Borgo Santo Pietro


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The Essence of Tuscany Located in the ver y heart of Tuscany, Borgo Santo Pietro offers a truly unique 5-star experience. Our 100 acre estate includes 13 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens housing our 13th centur y Tuscan hamlet w hich takes rela xation and pleasure to an entirely new level. The finest organic foods, exceptional ser v ice, exquisite interiors and breathtaking v iews complete the Borgo experience. 5


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Borgo Santo Pietro s accommodation combines ultimate luxury with refined elegance and exceptional comfort. The main villa offers luxury rooms, superior suites and the majestic Santo Pietro Grande Suite. Throughout the estate you will also find uniquely decorated garden suites which enjoy private gardens or secluded courtyards. An eclectic mix of classic and contemporary design, Borgo Santo Pietro s furnishings have been hand-picked from antique markets throughout Europe and include original pieces of art and one-off bespoke designs created by artisans and craftsmen. Rooms feature open fireplaces that can be lit on request whilst impressive four poster beds are finished with tailormade luxury mattresses, Egyptian cotton and velvet throws. Accommodat ion 9


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