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Articles about learning during Jan and Feb 14

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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Written by the children for the whole school community GORSELAND TIMES the best newspaper in the world! This issue of the Gorseland Times features learning which happened in the Robins class (4A) during January and February 2014. The children reviewed everything they could remember and then chose the learning they wanted to write about. After several revisions, the final article was ready to be published. We hope you enjoy reading them. Page Page 2 3 Self Smart Secrets Of Success Marvellous Mindfulness Nature Smart Amazing Made up Polar Animals Strange Solids and Weird Liquids Word Smart Two Steves Are Better Than One Our Reading Superheroes Pirate Gold by The Two Steves The Ice Palace Wonder Words Fancy French People Smart 16 Could You Be An Inuit? Number Smart 18 Sleep Survey Body Smart 20 Netball Picture Smart 21 Acrobatic Art Music Smart 22 Boom Crackle Boom 23 Fantastic Firework Pictures 24 Musical Melodies 4 6 7 8 10 11 12 14 1


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Super Secrets of Success How to be successful Our class has been reading a book called Secrets of Success. You need to be successful all the time. Unsuccessful people don’t work hard and don’t concentrate. If you want to become more successful, then this article is for you. Trying new things Trying new things can be fun. e.g trying a sport that could be fun. You could try a new food. If you want your life to be fun, try new things. Imagine You can imagine in lots of different ways. You can even imagine with a cardboard box! Another way of imagining is where there is a picture in your mind. Concentrate Concentrating is very useful in a test, because if you copy off someone, they could be wrong. So always concentrate on your own work. This is an example of not concentrating: looking around the room in a test. Work Hard [also known as the conclusion] Working hard is good when you are in a sport. Never give up working hard e.g never give up until the final second of a test or match etc. Our class has really enjoyed reading this book, Maybe you would like to read it too. Charlie Bradbrook 2


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Marvellous Mindfulness Mindfulness is a course to train your brain and it helps to modify your behaviour. A lady called Kay Breton runs the sessions, in the year 6 activity area between 1.15 and 2.15 on Friday. It is a mixture of tasks and exercises. If you find it difficult to keep calm, then this group is for you. One of the tasks we do is pass the water jug. We have to pass the water jug without spilling the water. (The task teaches us patience and concentration). Another task we do is a breathing exercise, this helps us to relax. We either cast our eyes down or close them for 3 minutes concentrating on our breathing. Monkey story: It is all about a monkey that thinks ahead of himself. (It teaches us thinking of consequences). We interviewed two pupils: Matteo and Martina Matteo said that it helps a little bit. He enjoyed trying new foods and when we did mindfulness breathing it helped him to relax. Martina said she enjoyed pass the water jug because it helped her to concentrate. She also said it’s good to have the club because it has made her a better person which helps a lot in class. We think it is enjoyable, helpful, makes you think before you act and teaches you tolerance. Danny and William F 3


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Amazing made up polar animals In year 4 we have been making up animals we had to have two or more polar animals and one other animal here are some of the children’s animals. Joely : Spidsckie. Tayler : artic wofogertiger. Bailey : polar zigon. Matan : Tepewa Tuseaky Snake. James : polar penguin puppy. Polar bear. Penguin . Puppy. Walrus tusk. Husky teeth. snake body. Penguin beak. Switch zoo is a great place to make a made up animal you can make as many different animals switch. Polar bercraite Head - caribou Body - polar bear Tail - jackrabbit You can make as many animals as you want. Polar bear body zigon head. Pig husky spider. Artic fox artic wolf tiger. 4


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Then we made our animals on the computer out of shapes everyone did it differently putting background and some people duplicated it and shrunk them. Maybe they look a bit strange but they are our animals. So we went from drawing the animal TO Making them on powerpoint We had to make posters to stop our animals becoming extinct. All the animals will die. We need your help. But it is not just hunters. A lot of herbivores are endangered. We have been making posters to encourage people to adopt our animals. These are the problems animals have: Hunters Too cold Too many oil spills Not enough food Please help the arctic wo fo ger tiger. Hunters are hunting it. This is a poster This is why they are endangered: Hunters are a BIG trouble too these animals. Tayler and Joe 5


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Strange solids and weird wobbly wiggly liquids These are the materials we used. 6


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 2 Steves are better than 1 The authors, Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore, visited Gorseland School on Friday 31st January to introduce their new I Hero books. They did their presentation in the big hall because they wanted to share their books with KS2. They did an interactive show about their new books which included: Games: shout out (The shout out is great fun), 2 choices, Captain Score Board, Teachers were involved as well as pupils They dressed up children and themselves as characters from their books. Kids who helped were given certificates! We really enjoyed the fabulous 2 Steves show because it was hilarious. By Charlotte and Sophie 7


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 OUR READING SUPERHEROES 1 Our article is about the recent visit of the awesome, Two Steves, two British writers who have written over 70 books together, mostly children’s story books. They are both former teachers who tour schools all around the world, teaching the value of reading in a fun way. They performed an interactive assembly about their latest series of books, ‘iHero’. They wore Viking helmets and Superman t-shirts, they were crazy and entertaining and made everybody laugh!! If you want to know more about the two Steves, go to the page? ‘Two Steves Are Better Than One.’ The iHero book series is brilliant. We hope you enjoy the book series. 8


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 OUR READING SUPERHEROES 2 The Two Steves reading an iHero Book. The Two Steves are the most famous Book writers in the world. The Two Steves stand for Steve Barlow And Steve Skidmore. By Bailey and Tyler 9


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 PirateGold by the 2Steves Pirate Gold is a choose your own adventure book written by The Two Steves and illustrated by Sonia Leong. I was inspired to read it after listening to The Two Steves during their visit to Gorseland. This is what the two Steves website says about the book. You are a ‘pirate’ sailing with Francis Drake in the time of Elizabeth I. You set course to the Spanish Main to attack Spanish ships carrying gold and silver. Can you defeat the Spanish and steal the treasure? The 2Steves say… “This adventure is based on a true story! Elizabeth I employed ‘privateers’ or ‘gentleman pirates’ to attack Spanish ships. Francis Drake was probably the most famous of these pirates – he was known to the Spanish as El Draco – The Dragon!” The book is an adventure where you can become the adventurer with Francis Drake. You set a course to attack Spanish ships carrying gold and silver. You can become a hero of this book. Only you can decide your own destiny. I tried many scenarios back and forth; each came with a different outcome. It was fun and showed how certain decisions can result in life or death. This book makes the reader think, debate and use their imagination. You create your own story, beginning, middle and end. You can read and reread and recreate your story over and over again without getting bored. I recommend this as an exciting and a good read to anyone. This is the Two Steves when they visited our school Gorseland This is a picture of the Two Steves wearing Viking helmets. This is the book I wrote about called Pirate Gold Joshua 10


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 The Ice Palace 11


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 W nder words Are you having trouble using powerful and strong wow words? Wow words are a bit like adjectives so you will not struggle that much (if you know what adjectives are). We will show you top to bottom of what adjectives and wow words are. Adjectives and Wow words Adjectives and wow words can make us go wow and when we use them in our writing we can impress the readers. Adjectives describe a noun. So they’re both great and amazing. Example These are some of the examples of adjectives and wow words (hilarious, hastily, forlorn, menacing, outrageous, blazing, morosely, baptised, bashful, bizarre , clumsily and magnificent). By using wow words one can build a better picture in the mind of the reader, grabbing their attention and making them want to read on. By learning and focusing on wow words, one can deepen their understanding of language as well as develop their written work. By using wow words and being successful at writing, one can actually build a movie in the readers mind. 12


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Why you should use wow words wordsusewow Wow words are adventurous and exciting language that one can use in their speech and writing. Wow words can be described as magical words which makes the writing interesting and powerful. It is important to learn new words, understand shades of words. You should use them in your writing to make them amazing. In order to write a book, an author can deepen the understanding of what is happening in the story. Authors will use wow words in a lot of mind-blowing books. IT CAN EXPAND YOUR VOCABULARY! WHICH IS GREAT! You should use wow words a lot in your writing to make it amazing and to impress the reader, filling its mind with brainstorming imagination. Shubhankar and Joely This image is some adjectives of how amazing wow words are. 13


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? So you are reading the right article. This is to do with French and what we have been learning this term. French is perplexing, but when you get used to doing it, learning French become easier. We are taught by Mrs Cook. We have been learning about: animals, Describing what they look like and what’s inside a pencil case. For animals :lapan ,[rabbit] chein,[dog] torto,[tortoise] oiseau ,[bird] souris[mouse] and poisson[ fish]. For describing animals :nurf,lapan,rose=9 pink rabbits and for things you put inside your pencil case: crayon [pencil], calculette[calculator] and gom [rubber]. This is the arc de trionphe This is the Eiffel tower 14


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The Gorseland Times Robins (4A) March 2014 So have you learnt some new vocabulary? Ask your parents about more topics. This means hello. Millau Bridge This is France! This is some of us making French board games. By Aimee and Chloe 15



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