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crusader ewsmagazine · a green salpointe · the teenage brain the n salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · october 2010 · vol 60 issue 2 insomnia in teens page 18


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2 · table of contents the crusader crusader the newsmagazine in this issue on the cover 10-11 news a green salpointe school unveils plans to add new environmentally friendly upgrades 18-19 features insomnia most teenagers suffer from some type of sleeping disorder according to doctors 26-27 sports football lancers continue to thrive as another strong season approaches its conclusion above left the curb cuts along copper street allow water to flow into micro-basins photo chase gerwin above a student has trouble staying awake and focused photo claire danielson left lancers go for the tackle in games against hamilton and rincon photos sean logan right julia martin of the women s cross country team races at a meet photo sean logan


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october 2010 table of contents · 3 columns 07 09 15 24 la vie en rose claire s conundrum the dignoti deal the logan lowdown the social network horrifying mistakes why vote seize the day inside opinions 05 06-07 editorial letters to the editor news 12 13 14 15 16 representing district 8 ballot at-a-glance curtains rise on fall play autumn serenade spa-ghetti dinner alumni reunions features entertainment 20-21 22-23 the teenage brain reviews and entertainment sports 25 28 29 30 31 upcoming games golf swim and dive cross country women s volleyball


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september 2010 opinions · 5 crusader volume 60 2010-2011 october 2010 newsmagazine national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 aipa second place general excellence fall 2010 editorial the the fear october s mix of terror and tradition leaves lasting effects b the crusader is published by the salpointe newspaper class circulation is 2,000 and it is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or the school administration editorial board editor-in-chief natalee dawson `11 assistant editors c laire danielson `12 s ean l ogan `12 opinions editor kyle d ignoti `11 news editor c hase g erwin `11 features entertainment editor c laire danielson `12 sports editor s ean l ogan `12 copy editor art editor kyle d ignoti `11 z oë u rcadez `12 news staff members brandon bavier `11 zoë urcadez `11 emily monroe `14 features entertainment lauren furrier `11 kyle dignoti `11 emily monroe `14 zoë urcadez `11 sports luke bakewell `13 joshua pettigrew `12 questions comments send your feedback to adviser ms michelle mathews head of school fr bob carroll o carm ecause of halloween this month is traditionally dedicated to fear horror movie marathons dominate television screens and jack o lanterns decorate doorsteps everything is steeped in ancient macabre tradition married awkwardly to modern consumerism fun-sized candies abound and costumes ranging from elaborate to barely existent are advertised everywhere it s easy to lament the commercialism and sensationalism of halloween it raises our blood sugar not to mention our blood pressure and it desensitizes us to the actual instinct of fear in the wrong hands the meaningless spin of modern horror can turn serious problems in our society like assault and murder into nothing more than plot twists but at the same time there s something to be said for the halloween dynamic as children it allowed us to overcome our fears by surrounding ourselves with them now it gives us an opportunity to relive the past eating candy corn and bobbing for apples despite the health concerns becoming familiar with fear makes it less well frightening it allows us to get a glimpse of the intrigue we so desire while working within a set of comfortable parameters we know that we are more or less safe when we walk through a haunted corn maze or the slaughterhouse we are aware that somebody is putting on a show for us it turns from terrifying to thrilling in an instant what we have on halloween really is a semblance of fear it is an easy facsimile true fear comes from truly dangerous events fear in real life can be subtle and devastating and it can live in the white noise of a hospital bed or the screech of tires on as phalt what we look for in halloween is not that type of fear we want it blatantly gruesomely accompanied by the plasticky smell of masks as they cover our faces some of us experience fear when waiting for our test results to load on the college board website or awaiting the results of an important election we are afraid when we see death out of the corners of our eyes or when we think of failure the future scares us commitment scares us to most of us ten-year-olds in scream masks just don t do it anymore and that s where fear ties into maturity when we re very young we are afraid of the dark as we grow older we learn to fear the things that lurk there instead unfortunately fear has become a vital factor in our decision-making elections which we cover in this issue are one example we are told to fear the actions one candidate might take so that we ll sway toward the other afraid of undocumented immigration are you don t vote for that candidate it is time for a shift in the way we view fear and in the way we market it there s nothing wrong with a little sugar-infused fun once every october oija boards and masks and billowing capes are not where the real danger hides our closest fears the ones that infect our daily lives are where the problems lie they keep us from reaching our true potential even worse they enslave us to one another in cruel and unusual ways halloween gets a lot of flack mostly from the fringes of this country for bringing evil into our lives behind that criticism though is a fear of its own our own faces have become fear s disguise.


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6 · opinions the crusader l etters take advantage to the e ditor second lunch problem that we have here at salpointe is the food and lines during second lunch it is so difficult to get the outside vendor when there is a limited amount of food and more kids in second lunch than in first i m a sophomore and had second lunch both semesters last year as well as this year a couple of my friends that have first lunch have told me how great it is because the food never runs out by the time i get to alumni hall for outside vender from senior patio the line is too long and they end up running out right away when they start to run out the other lines for food usually have extremely long lines my suggestions are that 1 first lunch should only be allowed to buy one lunch per student 2 get more food from the outside vendor i think that these suggestions may help to solve the problem praise for the paper a s i read through the school s daily bulletin i begin to notice the countless opportunities salpointe offers for each of its students such as community service projects college preparation courses academic conferences and even educational trips to france yet it saddens me because although i may be aware of these incredible activities i know i will most likely be too lazy to contact whomever it is i need to for more information or to take the time and dedication it requires to fully participate to the best of my abilities another key factor is just opening one s eyes and becoming aware of the numerous opportunities that this school has basically put into our laps i know not everyone has the time or the patience to read through the school s bulletin every day and sift among the annoying repeat announcements such as when we have to preorder a shirt for homecoming or the next kairos meeting i suggest that we kindly ask our homeroom teachers to read the important announcements to us and what pertains to me and my class travis velasquez `13 i would like to congratulate you on your excellent work on the newspaper whenever a new paper is going to come out i always make sure i grab one because i enjoy seeing what fresh news you are going to bring you do an excellent job in making sure that they are very interesting and enjoyable to read for everyone i appreciate that your newspapers are well-rounded and try to say something about everything that is going on you do a great job incorporating sports academics spirituality and daily life into your paper which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy reading it when you read the paper you can see all the hard work and creativity that goes into making the paper everything is in color and there are many pictures and all the writing is flawless which shows all your effort thanks for all your hard work it really pays off and many people can tell and appreciate it please continue to make the paper exciting and fun for everyone a lyssa thompson `13 a a rden rosthenhausler `13 comic in session byzo ë urcad ez


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october 2010 opinions · 7 l a vie e n r os e first the good news p ersonally i do not think there is much about our school that needs to be improved i can only think of a few minor things but above all i am writing this to praise the good hard work from the students and staff to keep our school outstanding one of the best things about salpointe is the trust students and teachers have with each other and that goes along with respect students can trust teachers to give them the information they need to learn and perform well on tests and quizzes teachers are able to trust students with going to their lockers or to the bathroom as well as other things i think it s great that we can treat each other like colleagues that work together to improve each other s ability we don t have one group of people acting superior and leaving the other group feeling overwhelmed the only little thing i think could be improved involves textbooks sometimes they re expensive and students leave them in their lockers so i think it would be nice to have some extra textbooks in the library there are a lot of students who have time to do homework after school and they could take advantage of the textbooks paula r edman `13 the social network society s newest scapegoat you have to get a facebook said a friend on the newspaper staff my sophomore year i can t believe you don t have one already people had told me for weeks that i should join facebook i didn t really know or care how it worked it seemed like the perfect opportunity to end up on the receiving end of some twisted internet correspondence the same kind of cyber oddity that my parents watched weekly on dateline but when i got home i wearily checked out the homepage for facebook it seemed simplistic and inviting with a blue-and-white map of the world on its welcome screen i looked at the knife s edge of cape horn my eyes passed over the geological rorschach test of the united kingdom and the advertising took hold i wanted to be a citizen of the world part of the intricate social web of humanity i joined facebook i didn t know then what it would come to mean in the context of my life i had joined a social network i d weathered the myspace era without jumping on the bandwagon but facebook had me in its grasp this aspect of popular culture was no longer a separate entity it had become for better or for worse a part of my life a few weeks ago i saw the social network as i sat in theatre 17 and watched the story unfold i wondered i wondered which perspective i was bringing to this movie was i the skeptic the spectator from sophomore year or was i now a devout admirer of facebook s essential genius walking into the film as if it were a pilgrimage i m still not sure i know the media loves to follow current trends and raise questions about whether they benefit or harm our society facebook has been no different i often hear people claim that it has diluted our relationships with each other that it has even turned our society into a shallow semblance of its former self on those counts my verdict is not guilty facebook is both a symptom and a prescription for what has changed in our society since the era of the dance card it is a platform to consolidate ourselves with our interests and beliefs reduced to one-word statements on a profile and what does that mean for the workings of our society not much at all try out this analogy our society is like a painting of the eiffel tower a hundred years ago that painting might have been made with thick oil-based paint and expressionistic brushstrokes today it is digital art the way the subject is depicted changes nothing just as the way facebook connects us does not change the very nature of that connection if facebook has had any effect upon the social landscape it has only been to expand it our relationships with people have no less meaning than they did fifty years ago what has changed is what we do to earn them the information we now get with a few clicks of the mouse would once have taken us weeks months or years to learn according to facebook i am a seventeen-year-old future democrat with a birthday in june and ambiguous religious beliefs funnily enough none of that changes when i log off who i am and who we all are does not depend on the platform in which we express it the platform changes with us in that way we are facebook we like to claim that our society is always in flux and it is the way we live will never cease to morph and that flow of change is what makes us strive for better where s the dance am a dance student with ms sarah brauer and there are many students of all grade levels in dance we all have a keen interest in dance and for most of us it is our favorite class we would like to share our experience and our art form with the students of the school the newspaper focuses a lot on the sports played at school dance is now recognized internationally equal to all other sports it is now well recognized that dancers are as athletic as participants of other sports we would like the school newspaper to provide coverage on all our participants and the programs that are coming up over the school year coverage of the dance events will promote greater interest and participation amongst the students we look forward to the newspaper covering our future dance events l isa talwar `13 i the social network is not just a story of the intricate social workings of the young harvard elite it is the story of us it is not just a story of who we are becoming it is the story of who we already are and of the events that will make tomorrow a more dynamic age natalee rose dawson `11 editor-in-chief


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october 2010 9 · news the crusader news ·9 c laire s c o nund ru m how to survive a horror movie top 5 mistakes horror movie victims make y ou ve all sat in a dark movie theater screaming at the characters in a horror movie who are about to make a fatal mistake if it is so blatantly obvious to the audience why can t the soonto-be-victims see their impending doom perhaps the combination of adrenaline and sketchy shadows of the horror movie sets diminish the otherwise spot-on judgment of the victims during this feast of horror fests if you find yourself starring in a horror movie i implore you to learn from the mistakes of past nancy thompsons and heed this essential guide on what not to do in a horror movie spotting the obvious the funeral procession in some classic horror movies it is easy to see who will be the first to go the consistencies i have spotted in countless horror/suspense genre movies have become so blatant that i can easily make a winning bet on who will die first the blonde female unfortunately is usually one of the first victims however if you re male with flaxen hair you re pretty safe in our patriarchal society next are the promiscuous in most cases the horror movie creators tend to stereotype the blondes as the promiscuous so if you are blonde and promiscuous then you probably won t make it past the first couple scenes third to go is the buff and brave jock he may die in the line of fire protecting his girlfriend nonetheless he s not the brightest candle in the jack-o-lantern and is normally extinguished early in the movie in contrast there are the emo sensible dark-haired girl or attractive geek at heart who tend to be the last ones standing if both manage to survive 9 times out of 10 they will fall in love this love scene is normally followed by a cliffhanger that will surely call for a sequel soon more characters are added and the funeral procession and bets start again never split up despite how smart the plan may seem or how much you may hate the people you are thrown into these unfortunate circumstances with splitting up is never a good idea it almost always ends in calamity for at least one person in the disbanded group more likely the plot will play itself out eliminating all of the strays one by one unless of course you are the star don t go into the closet no matter what your reasons are do not ever go into the closet while your intentions may seem brave either to confront the misunderstood zombie or to protect your loved ones it will always end in certain death unfortunately the closet gag is normally what kills off some of the brighter horror movie victims why perhaps the closet seems the most reasonable place to hide instead i suggest a place with lots of light and people instead of a dark seemingly empty room either way the closet is never a good answer keep away from creepy buildings most of the best horror movies take place in completely plausible settings with the exception of the abandoned buildings where everything eerie seems to happen it may be a good place to scare a date or your buddies but it is also a great place for masked murderers zombies ghosts and the perfect place for terror the best way to avoid finding yourself in a setting taken straight from the pages of stephen king is to avoid any unknown and scary places at all costs do not make the same mistake that glen lantz did by going into the cremated abandoned pre-school stranger danger strangers are friends you just haven t met yet or murderers for the love of all that is living do not pick up a hitchhiker converse with a scary little kid or bargain with a creepy old woman i don t care how strong you are or whether you think you could take the villain in hand-to-hand combat if this is the texas chainsaw massacre the guy has a chainsaw on his side if it s case 39 or the orphan the kids have the devil inside them and if it s drag me to hell then the old lady has the supernatural on her side in most cases stranger equals danger do not tempt fate this halloween keep safe by following these simple guidelines and trusting your gut unless your gut tells you that hanging out in cemeteries is fun claire danielson `12 assistant editor features editor


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10 · news the crusader a green s community members team up with watershed management group to trap storm water and irrigate trees in the samos neighborhood by chase gerwin m embers of the samos neighborhood in conjunction with salpointe catholic high school and the watershed management group wmg have teamed up to reduce the demand and consumption of water in their neighborhood the alliance recognizes that changes need to be made in the way they manage water we had a massive demand driven system which could have easily sucked this region dry of water said karin uhlic tucson s council member for ward 3 wmg took the lead in organizing the effort to improve the samos neighborhood s water consumption on salpointe s sidewalk along copper street volunteers created seven micro-basins for collecting storm water that floods the streets since the street is curved the water runs along the sidewalk during storms contractors cut openings in the curb to allow water to flow into the mico-basins to gather water in the past people tried to plant trees along the sidewalk but they all died because they didn t get enough water the micro-basins allow trees to capture water where it rains every time you have a storm these copper street there are seven micro-basins along salpointe s sidewalk water enters the curb cuts flows into the rocks and is then stored underground to irrigate the trees photoillustraion by chase gerwin and brandon bavier


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october 2010 news · 11 alpointe curb cuts the two types of curb cuts used to funnel water from the street into the micro-basins as seen on the salpointe property left the core method right the slice method photo by chase gerwin trees are getting irrigated said catlow shipek program manager for wmg the project took only four hours to complete with the help of 50 volunteers from the samos neighborhood salpointe community and other tucson residents during part of wmg s earth month activities the total project cost was just under 3,000 dollars that included excavation and hauling rocks and gravel planting trees curb cuts the permit and our staff time that s not a whole lot said shipek they saved money in the way the curb of the sidewalk was cut to allow water to enter the basin a standard curb cut is $200 for a long 24-inch opening instead this group made thin slices in the curb and strategically placed cores these both cost a fraction of the price of the standard cut and were just as effective fi lling up the basins these micro-basin s have many benefits to the community with all of these basins we had about 1000 gallons of capacity it s not a whole lot but it is instantaneous volume with all of the projects in samos we have 4,500 gallon capacity said shipek we are also capturing some pollutants coming from the storm water these are great trash collectors said shipek the trees add aesthetic value cool shade and can even slow down traffi c with trees growing along the road driver s fields of vision is narrowed causing them to slow down another positive the project helps rectify are the monsoon floods these basins turn a problem into a resource collecting extra water and using it for irrigation there are some negatives to the basins seeds accumulate in the basins causing many weeds to grow that need to be pulled regularly trash accumulates in the basins that while making the collection a lot easier still need to be collected regularly the slice in the curb could be a potential tripping hazard the water flowing in could cause erosion and then sedimentation in the street it is pragmatic that community members and students at salpointe spend a little time and effort in maintaining the basins this is just one of many eco-friendly initiatives that salpointe administrators have on their agenda creating their privately owned electric power company is also underway and has approval from the necessary government agencies to make it happen the power is going to be generated from solar panels covering three roofs initially with plans to include many more new buildings and other accoutrements are also planned to update the facilities but are dependent on a successful capitol campaign.


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12 · news the crusader representing district 8 as the election season comes to a close rep giffords and jesse kelly debate the best path for southern arizona by kyle dignoti n a time of political and economic uncertainty americans have made it clear that they re unhappy with the status quo members of the media have projected their opinions that the november 2 election is going to be a referendum on the democratic leadership of nancy pelosi and president barack obama as election time nears political fervor is heating up in congressional district eight cd8 as democrat and incumbent rep gabrielle giffords and republican jesse kelly put their names on the ballot amidst a flurry of intense political discussion and debate the two hopeful candidates have caused a stir about their opponents professional lives the economy healthcare and the mexican border since the beginning of the southern arizona campaign giffords and kelly have traded digs on each other s past careers as members of the tucson business community giffords prior to her election in 2006 was the president and ceo of her family s tire shop el campo tires kelly served as a project manager for his family s construction company don kelly construction kelly has claimed that giffords who paints herself as a savvy former businesswoman led to the bankruptcy of el campo tires this point was reiterated by kelly at an october 20 debate in sierra vista giffords refuted this point by stating that the family business was actually purchased by a larger national tire chain when the topic of federal earmarks came i up in the debate kelly stated that he s against any sort of stimulus and/or federal earmark dollars my position on earmarks is that they re legalized bribery said kelly during the debate kelly worked in the contracting industry and giffords asserted that kelly was guilty of accepting earmarks during his tenure as a project manager both candidates accused the other of hypocrisy hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another mr kelly [stated that earmarks are legalized bribery yet mr kelly s family business takes earmark dollars and takes stimulus dollars that s hypocritical said giffords but the accusations and mud-slinging did not stop there kelly has stated on numerous occasions that giffords is too weak on border issues he s reminded potential voters that giffords opposed sb1070 a state bill that some considered to be a firm take on protecting the border in the sierra vista debate giffords was persistent in making her point that kelly wishes to implement a national sales tax rather than having the country pay federal income taxes giffords said such a tax would be extreme these issues have dominated this campaign and both candidates claim that they re prepared to be the next representative for cd8 in congress the voters will decide the fate of their district on november 2 district 8 election below left incumbent giffords campaigns in douglas arizona above giffords has received praise from her supporters for her connection to the community s needs below jesse kelly a former project manager hopes to bring a conservative viewpoint to washington on his voters behalf photos courtesy of campaign websites


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october 2010 news · 13 ballot at a glance t c governor terry goddardc · · · · · · you know him as state attorney general for an increase in educational funding hopes to crack down on immigration for the expansion of green technology supports tax cuts for the middle class tagline terry goddard is making arizona work again · · · · · · by joshua pettigrew jan brewer you know her as arizona governor cutbacks on educational spending strong supporter of sb 1070 opposes corporate bailouts says her main goal is to balance the budget tagline jan brewer is for arizona rodney glassman · · · · · · · you ber know him as senate · · · · · · john mccain you know him as former presidential hopeful and u.s senator supported the controversial sb 1070 supports wall street oversight against the corporate bailouts voted against cutting taxes for the middle class tagline it is essential that conservatives adhere to principles of smaller government and individual choice over intrusive government and federal control tucson city council mem for obama s healthcare plan supports wall street reform for the expansion of green technology supports lowering tax cuts for the middle class supports social security benefits tagline rodney glassman is working for arizona gabrielle giffords congress cd jesse kelly · you know her as incumbent congresswoman · for healthcare reform under obama · opposed sb 1070 · supports wall street reform · promotes solar energy · for tax cuts on the middle class · tagline involving southern arizonans in shaping policies and strategically solving community problems is the cornerstone of giffords work · you know him as construction project manager · against wall street reform · opposes obama s healthcare plan · opposes raising taxes · supported controversial sb 1070 · supports tax cuts for upper class · tagline jesse made the decision to run for congress the day president obama signed the wasteful $787 billion stimulus package


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14 · news the crusader curtains rise on fall play he game of clue has entertained generations now during the weeks of oct 28 and nov 5 the salpointe drama department is bringing that story to life it is the story of a collection of guests who have been summoned to a creepy house said dana milne co-director of the play the play starts off simply enough six seemingly random guests gather at hill house ms white courtney radtke ms peacock rachael econ ms scarlet magdalena pike colonel mustard tj weidmier professor plum connor foster and mr green sean parsons soon the reason for the evening gathering becomes apparent they are all being blackmailed later when the blackmailer mr boddy drew milne arrives he promises to reveal all of their secrets unless they kill the butler wadsworth emilio rodriguez each guest is given a lethal weapon then the murders ensue according to milne there are a total of six murders throughout the play it is up to the guests and the audience to figure salpointe s resident thespians prepare to perform clue the classic murder mystery that begins its fall run on oct 28 by brandon bavier t out who did it with what weapon and where the play was hard to put together partially because the actors had to memorize lines for three unique endings of the play each ending has a different killer in a different room with different motives and weapons also because of a play put on by the advanced drama class the set building wasn t started until after the first week of october this as well as having to do the building around homecoming activities caused some difficulties sarah brauer the other co-director of the play said that getting the techs actors and directors all on the same page was often difficult once that happens it s magical said brauer while the story is a serious one filled with mystery and murder there are comedic aspects to it the guests often have no clue what is going on and cause comedic mishaps throughout the play according to milne the butler wadsworth is one of the lead parts played by rodriguez wadsworth guides them through the evening with its many plot twists and turns keeping most sane and some of them alive said milne the play will run oct 28 to oct 30 and nov 5 to nov 6 at 7 pm oct 31 at 1 pm and nov 7 at 2 pm admission is $8 for students and $10 for general admission on oct 30 all three endings will run oct 31 is costume night ­ anyone who dresses in a costume gets a free bag of treats nov 6 is `friends night people who attend can wear an item that the actors choose such as a hat the actor who has the most people wearing their item will win a prize from nov 5 to nov 7 the audience will vote on which ending they want to see the voting will take place during the intermission originally the game of clue was adapted to a film directed by jonathan lynn who collaborated on the script with john landis in 1985 the film also had three different endings mimicking the game of clue itself mystery above colonel mustard weidmer arrives at the mansion and meets wadsworth rodriguez and the maid jessica amerson left professor plum foster and ms scarlet pike drive to the mansion pondering the letter they recieved far left mr boddy milne finds his guests assembled at the dinner table photos by brandon bavier


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october 2010 news · 15 autumn serenade alpointe s premiere choral program held its annual autumn serenade on oct 20 in alumni hall the event s program featured performances of broadway classics including seasons of love and memory we were excited to perform broadway songs i think the audience enjoyed hearing classic music from different eras and themes said amelia paul the choral program s annual fall concert has always featured a strong musical lineup but this year was the first to have a defined theme according to laura johnson of the show choir the themed performances contributed to the program s success the theme made this year s show that much better said johnson it set the stage for us and the audience knew what to expect when they walked in the autumn serenade also featured the art department with art by students in the program put out on display the partnership between the two departments really reinforced the role and importance of fine arts at this school salpointe s acclaimed choral program starts off the fall season with a night of broadway-themed musical performances by natalee dawson s said erica gibes as the finale to the night s performances the choruses sang three surprise songs all united by a halloween theme my favorite part of the night was the halloween surprise at the end said paul all three choirs were a part of it and it joined the whole program together many members of all three choirs had the opportunity to give a solo performances during one of the songs when you give a solo it feels like you re in your own magical bubble said johnson you feel invincible this was the last autumn serenade for many members of the choral program who will graduate in may this was my last autumn serenade and i m sad to see it go said paul i look forward to more performances this year serenading salpointe below advanced chorus performs double trouble middle right erica gibes sings memory from cats with accompaniment from serena fonze above right alexis zozoya performs a solo in home far right julianna grantham and james quigley sing a duet in all i ask of you from phantom of the opera photo illustration by brandon bavier



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