Sir Ken Robinson: A Public Dialogue


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continuing the dialogue to promote real learning first in alberta the focus remains on narrow measures of learning we can no longer hold back our students from becoming their best selves creative and innovative individuals who will belong to a world that honours the diversity and complexity of our communities together we must put alberta back on the appropriate path to a better future visit to learn more about assessment and accountability aspiring albertans this event is part of a series of public lectures and broad discussions aimed at advancing alberta s future as a creative and vibrant society as we move further into the province s second century albertans find themselves blazing a trail into the unknown with unprecedented opportunities and challenges the alberta teachers association ata and cambridge strategies invites you to be part of the exploration that awaits alberta s next generation as our province defines its place in the world follow-up public lectures and online discussions will be a key part of this initiative the element how finding your passion changes everything sir ken robinson a public dialogue join the public dialogue at putting real learning first in red deer real learning is a product of strong healthy relationships between students and caring teachers morris flewwelling mayor of red deer real learning is self-initiated application of learned knowledge to a new situation photos courtesy of tourism red deer barb eklund hanson principal poplar ridge elementary school wednesday february 9 7:00­9:30 pm registration reception and networking 6:00­7:00 pm with no host bar performing artists from red deer and area schools will be showcased during the reception public lecture and discussion 7:00­8:30 pm no-host bar reception to follow westerner park 4847a 19 street red deer ab tickets $10 for tickets contact jennifer bahler at or 403-505-5889 real learning is profound it comes from the individual who has a yearning to know leo richer teacher notre dame high school real learning is authentic self-directed empowering collaborating and when least expected joel ward president red deer college proceeds to central alberta women s emergency shelter pd-75-5e 2009 01 pd-75-5p 2010 12 sponsored by the red deer public and red deer catholic locals of the alberta teachers association and the central alberta teachers convention in partnership with the red deer advocate and red deer college media sponsor:


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putting real learning first in the 21st century aspiring albertans putting real learning first the ingenuity challenge for red deer and all of alberta as we enter our second century as a province how can we rekindle our commitment to the hallmarks that brought alberta to where it is today how can we move forward as citizens of red deer committed to learning our way to the next alberta internationally education is undergoing a radical transformation from the arts to commerce to civic life red deer and its surrounding region continues to lead canada in growth and opportunity yet are we truly embracing the most appropriate paths to our shared future are there other ways to the future in alberta the focus on standardization and narrow measures of learning over the past two decades is coming to an end we can no longer hold back our students from becoming their best selves creative and innovative individuals who will belong to a world that honours the diversity and complexity of our communities this public lecture and invitational symposium will be a unique opportunity to share among red deer and area residents a vision of learning that will bring forward the best values and attributes for becoming a forwardthinking member of the next alberta community dialogue with sir ken robinson hat does it take to achieve personal success and feel like you are in your element worldrenowned innovator sir ken robinson argues that it is not natural talent that drives personal success but rather a delicate interplay between talent passion attitude and opportunity that brings people to achieve their highest levels of success and lead lives of meaning and purpose based on his newly released and highly acclaimed book the element how finding your passion changes everything robinson s talk takes audiences on a compelling tour of what can happen in all our lives when passion and talent meet he draws on the personal stories of high achievers in many fields including sir paul w mccartney arianna huffington matt groening creator of the simpsons meg ryan and renowned physicist richard feynman with a wry sense of humour sir ken helps audiences understand ·whatittakestofind theelement inourownlives ·whyageandoccupationarenobarrier ·howtoenhancecreativityand innovation in both personal and professional settings ·howfocusingon the element isanessential strategy in transforming education business and communities to meet the challenges of living and succeeding in the 21st century music teacher kati ramsden is proud to work with students jesse johnson and taylor eagles organizing christmas concerts glee clubs and choir sir ken robinson sir ken robinson is an international speaker author and advisor to governments robinson s now-famous talktothe2006tedconferenceisthe most-watchedvideointedhistory morethan5milliondownloads and a brilliant example of his extraordinary speaking style a perfect balance of content anecdotes and humour he led a national commission on creativity education and the economy for the uk and was one of four international advisors to the singapore government for its strategy to become the creative hub of southeast asia the element is another reminder of why sir ken robinson is one of america s finest imports with a crackling wit and a deep humanity he urges us to ignore the naysayers bypass the crowd and find the place where our talents and desires intersect.thisisatrulyinspiringbook danielhpink,authorofa whole new mind whiletheworldischangingfasterthanever,ourorganizations our schools and too often our minds are locked in the habits ofthepast.theresultisamassivewasteofhumantalent the element is a passionate and persuasive appeal to think differentlyaboutourselvesandhowtofacethefuture alvintoffler,authoroffuture shock and the third wave tephen murgatroyd is an experienced educator who has taught in schools colleges and universities and has worked with a variety of organizations in the fields of educational research leadership development and organizational change a former professor of management and applied psychology at athabasca university and learning our way to the next alberta dr stephen murgatroyd moderator s founder of the world s first online mba he has authored over 25 books and several hundred articles and book chapters and has worked as a management consultant for governments business and nonprofits around the world murgatroyd is a boardmemberofthegalileoeducationalnetwork trustee of the alberta heritage community foundation and one of the founders of the alberta counciloftechnologies.



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