Chinese New Year ESL Worksheets


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Colour Printable Worksheets for teaching English language beginners and Elementary Learners about the Chinese New Year. These worksheets can be downloaded from our website for free, via the link below:

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chinese new year chinese new year wordsearch find the hidden words and phrases in the wordsearch the first word has been done for you happy relatives gifts new year friends fireworks lucky money celebrate envelope red festival cjgrelativestecxfteagpipesnhndffireworksprsvjdedwgfnlnafrdeaplslluckyprrrlmngjttlpwreisxouehtaiiospsedcpawjhcnvvyhhnseenykaxfuaaeidglyyelppxeallpshetoawpnrfnrppkgbeprryacrgiftsarzqdezdecemberdabwredvcxsasewbtvacmoneyangsynebz © http


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chinese new year chinese new year wordmix happy relatives gifts envelope new year friends fireworks red lucky money celebrate festival find the mixed-up words and phrases 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ctaeeberl sefridn yonem rrkewsiof apyhp elopenve valstife dre figts vestrelai lckuy reaeynw chinese new year gap fill write in the missing vowels 1 c_l_br_t 4 f_st_v_l 2 f_r_w_rks 5 m_n_y 3 r_l_t_v_s 6 env_l_p © http


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chinese new year worksheets chinese new year wordmix answers 1 celebrate 5 happy 9 gifts 2 friends 6 envelope 10 relatives 3 money 7 festival 11 lucky 4 fireworks 8 red 12 new year chinese new year gap fill answers 1 celebrate 4 festival 2 fireworks 5 money 3 relatives 6 envelope chinese new year wordsearch answers click here for more chinese new year quizzes and activities click here for more free teaching materials for beginners visit our website http for many more free worksheets quizzes games and other activities please note that all our materials are © copyright unless otherwise stated and are provided for personal and non-commercial educational use only creating derivative works or uploading to web sites is not permitted © http



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