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Help for students on how to use EnglishCentral

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Student Instruction Guide Introduction ………… 2 The Progress Bar …… 10 Getting Started ………. 3 My English Page ……… 11 Studying ………………… 4 Account Page ................. 12 Video Player ................. 6 Tips & Tricks ………….. 13


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1. Introduction EnglishCentral makes learning fun! Simply register and start studying English with your favorite videos. Watch | Learn | Speak | Quiz the video lessons and get points and feedback. Click on any word to get the definition and proper pronunciation. Achieve your class goals each week and make progress learning English. Join the video learning revolution! Dive into an ocean of video lessons


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2. Getting Started 1 Register on EnglishCentral Visit Register or Log in (if pre-registered) 2 Upgrade to Academic Premium If you have an access code, enter the 12 digit number to upgrade to Academic Premium. If you don’t have an access code. Continue to the next step. (many students are upgraded to Academic Premium after enrollment) 3 Enroll In Your Class Visit the class page ULR the teacher provided you in class or by email invitation. If pre-registered, simply click “My Classes” at the top of the page. *Students can also register on any class page.


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3. Studying Studying on EnglishCentral is simple and fun. You’ll love it! For each video lesson; Then take the video quiz to LEARN the vocabulary. In a class, you’ll see class goals to complete each week or month. Make sure to complete your goals before the indicated time and get 100%


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3. Studying Students study both individual video lessons and courses. Courses are video lessons combined into units. Study each unit and finish the quiz for the unit to complete the course. Compete against classmates to be one of the Top 5 learners on the class page! A new competition each week. Don’t just study your class video lessons, you also get access to our Video library of 10,000 video lessons and hundreds of courses! Every video lesson you complete fully will gain you 100 experience points. It’s an easy way to Keep track of how much you’ve studied on EnglishCentral.


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4. The Video Player 1 WATCH Mode Our patented Video play puts students in control of their learning experience. We personalize learning and let you study in your own way and pace. Watch 100% of the video and turn all lines green. Click on any words you don’t know to get the definition and pronunciation. Clicked words will be added to the quiz. Turn subtitles on or off in settings. Repeat and slow down any lines you want to review. WATCH = 10 Experience Points.


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4. The Video Player 2 LEARN Mode In Learn mode students practice their listening skills. Listen to the main vocabulary and type in the correct answer. Finish typing in all the words and turn all the lines green. If you are wrong, we’ll show you the correct answer and then try again. Repeat the lines to listen again, if you didn’t hear the line well. Use the enter key to go to the next line. LEARN = 20 Experience Points.


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4. The Video Player 3 SPEAK Mode We are speech experts and our patented Intellispeech© gives students the best pronunciation feedback available today. Get instant feedback, compare and more ….. Record all the lines of the video and try to turn all lines green. Red = record again, compare your speech Yellow = not bad but try to get better Green = well done. Look at your grade Compare your speech to the original before re-recording. Get points for each line recorded. Try to get as many as possible. You’ll also get an overall grade. Indicates improper pause Tip: Speak all the lines by deselecting focused speak mode in the settings. SPEAK = 30 Experience Points.


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4. The Video Player 4 Vocabulary Quiz At the end of a video or at the end of a course unit, you’ll be challenged with a quiz of the featured words. The questions are video examples with context to help you learn. Complete the quiz by correctly answering each word question twice (Success). Pause at any time and return where you left off. Answer within the given time limit. There are 3 types of questions. Definition, fill in the blank, correct word. QUIZ = 40 Experience points. Tip: Words you click in the video will be added to the quiz. Hover over words to hear their pronunciation.


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5. Progress Bar Finished 64 s Video lesson otal 1602 Words T rned 54 Words Lea Ge t on pronounciati help The progress bar shows how much you’ve done and improved on EnglishCentral. Click on it to Study vocabulary and get pronounciation courses that will help you. Get detailed information about; 1. Your ranking 2. Your Word study 3. Pronunciation profile


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6. My English Page Your My English page is where you can find all your study history. It is your library of video lessons and courses you have completed or are working on. We’ll also recommend courses for you to study. Click “My English” at the top of every page to go there. Green = Completed Orange = In progress


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7. Account Page Go to your account page by putting your cursor in the top right corner where your profile photo Is located. Click “Settings”. Your Account Page is where you can:      Post a profile photo Reset your name and password Update personal information Set Your Vocabulary Level Upgrade to Premium Tip: Make sure to click, “Save Changes” after making any account page changes.


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8. Tips & Tricks Use the settings on the video player. Change the subtitles (CC), Settings, Share, Use Shortcuts Auto Pause: Stop after every line: Focused Speak Mode: Only Speak lines with Featured Words Hidden Challenge: Take away some of the subtitles Auto Advance: The player automatically goes to the next line when you are recording Microphone: Go here if you have any problems recording. Need Help?


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8. Tips & Tricks Click “Video Details” to get a printable transcript for any video lesson on a video detail page (not in a course) In My Words, click on any word to get video examples of the word. Select clips to View the examples. In My Words, restudy all your words by selecting them and putting them in a quiz. 10 words per quiz. Select any “sound tile” in pronounciation and get a course that will help you practice this sound


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