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I T IS PERH A P S T H E SM A L L E S T SPACE K NOW N T O M A N. T H AT R A REF IED S L I V ER B E T W EEN T HE G O O D A ND T HE T RULY G RE AT. T HERE ’ S N O M A P T O HEL P Y O U F IND T HI S ELU S I V E P L A C E . T HE O NLY W AY T O G E T T HERE I S S IMP LY T O B EL IE V E Y O U C A N . At Cadillac, we’ve set out to create our own uniquely American breed of extraordinary. It’s why we’ve created our own daring school of design that bends steel way beyond its comfort zone. It’s why we’ve pushed technology two generations ahead by pioneering a bold new way for drivers to intuitively access entertainment and information with the flick of a finger. And why, in everything from safety to performance, we’re setting the standard. B O L D . D A R IN G . O R I G IN A L . These are the kinds of luxury vehicles we build. It takes tenacity, a refusal to leave well-enough alone. That is the difference between good and great. T h a t i s t h e d i f f e r e n c e b e t w e e n just making luxur y vehicles, and making Cadillacs .


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04 C T S C O UP E A ND C T S S P O R T W A G O N O V ER V IE W A N E X A MPL E OF F ORM NO T F OL L OW I NG A N Y B ODY. CTS SPORT WAGON What happens when you give automotive designers carte blanche? You get a car that questions everything. First glance tells you this is the case. The CTS possesses an angular silhouette that expresses a singular philosophy untouched by the competition. Where creased sheet metal gives way to a nearly perfectly balanced Rear-Wheel Drive chassis, revealing its intent as you take every corner. And, whether you choose a coupe, wagon or potent V-Series model, each is engineered to deliver a level of exhilarating performance that is nothing short of world-class. Proof that not following anybody is how you become a leader. C T S C OUPE / P h a n t o m G r ay Met allic


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06 T R A C K-T E S T ED P ERF O RM A N C E WEL C OME T O T HE A SPH A LT L A B OR AT ORY K N O WN A S T H E N Ü R BU RGR I NG . POTENT V6 ENGINE The available1 direct-injection 3.6L V6 engine in the CTS produces an impressive 318 HP, while remaining remarkably fuel efficient.2 NÜRBURGR ING -TESTED Not only did we test our suspension components on the legendary Nürburgring racetrack in Germany, we went a step further—recreating the most demanding corners of the world’s most legendary tracks in our own backyard to build the ultimate test track. So, we can challenge ourselves every single day. While horsepower often gets the spotlight, a truly great driver’s car is a balancing act: an inspiring combination of generous power, exemplary brakes and tenacious grip. To ensure that the CTS delivered on all points, we took it to Germany’s famous Nürburgring, where the world’s supercars are tested and evaluated. Of course, we went for reasons other than simply watching the speedometer. We went to fine-tune the chassis and suspension on the ’Ring’s treacherous curves. The result is a ride that feels firmly planted and responsive at any speed. When it comes to world-class performance, the CTS has shifted the balance in your favor. 1. Available on C TS Spor t Wagon, s t andard on C TS Coupe. 2 . C o u p e : EPA - e s t . m p g 1 8 ci t y / 2 7 h w y. Sp o r t Wag o n : EPA - e s t . m p g 1 8 ci t y / 26 h w y.


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08 C T S C OUPE / Ra dia n t Silve r Met allic C T S C OUPE


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10 C T S C O UP E E X T ER I O R HE A D S W IL L T URN . H E A R T S W I L L R ACE . C T S C OUPE / Ra dia n t Silve r Met allic Its deeply sculpted lines and chiseled design required us to rethink how to shape steel. Combined with a wide, aggressive stance and sweeping roofline, every aspect of the CTS Coupe irrefutably communicates performance. A call that is dutifully reinforced the moment its Adaptive Remote Start is initiated. Its impressive 318 HP and 275 lb.-ft. of torque ensure that the Coupe’s road presence is best appreciated from behind the wheel. I N T E G R AT E D R E A R S P O I L E R The V-Series spoiler shown here is included with the available Touring Package. In addition to doubling as a center LED brake lamp, the spoiler also generates downforce for a planted feel at high speeds. CENTER- MOUNTED EXHAUST Chrome, center-mounted exhaust outlets are the final, dramatic exclamation point on a powerful statement. INVISIBLE DOOR HANDLES Ingenious hidden door handles help maintain the seamless coupe design.


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12 C T S C O UP E IN T ER I O R YOU SPEND A L O T OF T IME HERE . W E OB SE S SE D AC C OR DI NGLY. C T S C OUPE / Eb o ny w it h S a p ele w o o d t ri m Every stitch, examined. Every finish, closely appraised. Even the lighting was addressed with a keen eye. Because when you demand more from an interior, it shows. Hand-craftsmanship with cut-and-sewn features comes alive with the warm glow of the available LED ambient lighting. Polished metal accents, available Sapele wood trim and elegant French stitching on the available leather seating surfaces provide a refined touch. Further enhance your surroundings by adding heated and ventilated front seats. An AVA I L AB L E SI D E B L I N D ZONE ALERT MOTORCYCLE- INSPIRED HIGH PERFORMANCE GAUGES optional 10-speaker Bose ® Cabin Surround® sound system strikes the perfect chord; additional available features include a Rear Vision Camera and Side Blind Zone Alert1 to help keep you aware of hazards you might not see—proving once and for all, it’s the details within the details that set the CTS apart. 1. Befor e making a lane chang e, alw ay s check t he SBZ A display and t he sid e and insid e mirror s, look over your should er for vehicles and ha zards, and ac tivat e t he t urn signal.


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14 CT S SPORT WAGON / Phantom Gray Metallic C T S SP ORT WAG ON


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16 C T S S P O R T W A G O N E X T ER I O R EFFEC T I VELY BLURR IN G T HE L INE BE T WEEN E MO T ION A N D F U NC T ION. Every sculpted line is designed to maintain the seamless profile, right down to the integrated roof rails. In back, signature vertical LED taillamps with light pipe technology extend up and along the liftgate, helping push the CTS Sport Wagon’s distinctive blend of performance and practicality farther into the left lane. Choose a torque-rich 3.0L directinjection V6 engine with 270 HP or a more powerful, competition-leading 318 HP 3.6L direct-injection V6, each paired with a 6-speed automatic with Driver Shift Control. What’s more, either engine can be mated to Rear-Wheel or available track-tuned All-Wheel Drive. You can even add the available Touring Package on Luxury Collection models that includes a darkaccented grille, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, fog lamps, chrome-accented door handles, dual-exhaust outlets and 18" aluminum wheels with Pearl Nickel finish. The Premium Collection with its available Touring Package adds beautiful 19" polished aluminum wheels. CT S SPORT WAGON / Phantom Gray Metallic


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18 C T S S P O R T W A G O N IN T ER I O R T HE PERS ON A L I T Y OF A C OUPE ? T HE R O OM OF A WA G ON? Y ES. Imagine the indulgent design of the CTS Coupe interior, now on a larger scale. When you need the space, the rear seats fold flat, creating a generous 58 cu. ft. of space. A concealed underfloor storage compartment is ready and waiting. Even the floor rails are fitted with attachment points for tie-downs, and a retractable cargo shade keeps valuable items out of sight. What’s more, the available Touring Package on Luxury Collection models adds Midnight Sapele wood trim, sport alloy pedals, and microfiber sueded steering wheel, seat inserts and shift knob. Select the Premium Collection Touring Package, and you’ll also add front bolstered RECARO ® performance seating for secure, confidence-inspiring support during spirited driving. As you see, no matter what the endeavor, no detail is too small. P O W E R L I F T G AT E W I T H M E M O R Y H E I G H T The power liftgate can be programmed to suit any height. Besides full-open, it can be set for a lower opening to avoid contact with a garage ceiling.


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20 C T S - V FA MILY O V ER V IE W T HE W IL D BR A NCH OF T H E FA M I LY T R E E . BADGE OF HONOR The “V” badge is a clear signal to those in the know that something very special lurks inside. E X T R A O R D I N A R I LY P O W E R F U L The 556 HP supercharged V8 in the CTS-V Coupe, Sedan and Wagon will, quite simply, take your breath away. The CTS-V family of high-performance cars—Coupe, Sedan and Wagon—takes ordinary performance and dials it up to a remarkably high level. No apologies. No caveats. Not an asterisk in sight. The V-Series models make up the world’s fastest family of production cars. Under the V-Series hood is a 556 HP supercharged engine that propels the Sedan from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds and the Coupe and Wagon in a mere 4.0 seconds. Their dual-mode Magnetic Ride Control suspensions are so ingenious that the technology has been licensed by some of the world’s most revered supercars, while race-bred Brembo ® brakes bring everything to a halt. Is the V-Series more car than you need? We certainly hope so.


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22 C T S C OUPE / Eb o ny w it h S a p ele w o o d t ri m C OLLEC T IONS


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24 3 . 6 L P REMIUM C O L L EC T I O N T HE PREMIUM C OL L EC T I ON: WHY SE T T L E F OR A SM A L L S T EP WHEN YOU C A N M A K E A GI A N T L E A P ? R E C A R O ® S E AT I N G The available Premium Collection Touring Package includes RECARO performance seating with 14-way adjustable pneumatic bolster controls that provide firm back and thigh support for driver and front passenger. G L I D E - U P N A V I G AT I O N Glide-up navigation1 features an 8" touch screen with 10 GB of hard drive storage. For those seeking the utmost luxury, the Premium Collection delivers. A deep, rich-sounding 10-speaker Bose ® Cabin Surround ® sound system and 10 GB of music storage keep you entertained, while a glide-up, touch screen navigation system 2 keeps you informed. The power-tilt and telescoping steering column also features a heated steering wheel that is the perfect antidote to U LT R AV I E W SU N R O O F The thoughtful design of the UltraView sunroof spans both front and rear seats and gives the CTS an even more spacious feel. If the sun feels too intense, a power sunshade is at hand to cool things off. 1 a cold morning, while heated and ventilated front seats keep you comfortable in any temperature. The UltraView power sunroof 3 enables the cabin to fill with a wealth of natural light. Add in the enhanced awareness from ultrasonic Rear Park Assist, then top off the alluring lines of the CTS with available 19" polished aluminum wheels, and luxury is elevated to a whole new level. 1. A s show n on 2013 C TS Spor t Se dan. 2. Map coverag e available in t h e Unit e d St at e s, U.S. Virgin Islands, Pu er t o Rico, and C anada . 3. Ul t r aV i e w s u n r o o f o n S p o r t Wa g o n ; a v a ila b l e p o w e r - t il t s u n r o o f o n C o u p e .


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26 3 . 6 L P ERF O RM A N C E C O L L EC T I O N T HE PERF ORM A NCE C OL L EC T I ON: PUSH I NG T H E E N V E L OPE A R OUND E VERY C ORNER . AVA I L AB L E P O L ISH ED ALUM I NUM WH EEL S HID HEADL AMPS WITH ADAP T I VE FORWARD L IGHT ING It’s impossible to argue with more power. The Performance Collection wholeheartedly agrees. A stout 3.6L direct-injection V6 engine1 delivers an impressive 318 HP. Vibrant HID headlamps with 1 Adaptive Forward Lighting, fog lamps, and 18" wheels, along with the FE2 sport performance suspension1 further complement what is already a stunning expression. Mix in the available trackDIRECT- INJECT ION V6 ENGINE Delivering 318 HP and 275 lb.-ft. of torque, the 3.6L direct-injection V6 engine provides superior motivation for whatever challenge lies ahead. 1 tuned All-Wheel Drive, torque-shifting limited-slip differential, available performance cooling and performance brakes, and the case for more power all but makes itself. What’s more, the available steering-wheel-mounted paddle shift controls further reinforce its performance credentials. 1. St andar d on Coup e and available on Spor t Wagon.



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