good heart what each can afford students are giving things such as clothing money toys and food items all of the donations brought in by students whether big or small will surely bring a smile to the families lists becomes more than just material gifts but become gifts of hope that says people care thirty-one families were chosen from the salpointe community to make a list for the homerooms to try their hardest to get families are often in tears because they are so overwhelmed by our students generosity said ms michelle murphy the families that the students help are not the only ones to be affected by this program students can gain valuable les 3 1 tree which sits in ms anne morales s classroom to help spread cheer and inspire her homeroom to donate gifts for adopta-family 2 ms marci harrington s homeroom s room 312 door decoration 3 room 409 decorates their door with a house that brings a smile to every person who walks by photos by liz horner


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december 2009 news · 13 with these easy tips to follow any student can be singing hallelujah when report cards come out by claire round the holiday season students decorate doors and go through shopping lists with joy while the misgivings of fi nals begin looming in their minds exams can really put a damper on the christmas spirit and no one wants to think about studying when trying to celebrate students cope with the necessity of studying in different ways some stress out weeks in advance while others may procrastinate until the night before the test by following these easy tips all students can have a better shot at passing their semester fi nals a tips for finals before exams to boost their memories and cognition carbohydrates like bagels and oatmeal help students remember more and give them energy that lasts longer than a traditional breakfast energy bar omega 3 fatty acids that are found in fi sh such as tuna and salmon help students concentrate fruits and vegetables like strawberries and avocados support brain function and stamina nuts are a great source of energy and antioxidants students may falsely assume sugar will help them stay awake but really it s best to put away the chocolate and salty foods away foods full of sugar and simple carbohydrates will only give students enough energy for about half an hour sugary foods will also make it harder to concentrate because the short bursts of energy can make students feel jittery and antsy whether a student is trying to pull an all nighter or grab a quick bite during a break simple carbs are never the way to go when studying be sure to be in a room where there is no technology to tempt students a quiet space will help students stay on task and remain focused students should also make sure that they take breaks danielson and nikki fujiwara [listen to music [make studying fun to study alone is a bore so try to mix it up and play a memory or vocabulary game with friends also outlines and pictures help students remember subjects faster students can even make tapes of themselves reciting what they need to memorize listening to their own voices on tape will help them memorize words or facts faster all students learn differently therefore studying habits vary trying to fi nd the perfect way to study can be difficult but mixing up different methods will give students variety and teach them how they learn best according to the british broadcasting corporation bbc studies have shown that music has a positive impact on learning listening to mozart or classical music can help relieve stress when students are under pressure their favorite songs can help them breathe and stay focused it is important to keep the volume low and avoid songs with lyrics [breathe [eat a good breakfast first off students need to relax put their cell phones away and grab a snack stressing out about fi nals will only make the task at hand seem harder students need to breathe and analyze everything that needs to be done bit by bit spread out all the subjects and make a schedule of how much time is needed to study for each one take it one step at a time and focus it will make the chore of studying much easier [think positively studies from the american dietetic association ada have shown that students need to eat a hardy breakfast [avoid distractions tvs phones and computers are all distractions that students should avoid attitude is everything students should stay positive and not give up no matter how tedious the task ahead if students say that they re going to fail then their confidence will diminish making it harder to pass students should never think they re the only ones staying up late to study because everyone is under pressure and feeling the heat students should not forget to pace themselves while studying finals are an opportunity for students to raise their grades so they should take advantage of the tests and remember the outcome is worth the effort by following these simple tips students can enjoy preparing for the holidays without stressing about finals.


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14 · news the crusader a humanities christmas by rebecca hildreth humanities students share their talents at annual christmas show o n dec 4 the corcoran theater was the place to be for the 2009 humanities christmas show this anticipated event was nearly cancelled but was saved by the last-minute addition of a few more acts to the show the humanities christmas show gives students a chance to celebrate christmas with the gift of laughter and good will said ms kate mcgarey-vasey head of the humanities department this annual event is a chance for juniors and seniors in the humanities program to participate in a meaningful and traditional event students were encouraged to volunteer they had the opportunity to work on the backstage crew bring in refreshments set up and clean up and perform in the show in past performances there have always been a wide variety of talents such as singing dancing comedy and even martial arts the show always starts with a prayer even the teachers can perform in a previous show the late mr tommy harper played the piano with ms ania cheer i performed in the humanities christmas show as well a few years ago i was part of a singing group with a few other teachers said mcgarey-vasey however it s really about showcasing the stand up for kids students ms sarah brauer and mr stephen halper were involved with the show in other ways such as advertising recruiting holding auditions rehearsing setting up and cleaning up the preparation for the show can be time consuming but it s worth it said mcgarey-vasey students always enjoy the humanities christmas show and look forward to seeing their fellow students and teachers perform i think it s a really fun and good opportunity for students to learn about each other and their talents said katelyn tamaray `11 students brought in homemade baked goods and other refreshments for a reception after the show students are always excited said mcgarey-vasey especially the seniors it s a tradition national charity helps homeless kids have a happier holiday sesason by justin jenkins e ver yone wants to be home for the holidays to sit by the f ire and enjoy time with family but not everyone gets to share in this experience in the countr y s current economic standing it is getting easier and easier to become homeless unfortunately thirteen homeless kids die on the streets every day here in the united states the founders of stand up for kids a non-prof it organization recognized this growing issue and worked together to form a group that could help these kids with over 60 chapters throughout the countr y volunteers reach out into the communit y creating opportunities for children who can t fend for themselves the cha rit y ra ises money for outreach prog rams which includes f il l ing pockets w ith va rious necessities some of the different bags include items for hygiene f irst a id clothing and food k its the volunteers take the packages and walk the streets looking under bridges and in alleyways searching for children who need their help stand up for kids is accustomed to getting donations from different groups throughout the year but there was one donation that came from a tucsonan that amazed them all dominick d.j flores an eleven-year-old felt the need to help other youth in tucson flores s fifth grade class started debating how to raise money for their annual holiday party and flores suggested that instead they could raise money for a children s charity two bake-sales later flores and his class had raised over 156 dollars for the stand up for kids charity flores recognized the needs of other children and decided to do something about it for more information on helping homeless kids visit


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december 2009 news · 15 retraction the crusader s deepest apologies for printing the wrong information on the curriculum change chart in the last issue n last month s issue we regret to report that there was an error in the story curriculum changes at salpointe on page 14 on the chart at the bottom righthand side of the page the proposed credits needed to graduate from salpointe were misprinted we deeply apologize for the misinformation and are going to do everything in our power to make sure it does not happen again only the column labeled schs prop was incorrect all other information within the chart and in the article itself was reported correctly the corrections to the chart can be found below our staff works very hard and it is very unfortunate when errors are not found during the editing process thank you for understanding -the crusader staff subjects english math social science science theology foreign language fine arts pe technology health forensics community service core courses electives total schs prop 4 4 3 3 4 1.5 1 .5 0 0 .5 25 2 27 3 the dignoti deal baby jesus would love it or some right now it seems like their walls are crashing in around them the holiday season can bring depression for some joy for others the recession has almost every american in its grasp and it s easy to let the recession put a damper on th eholida ys the world seems tobe spin n in g ou t of con t ro l mass-sh ootin gs plagu eourco mmunities gangs and drugsh au n t ou r streets r aci smand hate loom wherever we go as students of a catholic school we know that faith is often prescribed as a remedy to most situations often we pray for comfort for money for an end to pain for family friends victims of horrid situations some find solace and peace in prayer others find artificial peace in substance abuse others never find peace still some believe in the old adage that time heals all wounds most who know any sort of pain know that this doesn t always work i find myself questioning faith at times faith for me isn t something i swallow with ease and a part of me wishes i were more spiritual still a large portion of me believes in the goodness of humanity and that part of me is shaken these days our out-of-control world makes me wonder how we can overcome its challenges in an art history class the instructor passed out a list with all of the conflicts and wars listed from the start of the 20 th century to today it was more than troubling to see that now in the world there is more conflict than ever before then again i m optimistic spice i f that we can overcome i also think that perhaps our world isn t in as bad of shape as we let ourselves believe i firmly believe that if we strive to achieve our potential and strive to be young leaders we can accomplish great things all too often young people have the mind set that it s only necessary to survive in this world that may have been true 20 years ago however with all the conflict that exists in our world surviving in this world simply isn t enough we need to set out with a goal to change the world i don t think it s naïve to believe in the goodness of man and i don t think it s naïve to think that our generation can change the world and build a society free of hate and violence perhaps that goal is unreachable but certainly we can and we must try i m not advocating that we all have to get along with one another and sing kumbaya but finding the goodness in one another is essential togeth er we mu st look to th e fu tu re we can an d will change the world if we work togeth er in u n ity towards a goal of improvemen t together we can overcome the h ate th e violen ce an d the str ife in th is wor ld i t must star t n ow th ou gh to borrow from bob mar ley i n this great future you can forget y ou r past l et s be the change we wish to see and let s find joy this holiday season kyle dignoti `11



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