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Brochure with information and products all about healthy claws for cattles.

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Technovit-2-Bond and new products 1


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Healthy claws and milking performance The hoofs carry the milk! This saying, which is as simple as it is true, applies to the importance of healthy claws for an optimal milking performance of the cow. Only cows held under optimal conditions will have a maximum output of milk. Changes in feed, calving, intensive feeding for high milking capacity, changes of housing conditions etc. put pressure on the cow´s organism and especially on claws. Therefore an optimal, in other words „functional“, claw care is essential! Regularly claw care prevents the cow from serious claw damages what would have a bad effect on the milking volume for a long-time period. Professional tools, like cutting discs and special knives are needed to clean and cut the hoof, in order to see the possible damages like defects or abscesses. Kerbl´s products guarantee a professional functionality as many of them are developed together with specialists. In most of the cases the defect claw must be relieved to minimize further damage. In that way it can heal much better. So on the healthy claw, there should be fixed a (wood) block in correct size and shape. A novelty in the glue sector is the 2-component-cartridge of Technovit named 2-Bond. Please read more about this on the following pages. 1 2 Claw care: Fix blocks only on clean and prepared claws. The block must support the whole surface of the sole (sole and edges). Hollow cut: make a hollow cut with a hoof knife. This is important in order to distribute the pressure to the back part of the horn boot. 3 4 Pressure testing: test if the healthy claw can carry the whole weight. Use a special tool (hoof tester). If the cow doesn‘t react on the pressure, the claw is prepared. 5 Drying: dry the horn with handwarm air. Don‘t use hot-air dryers, they could cause damages on the leather skin. 6 Open the cartridge: fix the cartridge in the dosing gun and open it. It‘s very easy to break the sealing without using a tool! Put on the mixing tip: Press a small portion out of the cartridge in order check if both holes are opened properly. Fix the mixing tip. 7 8 Put on glue: Press out 2 to 3 portions of glue on the block or the horn (not on the hollow cut). Fix the block: The block must close up with the peak and reach to the backside until it covers 2 fingers width of the soft ball. Don‘t push but only hold the block at position. The glue layer inbetween block and horn must be minimum 3 mm thick in order to get a good adhesiveness. Don‘t move the block within the first 30 seconds until the glue is dryed. 2


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Technovit-2-Bond The fast, 2-part PU adhesive for hoof treatment! Technovit-2-Bond is a quick-drying, two-part adhesive for treating hooves. Just a small amount of adhesive is all that's needed to glue wood or rubber blocks to healthy hooves in seconds in order to take the strain off diseased or damaged ones and therefore accelerate healing. The benefits at a glance: • dries within 30 seconds • bonds powerfully and permanently to wood and rubber blocks • easy to use - no mixing, no waste • odourless and safe to use, even in confined spaces The handy Technovit-2-Bond sets are available with or without dispensing guns and include the accessories for around 10 applications (depending on the size of the hoof and the operator's skill). Here's how simple it is to use: Remove the seal on the cartridge and connect up the mixing tip. Eject a small amount of adhesive. This must be done so that the two components mix as effectively as possible. Now apply a bead of adhesive onto the block. Place the block quickly onto the pre-prepared, clean and dry, healthy hoof. After around 30 seconds, the adhesive will have set, and after around 2-3 minutes, the hoof can weight-bear again. Sets include: 1 x 160 ml cartridge with 2-part adhesive 10 x mixing tips 10 x wooden blocks XL 1 x dispensing gun 16239 • • • • 16240 • • • - professional starter set with XL wooden blocks 16241 16242 16243 universal mixing tips dosing gun fits for most of similiar cartrigdes easy dosing of glue „easy to open“ ref. no. 16239 16240 16241 16242 16243 description Technovit-2-Bond starter set incl. dispensing gun for 10 applications Technovit-2-Bond set for 10 applications (no dispensing gun) Technovit-2-Bond cartridge, 160 ml Dispensing gun Mixing tips, 10 x 1 1 1/10 1/10 1/10 € 3


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The indispensable universal resin for claw treatment Technovit incl. Accelerator • low outdoor temperatures generally increase the curing time of glue when claws are treated with wood blocks or shoes • the Technovit accelerator serves to reduce this so-called polymerisation to nearly 50 % • particularly suitable for low outdoor temperatures usage 16122 ref. no. 16121 16122 description Set of 2 applications Set of 10 applications Recommend accelerator/liquid ratio 1:7 1 : 10 1 : 14 1/100 1/6 200 96 € Temperature + 5° C + 10° C + 20° C Curring time with accelerator approx. 13 min. approx. 9 min. approx. 5 min. Curring time without accelerator approx. 24 min. approx. 15 min. approx. 8 min. Technovit - The Original • the classic hoof treatment! • the market-leading system for claw immobilization through wood blocks used and approved for more than 15 years! Due to its special properties Technovit 6091, a quick-curing plastic material, has proven to be an indispensable universal resin used in veterinary medicine and for claw care and treatment. Ideal for certain indications, Technovit 6091 contributes to the veterinarian’s therapy shortening considerably the otherwise quiet long healing periods. In the field of claw and hoof treatment Technovit 6091 covers the following possible applications: For immobilizing claws in case of sole abscesses and foot rot in cattle, repair of claw tips, for concealing hoof defects (quartercracks), shaping the hooves and orthopedic hoof treatment, especially in foals (e.g. club-foot). ref. no. 1621 1622 16220 description Set of 2 applications Set of 10 applications Set of 12 applications 1/100 1/6 1/6 200 96 96 € 16220 Powder has already been packaged in 12 bags of 70 g each! Technobase 8000 Universal Resins for Veterinary Medicine Technobase is a modern claw treatment to immobilize injured or sick claws! Furthermore it covers a wide range of possible uses in the field of veterinary medicine. • fast processing: Models immediately after mixing. This means that it immediately allows modelling by hand what makes application a lot easier. Technobase 8000 cures completely at a product temperature of 20 °C in less than 4 minutes! • highly adhesive: Technobase has excellent adhesive properties! Therefore you can be sure that the sick claw will be perfectly spared until the wood block has worn off. • models without becoming sticky: During the modelling phase Technobase processes perfectly without peskily sticking to one’s hands. The dough remains flexible and can be shaped and processed until polymerisation. • low temperature at the end of polymerisation: the chemical reaction of mixing powder and liquid results in excessive heat. These high temperatures often damage the tissue and hurt the animal. With regard to this matter Technobase has also been improved! Therefore extra-cutaneous splinting can be performed safely and without affecting the tissue. immobilization of claws immobilization of claw tips Recommended by professional hoof carers! ref. no. 16251 16259 16257 16258 16231 description Set for 14 applications Set for 4 applications Liquid 500 ml Powder 1000 g Wooden spatula 1 1 1/144 1/70 1/100 96 216 140 € extra-cutaneous splinting transversal fixation and strengthening of bandages 4


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Wooden Block Wedge Shape Modern hoof care is undergoing many changes in support conditions. A standard wooden block is often no longer sufficient to relieve and injured claw. The stall floor and hoof orthopaedics conditions must be analysed, then the right tools must be used. • wedge-shaped block in normal and large sizes • recommended for low heel height to increase the ball area • also suitable for "normal" hooves on highly abrasion-resistant floors (such as concrete) ref. no. 16132 16133 description Wooden blocks wedge shape, size normal Wooden blocks wedge shape, size XL length 112 mm 130 mm 1/50 1/45 € Recommended by professionals! Wooden Block, flat • extra flat design (50% lower in height than a standard block) for uses requiring early loading of the injured hoof • prevention of any tendon problems that may occur if the block is worn for an extended period • mainly used for low-wear rubber flooring instead of standard blocks • developed in line with the latest hoof care theory with hoof care specialists ref. no. 16134 length 112 mm 1/50 € Wooden Block Standard ref. no. 16105 16105/10 16104 16104/10 16104/2 description Wooden block XL, single Wooden block XL, 10 pcs/pack Wooden block, single Wooden block, 10 pcs/pack Wooden blocks, 2 pieces/pack length 130 mm 130 mm 112 mm 112 mm 112 mm 1/50 1/50 1/100 1/100 1 € Cutting Discs 6 Cut / 3 Cut With our Cutting Discs 6 or 3 Cut, we offer innovative tools for professional hoof care! The geometrically optimised and placed blades guarantee the best removal. • The base body of the blade is made from aluminium, providing for easy handling • low weight ensures even greater smoothness • the diagonal angle of the cutting elements means the horn is removed faster and more gently • the very clean cutting does not require any additional treatment • the cutting elements can be used on both sides (blades can be turned round) • individually replaceable • very user-friendly by e.g. easy-to-loosen screw fastenings • cutting height of 3 Cut: 1.2 mm • cutting height of 6 Cut: 1.2 mm (1.8 mm with guard) max. 3,000 clawes ref. no. 16318 16316 16320 description Cutting disc 6 Cut, Ø 120 mm Cutting disc 3 Cut, Ø 120 mm Set of cutters PROFI (3 cutters + screws) 1 1 1/50 1/50 1/25 € 16318 16316 Abrasive Disc Standard • hoof plate made of twisted steel dish with carbide assembly • granulation front 30 • excellent value for money ref. no. 16348 16349 Ø 115 mm 125 mm 1 1 1/50 1/50 € 5


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Cutting Disc SuperProfi The latest generation of cutting discs, developed with hoof trimmers for hoof trimmers and experienced farmers! Directly soldered carbide blades on a compact 90 mm metal disc with optimised radii provide excellent abrasion, very good handling characteristics and low vibration! The cut material is removed gently and quickly by the disc using specially shaped recesses without accumulation. • highly efficient hoof care disc with all-round features • extremely compact ergonomic design with optimum mass ratios • the radial extension of the carbide tips allows experienced users to work on defective points in the claw wall, permitting hollow grooves to be made • conical design of the body back, permitting good entry into the gap between claws • carbide blade made from the finest grain alloy with improved durability allows the processing of up to 1,500 pairs of hooves (prerequisite: no stone inclusions!) • cutting height: 3.0 mm Developed with professional hoof trimmers! ref. no. 16309 Ø 90 mm 1/50 € max. 1,500 clawes New! Cutting Disc P6 The consistent development of the successful cutting disc Permanent6, optimised in diameter and disc arrangement! • the new geometry and arrangement of the cutting sets mean that the P6 can be used to treat both the sole of the hoof and the interdigital space with excellent results • the P6 thus has the significant advantage that no other hoof care tool is necessary Other advantages of the new P6: • complete base Disc: quieter operating noise and reduced vibrations increased the Disc's service life • inclined contact surface: perfect handling and high ergonomic efficiency • carbide blade made from the finest grain alloy with improved durability allows the processing of up to 1,500 pairs of hooves (prerequisite: no stone inclusions!) • cutting geometry: optimised position of the blade for the cleanest cut • processing advantage: up to 40 % faster material removal than with conventional cutting discs • cutting height: 1.8 m Developed with professional hoof trimmers ref. no. 16358 Ø 105 mm 1/50 € max. 1,500 clawes New! 6


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Hoof and Claw Knife SuperProfi The knife for the professional hoof trimmer and farrier as well as for anyone who needs a perfect tool for hoof and claw treatments! • high alloy special steel for long life and grindability • 0° scalpel cut for exceptional sharpness and cutting performance • ergonomic handle made from heat-treated beech wood as sharp as a scalpel Developed with professional hoof trimmers! ref. no. 16814 16815 description Single-edged blade right, narrow Single-edged blade left, narrow 1/10/200 1/10/200 € New! Hoof-Checking Pliers • approx. 30 cm length • made of steel • with straight legs ref. no. 1619 1/6/60 € Claw Bandage VETlastic • elastic and self-adhesive • easy to put on • excellent adhesive properties • modern, high-tech synthetic material reinforced with latex • lenght: 450 cm 450 cm ref. no. 1672 1673 1663 1664 1667 1668 1675 1676 colour black black light green light green blue blue red red width 7,5 cm 10,0 cm 7,5 cm 10,0 cm 7,5 cm 10,0 cm 7,5 cm 10,0 cm 1/24/144 1/18/108 1/24/144 1/18/108 1/24/144 1/18/108 1/24/144 1/18/108 € Rolled Cotton Wool Cotton wool bandage made from synthetic material which acts as padding for a variety of bandages and dressings • made from crimped, non-absorbent polyester fibres • especially soft and keeps its shape • easy to roll and suitable for direct application to closed skin thanks to its skin-friendly properties • easy and quick to apply to all body parts • thanks to the fibre structure, the individual layers adhere well to each other and do not slip • recommended for necessary padding especially in combination with VetLastic for hoof and claw bandaging • can be torn by hand New! ref. no. 16464 description 8 pieces per clinical pack length 3m width 10 cm 1/24 € 7


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Hoof Care Spray, green for cattle and sheep • daily hoof care contributes to the health of the livestock at • premium tea tree oil first good, high quality natural essences from aloe vera, oregano and marigolds, plus cod liver oil to penetrate deep into claws and protect them from harmful influences • simply spray onto the cleaned and dried claw from a distance of 5-10 cm ref. no. 2779 content 400 ml 1/12 € with natural essences Claw Treatment Tincture ClauFit • cleaning and care product with acid base • cares for and protects the naturally acid nature of claws and hooves • for cattle and sheep claws and horse hooves ref. no. 2775 2778 2776 content 125 ml 250 ml 1000 ml 1/48 1/24 1/12 € Albert Kerbl GmbH Felizenzell 9 84428 Buchbach Germany Phone +49 8086 933-100 Fax +49 8086 933-500 E-Mail We do our best to constantly improve our range of products and keep it up-to-date. Thus we reserve the right to change the design of our products. With the publication of this catalogue all previous catalogues and price lists for the respective products are void. All prices are recommended retail prices and are inclusive of VAT. All information is subject to typing and printing errors. All prices are subject to change. Changes in colour and design may occur due to printing technology reasons. Reprinting in whole or in part is due to prior authorisation. © 12/2013 PR199_Klauenpflege_EN 8



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