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Issue #14 of RMU's egg

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Editorial Note I would like to thank each member of the editorial board for his/her efforts in putting together this volume of egg, RMU’s arts and literary magazine. As with each volume before it, I think this one, volume #14, succeeds in representing the artistic and creative energies of our student body. Speaking of creativity, this volume’s student designer, Branislav Gallik, did a terrific job in developing a layout and look that perfectly balances the magazine’s long existence as a print journal and its future transitioning into more of an online presence, and we all should thank him for that as well! Volume #14’s title, The Eagle has Landed, comes, of course, from the July 20, 1969 utterance marking the successful moon landing of the Apollo 11 and its crew members. Such a title seems more than apt for the literary magazine. Not only is it appropriate given that the lunar module was nicknamed the Eagle and Robert Morris University’s mascot is the Eagle, but it seems fitting in a far more significant sense. The 1969 moon landing represented both the conclusion or culmination of a long journey (mission after mission, NASA scientists and astronauts worked, trained, and sacrificed sleep, family, and in some cases their own lives so that Apollo 11 1


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could come into being and succeed) and also the dawning of a new era in human history (i.e. space exploration). Viewed either as a beginning or an end, the moon landing represented (and represents) to many the pioneer spirit - the will to venture into the unknown and come out the better for it. Likewise, many of RMU’s students should see themselves as pioneers in a sense. Many, for example, are first generation college attendees, and the journey they make throughout their time in college, sacrificing their sleep hours and social lives along the way, will indeed conclude with them landing on their own two feet, degree inhand, and the beginning of a new period in their lives replete with opportunities they couldn’t have dreamed of before. On behalf of myself and everyone involved in the making of volume #14 of RMU’s egg, I hope you enjoy your experience in reading through the issue and eagerly anticipate, as I do, the production of many more egg volumes to come! James Baltrum Faculty & egg Editor-in-Chief College of Liberal Arts Robert Morris University 2


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Table Of Contents Name Zarate Leslie Sandberg Dillion Title Page 7-8 9 10-11 12-13 13 13 14 14 15-16 17 18 19 20 21 21 22 22 23 24 25 26 27-28 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 “Why” “The Eagles “Still in Love With All of Her” Swain T. Erika “A Teenage Girl Lost In a Small World” Stewart Taylor “Nothing Else” Arroyo Jazmin “One” Bogicevic Luka “Beauty” Craft Mitchell “Another Acrostic” Benton Cierra “My Everything” Garcia Janelle “Untitled” “Untitled” Boyd Synobia “Family Struggles” Wilkinson Tynisha “I AM” Rexroat Kiersten “Anesthesia” Vargas Tanya “Love” Alexander Jasmine “Daddy” “Through Her Eyes” De Paz Isai “The Hidden Value of a Smile” Sandoval Luis “Future” Munoz Karina “I’m Sorry Life” “Winter Season” Pierce Samantha “A Brother” Beiza Sandra “A Wind” Zarate Leslie “Both” Mann Mark “Why Lie” Bohm Marybeth “Manifesto” “Foot Prints” Boyce Tyler “Life After Class” Martinez Natalie “Love & Hate” 3


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Erney Raquel Rivera Matt Duncan Grant Pavone Paige Chmiola Allison “Yet” “College” “Life” “First Day of College” “PHOTOGRAPY” “The Tin Man’s Pain” Gallardo Maria “Silence” Lacey Belinda “Haiku” Christiansen Bradley “The Story Of Me” “Springtime” Roland Braxton “Will You?” Gonzalez Christian “Vices” Mack Kristian “The Inconsiderable Ones” Robinson Shantenae“The Path of Love” Wilcox Haley “An Ode to a Boston Runner” Corona Claudia “An Eagle’s Life” Degante Jenny “Why” Goldsmith Nick “Corn. Torn. Need.” Young Meoshi “Love Letter/ Why it Hurts” Alexandra McCall “Untitled” Koessl Ashley “Papa” McDonald Sage “PHOTOGRAPHY” Ellis Dominique “The Morning After” Rodriguez Edward “Here I Wait” Nicolai Chris “The Journey of Ones Life” Chmiola Allison “PHOTOGRAPHY” Purnell Karen “Where is The Village” Calumpang Keanu “Untitled” Green Toby “Generation X: Please Rise” Erath Haley “Untitiled” Funk Ryan “I am a Dad” Frahm Nicole “Just Another Lesson Learned” Koenig Stephanie “PHOTOGRAPHY” 4 35-36 37 38 39 40 43 41-42 43 44 44 45 46 47-48 49-50 51-52 53 54 55-56 57-58 59-64 65-67 68 69 70 71-73 74 75-77 78-81 82-84 85-91 92-96 97-98 100


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A special tank you to... Michael P. Viollt President of Robert Morris University Mablene Krueger Provost Paula Diaz Dean of the College of Liberal Arts 5


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Editorial Board Student Editorial & Design Team: Brano Gallik Faculty Advisors James Baltrum Paul Gaszak Jenny Jocksastelzer Michael McMahon David Pyle Agnieszka Rowsey Michael StelzerJocks Gerard Wozek egg | “Title” (Volume 14 - Fall 2013 Robert Morris University’s Arts & Liberty Magazine robertmorris.eud/publications/egg facebook: search “RMU egg” 6


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Leslie Zarate Why When walking down a park, One sees parents with their children Both mom and dad sharing their love, Love that my family could not give me Seeing parents split up, Is the hardest thing a young girl could ever go through Parents fighting back and forth, One get tired of hearing Mom comes home to say your having a sister, Losing hopes and dreams about parents ever getting back Years of insults, fights and young girls, One says things one does not mean You never know what you have till its gone, Is what I live by now 7


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It’s better to have a broken family, Rather than a half of family They say being a man with no father is hard, Truth is being a woman with no father kills Black and white, right from wrong, Are things a dad should explain The only question I hold on now, To get answered why you left me Why you harmed me so deeply, As deep as the ocean Why you left your only daughter, Alone in life to rot Would you been proud of whom I am, Well you’ll never come to see Will you ever come back to me, That’s the only thing I hope for. 8


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Dillon Sandberg The Eagles Eight Stories of Stories Classes filled to the brim The Eagles, people we’re proud of No Phoenix, No Cougar America’s Symbol Something that stands out when Looked upon Still In Love With All of Her There are no words in the world No actions in history No teddy bear big enough To explain how I feel for you Thinking that one day People will make romance movies Out of the love we share But no one will come close 9


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Our hands Are the missing puzzle pieces To each other’s hearts Always and Forever I Love You All of you Every inch of you makes me want to break down On one knee No matter how far Whether car, train, or plane You will forever be in my heart Through sickness and health The one thing that separates us A lake The most innocent thing Never knowing I haven’t seen you in What seems like forever But no matter what I’m still In Love With All of You 10


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Erika T. Swain A Teenage Girl Lost In a Small World Spoiled Only Child Good Girl Introduced to a bad guy Falls in Love Stabbed in the back by her friends Who is this girl he’s dating? The small world wants to know, they know. They believe what they want to hear. Rumors start, fights begin She’s lonely, with no friends. He lies. He cheats A baby is involved…not hers. She stays, thinking everything will be ok. Lie. She’s blind and needs to escape, but her love is blocking the truth. She’s beaten by him, still stays. His manipulation controls her mind, He is her friend, lover, and enemy. A student athlete College girl She’s a Woman that has let go and forgives. She now knows the game in this small world. 11


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Erika T. Swain A Heart Revived A shivering heart, touched by love. Alone for so long even when crowded. Crushed. Nothing like the pain of solitude all the time. A hollow stomach, no sight of hope. All left behind. I suffered these depths before beauty woke up. Broke through these walls. A confidence in US no one ever showed me. Patiently she waited for me. Crazy The way this poem is beginning to flow. The way my heart has slowly shown, Signs of Life. No more days: Dark. Night. You. Saved. Me. From collapsing. Heart first. Into the blackest hole imagined. Saved me. From dreams of never ending stairs, mimes and forests. Redemption. Dreams always ending with me below it all. Looking up from a fall of the cliff of despair 50 feet tall. But the air is so clear. So fresh. No more Fog, Smog, Forests, Cliffs, Darkness. Just you. Beauty like no other. Love at its best. And it is because of You. Now, that I can rest. 12


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Taylor Stewart Nothing Else Nothing else matters. No one will wonder why No one will matter Because nothing is worth wondering about When the only thing that matters is nothing Nothing is what matters when One is full Of everything one needs Because see anything is nothing for No one is wondering Nothing else matters when no one is wondering Jazmin Arroyo One Someone is alone One is gone Gone it’s done. 13


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Luka Bogicevic Beauty Beauty is the clouds floating in the sky Beauty is the birds flying way up high Beauty is the sun brightly gleaming Beauty is the everywhere without definite meaning Mitchell Craft Another Acrostic A C razy R andom O rder S tructure To I ncrease C reativity 14



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