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n ewsmagazine crusader the · phobias · fall sports salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · october 2009 · vol 59 issue 2


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2 · table of contents the crusader 10 disarmament president obama s plan to shrink the amount of nuclear weapons in the world photo from swimming salpointe women s varsity swimming continues their season and prepares to take on the competition at regionals and state 31


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october 2009 table of contents · 3 crusader the newsmagazine 18 halloween movies news 13 14 17 21 22 24 26 28 29 voting a quick guide to the general election on november 4 the stories and events that helped create the history of movies shown during the halloween season from frankenstein to the wolfman dracula to haunted houses these movies won t disappoint anyone who watches them on oct 31 photos from cirriculum change a possible change for future lancers regarding the credits needed to graduate robin hood a preview of the drama department s adaptation of the classic tale pop culture new trends in fashion along with what s to come in the movie and music industries features and entertainment phobias different fears that effect people including necrophobia aerophobia and emetophobia reviews tv s community the film where the wild things are the book the last song and the restaurant blanco sports football a continuation of the games for the greater good along with in-depth coverage of the season son with a strong record woman s volleyball the lancers continue their sea women s golf the lady lancers wrap up their season with back-to back regional championships columns claire s conundrum 07 i hate forwards time of streiff 09 trick or treat for charity the dignoti deal 15 white house running elections la vie en rose 25 changing our course


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4 · advertisments the crusader thomas m blase d.d.s m.s.d ltd specialist in orthodontist 6373 e t anque verde suite 110 t ucson arizona 85715 520/296-1700 member american association of orthodontist 293-6740


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october 2009 news · 5 crusader newsmagazine the editorial volume 59 2009-2010 october 30 2009 arizona interscholastic press association first place general excellence 2006 07 2007 08 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 what do we have to fear d the crusader is published by the salpointe journalism class circulation is 2,000 and it is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or its administration editor-in-chief editorial board jada streiff `10 assistant editor natalee dawson `11 opinions editor news editor k aila schubert `10 natalee dawson `11 features entertainment editor kyle dignoti `11 sports editors art editor isamar molina `10 elizabeth horner `11 news staff members catalina contreras `10 justin jenkins `10 kaila schubert `10 kyle dignoti `11 rebecca hildreth `11 features entertainment delaney hare `10 kaila schubert `10 jada streiff `10 elizabeth horner `11 claire danielson `12 nikki fuijiwara `12 wilson troxel `12 amanda martinez `13 emily omnic `13 sports mckenna ronqillo `10 sean logan amanda martinez `13 adviser ms michelle mathews interim head of school ms kay sullivan uring the halloween season people deliberately try to confront their fears and scare themselves and others it is a tradition for some it is spiders and snakes that gives them the creeps for others it is college applications that make them cringe at salpointe one fear is the possible change in the number of credits required to graduate adding six semesters of a foreign language and three semesters of fine arts to the graduation requirements is causing some students to wonder how they will ever succeed some are even beginning to re-evaluate their choice of schools which opens up a whole new series of fears another fear that has become very popular among salpointe students and staff is the movie paranormal activity this mocumentary brings the viewer into the world of demon-possessed college students making them believe that the events being filmed were truly happening the intrinsic fear of demonic spirits for most people have people grabbing their best friends and parents to ward of the evil spirits lately a worry that not only affects salpointe but the world is the dread of swine flu this fear has everyone in a frenzy keeping them indoors and using taking a look at the things that scare us the most enough hand sanitizer to fill an olympic-sized pool when one person comes down with the flu others begin to panic the things that people fail to take into account that are that shots are being distributed and more people are coughing into their elbows instead of their hands this fear too will pass all people need to do is give it time on the subject of national health more people are starting to panic regarding universal health care they are fearful of wracking up more national debts and want some guarantee that the system will work though no law has been passed the possibilities keep the public fearful of the change there is also the omnipotent fear of war will it ever end will it escalate into a nuclear situation will anyone ever say enough is enough for some this fear has subsided a bit with president barack obama s proposal for international nuclear disarmament the fear of terrorism is also etched into our hearts since 9/11 the threat lingers whenever we board a plane travel to a foreign country or gather in large crowds moving forward is the only way to heal wounds sitting in a corner nurturing our fears only handicaps us in the end fear will always exist it is how people deal with their fears that makes the difference photo from


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6 · opinions the crusader letters to the editor too hot halls i s it just me or is sophomore hall far too hot it could be the dead of winter and its still 100 degrees in the hall now this could be from all of the gorgeous girls or it could be from the buff football players walking through or even a combination of the two but regardless it is still very hot in there it was just the other day when i saw some wrestlers who practice in a 100-degree room in sweatpants for about 4 hours every day and those guys were dying of heat exhaustion in sophomore hall that s just way too much body heat all i m asking for is some air nice cool air in sophomore hall maybe some air conditioning would do wonders in there it s not much to ask and it should work think of all the half-dead sophomores out there and how you could save them roman gaskill `12 add a little paint and some eyecatching decorations and perhaps the rooms could have more f lair let s bring life back to our classrooms let s tone down the blah and turn up the fun kaitlyn tamaray `11 lengthening lunch don t want to be one of those annoying people sending in a letter to the editor that many other people have already sent in but i have a strong opinion about lunch time it is excessively short every day that i buy my lunch i have a very short period in which to eat it the lunch lines are very long and people always cut which is a separate issue anyway i get my lunch and have to eat it very quickly because after i eat i still have to go to my locker and get to class there simply isn t enough time to do it i think that if the school was to extend lunch by only 10 minutes we could solve this problem and i think that lots of other people are probably facing this same issue i realize this isn t an easy thing to change but i would appreciate it if it was at least thought about and discussed karly rede `13 i people in the parking lot a a lucky life i t s the little things in life we take for granted like getting out of the car or walking to class or even going to our lockers two weeks ago i fractured my growth plate just under my knee and my doctor told me that i would need a cast for a month and that i would be in a wheelchair going to class has become very difficult especially when i am going up a ramp at salpointe or going to mr callhan s class which is only accesible by going up stairs let me say that s no walk in the park this whole experience makes me think of how lucky i am because i will get out of this wheelchair some day anything can happen you could wind up in a cast but a lot of times other people have ended up with worse i was lucky enough to only end up with the cast this whole situation has been a learning experience for me i ve seen that i take too much for granted and i ve learned that i need to take life one step at a time john baron `12 s i arrive at school every morning i have to avoid the maelstrom in the parking lot both students and parents block parking spots parents drop off their children leaving no possibility for others to find their way around them students converse before and after school in the parking lot as well which makes it difficult to pull into and out of a space with teenagers flailing around in the parking lot it is hard to maneuver my way around without coming close to hitting someone students automatically assume that cars will yield to them when they are walking people need to consider others time students should avoid hanging around in the parking lot when it s busy with moving vehicles maria saenz `11 glass half full f dress up the decor i n every classroom i have stepped foot in at salpointe i have noticed one common theme the classrooms are extremely boring as a junior i ve experienced classrooms in all corners of this campus none have impressed me the classrooms lack beauty and a touch of personality the walls remain utterly undecorated and lack color boring classrooms encourage boredom and boredom encourages inattentiveness the rooms here are in desperate need of some spice all break may not be long enough and i catch myself saying not even a week off but then i remind myself that there are not only negatives of such a short break but positives as well for example there are many different breaks that we have that are not standard and therefore we get the same amount of time off another plus is the fact that when we re off on non-standard days other schools aren t off so that results in less crowded malls movie theatres etc when i think of these things i find myself saying oh well even if our fall break is only two school days off there are many ways to look at things i have found out that when it comes to life it s best to look at things as a glass half full sean nichols `12


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october 2009 opinions · 7 claire s conundrum swim team service t his year the salpointe swim team has put a lot of effort into giving back to the community we went to a volleyball game to support our fellow lancers participated in the a.l.s walk for the rheil family and collected diapers for the tucson diaper drive we really tried to help out our community because that is something we pride ourselves in i know other teams and clubs do this here at school as well this is what makes salpointe so special this year i think all of the lancers are excited about giving back not only because of the football team s games for the greater good but because as lancers we try to help others i am proud to say i am a lancer because we represent a caring community i hope this enthusiasm can carry on into the next year chanel lambert `11 eradicating the fear that haunts our inboxes i hate forwards w keep signing up for kairos k airos is such a wonderful retreat that everyone at salpointe should participate in it i have recently attended kairos 204 and i had the opportunity to meet and befriend so many interesting and caring people and i am truly blessed to have met them don t let others talk you out of going on this once in a lifetime retreat i was extremely nervous about going but honestly it was the best decision i ve made this year it s three amazing days that you will always remember i can promise you that this retreat doesn t change you it just makes you more aware of people around you and how you can become a better person i love you kairos erica chiarello `10 editor s note have an opinion about an issue at school write a letter to the crusader it must be 150-200 words typed we do not accept anonymous letters the preceding letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the crusader or its staff a special thanks to all who submitted letters that were not able to be included in this issue e all know that feeling of opening our emails in hopes of finding a reply from our teacher about our grades only to find a mass of messages with the little symbol warning us of an upcoming spam fwd we may roll our eyes and send them straight to the trash bin or maybe we open the email to see what new annoyance people have come up with some people are superstitious and actually pass them on to the next 20 people to repeat the annoying cycle if a negative feeling toward forwards is mutual then why do we submit to the instructions and pass them on why do we wish our frustration and annoyance onto others why do people even create forwards let s review the forwards and examine what they entail first there s the forward that says it s kissing week send this to ten people and you ll get kissed this week if we really send this forward to ten other people will we get kissed how gullible do people think we are there were also some certain details that were left out by the author of this forward like when will we be kissed who s the guy/girl is it just some random person we ll meet at 11:59 and 18 seconds now let s talk about the money forwards that read like this you will win a million dollars if you send this to a hundred people well what if we don t know a hundred people what happens then is there some kind of unwritten curse will a plague descend upon us if we don t send this spam to annoy a hundred more people or will we lose a million dollars if we don t send it on moving onto the 100 crazy forwards this girl was pushed down a sewer and she will come to get you if you don t send this to 20 people some people are actually as gullible as the forwards take them to be and get terrified by these kinds of forwards i feel sorry for those people who contact me in the middle of the night acting as if the world has ended of course i reply to them thinking the worst and i get the most priceless response i just read a really scary forward what about the forwards that insult us congratulations you re dumb enough to open a forward if you don t send this to ten people then you ll have a miserable life if our lives turn out miserable then we can blame it all on never succumbing to the a little piece of email spam texting forwards are also a great way to put a dark cloud on someone s day if we wanted to waste a text message then we d send blank ones to strangers or text some incredibly random inside joke to cha-cha but sending forwards via text messages is an annoying waste of energy it s like the forwards are following us they go from our computers to our phones stalking our every technological move blocking every means of communication however the worst is getting our phones taken away in the middle of class for vibrating too loudly and realizing a week later that the culprit behind our phone s arrest was a forward why do we create or send forwards in the first place maybe for the optimistic people there is hope that by sending an email to 20 other people the promise within the message will actually come true why would we send forwards with nasty threats are we so fearful that anything bad can happen in this world the pessimistic people will believe anything a little email will cause horrible things to happen if we don t submit to the commands in the message really how many of us can say that the forwards pledges have actually come true for us oh and one more thing if you don t send this to ten other people a chicken will fall on your roof destroying your house and the sewer girl will come to get you claire danielson crusader staffer


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8 · opinions the crusader t he 80s were crazy mtv michael jackson leather jackets the moonwalk and a single glove famous stars and bands included clint eastwood harrison ford arnold schwarzenegger tom cruise queen tina turner u2 lionel richie bruce springsteen and the police movies tv shows and video games such as the breakfast club baywatch cosby show dukes of hazzard tmnt and nintendo all provided entertainment best of the 80 s olo shirts and solid colored pants have always been a part of salpointe s dress code legacy right not for the students of 1980 at the time when spandex was making its debut and stars like madonna and michael jackson were setting fashion trends around the world salpointe did not have a dress code according to the december 1980 issue of the the crusader only forbidden article of clothing was a pair of shorts this rule was in place even though there was no air conditioning during the summers while the men stuck with their jeans and alligator shirts the girls were faced with a choice of long pants or skirts naturally they went for the provocative skirts the fact that a handful of girls were sent home because of their inappropriate clothing was perhaps a catalyst for our dress code today but hey at least we get to wear shorts compiled from the crusader `80 by catalina contreras `10 p time capsule


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october 2009 opinions · 9 time of streiff trick or treat r for charity emember when we used to wait for the slightest hint of darkness so that we could don our tiaras and capes and go beg total strangers for candy after the last doorbell rang we headed home and dumped all of our candy onto the floor and systematically began to sort trade and devour every last piece now that we are older most of us do not trick-or-treat instead we spend october 31 going to parties or hanging out with friends this year i propose that we all do something just a little bit different instead of trick or treating for candy or partying all night long why not trick or treat for a charity this may seem far-fetched but in reality it isn t that hard and we could do a great deal of good we are all looking for those hours of community involvement to put o n our college applic a t i on s a n d this could be the pe rf e c t wa y to get some hour s wh i l e st i l l having fun the most commonly thought of trick or treat for charity is the united nations international children s emergency fund unicef started in 1950 unicef s first collection was a mere $17 but now the united states alone raises more than $119 million a year to help build a better future for children around the globe just $1 can protect a child from polio for life or immunize a kid against the measles two dollars can provide 66 children with vitamin a capsules for a year and $9 buys a pack of 200 water purification tablets so order a box online or make one if there isn t time or just send a donation if it feels uncomfortable for you to send money to somewhere other than tucson consider trick or treating for the red cross the fundamentals are still the same except where the money is distributed another activity worth donating our time to is sight night for onesight and the lions club onesight and the lions club are both charitable programs dedicated to improving the lives of the visually impaired the idea behind these organizations is to go around from house to house asking for unused eyeglasses or non-prescription sunglasses once the glasses are collected they are cleaned categorized by prescription and recycled for distribution in global clinics last instead of signing up with a charity we can trick or treat for canned food donations the idea is simple enough ring the doorbell ask for any canned food and drop it all off at the food bank once the night is over no matterw ha t t he c ha ri t y lanc er s geti nv olvedt hi s ha l l owe e n t he re a re s o ma ny orga n i za t i o ns t ha twecanhelp ou t no t o nl yont hi sday bu t e ve ry d a y let s order a pizza tonight many americans are satisfied with eating just one or two slices of their favorite pizza for dinner but on average americans eat 18 acres of pizza every day that s almost the size of 18 american football fields you ve got mail many people use yahoo as an email provider but what they don t know is that yahoo is actually an acronym the word yahoo actually stands for yet another hierarchal officious oracle animals of the sea the octopus is a very interesting and widely studied animal but did you know that octopi have three hearts not only that but they can squeeze through a hole that is the size of a dime wd-40 ever wondered what wd-40 stands for norm larsen a chemist coined the name after he perfected the formula wd40 stands for water displacement 40th attempt if that doesn t scream commitment what does it s a picasso pablo picasso s full name was pablo diego jose francisco de p aula juan nepomuceno maria de lost remedios cipriano de la santisima trinidad ruiz y picasso try saying that three times fast jada streiff `10 editor-in-chief


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10 · news the crusader the previous and few human advances have had the power to awe and horrify like the advent of nuclear weaponry and the terrifying possiblity it presents nuclear weapons are embued with the power to desimate entire cities and leave footprints that only time can fade they have created and broken entire political administrations now a new generation of leaders faces the power and the peril of the second nuclear century by natalee dawson kyle dignoti o n oct 9 president barack obama was awarded the nobel peace prize for what the norwegian nobel committee called his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples the nobel committee drew criticism for its choice from multiple sources who claimed that the obama administration has been devoid of action and that the award was prematurely given the committee members have forfeited any claim to seriousness peace the kind of peace that keeps people from being killed and oppressed is an achievement not a sentiment said michael gerson of the washington post the most marked motion toward peace claimed by the obama administration has been obama s dedication to nuclear disarmament at the united nations un summit last month obama chaired the united nations security council becoming the first u.s president to do so after deliberation the council unanimously passed a resolution to take steps toward ending nuclear prolif eration obama and the security council share the belief that disarmament is a necessary step towards global peace others however feel that such a resolution while a nice gesture will not accomplish anything beyond the walls of the united nations building for instance the text of the resolution includes a passage stating that if countries violate their nuclear treaties they will be stripped of their right to mine uranium while obama and the united nations take steps toward the end of nuclear proliferation other world leaders test the prospects of nuclear power north korean president kim jong il has stated that his nation is testing nuclear weapons like those that devastated hiroshima almost 60 years ago north korea shows no interest in the international negotiations implemented by the obama administration north korea doesn t need any talks with america said kim myong-chol executive director of the centre for koreanamerican peace in an interview with the guardian in tokyo earlier this year we are not going to worry about sanctions if the united states sanctions us we will become more powerful the threat of nuclear warfare has influenced international relations for more than sixty years in 2009 world leaders continue to grapple with its far-reaching implications late presidents john f kennedy and ronald reagan both found their time in office defined by the presence of nuclear threats and their strategic reactions to those dangers kennedy created the arms control and disarmament agency to begin the process of carrying out his five-point plan for total disarmament according to kennedy the best way to end the threat of nuclear warfare was to go through the process gradually to stop new nuclear weapons from being made to stop proliferation in the united states and abroad to make nuclear weapons in space illegal to destroy the weapons themselves over time and to create a peacekeeping force within the united nations reagan was also a nuclear abolitionist he proposed and advocated for the strategic defense initiative which was meant to counter the mutual assured destruction


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october 2009 news · 11 nd future threat method of defense by establishing ways the soviet union today the 103-foot misthe united states could protect itself from sile sits dormant in its silo visitors can nuclear weapons without their full-scale enter the underground chamber and take use tours of the silo s hallways a nuclear war cannot be won and must according to morris the effort to turn never be fought said reagan in a 1984 a top-secret military zone into a museum state of the union address the only value reflected the challenge of international in the united states and the soviet union disarmament possessing nuclear weapons is to make sure the primary focus for the air force they will never be used but then would it when it converted the site to a museum not be better to do was in demon as long as these weapons exist away with them strating to the entirely the united states will maintain a safe former soviet one lasting secure and effective arsenal to deter any union that this mark of arizona s was not an opadversary connection with erational site president barack obama said morris the international arms race is the titan ii housed in sahuarita missile was never arizona at the titan missile museum it activated for launch which meant that stands as a reminder of the cold war s making the museum safe to the public was grand scale and serves to caution visitors not as difficult as convincing russia of the against the ever-standing threat posed by museum s aims each step of the convernuclear international relations sion had to be carried out slowly satellites i think every country that s ever dealt put into place by the soviet government with the united states in any kind of con decades before had to be able to detect that flict has thought about the fact that they re the missile s new mission was peaceful dealing with a nuclear state once you bring as hostility between iran and the unitnuclear weapons onto the scene the whole ed states rises so do u.s diplomats fears idea changes said arizona aerospace of a nuclear iran though iranian presifoundation executive director yvonne dent mahmoud ahmadinejad has stated morris you can no longer throw every re that he too plans to work toward nuclear source into engaging another nuclear state peace fears still loom that he is constructbecause you are inviting your destruction ing facilities to build and test nuclear what happens to superpowers is that they weapons the un plan not only hopes to realize they have to change their strategies stop the development of such a facility it in dealing with one another also argues for a three-fold approach to an the titan ii intercontinental ballistic end to global nuclear hostility missile was a weapon with unfathomable this resolution is a solid piece of work destructive capacity in less than thirty the best one could expect from the un resminutes it would have been able to reach olution process said joseph cirincione and detonate within range of its target in president of the plougshares fund in an interview with politico it s significant in several aspects according to morris complete disarmament may not be necessary if nations in possession of nuclear weapons regulate their use i would be the first person to get in line for total nuclear disarmament across the planet said morris however i m skeptical about whether it can happen and whether it s necessary i think there s an argument that can be made that nuclear weapons can mellow countries and make them think more realistically about how far they re willing to go while the debate continues obama remains cautiously optimistic about the achievability of disarmament today i state clearly and with conviction america s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons said obama in april we will reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy and urge others to do the same make no mistake as long as these weapons exist the united states will maintain a safe secure and effective arsenal to deter any adversary photogr aphs top bar left to right an atomic bomb detonates over the city of hiroshima in 1945 late president john f kennedy cuban leader fidel castro iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad president barack obama an atomic bomb is tested at a government facility in los alamos new mexico bottom of previous page left to right technicians during the cold war handle a thermonuclear warhead photo by chuck hansen a titan ii missile sits in its siloh at the titan missile museum in sahuarita arizona


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12 · news the crusader court what it is today stating the constitution is law and it s the courts job to keep the law judge scalia summed up everything he wanted the students to learn in a simple message don t believe everything a professor tells you don t believe everything i tell you turn things over in your head don t allow yourself to be filled with garbage photo by wikipedia supreme justice supreme court justice scalia speaks to senior government classes by kaila schubert o n oct 26 salpointe was hon dent scalia explained he explained that many other countries ored to be chosen by the james e rogers college of law and can t even grasp the ideas in the constituthe rehnquist center from the tion for example many european countries university of arizona to have supreme do not see how the bi-cameral legislature court justice antonin scalia come to the two houses of congress that hold equal power are able to accomplish anything speak to the senior government students only in america he says can somethe students were prepped on oct 21 by supreme court expert and attorney mike thing be un-american in every other meahan about how the federal court sys country it is impossible to be un-french tem works and how they should act around or un-italian because those countries dethe guest speaker but the students were not fine their people by where they are born it is america s adherence to beliefs in told on what level the judge would be from certain principles of the court government that dethe students were fines america exboth surprised and explained scalia cited to find out that the the justice then judge was from the suanswered questions preme court as he was asked by the governintroduced in corcoran ment students theatre scalia described what i have always loved it is like to be a supreme united states history court judge and also and was very excited to spoke about politics in be able to meet somethe supreme court setone that was able to ting impact history in such a i am simply asked way the fact the judge to say what the conwas from the supreme stitution says said court made it that scalia it s impossible much more exciting sumpreme court justice to take politics out of said allison brice `10 antonin scalia appointing judges i justice scalia associate justice of the supreme court of the know that it had something to do with united states started off his talk in an un my appointment yet just because scalia is seen as a conconventional way i should probably talk about what you servative justice doesn t mean that he is want to talk about first but the price of ad allows politics to determine his ruling scalia taught the constitution at the mission is that you have to listen to what i university of chicago before becoming a want to talk about said scalia the justice then spoke about how the judge during this time the justice beconstitution of the united states is like no came extremely partial to former liberal other in the world he explained that it s justice robert jackson who was apnot the freedoms given to the american pointed by frank lin d roosevelt scalia is now lucky enough to sit in his people in the bill of rights that makes the constitution distinctive but the very favorite justices former seat he has tried to live by this justices ideals that the court structure of it the way that it separates government should do what s best for the people when asked about what the most iminto three separate but equal sections is portant supreme court decision was he what makes america what it is the constitution is the equivalent simply answered marlbury vs madison this court case is what made the supreme of the queen of england not the presi mole day by natalee dawson salpointe celebrates its annual tradition o n oct 23 lancers gathered to eat baked goods and celebrate the salpointe tradition of mole day mole day originated with science department chair ms anne baffert it celebrates avogadro s number 6.02 x 10e23 the number corresponds to the numerical value of oct 23 it s something i also did at another school said baffert but never have i had participation like what i see at salpointe i think there must have been hundreds of people who came this year to celebrate mole day students in chemistry classes brought food items like guacamole and chips and bakes goods salpointe s drumline performed in the senior patio to entertain the large crowd of students baffert and the science department prepare each year for oct 23 by decorating the school with f lyers and promoting student participation according to baffert the best part of mole day is seeing her current and former students gather together for the event mole day lets the rest of the salpointe community see that the science department can have a lot of fun too said baffert we know how to have fun


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october 2009 news · 13 a sneak peak into this year s general election on nov 3 yet another general election is scheduled in tucson profiled below are two of six city council candidates as well as proposition 200 which has spurred much controversy in the old pueblo ward 6 city council election by kyle dignoti name nina trasoff party democrat supports prop 200 no ina trasoff the incumbent candidate has served in the city council for a number of years in the past few years trasoff s projects have included the rio nuevo downtown development project and an effort to conserve tucson s water supply trasoff s time as a city councilwoman was also spent developing a green building code that accommodates solar heating and plumbing for new homes this election is a pretty big defining moment in tucson s history and we need nina and the other democrats to continue the work that they re doing in this economy and a tough recession said pat burns campaign manager to trasoff we ve seen that the republican party doesn t have the sort of leadership to offer to pull us out of this mess i believe that nina s leadership in the last four years has shown that she can make tough decisions without hurting the most vulnerable of our community if re-elected trasoff hopes to improve the progress of the downtown community as well as make tucson greener if elected she could face tough planning decisions and even tougher budgetary situations n name steve kozachik party republican supports prop 200 yes s teve kozachik the associate director of athletics for facilities and capital projects at the university of arizona is challenging incumbent nina trasoff in the general election for the ward 6 city council seat after applying for a job with the city council s rio nuevo project and being denied the position kozachik filed his candidacy to challenge trasoff kozachik sees the progress of the rio nuevo project as dismal and has focused much of his campaign on downtown development you look downtown and see projects that have started and then stopped midstream the ones that do get finished come in over budget you got $160 million in rio nuevo what have we done with it said kozachik in a recent interview with the arizona daily wildcat if elected kozachik hopes to improve development and the business community but may face harsh times ahead in doing so kozachik also aspires to tackle the rio nuevo development project head-on proposition 200 has been the source of recent debate and controversy in the tucson community the proposition which will appear on the november 3 ballot if passed will place more police officers and firefighters in action prop 200 would change the tucson charter and would require 2.4 police officers per every 1000 residents the proposition also aims to decrease the amount of time it takes for a police officer or firefighter to respond to an emergency call those in favor of the proposition argue that such a change would occur over the course of five years as the economy begins to rise however proposition 200 does not clearly identify where the funding to hire new officers or train them will come from opponents of the proposition argue that in order to fund the changes proposed a tax increase will have to occur or funding to other essential projects will have to be cut significantly proposition 200


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14 · news the crusader curriculum changes at salpointe salpointe s plan to increase the number of credits needed to graduate for incoming classes by kaila schubert l ife is constantly changing including school life since 2006 salpointe has dropped quilting and cooking classes made a semester of technology mandatory and changed the grading system from a 7 point to a 10 point scale it seems that another change could be on its way the amount of credits needed to graduate may increase from 24 to 27 the rise in credits could include an additional semester of social studies and theology 3 semesters more of fine arts 6 semesters of a foreign language and 2 semesters of physical education all of these credits would be mandatory to graduate however many of the credits being considered are not mandatory for students to attend in-state colleges including the three major universities according to the salpointe course catalogue some credits such as the addition of the social studies and fine arts credits are not even required by selective schools such as harvard and princeton currently salpointe students need 17 core credits and 7.5 elective credits to graduate the new curriculum could require students to take 25 core credits and only leave 2 available elective credits with a maximum of only 28 credits for students to earn over their 4 years there would not be much room left for students to explore electives electives help people develop their interests and help them see what they want to do in college it seems sad that students won t be able to develop those talents outside of their core classes says kelly howard `10 with these new graduation requirements many students are scared that the electives are going to die off i don t want to come to visit and see many of the band classes cut in half says allison brice `10 i enjoy going to drumline and want others to be able to do the same all four years classes that are considered electives only will have a tough time recruiting and retaining students due to the drastic reduction of elective credits from 7.5 to 2 programs that rely on students to return year after year will be hit the hardest so what are the positives of this new curriculum the new mandatory credits may help stu dents with the academic portion of their college applications i wish that some of these credits were mandatory before this year said kevin mccoy `10 after i started filling out applications i started to see how many of the classes i felt i didn t need to take to graduate would have helped me when applying i didn t realize how competetive it really was to get into so many colleges this new curriculum will make us equally competitive with other schools because in some ways we are falling behind mr albert kelly english teacher in today s society getting into college is becoming more competitive and this new curriculum will ensure that students have above the minimum entrance requirements if you look at other schools their credit requirements help prepare their students for college better than ours do foreign subjects english math social studies science theology foreign language fine arts pe technology health forensics community service core courses electives total language for instance even though it s not required here a student needs two credits to get into college this new curriculum will make us equally competitive with other schools because in some ways we are falling behind said mr albert kelly english teacher the new theology credits are required by the diocese even though they are not relevent to the college entrance process however they are elemental to a catholic education and some feel these credits are the cornerstone of salpointe i think given how desperately our world needs more love and more people to stand up against the hurting and oppression going on having more theology can only help says ms anne morales theology teacher the future of the salpointe curriculum is up in the air for now the one thing that s for sure is that over the next two years much will change there s going to be disagreements in the early stages but the next 2 3 or 4 years is going to have to be built in a process of compromise and dialogue said kelly state selective schs st augustine uhs schs prop colleges colleges 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3.5 0 0 0 .5 0 0 0 17 7.5 24.5 4 3 4 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 25 3 28 4 4 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 17 5 22 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 3 4 0 3 5 1 0 0 0 0 0


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october 2009 news · 15 nhs `09 rebecca hildreth the dignoti deal national honor society inducts new members by he nat iona l honor s oc iet y n hs held it s i nduc t ion ma s s at 7 0 0 pm on oc tob er 2 8 thint he c orcor a n t he at re n hs enable s st udent s to gain recog n it ion t hou gh ac adem ic s a nd v a r iou s s er v ice ac t iv it ie s ju n ior s a re el ig ible i f t he y ma i nt aina gpa of 3 8 or h igher s en ior s mu st ma i nt aina gpa of 3.7 or h igher accord i n g to ms gail ur ba nsk i one of t he co ord i nator s of n hs a f fa i r s n hs recog nizest he ac adem ic abi l it ie s ef for t a nd accompl ish ment s of e ac h of it s memb er s a nd memb er s-to-b e n hs is a s er v ice org aniz at ion urba nsk i sa id memb er s a re re qu i re d to g iv e at le a st 5 hou r s of s er v ice p er qu a r ter t he i nduc t ion ma ssvar ied f rom a reg ular sc ho ol ma ssina fe wkeyw ay s t he sedif ference s i nc lude d t he sp e ec he s made by t h is year s of f icer s t he rec it at ion of t he n hs pled g e a nd t he l ight i n g of t he i nduc te e s c a nd le s f rom t he ma i n n hs c a nd le i nduc te e s were le d i nto t he c orcor a n t he at re a nd t he n hs off icer s made t hei r sp e ec he s on t he v a lue s of n hs wh ic h i nc luded k nowle d g e char ac ter sc hol a rsh ip le ader sh ip a nd s er v ice t h is year s n hs of f icer s a re s en ior sblake ne y sit ton t he pre sident of t he n hs ja me s l ep ore v ice pre sident e l le st uart t he s ec ret a r y d a n iel le g eis com mu n it y s er v ice co ord i nator for s en ior s a nd r ene e guer i n com mu n it y s er v ice coord i nator for ju n ior s the white house running elections t d efiance was the word used to describe the recent actions of new york governor david a paterson the governor was not labeled defiant toward the people of new york rather paterson was accused of defying the president the white house recently directed paterson not to run for re-election paterson protested very vocally and he plans to run the white house determined governor paterson s not running was in the best interest of what the state of new york the country the democratic party we simply don t know the white house directed the governor not to run because they felt he wouldn t win thus allowing rudy giuliani a republican the governorship they felt that the possibility of a republican governor outweighed the possibility of paterson running for election for the white house rolling the dice and deciding to play the game was too much the white house determined that risking an election was impractical this is utter nonsense politics is all about risk politics is about much more than what is best for a party and it s certainly not about what makes the lives of white house employees easier politics is about improving everyone s lives making tough choices and doing what s not always popular but doing what is necessary since when does the obama administration have room to dictate to others about political risk president barack obama s campaign was one of the biggest political risks ever taken by a candidate no one ever dreamed he would win his own party had doubts certainly he was the un likely candidate but he was the right candidate obama should know from experience that telling someone that they don t measure up to what s needed to win isn t a valid argument to encourage a person not to run for office while the president seems too busy excusing candidates for whatthewhitehousesees as inadequacies they need to first look at how they arrived in thewhitehouse theirstory whileonamuchla rg erscale parallelsgovernorpaterson s in many ways the white house can say his policies are flawed or his past months as governor have not been constructive but do not dismiss this man s candidacy simply because his win-ability isn t up to par if the white house is so concerned with new york s gubernatorial election why not support governor paterson and provide him with the resources needed to win instead of damning him if this election is so valuable to the president why not have the president campaign on paterson s behalf no matter how you feel about governor paterson s election bid something is to be learned through this ordeal politics is a game and like any game there is going to be a winner and a loser but don t remove the pieces from the board simply because you feel they aren t going to win paterson gets to run regardless of president obama s wishes and he gets to play the game kyle dignoti `11



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