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n ewsmagazine crusader the games for the greater good page 26 salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · september 2009 · vol 59 issue 1


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2 · table of contents the crusader 22 renovations new changes to the salpointe campus this year along with major plans of what is to come swimming salpointe men s varsity swimming starts their season with mixed success but hopes for the best at future meets 31


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september 2009 table of contents · 3 crusader 26 football 2009 news 10 13 17 18 21 24 28 29 30 the newsmagazine the lancers newly formed non-profit organization games for the greater good kicks off the season by recognizing the armed forces and special olympics in their first two home games cover photo by sean logan new teachers welcoming the new faculty and staff to the salpointe community attendance shortage a small decrease in the enrollment at salpointe fr fred s departure a goodbye to fr fred and information regarding the new interim head of school features and entertainment driving texting drunk driving and curfew laws that affect arizona s teens pop culture new trends in music movies as well as coverage of the vmas reviews tv s kourtney and kloe kardashian take miami the film post grad the book hard candy and the restaurant miss saigon sports with mixed success women s volleyball lady lancers begin their season men s cross country the lancers keep a steady pace as they run to success golf a look at the men s and women s teams as they get into the swing of a new season columns claire s conundrum 07 building strength for our futures time of streiff 09 drive me crazy the dignoti deal 15 the government s flu la vie en rose 23 living up to the standards


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4 · news the crusader salpointe parent association presents th e 7 annual th salpointe parent association presents spa-ghetti dinner sunday september 27,2009 from from sunday september 27 2009 3 p.m 3 p.m to inp.m in alumni hall to 6 p.m 6 alumni hall enjoy great food fun games and live music enjoy great food fun games and live music tickets students $7 adults $12 family ticket $50 includes up to seven guests lancerbreakfast men s mass october 25 2009 at 9 a.m enjoy mass followed by breakfast and our featured guest speaker coach dennis bene tickets are $10 each for more information contact peggie gessner at 520-547-9365 or the eighth annual for more information or to purchase tickets contact peggie gessner at 520-547-9365 or all proceeds bene t salpointe s after-prom terry schubert barber stylist law offices of rudy valenzuela full service appointments roffler sebastian products terry s barber shop 5917 e pima street suite 2 tucson az 85712 phone 885-7599 rudy valenzuela attorney at law 4075 s sixth avenue tucson az 85714 telephone 520 882-5655 fax 520 882-5580 25 years of experience fast response r.p streiff exterminating r.p.strei ,owner 2292 w magee rd suite 200 tucson az 85742 520 575 8668 fax 520 575 0970


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september 2009 news · 5 crusader newsmagazine the editorial volume 59 2009-2010 september 22 2009 arizona interscholastic press association first place general excellence 2006 07 2007 08 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2004 05 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2005 06 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 a question of leadership a the crusader is published by the salpointe journalism class circulation is 2,000 and is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or its administration editor-in-chief editorial board jada streiff `10 assistant editor natalee dawson `11 opinions editor news editor k aila schubert `10 natalee dawson `11 features entertainment editor kyle dignoti `11 sports editor art editor sean logan `12 elizabeth horner `11 news staff members kaila schbert `10 elizabeth horner `11 rebecca hildreth `11 claire danielson `12 nikki fujiwara `12 emi omick `13 features entertainment catalina contreras `10 delaney hare `10 jada streiff `10 monika brady `10 sandra otero `10 natalee dawson `11 wilson troxel `12 isamar molina `10 porter olstad `10 kyle bakewell `11 nikki fujiwara `12 amanda martinez `13 celine logan `13 adviser ms michelle mathews interim head of school ms kay sullivan sports nother school year has begun and now we are nearly half way done with the first quarter for another nine months of the year we are called to the halls of salpointe to receive the best possible education that we can we sit and learn for eight hours a day five days a week we spend an inordinate amount of time stressing about the homework that we didn t f inish the night prior ap tests college applications and dayto-day life on sept 8th the senior class was commissioned as the leaders of salpointe catholic but in reality we are all leaders in our own ways not everyone is a team captain a stuco member an editor or a club president but we are all leaders in some way we all have something to offer to the salpointe community whether the contribution is merely a smile or participating more in class it is still an example of leadership even the most unlikely of people are leaders in their own way it is no secret that here at salpointe we are motivated students who strive for a better high school experience we all participate in the seven classes we take along with our extracurricular activities like clubs and sports some lancers are even volunteering their time at local establishments like wildlife and the food bank we are very ambitious young adults to say the least but being a leader goes beyond a the seniors commissioning inspires us to redefine leadership person s everyday activities to be a true leader we have to think of others first we have to ask ourselves the hard questions like have i done something today to make the world a better place if your answer is no then perhaps you need to reconsider how you spend your time if you work on making life better for someone else your own problems and stresses will seem far away and the truth of leadership will become clear true leaders in this world have not always been in charge of a large group of people or made grand sweeping changes in the world often the best leaders understand that a small step can bring people forward in amazing ways here s an example do you get annoyed when you hear your fellow students use derogatory language or insult others you may not be able to change what all students think say or do but you can change your own outlook by being an example of the way people should treat each other you are becoming a leader in your own way the seniors commissioning should serve as a symbol to every student at salpointe we all have been commissioned to make a difference in our community and to behave responsibly in the coming year respect your teachers and classmates and remember each day that your mission is to improve the lives of others you ll find that leadership is easier than you thought.


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6 · opinions the crusader letters to the editor lunch lines t his year has been very difficult to adjust to compared to last year finding a lunch to eat was much easier i am specifically referring to the lack of food for the students with second lunch so far the food i have chosen has either all been consumed or the last one is distributed just before my turn a solution to this dilemma could be to remove the option of purchasing two or more servings at the same time because by the time second lunch comes around all the food is all gone moreover students with classes in the classrooms around the senior patio area have a disadvantage of getting the food they wish to eat because the lines are already long also after waiting for at least ten minutes there is a chance that they might have run out of food because people who don t have to wait as long have decided to have two servings the real solution to this would be adding a third lunch which would distribute the lines and make everything go faster and then limit each student to one serving of lunch colby hosmer `12 for girls who wear jeans they must be fitted but not tight colored but in muted tones boys cannot have facial hair unless neatly groomed if a girl has a 6 inch inseam 3 inches above the knee is she in dress code too much time is spent doing dress code and id checks in class i am for greater options concerning our dress but the clothing system needs to be streamlined clarified simplified and explained alex luzar `10 parking lot he parking lot is getting ridiculous the parents of non-driving students need to drop off and pick up their children on cherry or copper because students that actually drive cannot get to their classes on time because so many parents are backing up the parking lot even after school students are having touble leaving the school efficiently it s also becoming hazardous for those that ride bikes my friend rides his bike to school every day and has recently been almost hit by several different salpointe parents while trying to leave the school i think salpointe administation should get more involved in the parking lot problem alia al-rashid `10 t the salpointe cookie really really like the food that is served here at salpointe most of all i like the chocolate chip cookies that are sold at the snack bar they are close to the best ever sold i can never go a single week without having at least one i don t know if they have some kind of secret recipe or something but i have never had another cookie as good as the ones that are made here plus i really like the food options the pasta bar is really good but panda express is always something to look forward to even though the lines will always be ridiculous me and my friends are always at the end of a long line no matter how fast we try and get there sometimes i think there should be more tables or places to sit at during lunch in the cool air and chocolate milk is always in short supply for the most part i am grateful for the food that is served here and most of all for the amazing salpointe cookie sam sanchez `11 i back to school t s great being back to school some people like school just because they get to hang out with their friends other people like school because it keeps them occupied and gives them something to do i am one of those people who likes school because i get to hang out with my friends and because it gives me something to do during the day so i m not bored all of the time not everyone likes school however there are many students at salpointe who don t like going to school and who wish they could be doing something more fun like playing video games or just chilling with friends each time you start a new year at school you have the opportunity to start fresh if the previous school year didn t go so well for you and you want to do better this year you can all you have to do is try by doing your best and not slacking off lauren anglin `13 the crusader just wanted to share that i love the crusader it keeps me up to date with all the things going on at school not only does it keep me current with school activ ities but a lso it keeps me up w it h ot her e vents i love read ing allt he a r t ic les about spor ts a nd t he mov ie a nd cd re v ie w s t he y keep me on top of allt he ne w music a nd when cds a re com ing out i can t wait for the new issues to come out the crusader is great letting me know about all the school sports even the sports that we really can t go to the pictures in the issues are great too the sports pictures are great they capture the action of the sport or the expressions of the many people that go to our school the crusader is one of the best school newspapers i ve read i ve seen other school newspapers and they don t match up to all the things the crusader offers michelle distefano `10 i i simplified dresscode a s a salpointe student i enjoy having many different options to wear each day now though it has become too much of a good thing there are so many rules and regulations that trying to conform properly to the dress code is becoming a distraction at school and off that salpointe campus.


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september 2009 opinions · 7 claire s conundrum identification a bout this time last year the administration made the announcement that every student would be required to wear an id card at all times the entire school went into an uproar with students complaining and protesting every time they were told to put their lanyard on by a teacher this year was different however because for the most part students simply accepted the ids as the way it was of course there will be the students who try to get away with not wearing an id but the majority of the student body is cooperating it also helps that administration is cooperating as well t his yea r they handed out c l ips instead of lanya rds and a l lowed us to choose bet ween the t wo it seems to me that the st udents and the administration a re sti l l tr y ing to f ind a midd le g round where both pa r ties a re satisf ied and i think that the id r u le is a work in prog ress that will get bet ter in time katie frazier `10 building strength h for our futures girl s short length ith the recent start of school and our struggle to get back into the swing of things i find that i am unclear on the length requirements of shorts for girls i have been told by multiple teachers that the shorts must be three inches above the knee at all times but many other teachers have assured me that it is still a 6-inch inseam how can this be any more confusing i have taken to wearing pants just to avoid having to deal with it anymore it would be most helpful if one rule could just be chosen and consistently enforced instead of the current chaos i realize school has basically just begun but really can t this get straightened out shelby flores `10 w editor s note have an opinion about an issue at school write a letter to the crusader it must be 150-200 words typed we do not accept anonymous letters the preceding letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the crusader or its staff a special thanks to all who submitted letters that were not able to be included in this issue igh school can be an invigorating time filled with change and grow th as we experience the world around us in new ways in this divine chaos of life filled with so many new changes it can be easy to get wrapped up in everything and lose sight of what matters most to us slight miniscule mistakes can derail us from everything we ve worked for and it can be difficult to keep things in perspective it can be hard to stay true to oneself when so much is constantly evolving being so young and impressionable we are affected by everything around us it takes strength to hold onto who we are while also changing into who we want to become strength is to have the endurance and vigor to be resolved in mind body a n d spirit but how do we stay s t ro ngwhensomuchinour lives is changing how do wemaintainast ro ngfounda tion and decide to make the right choices when nothing is ever the same many people draw strength from their past experiences or hard times they believe that they can survive anything once they ve endured trying times being so young most of us have not had these types of experiences so where do we get our strength from-if not from what has happened in the past we can draw strength from our heroes seeing what the people we admire and idolize have done and have been through can give us strength to see our heroes fight for what they believe in and succeed gives us hope seeing the obstacles that our heroes overcam e can b e com forti n g and em p oweri ng and rem i n d us that to q ues ti on l i fe an d ours el v es i s natural yet w e s houl d ul ti m atel y b e our own heroes in high school we go through trying times from dayto-day that make us question who we are and who we want to become it s of utmost importance to stay strong during these times so that we can learn and grow from them in a healthy way if we can t really draw on past experiences for strength then we can look to the future and our heroes for inspiration our dreams ourhopes a n d our futures should always be part of ourselves and provide us with the foundation we need to be strong during our lifetime it s worth fighting and staying strong during trying times we have to fight for who we want to become and fight to stay on course it is hard and so easy to question ourselves every step of the way on the path through life remember that anything worth having is worth fighting for like our strength and futures you gain strength courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face you must do the thing you think you cannot do -eleanor roosevelt claire danielson crusader staffer


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8 · opinions the crusader this was the big event can you imagine a time when computers and resea rch didn t go hand in hand for the st udents of sa lpointe in 1993 the computer was a brand new technologica l phenomenon it was a big day on campus when sof t wa re companies loaned the l ibra r y t wo cd-rom compatible computers st udents rely ied on a r ticles loaded on the cds from time newsweek and the the school s reper toire of resea rch resources consisted prima rily of cds and the infotrac system which cou ld communicate w ith other infotrac computers at the tucson public libra r y the u of a libra r y and the pima libra r y for t unately for us technolog y has made prog ress since 1993 we now enjoy the benef its of the internet and the cd-rom and don t have to sha re just t wo computers w ith the entire st udent body compiled from the crusader `93 by catalina contreras `10 time capsule wall street journal for resea rch he nineties were packed full of pokemon episodes yo-yo and jump rope competitions hula hoops swung throughout the nation video games such as donkey kong mario party and super smash brothers sold millions disney movies such as hunchback of notre dame little mermaid and lion king riveted audiences overall the 90 s was a great time to be alive t best of the 90 s


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september 2009 opinions · 9 he first thing that instructors teach in any driver s education class is that driving is a privilege not a right even though this phrase has been pounded into our heads from day one it is easily forgotten once we get behind the wheel each day as we get into our cars crank up our stereos with the bass high enough to rattle the windows we become responsible for everything that happens being oblivious is no longer an option we are responsible to put on our seatbelts stop at red lights and not hit other vehicles however even with the most basic of rules many teenagers abuse their driving privileges too many accidents or near-accidents happen every day because people are distracted on the road we can make as many excuses as we want to i didn t havemyc off e e this morning theycutmeo ff o r my personal favo rite icollidedwithas ta tio na ry truc krapidlycom ing theotherway pay attention yes we are responsible for our cars and ourselves but we also have to watch everyone around us it isn t all about us when we drive it is called being a defensive driver for a reason so why are teenagers at the highest risk for getting into accidents in the age of blackberry and the infamous iphone it isn t surprising that talking on your cell phone puts you and the people around you in danger please just pull over to the side of the road and talk to whomever you like as skilled as we all believe we are we can t drive with just one hand texting while driving t the dangers of driving should follow the same rules i know texting your bff jill is extremely important considering you left her a whole fifteen minutes ago but i can assure you she will still be there when you get home and your chances of actually getting home increase dramatically if you pay attention while you drive moving on having your radio cd ipod or mp3 at the highest volume might keep you awake when you are tired but it is in fact a huge distraction each time you blast your favorite lady gaga song you are more focused on the lyrics and da ncingtothebeat thanthepeoplewhoa re driving near you another reason teens are the highest risk for accidents is the need for speed let s face it forty-five is great but fifty-five is better-right speed limits were created to prevent accidents and to reduce the amount of traffic but the stupidest thing any driver can do is to drink and drive it doesn t matter how sobe rpeoplethinkthey are they start to lose the use of their motor skills even after one sip think before you drive buckle up lancers and pay attention it may only take one second to start your car but it can also take one second to crash it drive me crazy time of streiff always have your license on your person in most states there is a special license to hunt any big game during hunting season but in cleveland ohio it is against the law to catch mice without a hunting license looks like mickey is safe for another day an apple a day hey lancers forget that starbucks venti double shot espresso to wake you up in the morning apples have been proven more effective at keeping people awake in the morning than caffeine sweet tooth according to every second america collectively eats one hundred pounds of chocolate with 365 days in a year 24 hours a day 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute that s a lot of chocolate counting every sheet maybe going green should apply in this case as well the average person uses fifty seven sheets of toilet paper a day obviously this person is not a high school student because rarely do they get any bathroom breaks at all what is in a name originally butterflies were supposed to be called flutterbys which one makes more sense the world may never know but being afraid of butterflies is known as lepidopterophbia jada streiff `10 editor-in-chief


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10 · news the crusader fresh faces on campus with each new school year we get new faculty so we re finding out a bit more about the newest additions to the salpointe family by rebecca hildreth mr aaron putt why a teacher i spent the last few years traveling and working on humanitarian projects in various countries and i decided that after having invested in my own education it was time that i invested myself and the betterment of my own community clique in high school in high school i was heavily involved in the arts but i also wrestled and was a decent skate boarder so i seemed to float between cliques i never like being categorized favorite cookie i think that variety is the spice of life so i will not turn down any cookie mr scott evans what do you do here i am the junior counselor and i help students navigate through the school year sat studying and looking at colleges pet peeve with students allowing parents to do everything for them favorite sport baseball favorite baseball team giants why a teacher fell in love with helping children and felt that many had a lack of guidance 1 ms eileen killoran 2 3 4 5 6 brother marlin mateo favorite part of salpointe so far the rich diversity of the school community and the happy and positive atmosphere why a teacher fell in love with high school teaching after being an intern at mount carmel high school in chicago best thing a student has ever done for you at my old school before i left i was called by the dean to go to the faculty lounge and my whole class was there for a surprise party where were you born manila philippines why a teacher i love being around young people i love learning new things all the time and i love getting kids excited about science clique in high school i wasn t really in a clique i guess i hung out with the art students more than anyone else i wanted to major in art and we were all busy getting our portfolios together favorite cookie molasses cookies and ginger snaps 1 mr aaron putt near the art room 2 ms eileen killoran 3 mr scott evans in his office 4 brother marlin mateo in front of the school 5 mr jason hastings in his classroom 6 sister jeanne bartholomeaux in freshman patio 7 mr jerry zander in freshman patio 8 ms brianna huish in front of her classroom 9 ms laura schoenle in junior patio 10 ms christina culligan near the art room 11 ms maria javier in junior patio 12 ms talia quihuis in front of the school.


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september 2009 mr jason hastings favorite part of salpointe so far would have to be the students they re smart well mannered and incredibly bright why a teacher i ve wanted to become a teacher since middle school pet peeve for students excuses especially made-up ones and late work where were you born new york news · 11 ms laura schoenle why a teacher when i was doing research my favorite part was the outreach component so i decided to get into teaching clique in high school i was a punk rock kid favorite part of salpointe so far i love the fact that the students are so involved where were you born buffalo ny sister jeanne bartholomeaux where were you born tucson arizona best thing a student has ever done for you when a student welcomed me to the campus and i felt at home favorite cookie burnt chocolate chip cookies pet peeve for students gum ms christina culligan why a teacher i love learning and i love creating art with others and working in a school is the perfect way to do both clique in high school i hung around with drama students art students ap students student council sports and cheer students and skater kids since i was in so many clubs where were you born salt lake city utah 7 mr jerry zander 8 9 10 ms maria javier 11 12 favorite part of salpointe so far everyone has made me feel very much at home pet peeve for students using pen in math and crossing it out when they make a mistake clique in high school i would have to say i was a jock where were you born fargo north dakota favorite part of salpointe so far i like the sense of community here best thing a student has ever done for you when students come back and tell me about their college experience favorite cookie i like anything with chocolate where were you born born and raised in the philippines ms brianna huish favorite part of salpointe so far the environment level of engagement i see in the students best thing a student has ever done for you when my students collected memories from my classes to share with me at the end of the year that box of memories is very special to me favorite cookie chocolate chip hands down where were you born tucson i am a tmc baby ms talia quihuis why a teacher the joy and enthusiasm that i saw in my high school freshman english teacher showed me how rewarding and wonderful teaching can be she inspired me to love reading and writing clique in high school i don t think i belonged to a clique i was a very shy and serious student pet peeve for students whining where were you born tucson arizona


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12 · features entertainment az builders maintenance co inc roc 175268 roc 175269 the crusader ruben a borrego office 520 318-1701 fax 520 318-1737 p.o box 57691 tucson az 85732 thomas m blase d.d.s m.s.d ltd specialist in orthodontist 6373 e t anque verde suite 110 t ucson arizona 85715 520/296-1700 member american association of orthodontist salpointe calendar october sun mon tues wed 1 string orchestra concert thurs 2 fri 3 homecoming sal s diner sat 4 5 6 jazz band concert girls golf vs sabino volleyball vs rincon 7 autumn serenade and visual arts display 8 volleyball vs mountain view swim /dive vs cdo 9 fall break football vs hamilton 10 fall break 11 fall break 12 fall break boys golf vs cienega girls golf vs palo verde and sabino girls volleyball vs rincon 13 14 all school test day boys golf vs sahuarita cross country vs catalina 15 kairos 205 girls golf vs cienega volleybal vs sunnyside 16 kairos 205 football vs rincon 17 kairos 205 kairos 205 18 19 20 girls golf vs xavier volleyball vs ironwood 21 boys golf vs rincon cross country vs tucson high 22 girls golf vs cienaga girls volleyball vs buena swim vs tucson 23 junior days of service footbal vs mountain view 24.


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september 2009 features entertainment · 13 economy affects enrollment his year salpointe has had the misfortune of loosing 25 students due to economic hardship tuition has become a burden for many parents since the economy began its decent into a full-blown recession financial aid helps keep students at salpointe and has helped over 35 percent of our community totalling $1.2 million dollars for 2009-2010 school year or our loss may have been larger one of the main factors why students leave salpointe is that they do not apply for f inancial aid said mr mike urbanski according to urbanski salpointe has had up to 1400 students enrolled at its pea k but has t rad it iona l ly been k now n as a sma l l commun it y enrol l ment a round 12 0 0 st udents is idea l for sa lpointe s c u r rent fac i l it ies a nd resou rces students should be aware of the dif the economy takes a downfall effecting the enrollment at salpointe catholic high school by nikki fujiwara t ferent funds and endowments that can help them and they should never hesitate to ask for help there are specific ways students can receive financial assistance to prevent them from leaving salpointe has augmented their traditional tuition assistance programs with even more ways to help in the light of the recession the guardian angel fund which started in december 2008 is a fund to help families pay tuition and has raised $134k to date the endowment fund which was founded by lauren amos`12 and marti sollenberger`12 is led by the 2012 class and raises money through events to fund tuition scholarships it has set a goal to raise $20,000 by its senior year the fund is really going to benefit future lancers said lauren amos 12 applications for financial assistance are available in the business office for the 2010-2011 school year helping out left to right founders of the endowment fund marti sollenberger 12 and lauren amos 12 photo by wilson troxel t the end of the 2008-2009 school year the salpointe english department received an anonymous donation in order to enhance its writing curriculum a committee of three english teachers worked to revamp the current curriculum and make writing equal to the studying of literature in classrooms the balance of our curriculum was swinging too much towards teaching literature and not enough towards teaching writing we believe that writing is an essential tool not only at the college level but in any career choice that people would make said mr tim evans the new curriculum includes writing immersion in the first semester of the school year for freshman sophomore and senior english classes the english department gets funding from a donor to place dell laptop computers in classrooms by claire danielson bringing technology into curriculum the semester covers all the essentials of writing and research the main focus of the program will be to bring critical thinking skills into the writing process this will prove valuable to students when they write college level essays the program will also individualize instruction through conferencing between the students and teachers writing helps people be better thinkers as well as better communicators so we thought that it was essential to bring writing back up to an equitable balance with literature evans said in addition to the changing the focus of the curriculum the english department will also be integrating technology teachers plan to instruct students in research skills how to properly use search engines and different ways to use technol a ogy sixty laptops will be hard wired into evans and ms clare sullivan s rooms while other classes hope to rotate into the classrooms to use the new laptops as well the laptops will be hooked up to the internet and have all the same salpointe blocks and restrictions as the ones throughout the school at the other end of the campus mrs michelle mathews in the publications room 19 computers as an integral part of her freshmen and sophomore english curricula i would prefer writing on computers because it is less time consuming and doesn t make my hands hurt said sophomore sofia herrera from one end of the campus to the other salpointe is integrating technology into the curriculum to create twenty-first century college-ready students.


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14 · news the crusader the test of truth by liz horner a look into the third year of drug testing how many students test positive and negative along with the consequences that could potentially come with it ccording to the hazelden ecstasy if a student does test positive foundation fifty percent of high school seniors surveyed salpointe responds quickly uracross america said that they banski notifies the teenager s parhave used drugs such as marijuana at ents and sets up a plan of action to least once in the three years that sal help the student he draws up a contract which generpointe has enforced ally includes a recdrug testing only i t h ink teens need to look ommendation to a eight to ten stu12-step program dents out of a stu at t he consequences of using like aa and/or a dent population of d r ug s instead of t he benef its recommendation to around 1,160 have i f t hey just looked at what t hey a psychologist all tested positive for were turn ing into-a d r ug g iedrugs each year t hen i t h ink more people of these proceedings are completely i think that the wou ld n t pick up t he habit to confidential drug testing has beg in w it h once the conbeen a good deterba rbra ga rcia 11 tract time has rent said mr mibeen completed chael urbanski associate head of school and student the student is retested if the student services and i think it shows in our tests negative the student is permitted to continue at salpointe as if the event low numbers the substance abuse and mental never happened if the student tests health services administration reports positive again urbanski calls another that drug use has been on the rise for meeting to evaluate whether a new conamerican teenagers but this increase tract is a viable option if the student is not evident at salpointe the current continues to use drugs the student will drug test scans for marijuana cocaine be expelled i think that drug abuse is all to opiates methamphetamines pcp and common for teenagers now said angela warnes `11 however i don t think testing stops drug abuse they ll just do it again while messages for not doing drugs are spread through television ads in a persistent cough ternet ads and educational programs sudden weight loss many students in america do not heed being unusually these warnings for whatever reason students continue to use drugs be it for talkative recreation or to mask serious problems being unusually using drugs only complicates the lives of cheerful students and compromises their health boundless energy i understand the reasons behind being drug tested said molly eisele `11 unusual calmness but getting pulled out of class and getdepression or a low ting your hair chopped off is annoying threshold for violence w hile students may not enjoy having their hair cut and tested it constant state of appears that drug tests are fulf illing depression their purpose at salpointe conse a quently the administration plans to continue to conduct mandator y drug tests in the hope that they will be able to save students from addictions that could ruin their lives nationwide statistics 11.3 of students have tried marijuana before the age of 13 14.6 of students have sniffed glue arsoles or inhailed paint spray 9.5 of students have used a type of cocain in their lifetime 30.2 of students have sold offered or given drugs to others on school property youth risk behavior survey taken by the center for diease control cdc signs of drug abuse


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september 2009 news · 15 new turf jenkins the ribbon cutting ceremony introducing the renovations to the field by justin h e christening ceremony for sa lpointe s renovated ed doher t y stadium took place on sept 11 star ting in the trophy room of the main g y m the $850,0 0 0 renovation began in april of last year and was completed shor tly before school beg anth is yea r t he ma i n pa r t of t he renov at ion enta i led remov i ng a l l of t he grassa nd repl ac i ng it w it h t he s y nt het ic f ield turf it a l so i nc luded ne w fenc i ng a nd pav i ng t h rou ghout t he stad iu m a rea t he ne wturf is t he sa me k i nd used by t he s eat t le s ea hawk s sa id va r sit y footba l l pl ayer e r ic ca r ter 10 t he f u nd s for t he renov at ion were a l l donated by v a r ious supp or ter s of s a lp oi nte s sp or t s prog r a m d onor s were i nv ited to t he ceremony wh ic h of f ic ia l ly reac hed it scli ma xast he r ibbon wasc ut a nd t he c rowd r ushed onto t he f ield com menc i ng t he celebr at ion t he f i r st home g a me took pl ace fol low i ng t he ceremony t he g a me wast he f i r st of f ive home g a me s bei ng pl ayed i n t he ne w g a me s for t he greater g ood prog r a m k ic k i ng of f t he sea son t he g a me wasin honor of a mer ic a n vetera ns at ha lfti me a hel icopter f le w over t he f ield wh i le verer a ns stood a rou nd t he ne w s a lp oi nte l ogo in add it ion to m i l ita r y apprec iat ion t he g a me swillal so be br i ngi ng aw a rene s s to bre st c a ncer t he food ba n k sp ec ia l oly mpic s a nd juven i le d iabete s t he f ield will not on ly be used for footba l l a nd t he v a r ious footba l l e vents but willal so become home to t he l ac ros se tea mint he spr i ng the government s flu the dignoti deal healthcare at it s worst t t rying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table i have no interest in doing it said congressman barney frank d-ma at a recent town hall the topic was healthcare and like most town halls that have received national attention a member of the audience was making yet again an irrelevant but controversial statement in one hand she carried a microphone in the other she brandished a picture of president barack obama dressed as a nazi frank a jewish man refused to address the woman s accusations that obama was supporting nazi policies and that he congressman frank was an accomplice the outcry from conservatives and down-right crazy people has made the health care debate interesting to say the least those in opposition to health care reform sparked debate and successfully drew attention to themselves they took a normally boring discussion that would typically include legislative jargon and many many congressional committee meetings and have transformed it into a debate that includes mass-protests sexy tv ads and ak47 s this group caught the attention of the nation and raised some valid points concerning healthcare single payer the public option quality care reform all are words at the heart of the debate over health care reform but there s one word that connects them all government the cdc a government agency recently released a report stating that approximately 90,000 americans are predicted to die as a result of the swine flu the government also stated that nearly half of the nation s population is expected to contract the flu reports indicate that there aren t enough vaccines to cover the general population and there aren t treatments for those predicted to contract the swine flu the agency entrusted to ensure the health of americans against disease pathogens and other health threats cannot guarantee that americans will be safe against the flu realizing that it s naïve to think that the cdc should be able to prevent and contain all disease threats but why is it safe to assume that another government health agency would be able to tackle such reform americans need to be assured that the government is capable of this monumental overhaul the healthcare of this country is too important to gamble with with over 48 million uninsured americans living here where is the assurance from the government where is the proof that the government is even capable of tackling something so huge the debate over healthcare in the 90 s had the discussion is the government somehow more advanced and more prepared to deal with the challenges of reigning in insurance companies and making sure that all americans have the right to healthcare i m not advocating abandoning healthcare reform i believe all americans have the right to healthcare and we are in desperate need of reform however why does it have to come from the people who handled the flu?



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