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A premium lifestyle onboard


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Top quality products for the highest point of your trip SCOPE Ltd has started its activity in 1972. Throughout these years, the company has conquered a reference position in the aviation market. Ever since its foundation based of credibility and honesty, SCOPE Ltd is proud of the trust relationship built with all its business partners. Comfort first We works for your comfort and well-being onboard. We go worldwide You can find our products at the world’s biggest Airline Companies Products for all Our brand offers a wide range of products made from different materials.


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Cutlery Developed bearing in mind your specific needs, our resistant disposable cutlery has an attractive design and has an excellent ratio price quality. Bring more life into the cabin. Make a difference combining our typical range of items (fork, knife, spoon and stirrer) with the different colors available. Cutlery Sets A complete range of plastic cutlery and a wide assortment of items to add to individually wrapped packs (salt, pepper, sugar, napkins, etc.)


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Tray Sets Be surprised with the premium quality and different possible combinations of our range of rotables. Attractive, flexible and space saving that meet your specific in-flight needs. Oven Casseroles Appropriate for use in the oven. Replaces the aluminium boxes. We offer premium plastic-based solutions for hot meals suitable for direct food contact, selecting the best solution to complement any hot meal.


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Plastic Cups Conceived by considering onboard logistic aspects, may also be combined with the cutlery packs in different colors. The appealing design makes it a unique good looking plastic piece, the factor of differentiation based on its main physical characteristics, such as resilience and stability Boxes Ideal for cold meals. You can use different colors on the lid and on the base of the box. Use it as advertisement by placing your logo on the lid.


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Headrest Covers Use it as advertisement by placing your logo or promotional message. Ideal for airlines, trains and cruises. Designed for adherence to the velcro of the chair. ▪ Disposable ▪ Recyclable ▪ Non-woven materials Refreshing Towels For use after the meal. Use it as advertisement by placing your logo or promotional message. Ideal for airlines, trains and cruises. ▪ Several fragrances ▪ Packed individually ▪ Cotton or non-woven material ▪ Hygienic and refreshing


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Porcelain Set Our porcelains are produced with materials of the highest quality. The mechanical resistance is enhanced by the perfect combination of raw materials, the manufacturing processes and the design. ▪ High durability ▪ High levels of resistance


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For more information visit P +351 214 217 672 F +351 214 211 178 E Scope, Lda Parque Industrial de S. Carlos, Lote 6, Armazém E 2725-473 Mem Martins, Portugal



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