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houston independent school district twelve hour g/t training including scholars and knowledge gifted and talented team professional development services 2010 2011


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texas law and hisd g/t standards scavenger hunt texas state plan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 name the key components of the state goal for services for gifted students overview-page 1 what are the five components of the texas state plan pp3-15 what do the provisions include 1.2c how often are students nominated and screened 1.3.2c how many criteria are needed in the identification process 1.5.3 c1.5.4c who makes the final selection of students for services 1.7c what is the required content for gifted learners 2.1c what are the required groupings for gifted learners 2.2c how does the district meet the needs of gifted students see top of page 11 under curriculum and instruction heading what should learning experiences lead to 3.2c how should students be allowed to accelerate 3.3c when should teaches receive their 30 hours 4.1c how long do teachers have to get the 30 hours completed 4.1.2c what are the requirements for administrators and counselors with program authority 4.3c how should the district involve parents of gifted students 5.2 c-5.3c how does the state define giftedness 29.121 page 18 hisd g/t standards 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 standard 1 what is the program design for gifted programs in hisd standard 3 what are the four ways g/t identification can be initiated standard 3 what is a parent s responsibility in the identification process standard 3 what is an appeals process standard 4 what is required of all students who qualify and enroll in a vanguard g/t program standard 5 describe the instructional delivery models standard 6 what are the curriculum requirements for k-5 6-8 and 912 g/t students in hisd standard 7 what are the five campus-based monitoring strategies standard 8 what are expectations for g/t students standard 9 what are professional development requirements for hisd administrators 5


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11 12 13 14 15 standard 10 what are the professional development requirements for hisd teachers standard 11 who is responsible for data quality at the campus level standard 12 what extra-curricular program opportunities are available to g/t students standard 13 how often are g/t programs evaluated standard 14 how are g/t programs supported in hisd hisd advanced academics teacher protocol review the teacher protocol and highlight key features this document will be used to make connections to the hisd g/t framework hisd g/t curriculum framework scholars and knowledge k-12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 what is the foundation of the hisd g/t curriculum framework what are the four strands of the framework what is alid what is the significance of understanding alid what are the concept requirements for grades k-2 3-5 what are the concepts of interest for grades 6-8 9-12 what are the components of differentiation what are the dimensions of depth and complexity what are content imperatives describe the four types of thinking skills · highlight the ones you use most often · underline the ones you would like to use more frequently what are the six components of a product 6


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texas state plan for the education of gifted/talented students texas education agency tm 7


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texas state plan for the education of gifted/talented students revised september 2009 texas education agency 1701 north congress avenue austin texas 78701 9


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copyright © 2009 notice the materials are copyrighted © and trademarked tm as the property of the texas education agency tea and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of tea except under the following conditions texas public school districts charter schools and education service centers may reproduce and use copies of the materials and related materials for the districts and schools educational use without obtaining permission from tea residents of the state of texas may reproduce and use copies of the materials and related materials for individual personal use only without obtaining written permission of tea any portion reproduced must be reproduced in its entirety and remain unedited unaltered and unchanged in any way no monetary charge can be made for the reproduced materials or any document containing them however a reasonable charge to cover only the cost of reproduction and distribution may be charged private entities or persons located in texas that are not texas public school districts texas education service centers or texas charter schools or any entity whether public or private educational or non-educational located outside the state of texas must obtain written approval from tea and will be required to enter into a license agreement that may involve the payment of a licensing fee or a royalty for information contact office of copyrights trademarks license agreements and royalties texas education agency 1701 n congress ave austin tx 78701-1494 phone 512-463-9270 or 512-463-9437 email 10


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october 2009 i am pleased to support the state board of education s sboe s recent approval of a revised texas state plan for the education of gifted/talented students state plan the 2009 version of this document provides requirements for and guidance to districts as they meet the unique needs of an important special population in texas the texas education code tec requires that the sboe periodically update a state plan for the education of gifted/talented g/t students to guide school districts in establishing and improving services for identified students tec §29.123 the sboe approved the updated language in september 2009 while the 2009 state plan does not include any new requirements for districts it does clarify requirements so that districts may more easily understand and meet them it also makes use of new language and new recommendations which closely correspond to current research regarding best practices for g/t services one of the additions to the state plan is the reference to and recommendation of the texas performance standards project tpsp first established through the general appropriations act of the 76th texas legislature the tpsp is now established by tec §39.236 added by house bill 3 81st texas legislature as the primary tool for assessing the effectiveness of gifted services i am pleased to support the tpsp the first assessment program of its kind in the nation for evaluation of g/t services finally as a result of the changes approved by the sboe the 2009 state plan is fully aligned with the tec requiring the responsibility for compliance monitoring of educational programs tec §7.028 through implementing the sboe s newly-approved state plan beginning in school year 2010 2011 texas districts will be better equipped to provide a meaningful and fruitful educational experience for their g/t students robert scott commissioner of education 11


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texas state board of education gail lowe chair lawrence a allen jr vice chair terri leo secretary committee on instruction barbara cargill chair ken mercer vice chair lawrence a allen jr terri leo geraldine miller committee on school finance/permanent school fund david bradley chair rick agosto vice chair cynthia noland dunbar gail lowe rene nuÑez committee on school initiatives bob craig chair mavis b knight vice chair mary helen berlanga patricia hardy don mcleroy 12


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acknowledgments commissioner s advisory council on the education of gifted/talented students krystal goree chair cecelia boswell judy bridges quentin a christian cynthia clinesmith mary beth jaeger barbary a keith lisa r nicholas jose l parra karen phillips patricia s rendon ann studdard dan troxell marcy voss education service center region xiii division of texas initiatives marilyn peebles erin romero texas education agency kelly callaway debbie gonzales 13


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contents foreword 1 texas state plan for the education of gifted/talented students section 1 student assessment 3 section 2 service design 8 section 3 curriculum and instruction 11 section 4 professional development 13 section 5 family-community involvement 16 texas education code tec chapter 29 educational programs subchapter d education programs for gifted and talented students 18 chapter 42 foundation school program subchapter c special allotments 19 texas administrative code tac title 19 part ii chapter 89 adaptations for special populations subchapter a gifted/talented education 20 glossary 22 compliance statement 25 15



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