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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 228 | February 14 2013 Local clubs for grown-ups Ingersoll’s new pop-up eatery WIN! Gloria Le Week-End Lygon Street: Si Parla Italiano MovIE tIx: the last days of the oxford tavern le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda town, Petersham, Stanmore, New Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill is taking over the Inner West! Street fashion the best dressed in the Inner West skate mates Why chicks dig roller derby THE ALL NEW BMW 2 SERIES COUPÉ IS COMING Get ready for the all new BMW 2 Series Coupé that is set to arrive in March. A pure manifestation of BMW distilled in its purest form, the BMW Series Coupé is the epitome if the Ulimate Driving Machine. It is performance times performance, dynamics times dynamics, design times design. It is BMW to the power of Two. To be among the first to experience its verve, passion and dynamism, pre-order or register your interest at Canterbury BMW today. BMW TO THE POWER OF TWO. Celebrate the arrival of BMW Series 2 at Canterbury BMW on Friday 21st March 1pm at an exclusive launch party with Autumn Carnival fashion parade. RSVP to Canterbury BMW 376 - 384 Canterbury Road, CANTERBURY NSW 2193. (02) 8038 7888.


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FINAL SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE 20-50% OFF STOREWIDE ON NOW! Store address 93 Norton Street Leichhardt NSW 2140 Tel (02) 9572 9955 Open 7 days Mon Sat - 10-5 Sun - 11-5


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RENOVATING? Visit Us Today Or Buy Online Showrooms Open 7 Days Vizzini Alberta Free Standing Stone Bath Mirrored Shaving Cabinets 300mm ONLY $154 450mm ONLY $154 600mm ONLY $160 750mm ONLY $173 900mm ONLY $189 1200mm ONLY $231 Polyurethane Cabinets Vizzini Catalina 384mm sink RRP $305 Avalon Vanity on Legs 600mm ONLY $372 750mm ONLY $399 900mm ONLY $427 1200mm ONLY $640 Polyurethane cabinet with ceramic top Also available Kickboard or Wall Hung 1780 x 800 x 500mm RRP $3250 25 year warranty. Also available in 1500mm. $ 2495 10mm toughened glass 900mm x 900mm door available with knob or bar handle. RRP $1040 Now only Now only $ 208 Sale price Vizzini Square Shower Screen Metro Wall Hung Vanities with Hidden Handles Methven SatinJet Shower Rail 10 year warranty! Vizzini Momento Fixed Over Bath Screen Change your ugly shower curtains now! 10mm toughened glass 700mm wide x 1450 high RRP $699 Now only $ 740 $300 Save 600mm ONLY $410 Polyurethane cabinet 750mm ONLY $450 with ceramic top 900mm ONLY $514 Also available in 1200mm ONLY $699 Legs or Kickboard. RRP $405 Now only $ 199 $ 230 $469 Save Manhattan Toilet Suite Close Coupled Full Ceramic Soft Close Seat RRP $400 Now only Vizzini Lucio Wall Faced Toilet Suite Easy clean ceramic. Quick release soft close seat. Geberit Flush System RRP $695 Bermuda MK III Toilet Wall Faced Toilet Suite Easy clean ceramic. Quick release soft close seat. Geberit Flush System Bounty100 Designer Floor Waste $ 312 $ 406 Also available in 1500mm Now only RRP $795 Now only $ 565 Designer Floor Waste (Smart Tile) 100mm only RRP $89 Now only $ 54.90 ADP Sante Fe 1 Wall Hung Vanity Unit Australian Made with German Hardware 900 x 475 x 400mm Cabinet available in 4 different colours. RRP $696 Now only Vizzini ‘Phoenician’ Free Standing Bath Roma Bath Set Alisha II Basin Mixer 5 year warranty Australian standard. 5 star water rating $ 621 $ 1150 1730 x 790 x 730mm RRP $1599 Now only Save Modern bath tap set suitable for any bathroom RRP $150 Now only $449 $ 72 Save $78 $ 164 RRP $245 Now only 74-76 Pyrmont Bridge Rd (200m from Parramatta Rd) 9 Barney Street (off Church Street) CAMPERDOWN/GLEBE 1 300 GO BO YS (1300 462 697) NORTH PARRAMATTA Australia’s Best Brands


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inner West Whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Nudie runs in Newtown, a well known local moves out and election talk l Is being naked in Newtown the latest fad WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie and Righteous Rightie get into an ideological cage fight over allegations of barista abuse on Norton Street. Dear LL – I’m resigned to you using your column ADVERTISING Sonya Madden for hipsters? On more than one occasion, coollooking bearded, tattooed and fully nude young gents have been sighted streaking down King St in broad daylight much to the delight of shrieking locals. New trend or just another peculiar induction ceremony from nearby University of Sydney’s St John’s College? down for the count with dengue fever. Parker had been doing good in Burma when he was struck down with the tropical disease. We wish him a speedy recovery. owner of Meshea Lifestyle and M.I.A on Norton) has put her lovely Petersham terrace on the market. Having been in the Inner West “forever” Shelly and Pete think the grass might be greener outside of the Inner West. You’ll be missed! l Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne is seeking l Best wishes to local MP Jamie Parker who is l Long time local Shelly Burrows (previous pre-selection for Balmain. Not sure who would be dumb enough to challenge him – as he is obviously the best (and only) man for the job. At the 2011 State Election the primary vote results in Balmain were; 1st - Liberals (32.56%), 2nd - Greens (30.72%), 3rd - Labor (30.16%). We suspect he may be standing unopposed. NSW Labor Leader John Robertson has announced the pre-selection will have community input. Byrne says,“In this campaign Labor’s candidate will be chosen in the back streets of Balmain instead of the back rooms of Sussex Street”. The rules of the ballot have not been confirmed yet but will likely be based on a 50/50 model in which the total vote of Labor Party members and the total votes of community members will be given equal weighting. history Officially opened on August 17th, 1918, the hall pictured here was the second hall used by the 1st Concord Scout Group and their first permanent residence. Before this point, the scout group had used the school hall at St. Luke’s Parish Hall and the Committee Rooms at St. Luke’s Oval Pavilion. This scout club was formed near the end of 1915 under the leadership of Scout Master Dean Symons and with the support of the Mayor of Concord, Alderman Charles Savage. Savage and his to promote the civilisation-undermining agendas of unrepentant sodomites, hairy-arsed feminazis and harlot-hiring union officials but I cannot stand by while you bring the good name of the military into disrepute. Which is precisely what you did with your scurrilous allegation that a couple of skylarking school cadets slammed into a coffee-making contraption in a Norton St café, causing scalding liquid to splash onto a barista’s hands, ruining both his “ironically worn pinkie ring and OM symbol palm tattoo”. First off, I have no doubt this malingering worker poured boiling water all over his own hands, no doubt in order to rort some sort of ludicrous SPC-style ‘Wet Hand Allowance’. Secondly, if a couple of high-spirited private schoolboys willing to serve their country in uniform for a couple of hours a week can’t injure a minimum-wage hospitality worker with impunity, who can? Frankly, anyone stupid enough to do a Bachelor of Arts, grow a lumberjack beard then spend their days poncing about with a milk frother sorely needs the kind of wake-up call that only third-degree burns can deliver. I call on you to issue a grovelling apology to the heroic ANZACs of our armed forces – the only thing standing between you and the hordes of towelheads waiting to wade ashore at Bondi Beach and establish a Caliphate, I might add. Righteous Rightie, Vaucluse JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong WINE Winsor Dobbin ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales family were closely involved in the development of the scout group into the 1920s. n Thanks to the City of Canada Bay for the use of this image. LL replies: You’ve got me bang to rights, RR. Suggesting anyone associated with the military would behave in a way that would cause Weary Dunlop to weep salty tears of shame over Simpson’s Donkey is as patently absurd as suggesting an ADFA cadet would secretly film himself having sex with a female colleague then broadcast the performance to his mates via Skype. n Email your dilemma to EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Matt Moore and Nigel Bowen Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Sydney roller derby athletes Amy Emerson (Disgrace Kelly) & Chloe Lyttle (Feisty Cuffs). Photo by Ben Cregan. Powerful spirits can be found at the Carlisle Things we love: the Carlisle Castle Hotel’s wine-loving resident ghost. The pub recently posted a couple of spinetingling videos on their Facebook page showing glasses and bottles mysteriously falling to the floor for no particular reason with the question: “Could this be that pesky ghost again?” No one is quite sure what to make of it. Just a thirsty Casper perhaps... C!ao’s voiCe • People-watching from the front bench of Corridor Bar, Newtown • The hip bartender with the wide-brim hat at the Different Drummer Bar, Glebe (the cocktails aren’t bad either) • Vegan cafes • Having loud conversations about inappropriate things at quiet restaurants – the reactions are priceless • Coffee from Locantro • The swinging tables and chairs at Yogurberry, Newtown • The removal of crumbly speed humps in Haberfield In • The huge sink hole on the corner of Curtis Rd and Mort St, Balmain • Customers who think they know it all • Not waving when someone let’s you merge – it’s just rude! • Staff at vegan cafes that are rude to people who don’t realise it’s a vegan cafe and accidentally ask for a side of bacon (oops) • Continual water leaks and burst pipes in Balmain wasting water • Wearing ‘shorts’ that your butt cheeks fall out of... and bras as tops Out C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Sunday Pasta & Ravioli A crowd favourite: lear� the basics of fresh pasta & t�o ravioli fillings! This class is perfect for beginners and those wanting to fine-t�ne their pasta making skills. $89 per person includes class, recipe cards, lunch with a glass of wine & 10% off all purchases made on the day Ever� Sunday from 10:30 - 1pm Our regional cooking classes ex�lore the tastes and specialties of a specific region in Italy, lear�ing 5 seasonal recipes, which you can show off at home. Perfect for those who are passionate about Italian cooking. $119 per person inc. class, recipe cards, tastings w. wine pairings of each dish, lunch & 10% off all purchases made on the day Amore on the Amalfi Coast: 15th Feb March Le Marche: 1st Mar Aut�mn in Piemonte: 3rd May Butcher� Classes Cucina Regionale Bridget's Healthy Kitchen Classes This class is for t��e meat-eaters. A large 75kg pig, freshly g�tted, is the t�aining g�ound for lear�ing the different cuts of pork, slice bacon, chops, loins, ribs & hocks. Lear� about chacuterie meats & tips for cooking a suckling pig! $160 per person includes class, lunch, unlimited beers & t�ay of pork cuts to take home. Date: April 19th Mozzarella Making With 20+ years of kitchen ex�erience Bridget Davies, founder of ‘The Inter�et Chef ’ shares her tips & t�icks of the t�ade to help you cook better, fast & eat well. She will host 3 classes; 20 minute healthy meals, gluten-free cooking & sugar-free t�eats! $79 per person inc. class, tastings, recipe cards & 10& off all purchases made on the day Healthy Meals in 20 mins: 29th Mar Sugar Free Sweets: 26th Apr Gluten-Free Cooking: 24th May Lear� the skills of an Italian Nonna; from bread, to g�occhi & risotto - these dishes need practice and patience to master. Great for beginners $99 per person inc. class, recipe cards, lunch w. wine & 10% off all purchases made on the day Italian Bread Masterclass: 22nd Feb Risotto Masterclass: 15th Mar Italian Easter Recipes: 5th April 4 local NSW ar�isan producers take us on a jour�ey from Past�re to Plate. Dist�ibuted from the far� to fine dining establishments, lear� how Pepe Saya’s cream & Count�� Valley Milk is chur�ed to the most nut�ient dense ar�isan butter. The far�ers int�oduce the new t�end in cooking: butter�ilk. Yar�a Valley Caviar presents their live hand-milked salmon caviar and discusses their beliefs in sustainable seafood. Lowe Wines ex�lains the new frontier of biody�amic & organic wines. The 2 hr masterclass demonst�ation is followed by a sit down lunch prepared with a produce-focused menu. $110 per person inc. masterclass, tastings, sit-down lunch, organic wine & goody-bags with products from all producers. Masterclasses Lear� with Stefano & Marly how to t�r� milky curds into luscious mozzarella cheese. A g�eat par�� t�ick & the best way to ensure you get the freshest mozzarella. $69 per person inc. class, take home Mad Millie mozzarella kit, & free SMC buffalo mozzarella Dates: 22nd March & 26th April The Local Producers’ Masterclass we are more than just an international gourmet supermarket.... *All classes are subject to change without notice **Get in early to book, limited places available. Contact us to ar�ange a private class for g�oups of 8 or more. stay updated with all our events and cooking classes by checking our facebook page!


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Community LiFe R OA D T E ST n Nancy Merlo WHERE TO KICK IT OLD SCHOOL The local RSL and social club venues are the backbone of many communities and it's the same here in the Inner West. Not only are they safe places for families and older locals to get together to enjoy a meal, take part in leisure activities and just generally have a good time, they also often support local sports, schools and charitable initiatives. Here's a round-up of some of the biggest and best local clubs in the area... Canterbury rSL One of the biggest in the area, this local club recently got an upgraded indoor and outdoor bar and lounge space. There are also three dining options: Mama Wong, the cafe and Viva Bar and Grill. It caters well to an older crowd and people on a budget who still want to have a good time with free live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays, Happy Hour every day and bingo, raffles and a sausage sizzle every week, plus they run a range of hospitality courses and leisure activities like yoga. This place pretty much has it all (and parking!). rant With the new ‘king-hit’ assault laws and mandatory minimum sentencing having just come into effect, many Sydneysiders are awaiting the new lockout and last drinks laws with anger and dread. Meanwhile, others are simply asking: will this even reduce the violence... or worsen it? As a young person living in Sydney who both likes to go out late at night and hasn’t been in a fight since primary school, this new initiative seems like an infringement of my personal liberty. Once again, Sydney is being run like a nanny state where intense restrictions are applied to an entire population, the vast majority of whom are peaceful, no matter how late it is or how drunk they are. First off, I just don't see how these new laws are actually going to stop violence. They will introduce a 1.30am lockout and 3am last drinks for licensed venues, yet there is no real connection between drinking early into the morning and violence. For instance, the manslaughter of Thomas Kelly in 2012, arguably one of the main incidents that instigated these new laws, occurred at approximately 10pm. What is the point of a 1.30am lockout if someone was killed nearly four hours prior to that? Secondly, according to the Greens and Independent MP Alex Greenwich, “normal parliamentary process was abandoned” with the introduction of this bill so as “to prevent scrutiny of the legislation and time for debate”. While the bill did ultimately pass with support from the Opposition, it is disconcerting to think that proper democratic procedure was not followed. Of course, the Greens have opposed these laws from the start so perhaps it's wrong to condemn all politiciams but they all need to be asked some tough questions. Primarily, if these laws are restricted to the so-called entertainment districts of the city, won’t the violence just spread to the surrounding suburbs, the Inner West included? The few people involved in acts of violence most likely have problems with alcohol and/or drug abuse and will find a way to get wasted regardless of laws like these. Instead of doing this in the city, they will migrate to areas like Newtown or Balmain, which could in turn become the new problem areas. Then there's the issue of getting home at 3am (aka taxi changeover time). If you're lucky enough to even come across a taxi, you're most likely going to get rejected because a fare from the city to the Inner West is too short and hardly worth the driver's effort. Have these issues even occurred to Barry O’Farrell? On the other hand, I agree with the new minimum sentencing. I have always believed that people have to be responsible for themselves and by making stricter punishments for serious crimes, people will be forced to control themselves. It is an active attempt at social Darwinism by the government in my opinion, making people adhere to a socially accepted standard or go to prison for an extended period of time. But the ultimate question still remains: why must everyone else’s good time be ruined? n Words: Max Kobras LeiChhardt bowLing CLub The long-established local bowlo sits on a quiet street in Leichhardt and has a band of devoted regulars. While the focus on bowling means it caters to a niche crowd, the club recently branched out and is hosting open mic nights on Wednesdays from 7.30pm. The Lion's Den in-house restaurant serves traditional hearty “club grub” and Sundays are the best day to visit for 1pm bowls, followed by a BBQ lunch and Spectacular Seafood raffle. there's a wide selection of laidback clubs inner westies can bowl up to Canada bay CLub This club is filled with regulars, large groups and lots of families – probably because of the groovy kids arcade (every kid's dream) and regular kid's discos. There is also plenty for the grown ups to do, including bingo, poker, bridge and exercise and dance classes. Members can take advantage of the club's courtesy bus to get to and from the venue, which is especially helpful for the less mobile in the community. Aside from the Brasserie, Wing Chinese Restaurant also does yum cha lunches daily at the club. CLub Five doCk This local club caters to all ages and you'll likely find a couple of Gen Yers downing a beer in the sports bar as well as families dining at Three Peppers Restaurant, with free meals for kids on Mondays and a play area set aside especially to keep them entertained. There's also plenty going on from poker to seniors fitness, trivia and live entertainment shows. If you like your drinks be sure to try one of bartender Roberto's famous cocktails in the main lounge. PeterSham bowLing CLub The PBC is one of the only local clubs that is pokie free, instead choosing to focus on live music with regular gigs from local and international performers. They also do craft beers, the occasional film night, swing dance and Zumba lessons and have a BBQ or bistro menu. As an old-school club with a difference this place isn't bad. Of course kids are welcome and barefoot bowls is always lots of fun. roLLer FeminiSm Being born a girl is hard in any country and the Inner West Roller Derby League is hosting an I Am A Girl film night at the Red Rattler, Marrickville, to help raise awareness of the issues facing women around the world today. Following a group of girls through their daily life, the I Am A Girl documentary takes viewers on a journey, exploring cultures and societies across the globe including Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Afghanistan, USA and Australia. You'll meet Manu, Kimsey, Aziza, Habiba, Breani and Katie (pictured) – each on the brink of womanhood and dealing with the realities of being female in their world today. As they come of age in the way their culture dictates, audiences will be touched by their stories of courage and resilience, which are not only heartwarming but laced with humour. The derby league hopes the screening - to be held at 7pm, February 27th - will inspire others to host their own film night, and they will be donating all ticket proceeds to the non-profit organisation Twenty10, which supports young people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities, through counselling, drop-in services and accommodation. Tickets are $12, and available online or at the door. n Where: 6 Faversham St, Marrickville. More information at what’S on n Compiled by Nancy Merlo. Email until Friday 28th February FREE Community are events listings email your registration request to n Glebe Town Hall, 9.30am to 2.30pm. From thursday 20th February ★ To WIN a double pass to the show, email email info@ ncy Attn: Na Sugarat abattoir Modelling CoMpetition Pizzuto, this is a great chance to be noticed, so get stylish and sign up as a designer, judge or model. n Email Street wear, evening wear, high with MODEL COMP ENQUIRY as fashion, vintage. Whatever your style, the subject to get involved. and whatever your field, this modelling competition, led by photographer/ stylist Keziah Sugarat, is the perfect opportunity for local, upcoming artists to work on something new and fantastic. Keziah, owner of the Sugarat Abattoir photo studio, is looking for models, designers, writers and anyone with fashion in their heart to join this project. With collaboration from model material established brands like HLFSTR and 6 The Archway 1 Theatre Company presents Addiction – a series of In association with the Carers NSW monologues on the theme of Together Program, Glebe Town Hall addiction, and one of the company's will be hosting a doll-making class led most popular productions. Written by mental health social worker Sonia by the A1TC Ensemble and featuring Stace. This class, which is absolutely monologues by Jared Jeckell, Annette free and includes materials and Staglieno, Hamrah and awardmorning tea, is intended for the carers/ winning playwright Alex Broun, this parents of children with a disability. show is not to be missed. There are six Therapeutic doll-making has an performances only on February 20th, emphasis on creating and reflecting 22nd, 23rd, 27th and March 1st and on your work and the meanings you 2nd. Showing at Archway 1 (Chapman connect with it, as well as sharing your R,d Annandale), tickets are $22 online experience with the rest of the group. at or $24 If this program sounds right for you, at the door. For more information visit monday 17th February addiCtion theatre Show art pSyChotherapy behind the Proscenium archway SEE pagE 8 FoR moRE what'S on...


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NSW’S BEST PUB Sydney Morning Her ld Join The Pier Social Club today The newly renovated Woolwich Pier Hotel was recently voted the Best Pub in NSW by Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Pub Food Guide. To celebrate, we are offering free membership to all patrons of the hotel*. Benefits of signing up include: „ Social Club happy hour Monday - Thursday from 5pm - 7pm „ 10% off all drink purchases outside of happy hour „ Early bird discounts on special events „ Complimentary dessert on your birthday „ And much more! Be kept informed of activities and benefits at the Woolwich Pier Hotel just by signing up to The Pier Social Club. Visit our website & join the club today. Enquiries 02 9817 2204 Visit 2 Gale Street, Woolwich NSW 2110 Follow @woolwichpier *You must be over 18 years of age to become a member of The Pier Social Club. See website for full list of Terms and Conditions.


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n LocaL GiGs Saturday 15th feb n LocaL movies Diesel Over twenty years in the business and Diesel is still able to make new, interesting music. His latest album is quite bluesy and sounds a bit John Butler Trio. The only bad thing I can really say is that I still don’t like the name Diesel; it would suit a metal/ hard rock musician far better. n The Vanguard, $43.80 Saturday 22nd feb FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes the golden good life? Gloria A film about mature people rated for “Strong sex scenes”? OK, so you're warned! But fortunately Sebastian Lelio’s drama is NOT an appalling Hollywood cringe-fest (yes, your 'comedies' Meryl Streep). There’s nothing embarrassing about Gloria (Pauline Garcia), a 50ish divorcee with a less than perfect figure and healthy carnal appetite. She frequents singles nights where well-heeled Chileans groove to retro disco, and one night she meets Rodolfo (Sergio Hernandez), an elegant and unusual man. Gloria includes him in her family’s life, and it is in these telling, acutely observed scenes that Lelio’s delicate and intimate melodrama soars. For Rodolfo is not all he seems, and in the last half of the film, her carefully constructed world unravels. Garcia is just fabulous and one of her best scenes is not in the sack revealing all, but with her stoned neighbour’s whiny hairless cat. Is she destined to be a lonely cat lady? Wait till the last scene – it’s as glorious as it is perfect! MA15+ from Feb 27 ★ Thanks to Rialto Films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. eminem RaptuRe touR I don’t really like rap and am really selective with hip-hop but I've got to say Eminem will always have a soft spot in my heart. Apart from the fact that I actually like some of his songs ('Stan' is a masterpiece, I don’t care what anyone says), just the memory of rapping along as a little kid is enough to convince me to go. So should you. n ANZ Stadium, $155 (standing) Monday 24th feb The Guardian. of course! Le Week-End All Is Lost placebo I just heard a new Placebo song for the first time since they released Meds and that’s probably because I’m no longer a teenager with a lot of angst. But Brian Molko can still sing and it did make me feel a bit nostalgic, so if you think you still have some love left for Placebo, definitely check out this show. n Enmore Theatre, $74.20 n Words: Max Kobras Remember Jeff Goldblum from the The Big Chill? He starred as a horny smartarse and here he is again reprising that role as that same generation face up to the fact that they’re now (sigh) 60… Nick (Jim Broadbent) and Meg (Lindsay Duncan) are on a weekend in Paris when they meet up with an old friend (Goldblum), and if director Roger Michell and writer Hanif Kureishi’s (both once hip young things themselves) are right, life for the boomers is grim! In fact it would be hard to find a film that could beat this one in industrial strength sourness. They were all uni radicals once – but Meg's now a weary schoolteacher, Nick's a lecturer facing forced retirement for “inappropriate comments” and their freeloading son is a pothead. As they snipe and reminisce, the full horror of the missed opportunities and squandered lives of their generation are revealed. It is clever and, yes, a bit bitter but very funny. It is just as well we’re laughing so much! CTC from Feb 20. ★ Thanks to Transmission Films we have 20 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. In J.C. Chandor’s (Margin Call) incredbibly suspenseful minimalist thriller, a lone sailer is cast adrift after his yacht is hit by a stray container. The film is an amazing success, all thanks to the skills of this talented new director and his solitary veteran actor (Robert Redford). Apart from a short narration at the start there’s only one word of dialogue in its entire, riveting 106 minutes – a well deserved expletive, screamed into a vast, merciless expanse of ocean. F-------------ck!!! And that earns it M15+ for "Infrequent coarse language." True! From March 6. WIN TIX! xxx "Someone tow me to Indonesia!" exclusive to dendy newtown Photo: Lyndal Irons Goodbye oxford tavern The Goodbye Oxford Tavern exhibition by Sydney-based photographer Lyndal Irons documents the final 48 hours before the iconic venue closed its doors. Come along and witness a piece of Inner West history through her revealing photos... On August 7th 2013, Petersham's Oxford Tavern closed after decades of topless service and free live performances from showgirls. On its final Tuesday night, dancers came from across Australia, patrons drank the kegs dry and Lyndal was there to capture it all on camera. The resulting photos will be on display as part of the Marrickville Open Studio Trail at the Fracking Redundants Art Gallery, launching at 6pm February 26th and running until March 19th. “Goodbye Oxford Tavern is a window into a blacked-out venue for people who never went inside, a memento and guestbook for former staff and patrons, and a reminder not to take the unique parts of your suburb for granted," says Lyndal. Her images mark the end of an era for the suburb of Petersham. n Where: 111A Crystal Street, Petersham (across from the Oxford Tavern itself). day of fun activities planned as well as competitions, food and super specials, there's plenty on offer for bike lovers and revheads. If you own a bike that you're pretty proud of, there will also be a Ride-In Bike Show on the day – register online at for your chance to win a Fraser Motorcycles voucher. Lygon Street: Si Parla Italiano In the '50s and '60s thousands of migrants, many of them Italians, poured onto our shores and many ended up in detention centres (there was no work). Shannon Swan’s warm-hearted tribute starts there as many of the Italian men simply walked out to start a new life, while others rioted until they were put in charge of the kitchen! A lot ended up in Lygon St, Melbourne, still that city’s Little Italy. Although its social history differs from what happened in Leichhardt, its story is strikingly similar. Many locals will find much to enjoy and Anthony LaPaglia's narration is as richly humourous as it is informative. He doesn’t shy away from that other story either – the one NOT celebrated by our local Councils. That’s the one told by Underbelly. PG on now. ★ Thanks to Dendy Cinemas we have 5 double inseason passes to give away. Details below n Reviews – Russell Edwards Scenes from the last days of a local nudie bar from tuesday 25th february friday 28th february may stReet stuDios opening As part of the Marrickville Open Studio Trail 2014, May Street Studios will be opening their doors to the public from February 25th to March 2nd. A group exhibition will be on display whereby key pieces from a range of artists, in a range of mediums, will be showcased and all visitors will have an opportunity to win an original artwork from the MSS artist of their choice. The exhibition is not to be missed so join in and celebrate as the Mayor of Marrickville, Jo Haylen, officially opens the gallery on Thursday 27th February from 6pm to 9pm. The opening offers guests the chance to chat to over 25 of the MSS's resident artists and also buy paintings, prints and sculptures direct – all at special studio prices. black tie ball This exclusive EngeneIC Cancer Research Annual Gala Dinner, hosted by broadcaster, Tim Stackpool, will help raise funds for the Foundation’s cancer research projects. Guests are invited to enjoy a night of entertainment by award-winning performer Peter Byrne and will have the opportunity to take home some fabulous raffle prizes, as well as take part in the auctions. The event will be at Doltone House, Pyrmont, kicking off at 6.45pm. Tickets are $225 per person. n Where: 153-165 Parramatta Rd, Concord. 28th february to 16th March on March 11th. Whet Your Whistle is an exciting innovative dining experience that begins with a tour of the Brewhouse, and ends in a 7-course ‘Beergustation’ longlunch with craft beer tastings (12pm-3pm), while the Two Masters dinner with Master of Cheese Will Studd and Sake Master Andre Bishop can be summed up as an evening of gastronomic indulgence and education supporting the 2011 Japanese Tsunami victims. For more information visit n For more information visit Saturday 1st March melbouRne FooD anD Wine Festival Tickets to the 2014 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival are on sale now with plenty of foodie-related events to experience and tastes to savour. To celebrate we are giving local readers the chance to get out of town and WIN a double pass to the Whet Your Whistle event on March 15th or the Two Masters – Cheese and Sake Degustation ★ To WIN email info@ciaomagazine. with your full details. FRaseR motoRcycles open Day Come along for the 2014 Fraser Open Day from 9am to 4pm and enjoy a bit of customer appreciation! With a full WIn doUBLe MovIe PaSSeS To be in the running to win a double in-season movie pass to Le Week-End, Gloria or Lygon Street: Si Parla Italiano, email us at au telling us where you picked up your Only at the mOvies feb 20 n For more information visit 8 copy of Ciao. You can enter for them all in one email, but give us a preference. You must include your name and address in your email, as we can’t post if we don’t know!


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n Your saY Does having a line outside a venue make it cooler? n “I wait for no one and nothing damn it! Places that don’t take bookings are not an option for me because they make it impossible to plan and you always need a back up.” Amelia, Five Dock. n “If you are in your 20s a line outside a night club is attractive. If its to eat and there is a line it usually means it just got a mention in SMH... Wait a month and there should not be a big line anymore – then it’s up to your palate to tell you if it's good.” Mark, Leichhardt. n “A line definitely makes a place cooler and you want to wait to see what all the fuss is about, no one wants to miss out on something new. Although I’d be pretty annoyed if, when I finally got in, the place was a craphole.” Laura, Newtown. n “It depends what the people in the line are like; if it’s a line of hipster-looking people then that makes the place cool, if it’s just senior citizens or mums it could just be a discount day. It has to be bloody brilliant for me to wait anyhow.” Brandon, Drummoyne. The GardeN as teacher The moment comes in many forms... It can be something as tiny as an instant of self awareness as we perform the daily ritual of stripping our family’s food of packaging, it can be an innocent question asked by our children, it can even be the result of a little idle arithmetic as we subtract costs from benefits while standing in line at the checkout. Whatever form that moment of awareness takes, it’s always a tipping point. We realise we’re being offered a choice between comfortable old habits that might not really be that good for us or the environment, and a challenging new situation in which the rules and values may be strange and unfamiliar. We might sense on some level that as tiny as that choice may be on the surface it has deeper implications: perhaps one choice will require another until our whole lives are different, perhaps other people will come to the same decision and, without even realising it, we’ll all change the world for better or worse. Should that moment one day meet you, I’d like to suggest you take the time to visit a community garden or, even better, start one. Community gardens tend not to reveal themselves until the gardener is ready. Like permaculture itself, they spring up in the margins and at the edges of well-used places. You might have walked past a potential garden five times a week on your way to the bus stop or glimpsed it developing behind your kids’ martial arts class. When you’re ready it will be there, and here’s the best part: all the lessons you need to learn are right there waiting for you in delicious leafy-green, pumpkin-orange and chilli-red form. n sustainabilitY n local news International Women's Day 2013 at Leichhardt xx x Nominate now International Women's Day is just around the corner on March 8th and Leichhardt Council is inviting residents to nominate an outstanding local woman they know for the International Women’s Day Honour Roll. The roll aims to honour remarkable women so if you know any unsung local heroes, volunteers, or women who have worked to strengthen social justice in their community, put their name forward for acknowledgement. “Absolutely anyone can be nominated as long as they are a woman with a significant connection to the LGA,” said Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne. n Nominations are due by February 18th, via email at, or phone on 9367 9146. If you'd also like to attend IWD celebrations at Leichhardt, RSVP is required by February 26th. For more information visit Mother Nature's wisdom awaits... xx x Want to discover what it’s like to eat something you’ve nurtured from seed? The garden can show you how. Want to innovate ways of managing people so that everybody has a say and gets to learn what they’re really good at, or how to balance people, passion and the bank? How about something really tricky like renewing soil that’s suffered from decades of urban pollution? The lessons are countless; from balancing a predator/pollinator ecology without resorting to pesticides, to learning how to turn compost stinky anaerobic muck into nutritious, beautifully balanced plant food. Along the way you'll also discover how incredibly wise and caring some of the people you’ve been passing on the street really are and how faithfully they and the ones who taught them have preserved knowledge – from the folksiest of folk traditions to the most pertinent scientific analysis. The garden is always there and always has something new to teach. It rewards hard work and intelligent attention with tired muscles and good clean food, and if there’s one thing you’ll learn over and over, it’s that today is always the best day to get started. n Words: Matthew Moore, Addison Road Community Garden. Great local citizens: Anthony Albanese, Rhys Muldoon, xx x Van Liem Huynh, Mayor Jo Haylen & Patrick McInerney never have to wait outside to eat. If I’m hungry now then I want to sit, order and eat in 30 minutes tops. Sometimes it can also be a lack of organisation. When I see a line I keep walking.” Natalie, Sydney. n “In my opinion you should Citizens of the year Marrickville's 2014 Citizens of the Year were announced at the recent Australia Day Celebrations in Enmore Park and the winners have one thing in common: both of them donate their time and energy to improve the Marrickville community. Patrick McInerney, founder of the Tempe 2020 Facebook page, was named Citizen of the Year, and Van Liem Huynh took home the Senior Citizen of the Year award. Patrick is often found spending his time helping community groups, fundraisers and grassroots campaigns via social media, while Van Liem, a former refugee from Vietnam and a retired practitioner of Chinese medicine, volunteers teaching Tai Chi fives times a week and leading the weekly Cooks River Walking Group. Mayor of Marrickville, Jo Haylen, said this year’s Citizens were truly inspiring community leaders. The hills are alive aGaiN! Back by popular demand for three performances only at the State Theatre, it’s the Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music! Don’t just see the classic movie, become a part of it with this major audience participation event and prepare yourself for an unparalleled night of entertainment where you get to be the star. This screening of the remastered version of everyon's favourite movie musical will include song sub-titles on the big screen, so regardless of whether you’re an avid fan or can’t even remember the lyrics to Do-Re-Mi, don’t worry - you will always be able to join in the fun. Make sure you wear a dashing Sound of Music themed outfit too, as the show includes an audience costume parade, judged by host Marika Aubrey of South Pacific fame! Showing on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd February at 7.30pm, In other Marrickville news... The Marrickville Medal is now in its 20th year of celebrating local constructions that contribute to the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the area. According to Mayor Jo Haylen, this award is incredibly important because “it’s all about encouraging the conservation, preservation and restoration of local buildings that mean something to Marrickville.” Along with the Medal, the Council will be holding their Urban Photography Competition, which calls for a modern take on the suburb’s built environment. With photographers of all abilities encouraged to enter, submissions for both competitions close Friday 14th March. n For more information and submission details, visit Party like it's 1939! plus a family-friendly matinee show on Sunday 23rd February at 1pm, tickets are $55, or $35 for kids under 15 years. There are also special prices for groups and family passes. Don't miss out on your chance to experience this amazing theatre atmosphere first hand. And be warned, that moment when Fraulein Maria and the Captain finally lock lips will literally go off with the force of 2000 party poppers. n For more information or to make a booking, visit or Paths of Faith or just a holiday together: OUR GROUPS ABN 60 001 105 193 LIC. 2TA000469 Departs on 5 May 2014, 20 days tour escorted by Fr. Domenico Ceresoli as indicated in the brochure. Our paths of faith travel from Fatima to Zaragoza, from Lourdes to Padua, Cascia, San Giovanni Rotondo and then Rome for the papal Audience of the more Cost less than you think, give and a tourtourist,Eternal City - but also so muchAmalfi for the including Madrid and Toledo, and 125 Ramsay Street, expect. CALL US you more than youHaberfield 2045 NOW Positano and more. Call for a brochure! Portugal, Spain, France & Italy Cruise the OUPS ABN 60 001 105 193 LIC. 2TA000469 $5,685 includes flights, hotels, tours, meals and extras anean 02 9799 3222 viatour_footer100214eng.indd 1 y Emirates hip in Venice nd Greece aly for a 9 ighlights na, Naples, urse Rome. Departs 2 June, 18 days. Fly Emirates to Milan then board your ship in Venice for a week-long cruise around Greece and Turkey. Then back to Italy for a 9 day tour including all the highlights Como, Padua, Florence, Siena, Naples, the Amalfi coast and of course Rome. Mediterranean 02 viatour@ 125 Ra Request a brochure & pricing! pricing! 02 9799 3222 | 125 Ramsay St, Haberfield 2045 | 2/10/2014 1:47:54 PM 10


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enjoy with a year of simply fill out your entry form with any hair service at fmk hair for your chance to WIN! with over $3,000 in prizes to be won! OUR HAIR Y YLE CUT T LOUR & S CO WIN REE F R 1 YEAR FO FMK FAIRFIELD HEIGHTS FMK STOCKLANDS wETHERILL pARK FMK HAbERFIELD > register online for more chances to WIN! see website for terms and conditions


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Street fashion Welcome to Ciao’s exciting new street fashion page! Every month, we will be searching the streets of the Inner West looking for the trendiest locals and hottest fashions so keep your eye on this page before deciding what to wear or making any additions to your wardrobe! In this issue we have a great cross-section of casual styles as well as a few professional looks. n Photographer: Elisa Pantaleoni | Locations: Strathfield & Newtown Maja styvianov This blue-haired babe is dressed head to toe in T.U.K. Kevin XPaeK Kevin’s T-shirt is from Macpac, paired with pants from Just Jeans and Nike shoes. heLen Liang Helen pairs pants from Zara and shoes from Kmart with a blouse from Mossman to add a splash of colour. joey shir Joey has nailed his casual look with top and pants both from T-Bar. His shoes are New Balance. Lauren ficarra Lauren mixes affordable pieces and high fashion with a Louis Vuitton bag, vintage dress and Kmart shoes. joanna dias Joanna is right on-trend with a Neon Hart crop top under Miss Brown overalls, Windsor Smith shoes and Sportsgirl bag. Leanne Wang Leanne’s got an edge with Ziggy pants, H&M tee and Kobi shoes. Keisha tester Keisha channels her inner hippy with a singlet from Tree of Life, flower print skirt from Dolls Kill and Dr Martens boots. eManueLe franco Emanuele looks uber cool in T-shirt from Frankie Garage, vest from Webb Evolution, G*Star jeans and shades by Marc Jacobs. 12 horiM song Horim’s shirt is from Feel Good, his pants and tie are both Jeje Homme. sujin yoyn ssaMgin Sujin’s looks très chic in shoes and dress both from Sheike. roger Pearce Roger is off to work in an Austen Bros shirt and Hardy Amies pants.


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n Promotion beauty at its best Laser Clinics Australia recently opened in Norton Plaza, Leichhardt, and is bringing the latest skin care and hair removal treatments, along with the most up-to-date equipment, to the Inner West with unbelievable results that will literally make your skin glow. The lovely team at Laser Clinics is all about making people feel good about themselves by helping them to look their best. Beauty therapist, Stella Yates, points out that one of the most rewarding parts of the job is when they can assist clients with different concerns and conditions and get the desired results. “This goes hand in hand with helping to educate clients on proper skin care and lifestyle changes that can be made to work towards transforming their skin. Working for Laser Clinics Australia is great because we are always kept up to date with training seminars and we use the latest medical grade laser machines that get results,” says Stella. The Leichhardt clinic offers a range of treatments from laser hair removal to microdermabrasions, AHA peels and treatment of common skin conditions like pigmentation, freckles, sunspots and birthmarks. This particular clinic is also home to experienced cosmetic injecting specialists, Dr Wayne Young, and registered nurses Aska Lagodko and Shirley Stevens, whom are available three days a week and blend gentle caring techniques with the latest cosmetic science to enhance their clients’ features resulting in a natural rejuvenation. Often people are apprehensive about new technologies and nervous about how painful laser hair removal can be but Sabrina Masterson, local resident and manager of the Leichhardt clinc, says it’s a misconception that laser is painful and takes longer than waxing. “We use GentleLASE PRO and GentleYAG PRO with Zimmer Advanced Skin Cooling System to give a fast and pain free treatment every time,” says Sabrina. But if you still have your concerns, the team at Leichhardt invite you to pop in for a free consultation and have your questions answered once and for all. The fact that the Leichhardt clinic uses the latest up to date machine for the most pain free and results-orientated treatments is what sets it apart from other clinics according to Sabrina. She and her team are especially excited about their newest machine, the MAX RF. “My favourite treatment is MAX RF. This skin treatment combines Fractional Radio Frequency and Dermal Stamping to direct energy into the layers of the skin. It is a versatile treatment that can be modified to treat a multitude of skin concerns on the face and body as it stimulates collagen and elastin,” says Stella. This amazing piece of machinery Meet the team: Terina Nicolas, Stella Yates, Sabrina Masterson, Stephanie Murray and Yuko Tang means that acne scars could be a thing of the past and it’s not change peoples lives,” she says. impossible for people with difficult skin types to have healthier, And Yuko is right – if you struggle to keep up with shaving or firmer and more refined skin with an even texture – even those waxing in summer or you’ve been plagued by a skin condition with the most sensitive skin can benefit. Yuko Tang and Stephanie you’d rather not have to live with, then now’s the time to change Murray, both therapists at the Leichhardt clinic, agree that it’s your life at Laser Clinics, Leichhardt. What are you waiting for? nice to be able to perform treatments where clients can see visible n Laser Clinics Australia, Leichhardt branch, is located inside results instantly. Norton Plaza Shopping Centre. Until March 13th, the clinic is “I love doing MAX RF treatments; it’s very efficient and clients offering 20% off all skin treatments (excluding Max RF). can see the results the next day,” says Yuko. “I love to hear good For more information visit or call feedback because I believe that providing good services can 8031 7739. 2 minutes with terina nicholas How long have you been in the beauty industry? I have spent nine years in the beauty industry and have over five years experience with laser treatments. I have worked with Laser Clinics Australia for over three years now and just love this industry, helping to meet client expectations and seeing results. Whats your favourite treatment? Vascular and pigmentation because after one treatment you can see instant results, but I also love the newest machine we have in Leichhardt, the Max RF, due to the benefits you see in the very first treatment as it brightens, tightens, even skin tone & great for Enlarged pores & stretch Marks! The results are noticeable in the first 2 treatments. Clients are also commenting on the Neck as it is a common area that tends to get neglected they can see neck lifting results from one treatment! And the best thing about the MAX RF is there is no down time, the skin is just left glowing What do you like about working in the Inner West? Clients are so lovely; they are a joy to treat! We get so much positive feedback about being located in a plaza where clients can do there shopping and also come into us and have their treatments done. I also love working in a place that offers treatments like no where else in the Inner West. ive, Dine, Play L Barry Leef ‘Listen to the Music’ FABBA 8.30pm – $10 mEmBERs $20 VIsITORs SATuRDAY, 21 SEpTEmBER – 8.30pm A highly energetic show guaranteed to have you TICKETS $25 singing and dancing the night away as FABBA Join former Sounds TV hostlane celebrating 40 as take you down memory Donnie Sutherland he takes us down memory lane to relive the great years since ABBA won Eurovision! music from the 70s & 80s. Doobies Eagles West Coast Rock FRIDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 8.30pm – $25 A Celebration of Classic songs from an unforgettable era. Listen to the music, Hotel Enjoy a 2 course meal and a glass of champagne California, Reelin in the Years & many more. on arrival. An afternoon of non-stop entertainment with host Mark Kristian. sATURDAY, 1 mARCH FRIDAY, 21 mARCH 8.30pm $38 sATURDAY, 22 mARCH 8.30pm $38 sUnDAY 23 mARCH 2pm $38. COnC & CHIlD $28 WEDNESDAY, 2 OCTOBER – 6.30pm The Story of Sharky bookings essential TICKETS $69 - & The Caddman joined by some of the Axiom members, take a journey over Plus special guest Nick Kingswell. Australia’s real voices of decades with Glenn Shorrock and Brian the past 5Rock n Roll. Performing all the songs that theyrenowned music legends. Cadd, performed on The Voice. Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club • T: 9559 0000 20-26 • Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 • community glamour at its best 13


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in the kitchen Ingredients: 2 cups fresh cherries, finely chopped 1 cup oat bran 1½ cups wholewheat flour 1¼ tsp baking soda 1 tsp cinnamon powder ¾ cup milk, reduced and low fat This muffin recipe courtesy of Aussie Cherries and Trim’s Fresh is not only low fat, but quick and easy to prepare – in fact we predict you will have mixed, baked and eaten your first muffin hot out of the oven in 30 minutes flat! This guilt-free treat is also a great addition to lunch boxes. Wine with winsor n Pretty pink Logan 2013 Apple Tree Flat Rosé healthy cherry muffins ½ cup honey 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp cherry juice concentrate 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ cup pecans, chopped and toasted A lovely little summer wine from Peter and Hannah Logan, who have homes in both the Inner West and across the road from their Mudgee vineyard. This has a bouquet of spicy rhubarb with mixed red berry flavours and zingy freshness on the finish. It’s crisp, neither too dry or too sweet, and is extremely food friendly. Pair this with a salad or Middle Eastern dishes, or simply enjoy a glass or two after work. Great value. $13. Method: 1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Lightly coat muffin tray with cooking oil spray. 2. In a medium bowl, combine bran, flour, baking soda and cinnamon. Set aside. 3. In another medium bowl or in a blender, combine the milk, honey, egg, oil and vanilla extract until smooth. 4. Mix the dry ingredients with the liquid mixture. Stir just until combined. Then add cherries and pecans and continue to stir. 5. Spoon mixture into muffin tray and bake for about 13 minutes, or until golden brown. top muffins! xx x Lively refreshment Swinging Bridge 2013 Sauvignon Blanc 6. Let the muffins cool for 10 minutes before removing from tray. Serve warm or cool. There’s a new look to the Swinging Bridge label but the wines remain reliably good with this an impressive example of the quality of cool-climate sauvignon blanc being produced in the Orange district. This is a fresh, zingy number with zesty aromas and plenty of honest refreshment on the palate, which has been enlivened by lees stirring and a small amount of barrel fermentation. A lovely summer drink that should be served chilled. Pair it with fish and chips. $20. n Fruit: mangoes, cherries, blackberries and blood plums are finishing up over the coming weeks, but gala apples are going strong as well as a huge variety of grapes. Passionfruit, honeydew and champagne melons are all in season, meanwhile seedless watermelons might be a touch on the expensive side. n Vegies: you’ll spot a fair bit of local greens around including eggplants and zucchinis. Zucchini flowers, which are amazing stuffed with cheese or mixed into a vegie risotto, are also in season. Bok choy, Chinese cabbage and other Asian greens are all plentiful at the moment too. n At the markets Italian style Saltram Winemaker’s Selection 2012 Sangiovese nice melons! Saltram is a Barossa Valley producer known for its solid and cellar-worthy red wines, usually made from traditional varieties such as shiraz and mourvedre. This is a new release made from the Italian grape variety sangiovese that leaps out of the glass with its freshness and savoury characters. There’s some attractive cherry-chocolate notes, like a venous Cherry Ripe, and quality oak adds some musical tannins. A good wine from an excellent vintage. $35. At home with... eric morris How is Bloodwood involved in the Taste of Sydney Festival this year? We’ll be doing one day during the Taste Festival, which will be the Saturday, so we’ll be there for both lunch and dinner and we will be serving four dishes from the restaurant menu. What would you say is the philosophy behind the menu? It is based largely around seasonal produce and trying to source high quality meats and vegetables. We’re not really cornered into any one particular type of cuisine; we offer a large range of diversity on the menu so there are Japanese dishes, French and UK inspired dishes, and it does change around. When you break it down, the chefs just like to put on food that’s wholesome, tastes good and makes the best use of what we’ve got available to us at the time. It’s not really a philosophy as such; it’s just making yummy food. You have a strong emphasis on sharing food, what do you like about that way of eating? It just broadens the scope of the meal. I think Sydney diners have shunned the à la carte style of dining. There aren’t many places you go to these days – unless it’s a degustation restaurant, which is not really à la carte so to speak either – where you’ll do your prefix entrée, main and dessert and you’re done. I think people in Sydney like to try more of a variety of food. And it also makes it easier to go into restaurant and to know that if you’re not really that hungry or your budget doesn’t necessarily permit, you can just share a few small dishes without being locked into doing this huge bountiful feast. So it’s a good angle for diversity and it does allow people to try a lot more than what they might normally be able to if the menu were à la carte. Do you personally enjoy cooking? Oh yeah, as much as I can, but generally the only meal I get to cook in a day is breakfast so I try to make sure I have a good one. What do you like about the Inner West’s food scene? The level of creativity and youthfulness at the moment is great. Hartsyard, Earl’s and Mary’s are all walking distance from 14 In the lead up to the Taste of Sydney Festival, Ciao chats to the manager of Newtown’s Bloodwood, Eric Morris, about the restaurant’s food philosophy... our venue and they’re all really fun and they enjoy doing what they’re doing and it’s not trying to buy into the Surry Hills elitist aspect at all – it’s just making food and drink for a good time because at the end of the day that’s all it’s there for. If it doesn’t give you that then what’s the point? n Taste of Sydney returns to Centennial Park from March 13th-16th with cu;linary offerings that allow festival-goers sip, sample and taste over 60 specially crafted menu items. from Taste restaurants. Jared ingersoll Restaurant diaries Just over one year ago I solemnly vowed that I would not do another restaurant ever again. Too hard, too much sacrifice. So Danks Street Depot closed its doors after 11 wonderful years. I will never do another restaurant. I’m. Done. Then I get a call out of the blue from a mate saying, “Would you be interested in a property in Pyrmont? Short term? A pop-up?” BOOM! I’m not so done anymore! From start to finish we had a restaurant conceived, negotiated, designed, painted, built and licence transferred. We even made our own furniture in just 10 days! Media releases went out and everyone got behind the concept and we have been packed! And I have been wondering: why? Why is it that it has been such an instant success? Without sounding egotistical, I do enjoy a reputation for being able to cook but this particular project has been excellently received, even if I do say so myself. The lesson that I am learning is that it is not so much because the offer is really cool (though it is) but because it is super simple. Here’s the deal, the restaurant is called Bottle and Beast because we sell bottles of wine and every night one beast gets cooked on a spit and served – that’s it. Let me be clear about something here – this is not an advertorial (but you can find us on Facebook and book a table if you wish) – this is more about me communicating a lovely little moment where I am hit with the obvious. Simple works because it is simple. We like simple, in fact we need simple to get us by sometimes because life can be so darned complicated! To most people simple is like a breath of fresh air. Simple done well is always a million times better than complicated done badly. So after one year of being out of the game, I have realised two truths. The first is that you should never say never and the second is that simple is beautiful. Eat well! n For more information visit cradoc hill lamb tataki Ingredients: 1kg Craddoc Hill lamb fillet, 1 tblsp coriander seeds, 1 tblsp salt, 3 tblsp brown sugar, 80ml sherry vinegar, 2 green tomatoes, sliced finely in rounds on a mandolin, 2 whole beetroots, 100g walnuts Method: 1. Slice lamb into thin strips. 2. Marinate lamb in a mixture of coriander seeds, salt, brown sugar and sherry vinegar. 3. Boil one beetroot until tender, cut it into chunks and drain. Sauté in sugar to glaze, finish with a splash of sherry vinegar to make them slightly tart. 4. Fry off thinly sliced beetroot slices in oil until crisp, to make beetroot chips. 5. Candy walnuts in a sugar/water mix (about half and half). Drain and fry off in oil till crisp. Pat dry and sprinkle with salt. 6. To finish the dish, cook marinated lamb on a hot grill to medium and place on a bed of thinly sliced green tomatoes. Garnish with both textures of beetroot and salted walnuts.


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value Dalcolle assorted cakes MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 $2.99 Leonardo double smoked ham $15.99kg 99 cents a bunch Fresh kale Barilla Pasta (assorted) Dewlands assorted juices 500g $1.99 1L, 3 Serrano Spanish Prosciutto for $6 New season Royal Gala apples $29.99kg $2.99kg Danish and hot spanish salami Red seedless grapes $15.99kg Riso ceriotti aborio rice $2.99kg 1kg 2 for $5 *Specials until Wednesday 19th of February Cashiers and Deli operators wanted Enquire within, ask for Maria



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