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the private school with the public purpose W E N T W O RT H M I L I TA RY A C A D E M Y


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“ to campus in 1954. 2 “Wentworth has such a family feeling…. when people ask if I’ve got a lot of brothers and sisters, I say ‘Yes. Pretty much every cadet.’” cadet brennan harms What road does success take? A purely academic route, express to college, with no speed bumps along the way? Or is education about learning in a broader sense? Learning the skills of teamwork and leadership. Learning to be of service to others. Learning to get the most out of yourself. At Wentworth, we call that a 360-degree education. An education that teaches values, as well as academic subjects. One based on a long tradition that instills a sense of family. That prepares cadets to do well for themselves. And inspires them to care about the greater good, as well. “The faculty are the kind of people you would want your children to be with when they’re not with you.” pa r e n t s u s a n s i r i l i “With classes as small as they are at Wentworth, teachers are invested in every student. When I see grades improve, and I get to call a parent with the good news, there’s no better feeling on Earth.” p r i n c i pa l lt c b o b l e v y Former President Harry S. Truman greets a Wentworth cadet on a visit “[Wentworth has] a long and honorable history – one with which I am personally fairly well-acquainted… Institutions such as this great school give lessons in leadership, training and fundamentals of a good education.” president Wentworth Military Academy the leader in character-based education for 130 years h a r ry s. t r u m a n


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In loving memory of Caitlyn LeClerc, class of 2010 Join the W e n t W o rt h f a m i ly Wentworth is a family kind of place. A staff/cadet ratio of 10:1 ensures personal attention for every student – and that no one falls through the cracks. Our instructors lead by example, and have time for students after class as well. Cadets are surrounded by classmates who are used to succeeding. You’ll rub elbows with students enrolled in the Air Force Falcon program, who are accepted into the Air Force Academy on graduation. There are Senior ROTC cadets, who will be commissioned as Army 2nd Lieutenants. 98% of academy cadets are accepted into the college or university of their choice. Academic excellence is a priority, but it is not the only thing we teach. Character-building is a fundamental part of a Wentworth education, designed to develop compassion, courage, faith, friendship, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, self-discipline and hard work. With a Wentworth education, both cadets and their parents end up with an overwhelming sense of pride. It’s something parents experience when they see their children marching in formation in their Dress Blues, or when he or she crosses the stage at graduation. For cadets, there’s a sense of accomplishment in earning a place in a 130-year continuum of graduates who have gone on to achieve great things. W ENT W O RT H is one of the nation’s most respected military schools. Located in Lexington, Missouri and founded in 1880, it is the oldest military academy west of the Mississippi River. But it is more than longevity that has earned the institution the respect of its peers and the love of its graduates for over 130 years. 2 3


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W h at s e t s W e n t W o rt h a pa rt A Campus without distractions For students in many high schools, priorities run from computer games to weekend parties, with little time left for the business of education. At Wentworth, the culture is reversed. Our environment values military ideals such as leadership, achievement and teamwork, and the structured environment plays an important role in the academic success of our students. An academic help period gives cadets the opportunity for one-on-one attention from their instructors. In the evening, Call to Quarters provides cadets with a quiet time to study for their classes. Many cadets cite this regularly-scheduled study time as a key ingredient in their academic success. From the beginning, older students take an interest in helping younger ones. From your earliest days of learning Wentworth’s academic and conduct standards as a Recruit-at-Training, the unique culture of Wentworth encourages students to take an active role in each other’s success, producing life-long friendships. A 360-degree education Reading, writing and arithmetic are the hallmarks of traditional education. But the Wentworth tradition adds other Rs – like responsibility and resolve. Our system promotes growth not just academically, but physically, spiritually and morally, as well. While most Academy students do not go on to military careers, Wentworth uses a military structure to build confidence, pride and skills that go beyond academic subjects. All students are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills by moving up in a ranking system based on the one used by the U.S. military. A cadet’s rank is based on age, maturity, time at the school, leadership, academics, deportment, and evaluations from senior cadets – who play an important role in promotion decisions. Because Wentworth believes in educating the body and spirit, as well as the mind, physical education and athletics are mandatory. Sports play a big role in campus life, with nearly everyone coming to home games to cheer their classmates to victory. As at any school, individual academic success is valued. But our emphasis on leadership and working with others gives Wentworth cadets real-world skills that serve them well in later life. 4 5


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W h at s e t s W e n t W o rt h a pa rt Peer pressure that works for good, not ill Everyone knows what peer pressure can do. But what if you could harness this enormous power in a more constructive manner? Positive peer pressure is the Wentworth way. At Wentworth, we’ve found that students often learn best from each other. So senior cadets are responsible not only for themselves, but for helping their younger classmates along. Younger cadets know their older classmates play an important role in promotion decisions. For senior cadets, it’s an important part of leadership training. Positive peer pressure is a system that not only helps build character in our students, it adds a family character to the school that you won’t find in many other places. Earn college credits … in high school When you build confidence step by step, anything is possible. This explains why many Wentworth cadets get a jump on college while they’re still finishing high school. Our dual enrollment program affords qualifying juniors and seniors, with a GPA of 3.0 and above, the opportunity to earn college credits while simultaneously completing their high school graduation requirements. Our high school students take college classes from Wentworth’s college faculty alongside college students. The program helps students make a seamless transition from high school to college by exposing them to college-level work before their college experience even begins. And since Wentworth College is fully accredited – as it has been since its inception in 1923 – cadets are able to transfer the credits they earn to most colleges and universities. 6 7


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W h at s e t s W e n t W o rt h a pa rt Military Options While Wentworth values military ideals such as leadership, achievement and teamwork, a commitment to military service is not required to enroll at Wentworth. But for the cadet who wants a military career, no school is a better choice. At the Academy level, Wentworth offers a 4-year JROTC program that helps cadets become more self-reliant, hones their leadership skills, and helps them get a sense of military life – all without an obligation to serve in the U.S. Army. Those who want to make the next level of commitment can continue at Wentworth Military College via any of three exceptional options: - Wentworth’s Falcon Program offers academically-talented students a one-year scholarship to Wentworth Military College with a goal of transferring to the United States Air Force Academy, one of the most selective institutions of higher learning in the country. - Our 2+2 program combines two years at Wentworth with two years at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO or Missouri Valley College in Marshall, MO – with a scholarship to pay for all. Graduates earn an Associate’s degree from Wentworth, and a B.A. from UCM or MVC – and earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard upon graduation. - Our Early Commissioning Program allows you to earn a Second Lieutenant’s commission in just two years. Participants take the Advanced Course of the ROTC, and attend a five-week ROTC camp between their freshman and sophomore years. DAI LY R E M I N DE R S O F VAL O R : A world of difference There aren’t many schools that have our kind of tradition. As the oldest military school west of the Mississippi, few schools are more respected. There aren’t many schools that have our kind of diversity. Our students hail not just from 37 US states, but from over a dozen countries around the world. Interested in international studies? Our very makeup teaches it. There aren’t many schools that teach honor. Around campus you’ll find statues dedicated to Wentworth graduates who served valiantly in wars from WWI to Vietnam. Even today, Recruits-at-Training are required to salute “The Spirit of the American Doughboy.” There is no school more supportive. Our system is geared to create a family atmosphere, with teachers and leadership development officers who care for cadets as if they were their own children – and produce cadets who care for each other as if they were their own brothers and sisters. The Spirit of the American Doughboy, by E.M. Viquesney, was commissioned to honor the 500 Wentworth alumni who fought in WWI – 16 of whom gave their lives. To this day, Recruits-at-Training recognize their sacrifice by saluting the monument as they pass. The Memorial Chapel serves as a memorial to the Wentworth alumni who died in service to their country during WWII and the Korean conflict. A stone monument at the Chapel’s entrance is a replica of a monument created by the Chinese people to honor Lt. Robert Mooney (class of 1940), a member of the Flying Tigers and the first Wentworth alumnus to lose his life in WWII. Wentworth’s Vietnam memorial is dedicated to MAJ William E. Adams (class of 1960), a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, MAJ Dale Buis (class of 1942), the first American killed in Vietnam, and the other nine alumni who lost their lives in that war. 8 9


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While still a rite of passage for new male cadets, buzz cuts aren’t required once you’re an “Old Boy” at Wentworth. You’re simply required to keep your hair neat with regular visits to the Academy barber. Female cadets wear their hair up or cut so that it is above the collar. Wentworth’s band is known as Headquarters Company. Students in the band live together in the HQ barracks, and perform frequently at events on and off campus. Mess Hall gives cadets a chance to relax together three times a day. Despite the name, the food at Wentworth is surprisingly good. Wentworth accepts female cadets from ninth grade on. Since 1993, women have been a part of the Wentworth community, with their It’s not all work. Wentworth cadets enjoy trips outside campus – to ball games, amusement parks – and more! L I F E AT W E N T W O RT H own company (Tango company) and a separate barracks section. Wentworth has excellent athletic facilities – including a full-sized indoor pool, three basketball courts, a weight room, indoor and outdoor tracks, tennis and volleyball courts, a racquetball court, and a training room with a sauna. Leadership Development Officers are members of the staff who are responsible for cadets outside the classroom. Each company has its own Leadership Development Officer who Most days you’ll wear your greens – the day-to-day uniform – but you’ll also be issued a uniform for physical training and dress blues. Your uniform – and the medals and ribbons it holds – will become an expression of the person you’ve become and the goals you’ve achieved. 10 “Rules and Regs” are a new cadet’s guide to the Wentworth way. Once you learn the lessons it contains – and meet Wentworth’s academic and conduct standards – you quickly move from RAT (Recruit-at-Training) to Old Boy. lives in the barracks with the cadets, and meets regularly with the company student officers. For high school cadets, it’s lights out at 2200. Morning comes early – reveille is at 0600 hours. 11


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History | The Academy was founded in 1880, and is the oldest military school west of the Mississippi. | Wentworth is located in historic Lexington, MINNEAPOLIS Location MO, 40 miles east of Kansas City, at the junction of Highways 24 and 13. For students traveling from a distance, Kansas City is easily reached by air, rail or bus. LOS ANGELES NYC CHICAGO KANSAS CITY Campus | Our campus is listed on the National Register DALLAS of Historic Places and includes academic buildings, barracks, a gymnasium and chapel, and many beautiful outdoor spaces. W E N T W O RT H AT A G L A N C E Cadets | Both male and female cadets are accepted from high school freshmen through college sophomores. | At Wentworth, we don’t just teach students what they need to learn, we show them how to do it. Academics “ “I think the people at Wentworth had more confidence in me than I had in myself at first. I’m taking college level courses now, and no one’s happier about it than I am.” c a d e t m at t d a n d o r f With specified study times, tutoring assistance, instruction in time management and study methods, and grade reports every four weeks, learning comes first. “The difference Wentworth makes is hard to put into words, but I do have a picture of all the great things they do – on my mantle.” pa r e n t p e g g y d a u g h e rt y Athletics | Wentworth competes in football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track & field, cross country, wrestling and other sports. Our athletic facilities are excellent and include weight rooms, playing fields, indoor and outdoor tracks, and a full-sized indoor pool. “Wentworth is proof that higher expectations really do yield results.” teacher bob barr Extracurricular Accreditation Alumni | Wentworth offers a variety of extracurricular activities – everything from community service to Cannon Crew, which fires a real cannon at football games and other events. | Wentworth’s high school is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. | Graduates of the Academy have gone on to achieve great things, both in and outside of the military. | Wentworth accepts applications and admits cadets year-round. Applications must be “My first success was at Wentworth. I learned that if you really work hard, it will pay off…” c o n g r e s s m a n i k e s k e lt o n , us h o u s e of r e p r e s e n tat i v e s Admission accompanied by $25 application fee – the information is only valid for domestic student admission. International applications must be accompanied by $100 application fee. When we receive your application, we will walk you through steps that include providing academic transcripts, student evaluation forms, test scores, and confidential medical history. International students are required to have a student visa. Come see for yourself! Meet our teachers, visit with cadets, and talk to an admissions counselor. Please contact us for more information and to arrange a personal tour of our campus. 660.259.2221 | 800.962.7682 | admissions@wma.edu 13


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We n t wor th Milita ry Aca d emy Office of Admissions 1880 Washington Ave. Lexington, Missouri 64067 660.259.2221 | 800.962.7682 | admissions@wma.edu | www.wma.edu



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