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Indicadores da performance da 3ª FIBoPS - Feira e Congresso Internacional Pro-Sustentabilidade - Resultados e Desempenho

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2010 3rd fibops report marilena lavorato henrique mendes instituto mais 23/8/2010


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herculano de freitas 307 cj 155 bela vista 01308-020 são paulo/sp tel 11 32579660 11 3729-9002 responsible mais atitude instituto socioambiental institutional name instituto mais cnpj 09.547.895/0001-53 phone 113257-9660 3rd fibops report ­ 2010 name 3rd international fair for the exchange of environmental good pratices venue centro de convenções frei caneca ­ são paulo sp date 27 a 29/07/2010 time 09h00 as 19h00 event description the fibops emerged to mobilize companies and managers around the opportunities and challenges of the new global configuration impacted by resource scarcity and climate change in its third edition is recognized as the largest exchange pro-sustainability of the country with a unique and innovative format that fosters interaction for knowledge sharing network learning and business the fibops gathers critical mass of sustainability in their managerial and technological aspects tuned with a new format and market economy meet and share practices products and services pro-sustainability fosters new businesses enables managers and provides links between the various segments of society about the challenges and opportunities that sustainability requires governments countries and companies fibops objective present and leverage the technological and managerial innovations in products and practices pro-sustainability of brazil and other countries in order to generate business and implementing projects raise the level of recent debate in this area of management and competed debating relevant topics and presenting corporate trends fibops goals it provides exhibitors selling and strengthening 3ª fibops ­


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herculano de freitas 307 cj 155 bela vista 01308-020 são paulo/sp tel 11 32579660 11 3729-9002 fibops anchors · personalities researchers leaders and personalities in key areas of sustainability to discuss critical issues and corporate trends international congress · expert consultants in key areas of sustainability for present management techniques with immediate applicability in business technical meetings · artists and artisans skilled active and or involved in the various cuts of sustainability to educate entertain amuse and teach the concepts of sustainability · corporate leaders with practices certified by the seal of excellence to provide benchmarking the competitiveness and viability of sustainability in business 3ª fibops in numbers public visitor although the theme is cross and its significance of diffuse interest fibops of the target audience is composed of experts researchers journalists environmentalists students entrepreneurs public leaders academic and private authorities and individuals active in 03 sectors of the economy a highly qualified public and opinion former who is attracted by the content of the initiative and innovation and that each year more because it diversifies the source region the fibops is a reference on advanced content and is recognized as the largest exchange pro-sustainability of the country in this issue we received over 5,000 visitors with about 90 of the audience has college degree and or some expertise media coverage the fibops because it is an event that debate current issues and collective interest receives widespread media coverage specialist in the last edition have been identified over 220 citations electronic clipping were 17 magazines with 5 being made to cover the event five different newspapers in the industry 15 tv programs with 3 articles published in the channels of the bandeirantes network network life news and record and had the support of radio world radio press and eldorado the event s official radio publishing and making the cover of the 3rd fibops we estimate an investment of u.s 760,000.00 in the media much of it as spontaneous and media exchange 3ª fibops ­


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herculano de freitas 307 cj 155 bela vista 01308-020 são paulo/sp tel 11 32579660 11 3729-9002 exhibitors technological innovations and good practices of the exhibitors were presented to the public on functional and personalized trade booths all of them were assembled and delivered with the seal of neutralization of emissions generated as well as furnished and plasma tv for the company s service and relationship with the public interest in the courtyard we had companies and institutions presenting innovations and products also happened to cultural programming with art activities and crafts they went to all 55 exhibitors from several states of brazil content and innovations the 3rd fibops introduced many innovations in products and sustainable practices emphasis on industrial innovations the electric car of itaipu the first bi-fuel bike in the world of honda the bike urban wings general electric and an electric cart for collectors also from itaipu in addition to designers and craftsmen who had several parts and products with environmental attributes and sustainable in the three-day event brought together 89 speakers from fibops various regions of brazil and even from other countries were two technical rooms with content management lectures workshops and free workshops and a main auditorium where the congress did and international benchmarking with speakers from eight different countries discussing what s most current and relevant in terms of sustainability 3ª fibops ­


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herculano de freitas 307 cj 155 bela vista 01308-020 são paulo/sp tel 11 32579660 11 3729-9002 empregos gerados pelo evento diretos ­ approximately 31 indirect approximately 300 present authorities · dr egon krakhecke secretary of extraction and sustainable rural development ministry of environment · dr alberto augusto perazzo president of the board of trustees of the fides foundation institute for enterprise development and social · dr consuelo yatsuda moromizato yoshida federal judge 3rd region trf · marcelo pedroso director of products and destinations embratur · congressman ricardo montoro · dr fabio de salles meirelles president faesp system senar · dr milton dallari managing partner of decision associates consultants and former managing director of sebrae/sp · representative of the federal deputy arnaldo jardim · representative of the municipal councilor of france josé luiz penna · josé everaldo vanzo former president of the agency of the upper tietê basin sabesp das aguas do amazonas · luiz antonio de medeiros the founder of union force secretary of labor relations of the ministry of labor and employment são paulo august 25th 2010 marilena lino de almeida lavorato presidente do comitê de sustentabilidade instituto mais henrique m riani mendes coordenador técnico instituto mais 3ª fibops ­



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