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„Maffam Freeform” is the only workshop in the world manufacturing furniture from volcanic basalt fibre. The talented Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis has invented a unique furniture manufacturing technology. He builds the furniture from basalt fibre “hairs” and natural resin; he creates the furniture and design objects that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. „The ideal piece of furniture comes through hard work and clear thoughts that is “nourished” for a sufficient time” – so the designer tells about the things he created. It is not possible to create two identical objects; therefore they are original and unique. The company is young but it has already participated in several international exhibitions in Europe, where enthusiasts of unusual design have already appreciated „Maffam Freeform” products as something completely unprecedented, innovative and creative. The artist’s inspiration and ideas, that initially filled the workshop atmosphere are captured in to the basalt “hairs” and metamorphose into the true synthesis of art and technology! „Maffam Freeform” furniture and design objects are chosen by those, who want to stand out. Basalt furniture and design objects made in Latvia has been appreciated by unusual design hunters from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, ... A way how to produce this kind of fibre industrially is not yet found, so they will always remain unique, handmade and in few copies. The furniture is eco-friendly because fibre absorbs negative environmental electromagnetic radiation and nature has inexhaustible sources of this material. New design objects and furniture are created on an on-going basis – workshops offer is constantly updated. We hear out our Client’s ideas and wishes and translate them into the basalt - even the very deep personal desires, as long as it is not a helicopter or cosmetic pouch.


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Arche Although visually basalt furniture can seem heavy, it is light and elegant. Chair ARCHE is a small armchair and comfortable sitting in it is carefully programmed during the manufacturing. The inside of the chair is void; therefore it is portable and will not leave unwanted impression in the garden’s lawn. In the back part of the backrest a very comfortable cavity – handle is located; here you can hold on during stronger wind gusts or while giving your speech at the garden party.


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Stable, wide and comfortable, handmade basalt fibre chair. Unique “lace” fibre pattern. This chair is created for placement in the garden, patio or porch. It will be suitable for summer café’s, bars, and hotels summer terraces. This chair has a special design, flat base that makes sitting in this 8 kilo chair especially stable. BASIC chair fits well together with MONO TABLE.


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In this chair you will not be able to hide from prying eyes... We recommend this chair to those whom the MANU King chair seems too large, but the ambition to be the boss - stays. Boss is more mobile, smaller, but every bit as comfortable. Want to be the boss - take the appropriate seat! Armrests are designed for more comfortable sitting. The space below allows you to hide a thing or two. If you want others to talk about your interior - this will be the right choice. A small and elegant table in a the shape of an hourglass. Made for relaxation in combination with LUCKY WHALE and BOSS chairs. Delicate, yet very stable. On sunny days casts a shadow that can approximately be translated as follows: “a plump shade” - head to the “MANU NEST” hanging chair and take a nap; “a slim shade” - bottle rack MULTI standing in front of the sun; “no shade” should have guarded your property better.


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The title of this chair says it all – a fine place for your most precious possession - you! The chair design is carefully thought out so that one could feel comfortable and cosy while sitting. The design can always be changed by using a colourful accent – upholstered cushion, but the chair will be comfortable also without the soft upholstery. EGO chairs can easily be stacked over one another. Basalt fibre chair flatters the ego of the one who is sitting in it so much, that eventually the desire to share this chair with someone else is lost. The structure of the chair lets the imagination flowing and allows plenty of space were to put the sign – “This is my chair”. Strange chair, really strange… It is exactly as strange so it can be used in several ways – as a separate small sitting stool, then the chair can be well combined with other chairs as comfortable foot stool for „LUCKY WHALE” relaxation chair. The chair also has other more strange uses, but for the time being we have no information about them.


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Deep at the heart, each of us is whale. Well, some of us are canaries or cuttlefish. But each whale in his ocean wants to be the biggest, most important and feel comfortable. „Lucky Whale” is very comfortable relaxation chair – true heavy liner for great and leisurely relaxation on the dry land. It is created to lie down and watch the volcanos erupting, whales grazing at the shore and watch hazardous comet approaching the earth atmosphere as it was told in the news. When relaxation is done in one place, the chairs can be comfortably stacked on one another and carried to a new place, where it is advised to take the comfortable posture, put the legs up on the small STRANGER stool and the pleasure, called life can be continued.


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Majestic seat – big, comfortable and royal. Comfortable arm rests and head rest for better flow of thoughts. While sitting in Manu King Chair it seems that you are the one who make the volcanoes erupt, calm down and go sleep. Ingenious effect is when chair is lit at the dark from within. The chair is hollow, so it won’t damage the lawn. When the chair will be moved to another location you won’t have to wait another year until the grass will back and the ants will return to their favourite path. Basalt trading of each chair is unique, the chairs may be similar but they will never be identical. Rounded shape soothes and relaxes. Several such chairs will look great together with Manu series KING Table. Durable basalt fibre table for use outdoors. It is absolutely must have for those who sit in MANU King chairs as a place where to put a glass, mug or agreement on armistice. Although striking and noticeable, it still leaves the lead role to those sitting in MANU King Chairs. It will look stunning when illuminated from the inside when dark. Although relatively light, the table is stable, can withstand strong wind gusts and heat. The table can be combined with other basalt fibre chairs, manufactured by Maffam.


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MAnu nest Exclusive basalt fibre hanging chair for garden, patio or indoors - genuine “thinking pod”. Light and damn elegant. Each chair is handmade – unique, safe and sturdy. It can withstand at least 220 kg of weight, while it weighs 15 kg. Children are especially excited about the hanging chair and there will be plenty of space for several kids. Nesting is made especially pleasant by a colourful pillow or blanket. The ideal place to hang the nest is a tree, but a girder or concrete patio ceiling will do just fine.


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A good choice for round table fans – it is stable and large enough to not only have coffee, but also larger meal. For leisurely rest this table is best to combine with relaxation chairs LUCKY WHALE. If activities requiring more vertical spine are planned at the table, we recommend choosing chairs from BASIC series, PANDIT or small but elegant ARCHE chairs. The chair of extraordinary design – subtle, elegant and unusual handwork. Comfortable backrest, unique “basalt lace” pattern. Suitable for people with fine body structure, as well as for those with a properly balanced centre of gravity or bottom. Chairs can be stacked on one another for comfortabe logistics. There are no equals in the garden furniture market of Latvia!


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Original product – wine bottle stand for serious wine collection. Interior object designed for people who are in serious relationship with wine and enjoying the wine. Provided for 14 bottles of beverage. Unusual design object will dominate in any interior. Handmade, intelligent design so that the stand could be easily moved and is safe. Designed to be located on the ground. Undoubtedly, the stand is an interior object – personality, which requires a certain dose of attention to oneself. Original wine stand – ideal design element at the event in the garden or patio in one set with e.g. MANU series chairs and table. Just like a revolver magazine – the stand is provided for six bottles of drink. It is lightweight and easy to carry, so it will be always at your fingertips when you need to start „firing”. The unique material provides high strength; therefore your favoured drink will be safe there. Well... relatively safe – the magazine cannot be locked. We recommend it as original gift idea.


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Arche Basic Boss ego ID W-008 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 88 cm 35 cm 60 cm 5,5 kg ID W-005 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 80 cm 69 cm 79 cm 8 kg ID W-013 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 72 cm 78 cm 85 cm 7 kg ID W-011 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 87 cm 73 cm 95 cm 7,5 kg King table Lucky Whale Manu King Manu nest ID W-007 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 75 cm 65 cm 90 cm 6 kg ID W-002 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 105 cm 75 cm 110 cm 11 kg ID W-004 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 100 cm 115 cm 120 cm 19 kg ID W-001 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 162 cm 125 cm 80 cm 15 kg Mini table Mono table Multi revolver ID W-014 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 60 cm 62 cm 51 cm 7 kg ID W-003 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 75 cm 110 cm 110 cm 12 kg ID W-012 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 116 cm 41 cm 36 cm 9 kg ID W-010 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 45 cm 45 cm 26 cm 5 kg Pandit stranger ID W-009 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 100 cm 30 cm 95 cm 6 kg ID W-006 height: Width: Depth: Weight: 50 cm 85 cm 50 cm 6 kg Company details: Maffam Freeform, sIA registration nr.: 40103361415 Andrejostas 4a, riga, LV-1045 swedbank: LV57hABA0551029783132



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